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[gita-talk] Seeking to Understand meaning of "om purnam adah purnam idam"


I wish to understand  the secret of - When an aspirant narrates  -  om purnam adah purnam idam .... which means that everything is complete and perfect.    What does the word "everything"  and its meaning represent?  all things?  all thoughts?   what all ?  or whatever it may be,  that  all ?  Then 'everything' means that only which cannot be described, but is being done here as 'complete and perfect'



साधक कथन om purnan adah purnam idam .... which means that everything is complete and perfect का मर्म समझना चाहता है। everything शब्द को किस अर्थमें लिया जाय? सब वस्तुयें? सब क्रियायें? सब विचार? सब क्या-क्या? या जो भी हो वह सब कुछ? फिर तो everything का अर्थ वही हुआ जिसका वर्णन नहीं हो सकता पर किया जा रहा है कि वह complete and perfect है। 


Entire Mantra in Isha Upanishad is:

Aum Purnam Adaha, Purnam Idam, Purnat Purnam Udachayate,
Purnasya Purnam Adaya, Purnam Eva Avatishthte. 

Context in which word Purna  which translates as 'Whole" means un-fragmented, refers to Cosmic Consciousness. It pervades the entire Universe and is Infinite. We are also part of that whole but not fragmented. Just as you take a drop of water from huge lake of pure water, 
that drop is as perfect as large quantity of water in the lake. This metaphor is used in this Mantra that Cosmic Consciousness outside is whole and so also this consciousness within me is also whole. Only my whole can be connected with that Infinite whole, by opening of Brahma-Randhra. When that happens, my whole drop becomes a part of Infinite consciousness, and that is the way of my finite whole to be infinite whole.

Second line of this Mantra describes the characteristic of this Infinite, that even if infinite number of finite souls can draw from this consciousness , even then Infinite consciousness remains Infinite only. It does not decrease. For further understanding, read Isha Upanishad with translation available from Ram-Krishna Mission Khar. May be Sanyasis there will help you with better clarification on this important Mantra.

Jayantilal Shah


बड़े भैया, everything तो मूल प्रश्नकर्ताने प्रयुक्त किया है [जिसके कथनको उद्धृत क्या है शुद्ध अंग्रेजीमें ] 
और साधक उस everything शब्दको ही समझना चाहता है। 

स्वामी श्रीकृष्णानन्दजी, साधकके पास तो उसका अपना कोई day नहीं है। आप शायद solar day की बात कह रहे हैं जो साधकका नहीं है। 
उद्धृत कथनमें प्रयुक्त शब्द everything का अर्थ पूछ था उसका उत्तर तो आपने दिया नहीं। 


very simple

om poornamada poornamida pooranat poornamudachayate poornasya poorna
madaya poorna mevava shishyate

this universe made of so many things will be incomplete with out one
another, the sun, the moon, the earth, fire, water,air, celestial,

i wonder why people are sadhakas are so much worried, is your day
complete with out doing a thing you are doing life long it will be

when you dont pray it will be apoorna, if you dont take care of this
body temple it is apoorna, the breathing system the prana vayu being
inhaled and exhaled 21600 times in 24 hours, the blood circulation,
the heart, lungs, kidney,pancreas, liver, brain, cells working 24 x 7
will not be poorna if we meet with an accident the system will be
disturbed and it takes 21 days or 90 days to become poorna .again.

i humbly appeal all the sadhakas not to worry to know the how and why
of it but with full with keep on chanting as i had explained earlier
MARA being chanted will become RAMA mara means a tree in kannada for
the mundane it is difficult or sounds dull and insipid the name of
rama with all the dirty attractions but unfortunately even
vrukshadevata namah is no attraction they are cutting and their
attraction is flashy buidlings and concrete jungle destroying the

sorry i have dewelled little out of the track

god bless you
swamiji (Krishnanandji) 

Dear Sadhak,

> I wish to understand  the secret of - When an aspirant narrates  -  om purnam adah purnam idam >.... which means that everything is complete and perfect.    What does the word "everything"  and >its meaning represent?  all things?  all thoughts?   what all ?  or whatever it may be,  that  all ? 
> Then 'everything' means that only which cannot be described, but is being done here as 'complete > and perfect'

As you know, "poorNamadah poorNamidam..."   is yajurvEda shAnti mantra.

PoorNam means Complete.   What does Completeness mean ?.  It simply means that  you can not add anything more to it.
adhaha means 'That'  
'idam'  means 'This'

Most people translate it as "Everything is Complete".   It is quite wrong.    If  this world itself was Complete
then we would not be in need of Veda at all,  and as a consequence there would be no need for God either.
Obviously,   Why would yajurveda shanti-mantra teach such things, anyways ?.

Veda calls God, The Creator of this Universe as PoorNa.   He is PoorNa  ( another name for It is Vishwa ).
Hence the word should not applied to the created world at all.

God in His Original form is PoorNa. (PoorNamadah)    God in an incarnation Form is still Complete ( poorNamidam ).   

I hope it helps.

Jay Nelamangala


हरि ओम

साधकजी महाराज । आप ये everything कहाँ से ले आये ? पूर्णमद: पूर्णमिदं - इसमें everything कहाँ से टपक गया ? "यह" - इदम् - ! "सर्वम्" तो शब्द ही नहीं है श्लोक में, तो आप everything कहाँ से ले आये ? "पूर्ण सर्वम्" लिखा है क्या ? क्यों श्लोकों से तोड़ फोड़ करते हैं आप ? जीव पूर्ण है, जगत् पूर्णँ है,परमात्मा पूर्ण है- पूर्ण में से पूर्ण निकलता है, फिर भी पूर्ण बाक़ी रहता है । इसमें वर्णनातीत की बात ही कहाँ है ? प्रकृति यदि complete and perfect है, स्वयं भी पूर्ण और परफेक्ट है तो इसमें आपको क्या ऐतराज़ है? आपका प्रकृति से संबध imperfect है - यह बात मूल है ! प्रकृति अपने हिसाब से परफेक्ट है, आपके हिसाब से नहीं । जगत् प्रवाह रूप से अव्यय है, लेकिन आपके के लिये विनाशी है । भगवान् की शक्ति होने के कारण जगत् सत् है, आपकी साधना के हिसाब से सत् नहीं ! आपको जगत् से संबंध - विच्छेद करना है - चाहे जगत् सत् हे, असत् हो, वासुदेव हो, शुभ हो, अशुभ हो, भगवान् का बनाया हो, या प्रकृति का बनाया हो ! आपका जगत् से संबंध असत् है - यह निस्सन्देह बात है - फिर क्यों माथा-पच्ची करते हैं ? 

जय श्री कृष्णा

व्यास एन बी 


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