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[gita-talk] The Bhagavad Gita - Daily Message - 14/24


||   Shree Hari  ||

II  14:24 II

samaduḥkhasukhaḥ svasthaḥ samaloṣṭāśmakāñcanaḥ
tulyapriyāpriyo dhīrastulyanindātmasaṁstutiḥ
mānāpamānayostulyastulyo mitrāripakṣayoḥ
sarvārambhaparityāgī guṇātītaḥ sa ucyate
The wise man, who regards pain and pleasure alike, dwelling in his own Self, views a clod of earth, a stone and gold alike, remains equanimous amidst the pleasant and the unpleasant, remains the same in censure and praise; considers honor and dishonor alike and is the same to friend and foe, has abandoned all new undertakings--  is said to have transcended the three Gunas.


Here the Lord has mentioned pleasure-pain, dear-not dear, honor-dishonor. friend-foe, these eight opposite intrinsic human characteristics, in which ordinary human being take side with one of the pairs of opposites, sometimes even the aspirants can falter.  Those who can remain equanimous while encountering these eight difficult situations, they can easily remain in equanimity under all other circumstances. Gunateet (who has transcended the three Gunas) naturally remains in equanimity in these eight pairs of opposites.

Gita Prabodhani by Swami Ramsukhdasji  



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