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[gita-talk] The Bhagavad Gita - Daily Message - 15 /12


||   Shree Hari   ||

Fifteenth Chapter

||   15 / 12  ||

yadādityagataṁ tejo jagadbhāsayate'khilam

yaccandramasi yaccāgnau tattejo viddhi māmakam

The brilliance in the sun that illumines the whole world, the radiance of the moon 

and that which is in the fire, know that to be Mine. 

It is man's nature to get attracted by power and influence. By the relationship with 

the worldly objects man gets impressed by their influence and power. Therefore to 

remove this impact of power and importance of worldly objects on the individual , the 

Lord discloses this secret that the importance and power of objects appears as if it is 

theirs, in fact this is only mine. All power and influence is Mine. It is due to My radiance 

alone alone that they get illuminated.

From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji  





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