Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[gita-talk] Learning to Let Go of Ill Feelings about Others - How?


I have been doing satsang for over ten years and I have also read maharajji's books and sadhak messages regularly.   In spite of all this satsang,  I seem to hold grudges about certain things with certain people.   When I think of a particular person,  I am always reminded about the thing I hold against them.   e.g. those who did not provide me the emotional support when my father passed away,  and similar incidents... etc.   I cannot seem to forget and I hold on to this ill feeling about others  within me.      

It troubles me that being somewhat spiritual,  I can't change this quality in me.   In maharajji's  books he says that these qualities are not in me.  That which comes and goes is not me (self).   But these sayings don't seem to satisfy me,  as I wish to see some of the divine qualities that saints have,  also in me.  
Please help me understand Swamiji's points,   not with an overly philosophical approach,  but more something rational,  simple that can be easily understood.   

Thank you,  

Bala G K   


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