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[gita-talk] Cheerfulness of Mind (Gita 17/16)


Gita 17/16 talks of "Cheerfulness of Mind" -    "Manahprasaadah" .   Swamiji also often mentions 'prasanna raho.'  What exactly does this mean?  How to attain this state?   

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Thank you !  But still need more clarity !!!  
Swamiji in Gita Prabodhani says under chapter 17 verse 16 -

Mana ki prasannata, somya bhaav, mananasheeltaa, manka nigraha and bhaavonki bhalibhaanti shuddhi -  is tarah yeh man-sambandhi tapa kahaa jaata hai.

Is this mostly a mind related thing?  if it is mind related, then we have nothing to do with it.   If not mind related, then is it connected to the "self" (swayam)?   Can this state be achieved?  or it just is.  

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prasannata means "being receptive and hence ready to act; it also means being tranquil" equivalently "Sthita pradnya", Yukta etc are synonyms. Cheerfulness is inadequate to describe this state

krishna Samudrala


Subject of Cheerfulness has been first taken up in Ch.2, Verse 65. Verse 62/2 discusses cause - effect sequence by which cheerfulness is lost. Verse 62 and 63 describe step-wise falling of the soul beginning with interest in  sense objects including mind. When mind gets deeply immersed in any subject of sense pleasure, it gets attached. Attachment gives birth to desire and when desire is not fulfilled, as it is likely to be, it generates anger. Habit of losing temper every now and then, results in weak and gross state of consciousness. Such a state results in loss of awareness, which in turn destroys Discriminating Intelligence, and ultimately becomes victim of illusion and delusion, fear and many other negative states of mind.

Ultimately all our powers are destroyed, one becomes victim of disease and decay. This process of sequential degeneration of life forces, can be reversed by Pratilom  i.e. by first weakening the force of craving and aversion, then Samyam or withdrawing interest in sense objects, by bringing mind under our own control, and cultivating positive outlook. Result of all these positive virtues is  CHEERFUL state of mind.

It is cheerful state of mind, which results in end of all sufferings and stead-fast intellect. This is the Penance described in 17/16. Cheerfulness is not a state of excitement. 

Jayantilal Shah


Dear Sadhakas,
Hare Krishna.

This is in response to a question from a fellow Sadhaka, regarding cheerfulness of mind. 
For the mind to be cheerful, it should be peaceful. The only way that can be achieved is through 
Devotional service. 

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavadgita,
" Maccitta madgataprana,
  Bodhayantah parasparam,
  Katha yantascamam nityam,
  Tushyanti ca ramanti ca."
      (Gitaji 10, 9)

Which means,

'The thoughts of pure devotees dwell in Me. Their lives are dedicated to Me. 
They derive great satisfaction and bliss from enlightening each other and conversing about Me all the time. '
This is the only Slokam in Bhagavad Gita in which the two words, Happiness and bliss are mentioned , side by side. 

Devotional service in the name of Chanting gives us Happiness, makes us very Cheerful, gives us peace of mind and obviously takes us back to His Kingdom in the end. 

Thank You. 

Prasad A. iragavarapu, MD


साधककी समझ है कि अप्रसन्नताका अभाव ही प्रसन्नता कहा गया है। 
आप कभी अप्रसन्न नहीं हुये क्या? बस, समझ लीजिये। 
प्रसन्नता शब्दोंमें व्यक्त नहीं की जा सकती। फिर उसकी परिभाषा कैसे हो?


Prasnna Raho/ Khush raho.... is the slogan, a reminder to each other to be happy, to start with happiness, with happy thoughts.. This is linked to the wisdom of life... 

Basic human aspiration is to be continuously happy and prosperous.. happiness is our inherent nature...
happiness is what is naturally acceptable to us..  So it is in our interest to be happy, to operate from the quality of self, in every situation... This ensures a joyful, happy, peaceful, fulfilled, meaningful life....

Sushil Scheel


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This state is the goal. It is symptom is advancement in spirituality. Measure your success in spiritual endeavors by how much happy you are. 

Being happy is not so difficult. You just need to change your attitude. Work hard and do your best. Then, don't sweat about it. Understand transient nature and let go of negativity. From spiritual perspective, know that you are always part of God no matter what. So you have already attained what you need to. Accept your spiritual nature. See God in all and have respectful, loving, nonjudgmental and caring attitude towards all. 

Murari Das


Shree Hari 

Please read Sadhak Sanjivani Gita 17/16 and please share what you have learned with the group.  

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