Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[gita-talk] Understanding Utility of this Human Body


Shree Hari 

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Utility of this Human Body? 
Swamiji says : For God Realization,  there is no need whatsoever (not in the least bit) of the body or this world  (This is the Truth)
Question is : If this body is of no use in realizing God, then why has it been said ''बड़े भाग मानुस तन पावा'' "with much fortune this human body has been attained" 
Please explain this,  

मानव तनकी उपयोगिता? 
स्वामीजीने कहा है : परमात्माकी प्राप्तिमें शरीर अथवा 
संसारकी किंचिन्मात्र भी जरूरत नहीं है। (यह सत्य है।)
प्रश्न यह है : यह शरीर परमात्मप्राप्तिमें काम आता नहीं, 
फिर ''बड़े भाग मानुस तन पावा'' क्यों गाया गया है? 
कृपया समझायें। 

Is vishay me swamiji ne kaha hai ki ....vaastav me manushya sharir me;..sharir ki mahima nahi hai balki ...is sharir me jo vivek hai uski mahima hai......isliye jo pagal ho jaate hai....jinka vivek lupt ho jaata hai ....unka sharir manushya ka hote hue bhi we manushya nahi hai....ram ram

on this subject Swamiji has said, that in fact, in this human body,  the greatness is not of this body,  but the greatness is of the "vivek"  (power of discrimination).  Therefore he who become "mentally handicapped"  whose power of discrimination gets hidden,  his body though being a human body,  is not so.   ram ram 


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