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[gita-talk] How to be free of habit of "Sangraha" (hoarding)


Shree Hari 
This brings closure to this topic.  Thank you all.    Gita Talk Moderators,  Ram Ram 


Swamiji says these two "bhog and sangraha"  are the main obstacles in the spiritual path.  How to be free of "sangraha"  (hoarding)?    I seem to have a problem with hoarding (of things - clothing, other goods) and cannot break off the habit.  Also I cannot easily give these things away.    I will be grateful if you can provide any guidance to set me free of this age old habit.   Thank you,   



I am very grateful to all of you.  I have learned a lot from the various responses and thank you all deeply for your guidance.  I feel satisfied and at peace.  



jai shri krsna ... 

i m very thankful to all ... who made this gita talk  easy and understandable ,,, more and more people are getting benefit from this,,, hope this will continue ,,, 

ram ram 


Shree Hari Ram Ram 

Some of Swamiji's Quotes that may inspire you -  

  • Being a slave to perishable things is the main reason that does not allow us to turn to the imperishable. 
  • As long as we see the perishable as real, till that time there will be no enlightenment.  
  • By renouncing the desire for perishable things, the imperishable Element (tattva) is attained. 
  • Worldly goods are useful for the world. They are not useful for us (Self). 
  • The best use of things is to use them for the benefit of others. 
  • Feeling of "mine-ness" for the perishable, is cause of unrest and bondage
  • By not regarding the acquired things as our own, leads to liberation naturally and self-evidently.
  • God is ours, but the things acquired by us are not ours, rather they are God's.

Meera Das,   Ram Ram   

साधक कथन Prosperity is the feeling of having more than one requires समझ नहीं सका। 
जिज्ञासा है : who is having? यह having शब्दका हिन्दी अनुवाद यदि स्वामित्व होना है तो कथनसे 
सहमति नहीं बनती [जब अपना कहलानेवाला यह शरीर भी अपना नहीं है तो फिर अपना है ही क्या?]
कथन समझना शेष रह गया। 

स्वामीजीने ही उपाय बताया है : जब अपना कहलानेवाला यह शरीर भी अपना नहीं है, तो चीजें (धन-संपत्ति, कपड़े-लत्ते आदि) अपनी कैसे हो सकती हैं?
बस सरल उपाय है कि  इन्हें ''अपनी'' नहीं मानें (चाहे ईश्वरकी मानें, प्रकृतिकी मानें, संसार-समाजकी मानें पर ''अपनी'' नहीं मानें) तो संग्रह चाहे जितना हो, उसका बंधन नहीं रहेगा (सबको बाँट सकेंगे). 
इशारा यह किया है : और भी जो लाखों-करोड़ों चीजें है (जिन्हें आप ''अपनी'' नहीं मानते) उनसे क्या बंधन होता है आपको? बस, समझ लीजिये। 


Truth is to see that one can never do sangraha and one can never do bhog. When Swamiji states that they are obstacles, he means to accept that self is NOT bhogi or doing bhog and self is NOT doing sangraha.

We think that objects are ours or can become ours. Therefore, we try to acquire them and think that they have become ours. They can never be ours. They belong to matter and they will remain in matter. So, understand the truth that you cannot own anything.

Same applies to bhog. Self can never do any bhog because self is beyond matter. So, whatever is happening, see yourself as beyond matter and accept that enjoyment is not in you.

Murari Das


dear sj

once akbar the great mogul king asked the same thing to birbal why
habits especailly bad habits dont die hard, birbal never gave answer
but akbar dint stop finally birbal relented he went to a stone pillar
and tightly embraced it and started shouting... maharaj please save me
...get rid of this pillar it is troubling me...akbar was amused and
started laughing loudly and said arey birbal you only went there and
embraced please come out remove your hands and birbal came and sat and
told jahapanah the same way habits we only embrace them ...love them
first we taste them it becomes moda then amoda and pramoda...when we
are walking on a hot sun at 12 pm and dead hungry we see a board from
a distance Hotel Annapoorna suddenly the tired mind is excited that is
moda then go near to confirm whether it is open and when we see the
board food ready mind goes to amoda and finally after washing hands
and sitting before food and eating everything the mind comes to amoda
stage it is satisfied and happy and will not crave for another 7 hours
for the body to survive food is necessary but hoarding and eating too
much at a time it will suffer same way hoarding toilet full of things
kitchen full of utensils and living room full of furniture with out
walking space and bed room full of things on bed in the almirah,
wardrobe is foolishness you will have to segregate, remove the
clutter,clean you will get dust allergy etc

same way mind is like a slate if you dont clean you cant write hence
in india olden days things were simple one mud pot for water and one
for boiling milk one for curds and two cooking rice and vegetables and
four mud plates and wooden serving spoon ...clean kitchen with cow
dung ,,,mud walls of 1 feet thickness to keep cool

hence we should

think 100 times before buying and come home postponing

god bless you

swamiji  (Swami Krishnanand)  

>> You know world us ever changing, perishable, momentary but you still hoard

The statement that "you still hoard" needs to be understood in correct context. 

