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[gita-talk] The Bhagavad Gita - Daily Message - 15 /18


||   Shree Hari   ||

Fifteenth Chapter

||   15 / 18  ||

yasmātkṣaramatīto'hamakṣarādapi cottamaḥ

ato'smi loke vede ca prathitaḥ puruṣottamaḥ

Since I transcend the perishable and am higher than the imperishable (Jiva), for 
that reason, I am known as the Puruṣottama (Supreme Person) in the world, as well as, in Vedas. 


The Ksara (perishable or the world) and the Aksara (imperishable or Jiva) have no independent existence but God has independent existence. The Ksara and the Aksara,  both abide in God. But the Aksara or the Jiva, by attaching (assuming relationship) with the Ksara becomes dependent on the later— 'yayedaṁ dhāryate jagat' (Gītā 7/5). God is not become dependent upon Ksara, but He transcends Ksara. Therefore,  He is superior even to Aksara. If the Jiva, instead of getting attached to the world, gets attached to God, he will become one with God— 'jñānītvātmaiva me matam' (Gītā 7/ )  
In salvation, an aspirant gets established in Aksara (Self) but in devotion, Purusottam (Supreme Person) is attained, Who is superior to the Aksara. The Self is a fragment while the Supreme Person is the whole.

From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji  


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