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[gita-talk] The Bhagavad Gita - Daily Message - 15/5


||   Shree Hari   ||

Fifteenth Chapter

||   15 / 5   ||

nirmānamohā jitasaṅgadoṣā

 adhyātmanityā vinivṛttakāmāḥ

dvandvairvimuktāḥ sukhaduḥkhasaṁjñair

gacchantyamūḍhāḥ padamavyayaṁ tat

Free from pride and delusion (from their own viewpoint), victorious over the evil 

of attachment, dwelling constantly in the Self or God, with all their desires eliminated, 

having risen above the pairs of opposites known as pleasure and pain, (such highly 

evolved) undeluded aspirants) attain the Supreme Imperishable State (God). 

God, Who has been mentioned by the expression 'ūrdhvamūlam' (root above) in the 

first Verse, Who has been called Supreme Goal to be sought after in the fourth Verse, 

and Who has been glorified in the sixth Verse, that Supreme Abode of God has been 

called here as 'avyayaṁ padam'. Those highly evolved aspiring devotees having 

become absolutely free from evils such as pride, delusion, sense of mineness etc. 

surely attain the imperishable Supreme State, after reaching there, they do not return to

From "Gita Prabodhani" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji




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