Friday, May 16, 2014

[gita-talk] Seeking Deeper Understanding of Gita 13/31 - Self Does Nothing, Nor is Tainted


Once again I read the responses under (topic Is Destiny Pre-planned).  I still have some doubts:  

Time and again it has been said that we are independent (swadheen) in doing,  but regarding the fruit of our past actions we are dependent on God.  Swamiji has said that the meaning of Gita 13/31 -  This aatma (supreme spirit) though living in this body is neither a doer nor does it gets tainted.   Sadhak wants to understand
1)  that when he does not do  any actions at all then what is the meaning of him being independent (swadheen) in doing ?  and what is the use of the outcome, fruit (hona)?  2)  When he does not get tainted at all, then regarding the fruit of actions already performed, what does it matter, whether they are dependent on God or not ?  When one is not tainted at all, then what have we got to do with the fruit ?  what ever is, so be it !  let it go on !  
Due to limited understanding,  each time the messages are not understood quickly 


एकबार फिर सारे उत्तर पढ़ डाले।  (in topic Is Destiny Pre-planned)  कुछ उलझन है :
बार-बार कहा गया है कि हम करनेके लिये स्वाधीन हैं किन्तु किये गये कर्मके फलके लिये परमात्माधीन हैं। 
गीता 13 : 31 के अर्थमें स्वामीजीने कहा है : यह आत्मा शरीरमें रहता हुआ भी न करता है और न लिप्त होता है। 
साधक समझना चाहता है : (1) जब करता ही नहीं तब करनेकी स्वाधीनता होने का क्या अर्थ? और उसके होनेका क्या उपयोग?
(2) जब लिप्त होता ही नहीं तो किये कर्मका फल परमात्माधीन होने या नहीं होनेसे क्या? जब लिप्त ही नहीं होना तो फलसे क्या 
लेना-देना? जो हो सो हो, हुआ करे। 
कम समझ होनेसे जल्दी समझ नहीं आती हर बात। 

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