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[gita-talk] Deeper understanding of Gita 7/4


Shree Hari 

This brings a closure to this question.   Thank you all  !  

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कथन Antahkaran is divided into ' Mind, intellect, consciousness and ego'. समझना है। 
क्या consciousness करण है? आठ भेदोंवाली अपरा प्रकृतिमें चेतन (consciousness) को नहीं 
गिनाया गया है। [गीता 7 : 4 ]

Would like to understand the saying that -   Antahkaran is divided into ' Mind, intellect, consciousness and ego'. 
Is consciousness the instrument, the aid ?  Is consciousness (chetan) not included in the eight-fold divided material (Lower Nature) or Apara prakriti,   [Gita 7 : 4 ]


Shree Hari 

Please read carefully... may be it is an issue of translation.   Consciousness is not part of his eight fold lower nature.  
In Gita, God has described his two types of Natures,  lower (insentient); higher (sentient).  Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, reason and ego  - these eight form the lower Nature and other than this is the embodied soul (higher Nature),  by which the whole universe is sustained,  (Gita 7/4-5).  God is the Master of both the Natures.  The lower Nature is a physical element while the higher Nature is a spiritual element.   Consciousness if part of the Higher life-element (jeev) by which the universe is sustained.  

Meera Das,  Ram Ram 

Consciousness is described as 'Para' Prakriti, immediately in verse 5/7. Details are given from Verse 8/7 onwards.
Jayantilal Shah
Consciousness comes from "atma". Atma is chit or conscious. 


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