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[gita-talk] Please Explain Attaining God in Personalistic form and Impersonalistic form?


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Hare krishna,Swamiji...I have one question to ask...what is attaining god in personalistic form(goloko vrindavana) and impersonalistic form(ie.light) after death? please explain this thing?

Saksham Anand


Hari Om

Realising God in His personalisation form is having Darshanas of Him. That is attained by a Bhakti Yogi. A Bhakta can not only know God, he can have darshanas of a God. That however is not the case say with a Jnana Yogi or Karma Yogi. A Jnana Yogi and Karma Yogi get  NIRVAAN BRAHMA state, as fruit of their Yoga. They too can have darshanas of God, if they don't have insistence of their path or way. A Bhakta by his ANANYA BHAKTI , can know God element, can see God in His SAAKAR form and enter the God, viz can experience " indivisibilty" with God. He can also the NITYA LEELA FORM of God. Jnana Yogis also can only know the God and enter Him but can not see him in His Saakar form. 

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हे ईश्वर! तेरी प्राप्ति की जितनी विधियाँ, उतने ही भिन्न-भिन्न तेरे रूप!
फिर भी तू अनन्य (unique) और सदा प्राप्त (ever attained) कहा गया है। 


Ans: Go to Devu village and see the place from where Sant Tukaram flew in full public to abode of GOD with human body. Gyaneswar left his body in a cave and attainted Jeevan Mukthi in a form of light. In Srimath Bgagavath- Potter Dathibanda asked child Sri Krishna for Moksha. God granted. But he asked all his pots also should go along with him. Sri Krishna granted. To one of the 12 sants (12 Alwars) in south india Sri Vishnu appeared and said that the sant has few more sins to his credit as such he has spend some time in Narak. The sant smiled and said Narak or Swarg makes NO difference to him, as he disowns everything on earth and he knows only Sri Vishnu. The purana says, Sri Vishnu dismayed and took him to Vaikunt. This concept you think.

I has similar questions especially due to my association with Gaudiya Vaishnava and Iskcon.  My experience has been that they are quite critical towards people who accept truth as beyond personal form (impersonalists) and consider impersonlism as spiritual suicide.

The truth is that God is not attained. God is already attained. You are always part of God.

Who you are? Are you body? Do you have hands, eyes etc? Self realization is to accept that you are not body. It also means to accept that you cannot be defined in terms of matter. 

You may ask why God is defined in terms of murti? God is everywhere. Therefore, God is in all and therefore, in matter. While God is in matter, God is also beyond matter and ultimately, transient inert matter is illusory. Only non-transient real exists.

Try to accept your true nature which is eternal, full of knowledge and bliss. You are not the body and beyond matter. You are part of God and will always remain part of Him. Accept this truth.

Murari Das
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