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[gita-talk] The Bhagavad Gita - Daily Message - 15/2


||   Shree Hari   ||

Shree Paramatme Namah

Fifteenth Chapter

||   15 / 2   ||

adhaścordhvaṁ prasṛtāstasya śākhā guṇapravṛddhā viṣayapravālāḥ

adhaśca mūlānyanusantatāni karmānubandhīni manuṣyaloke

The branches of this tree (of Samsara) are nourished by the Gunas (Satvika, 

Rajasika and Tamasika) with the sense-objects as tender buds (twigs) which spread 

downwards, (in the middle) and upwards alike; Its roots which bind the soul in the mortal 

world by good and bad actions are spread forth in lower and upper (in all the lokas or 

The expression 'ūrdhvamūlam' in first Verse means-- God is the creator of this 

world and is main supporter of it ; and the expression 'mūlānyani' in this verse means-- 

identification with the body, sense of mineness and the desire are the root causes which 

bind the man to the world. The aspirant has to severe from these roots and take shelter  

in ūrdhvamūl God.

Gita Prabodhani by Swami Ramsukhdasji  



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