"You" is self beyond matter. Can "self" ever hoard anything? It can never hoard anything. Just like self can never die, the same way self can never change, perish and hoard.

>> You accept yourself correctly

I agree. You accept that you are complete, perfect, eternal and always aloof from matter. Therefore, you can never hoard.

Murari Das


There is but one thing that you can hoard withut harming anything but sharing with everyone. That is Dnyaana and its source, namely Parama Atma. SaMgraha of material pleasure giving objects may be harmful but grasping Dnyaana and Dnyaana daata is Mukti. SaMgraha means aphoristic or in brief.
krishna  Samudrala


Dear SJ, 
I am not aware of what Swamiji said about Bhog and Samgraha. and I apologize for that. Bhoga is the inclination and participation in physically pleasure giving activities like eating, being with opposite sex, bossing over others etc. Samgraha arises due to the desire for Bhoga and possessiveness or disinclination to share with others. Monopolizing is human characteristic. Unlike other animals humans are possessive and miserly. Even if there are hundreds of deer in the vicinity a tiger, However hungry it might be, hunts and eats only one of them to fill its stomach. Just because there are hundred it does not kill more than it needs. But look at a man, he stores for tomorrow which may not exist for him; he collects for his children, and grand children and so on. Even if his stomach is filled up he cannot resist the temptation of eating a n extra roti and bhaji. When you acquire more than what is absolutely necessary for your existence, you are doing the sangraha. What is bad about it? well, firstly it deprives another being in need of the extra food item or such thing. In that way you are harming your fellow being by Sangraha. 
Yadnyaardhaat karmaNo anyatra karma baMdhanaH.
 Such acts sink one's Atma with heavy weight of Karma SESha.


Hari Om

Very good question !

You can not leave the habit of SANGRAH because you consider the world to be permanent. You can not enjoy SANGRAH , you can not enjoy BHOG unless you consider world to be permanent. THINK NOW- is world permanent ? IS NOT IT CHANGING CEASELESSLY ? If yes , then your acceptance that it is permanent must undergo a change. Change that acceptance, see the world as temporary, ever changing, perishable, believe that, and you shall cease to enjoy both BHOG AND SANGRAH. It is a law- you relish BHOG AND SANGRAH only when you believe that world is permanent ! But world is not permanent, it is temporary. Understand this clearly, and there will be no craving for hoarding etc. 

Said Swamiji - 

मकान यहाँ बना रहे हो, संग्रह यहाँ कर रहे हो, सजावट यहाँ कर रहे हो और ख़ुद मौत की तरफ़ भागे जा रहे हो ! पहले जहाँ जाना है, उसे ठीक करो । 

You are building homes here, accumulating here, decorating here ( on this earth) but you yourself are moving ceaselessly towards death. First take care of that place where you have to go from here. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Physical facilities are important for a normal day to day life.  But right understanding of self and wisdom of life, helps one to understand how to drive a feeling of mutual prosperity from the physical facilities that one has.. 

Without the right understanding any amount (hoarding) of physical facility may not bring the feeling of prosperity. One keeps living in a feeling of deprivation...and with this feeling one is in misery...  If one is in misery, how can he be cause of happiness for others... such a person only exploit others... to hoard more...

Prosperity is the feeling of having more than one requires.  With right understanding one is able to define one's needs and therefore starts living in a feeling of prosperity... opening the door for helping others since he has more than what he needs..   This leads to mutual prosperity... it only results in happiness for me and for others... and this is what we all wish for... 



This habit cannot go away easily. If you are a Bombay man, you can join 'Swadhyaya' on Geeta by Pandurang Shashtri or else Hare Krishna Movement where chanting of Holy Name will put seed in you of Spirituality. Alternatively Japa of 'Sri-Krishna Sarnam Mama will slowly loosen your grip on possessive instinct. It is advisable to work under the guidance of some Living Master.
Jayantilal Shah


Dear Satyanarayan,
Can you e-mail me details of the satsangh place you mentioned.

Raghunandan Sharma


Dear Sadak,
Many have cured from this with Sat Sangh. The Sat sangh formed in South India on hill station of undisturbed admits 100 sq km of herbal mountains    nature  with very large volume of lectures, videos etc of almost all scripts of old age, upanashids, puranas Etc.tunes mind to SELF within. If this site Manager and Sadaks wants further details, I could mail in detail. Totally divine (NOT commercial)


shree hari 

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