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[gita-talk] Enthusiasm towards Worldly Activities - सांसारिक कर्मों के प्रति उत्साह !


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यह जानने और समझने के बाद कि संसार में सब कुछ कितना अस्थायी और क्षणिक है , किसी भी कर्म के प्रति उत्साह का संचार कैसे  किया जाए ?

सांसारिक कर्मों के प्रति उत्साह जगाने का मार्ग क्या है  ?

क्या ऐसे कर्मों के प्रति उत्साह  संभव भी है ?
और उससे पहले क्या ऐसे कर्मों के प्रति उत्साह उचित है ?

आपके उत्साह की कमी आपके आस पास वालों  और प्रियजनों को  भी प्रभावित करती है 
जो शायद ठीक नहीं 

तो उचित क्या है ?


Shree Hari 

Swamiji has given us this very simple formula -  

1)  I am God's
2)  I live in His Kingdom
3)  I do His work
4)  I receive His prasad
5)  With His prasad,  I serve His devotees  

Simply speaking,  if all activities are performed with this "bhaav",  no doubts whatsoever will remain...There will be nothing but "utsaah" and "prasannata"   in all activities.  Since everything is done as worship and devotion to Him.  This is true Bhajan.  
Meera Das,   Ram Ram  


yes very correct i was thinking how we are going away from gita

in a nut shell 16th chapter..abhayam satva samshuddhir gnana
yogavyastiti the moment the elephant full of mada madness of some
hormone imbalance was roaming and causing terror to the king and
people and when this stranger who had finished reading all the
chapters and had come to 16th chapter and could not run away from
elephant and this shloka came from his mouth abhayam means no fear
when we chant gita and the elephant became calm and the king and
minster came from their balcony and enquired what maic you did the
stranger told i just uttered abhayam from chapter 16th

hence we should not have any bhaya we should have satva samshuddhi,
gnanyoga vyavastita, dana, yagna, veda adhyana, tapas, simplicity,
ahimsa, satya, akrodha, tyaga, shanti,no back biting, bhoota daya,
indriya nigraha, mridud swabhava, tejas, kshama, saucha, dhairya,
these are daivi sampat gunas we can practice this daily and once we
have these weapons we can easily cross the ocena of samsara and wash
our sins

hari om

god bless you
swamiji Swami Krishnanand 

None of the material work is waste. For the saadhak,karma is a saadhan to achieve the permanent abode of God.
Material work for upliftment of dharma(that takes you to god) as per the shastras should be definitely done. Infact that's what a liberated soul on earth would keep doing.
I see a problem arising when we indulge in material work laced with modern technology. This technology is continuously destroying the panchabhootas (Air, water, fire, earth & space).
On the other hand Vedic karmakaanda (even though material in nature, always work by enhancing & strengthening the pancha bhootas).
Gau-palan, kheti, yajna (as per vedas) are some of the materialistic karmas which can be done with enthusiasm as god's antarangaa Shakti is also doing that. These services even though impermanent are the reason d' eistene of antarangaa Shakti.
During times of low motivation, just sit in the company of gau, krishak (minus technology like tractors etc), yogi and devotees. Cycle of Low would give way to Cycle of High motivation without interrupting your spiritual progress.
Important is to accept that cycles of low and high motivation would definitely be there.


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