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[gita-talk] How to memorize Vishnu sahasranama.?


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 How to memorize Vishnu sahasranama.



if you can not memorize vishwam vishnu vashatakro you try namavali ie,
vishnuve nama, vashtkarya nama that it is easy if still insist you
have to chant thrice daily putting on your CD by subbalakshmi in you
tube and chant and in three months you will memorize, how long you
took to memorize ABCD same way
good luck
god bless you
swamiji  (Swami Krishnanand)


Hari Om

In the same way you memorised mathematics or alphabets or ABCDEFGH....!!!

You keep repeating the names say five names at a time, and remember. Do it say 20 names today, keep repeating, they will get in your memory. In the night forget what you did whole day. Engage yourself in other work. Get up early in the morning and remember what you tried to memorise previous day. It will come to your memory. Be sincere in memorising. Have a sentiment in you that you are doing to memorise. Read carefully. Careful reading aids in memorising. Once you have memorised, keep practicing, till if you can chant them rightly even if your mind is elsewhere. 

Jai Shree Krishna


To the best of my knowledge, there are CDs available with Chinmaya Mission which should be repeatedly heard to understand clear pronunciation of each word. Then you should start with first 100 words, and it will be easy to remember them. Once you do this right way by cross-checking with CD, then you can go on adding 50 at one time till you comfortable and accurate with pronunciation. As you do this exercise rightly, you can go adding 50 at a time till all 1,000 are remembered without mistake. It may take about 3 months to complete this exercise to your satisfaction.
Jayantilal Shah


Easiest way to memorize is to chant it understanding meaning every day or frequently. You will automatically memorize it. Even if you don't, it is OK because ultimate goal is to chant it understanding the meaning.

Murari Das


Ans: There is purana of saint who memorised Vishnu Puran and sang number of times daily. After his death he had Dharsan of GOD for fraction of a earthly second and disappeared. This man was some time there and was sent back to earth. The man before being sent back, asked Sri Vishnu Dhootas, "Is that all". The Vishnu Dhotaas said there is NO Bavana Nishkama Prema Bakthi in his recital so he is been sent back once again to earth. What did the elephant Gajendra did for Sri Vishnu to give liberation from death and birth? Sri Adi Sankara in Vivekachudamani said, " Pattanthu Sastrani, Kurvanthu Devani, Bajanthu Devaani...... Nah Labyathe Mukthi Bhrama Sathantha Repini". That is sostras, poojas, Mantras will not give Mukthi for a person doing these, for FOUR life time of Sri Bhraman (i.e. Thousands of years). There was a Rishi (Name I dont remember right now- if Sadak want I can reply) he did Tapas for 100 years. Nothing took place. Sri Bramaji appeared and asked, what. Rishi said, he wants Dhrshan of Sri Vishnu. The Bhramji said, do another 100 years Tapas and gave life span. It went on like this for 400 years. Nothing happened. Distressed, Rishi closed his eyes and shed tears and surrendered. A voice appeared. He opened his eyes and saw Sri Vishnu. Rishi asked, " Oh Bgavan why YOU have not come ealier". Sri Vishnu said, " Hey Rishi you thought you can get me by Tapas, which is wrong according Vedas. But same Vedas says, Anniya Chita on ME one can bind me. Your tears bound me". What one need total dedication and main attachment to GOD like potter Baktha Gora in Karnataka. A schedule tribe lady in Kerala used shed tears in utmost love on Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna daily used eat food along with her. One day Sri Guruvayour priest was passing that side and over heard the talks of this lady saying, Krishna eat this it will nice. The priest shouted from outside her house and said, "oh lady are lunartic?". Sr Krishna came out for second and disappeared. The priest realized, that Thri Kal Puja cannot get Sri Krishna. Sant Chota Mela life many know. I need not repeat. What he did to get Sri Vital to eat in his house? Chota Mala did not know Sri Visnu sahasranam. But his statue is in front of main entrance of Panderpur Vital Madir.


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