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[gita-talk] Seeking Advise on When to start reading Holy Gita Tithi wise


Shree Hari 

This brings closure to this topic.   thank you all.  
Gita Talk Moderators,   Ram Ram  


Shree Hari Ram Ram
Hari Om,
Please advise when to start reading Holy Gita Tithi wise.


One can start reading Gita from any day .Reading two verses at least in the morning and two verses in night is good practice. 
I also suggest reading " Yatharth Greta " by Swami Adgadanand ji.
Gita is not conceptual or philosophical but experiential but that feeling comes only when Gita flows down to heart from mind by regular reading.
Ashok Jain

The day from when this thought has arrived in your mind that you should read Gita.

Please start it without waiting.

Jai Shri Ram

Amit G


शुभस्य शीघ्रं। 


I am really happy that everybody expressed the same opinion. So my friend, hope you have started studying Gita. I have only one advice. Read the sloka in 18th chapter, Idam te dnyaanam aakhyaatam guhyaat guhyataram mayaa .. and follow that order fom Krishna. Do not take anythoing for granted; be away from beliefs; analyse each and every sentence with the intelligence God has given to you and then do as per your conclusion. Remember, Gita is not an instrument to take you to Heaven; but a working manual to operate the appliance God has given that living is. God Bless you
krishna Samudrala


My friend,
There is a saying Telugu which says, "the second you get a goo dthught is itself an aus[icious time (instant). Hence, the minute you feel that you should study (not read) Gita that moment is auspicous Do not waste time in searching for muhurta, Tidhi etc. All days were produced by Lord. Can Lord design a bad day? That is superstition and amounts to lack of belief in Lord's benevolence.
krishna Samudrala


There is no Thithi , day or date specific when Geeta can be read. Holy Scripture like Geeta is not meant for reading. It is to be studied by Abhyash or Swadhyaya and Vairagya or practical application of concepts understood . For the sake of good vibrations on the earth which are conducive to this study - 2 Ekadashi, or Chaturmasa will be more rewarding. When one studies, observing light diet or fasting are also helpful. last but not least  is verse 34 of Ch.4 which reads as under;
Tad Vidhhi Pranipaten, Pariprashnen Sevaya - which means Geeta can be studied by Humility, questioning and Service to Guru, Upadekshyanti Te Gnanam, Gananiah tatvadarshinaha - seers who have experienced Brahma Vidya will show  the direction and in the end will lead to Anubhuti.  
Jayantilal Shah


Hari Om

The desire to read Gita is in itself a very auspicious desire. Reading Holy Gita is not some that sort of Karma where you look for date, time, method etc. That is seen only when you have RESULT IN VIEW. The very essence of Gita is doing Karma without keeping result in view. The day you developed desire to read Gita , is the auspicious day. Still, For example, to make you feel happy, tomorrow ( 2nd May ) is Akshaya Tritiya, start from tomorrow. TERAS ( 13th day of Indian Tithi ) and TEEJ ( third day of Indian Tithi ) are the days when without asking any astrologer any good karma can begin, so begin from tomorrow. Actually, this is not material at all. Material is your willingness to respect, understand Gita. The best way to read Gita is to first surrender to it, then read. Do not apply your intellect much there, if you do so it will become a grand riddle for you. Read the best treatise on Gita - SADHAK SANJEEVANI - by Param Shraddheya Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj. It is said by Saints that just by reading it , you can emancipate, it us such a powerful and divine treatise. 

Trust the VAANI of Lord Krishna, said in Gita. If you do not understand anything stated there, believe always that Gita is right, you need to correct your understanding. Never allow your insistence to prevail upon the text of Gita. There can not be a more comprehensive, detailed, powerful, truthful and divine commentary on Gita than Sadhak Sanjeevani. Believe firmly that you are SADHAK and then read Gita and commentary in Sadhak Sanjeevani. Ask Qs in this Forum. Devote some time regularly for Gita reading. Try to memorise the verses, memorising will impart divinity in you. Read the basic Sanskrita verses carefully and then the commentary by Swamiji. If you read Upanishads/ Vedanta / other Scriptures first and then read Gita - then you will get confused. Read Gita first and then you will be able to understand other Scriptures also better, though there may not arise any need for the same. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


Everyday is a good day the moment you thought of reading geeta and
vishnu sahasranama it is holy thouhgt even after getting from bed you
can sit on your bed and do it, if you are very particular after
morning ablutions that is brushing teeth,toilet,bath you can start
with prathasmarami hrudi sam spuradatma tattwam sachit sukham parama
hamsa gatim tureeyam ya swapna jagara sushuptama maiti nityam tad
brahma nishkala maham na cha bhoota sangha ...pratar bhajmi manaso
vacha sama gamyam vacho vibhati nikhila yada nugrahena...pratar namai
tamasa para marka varnam pooram sanatana padam purushottamakhyam
rajwam bhujangam iva pratibhasitam vai followed by yam brahma
varunendra rudra maruta stunvanti div waistvai vadai sangha pada
kramopanishadai gayati yam samagama dhyba vastita tadgatena manasa
pashyanti yam yoginam yasyantam na vidu devaya tasmai namah dhyana
shloka of geeta which should take 15 minutes with two shlokas of geeta
from dharam kshetre and if you want to chant vishnu sahasranama it
will take 28 minutes this will be your package of thanks giving to god

god bless you



Instead of asking this question, you should just start reading Gita. Any day and any time is good. Try to understand meaning of Gita and meditate on it.

Murari Das


shree hari ram ram 

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