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[gita-talk] Excerpts from Swamiji's Lecture - It is Time to Vote !!!


Shree Hari 
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It is the year of  "Votes".  Even though the lion is better and more strong than the goats, but if he has to vote then due to the lesser numbers of Lions, he is sure to lose and the kingdom will be owned by the goats!  
.....As the population of the thieves and the robbers increases in number, their votes will also be great in numbers,  by which the leadership and rule will fall in such people's hands.  
From book in Hindi "Desh ki Vartamaan Dashaa aur Uskaa Parinaam" by Swami Ramsukhdasji 


Now the time for voting is here ! During this opportune time, you all become united ! 
Think about passing the proposal that every Indian Citizen, this time leaving all other issues aside, only give your vote to that leader or team that will give in writing their promise to stop the slaughter of cows and give assurance that immediately upon being elected, he personally and his team first and the foremost will work to ban the killing of cows in the entire country.   

.......Lastly, it is my humble prayer to all spiritual organization that now instantly you all, along with the people, come together and kindly make a firm and determined resolve to stop the killing of cows, then my, yours and the entire world's well-being is certain.  In this itself it the real protection of Dharma and protection of Dharma is itself the protection of all of us.

Read,  Educate and Disseminate Forging Forward !

Placed forward by Swami Ramsukhdasji  (from "Kalyaan"  Year 1978,  Ank 4)   

For Full Message in English read -  

Cow is the Mother of the World -

Date : 2nd October, 2011 – Gaavo Vishwa Maatarah


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[gita-talk] What is Anubhooti?


shree hari ram ram 

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Dear Sadaks,
What is Anubhooti?

B. S. 

What Mr.Vyasji said is perfectly stated in Vedas.


Anubhuti cannot be said in words. But one who has experienced the divine, his or her behavioural characteristics can be seen. Verses 55 to 72 of Ch.2 of Geeta shows the characteristics of such person and also charts the path towards that path,and difficulties to be overcome on this. kindly go through these verses carefully and achieve the Experience.
Jayantilal Shah


Hari Om

ANUBHOOTI - means experience in simple sense. In spiritual terms- it means REALISATION (BODH) !  There are two things - One - Knowing Two- Realising/ experiencing. We know many things, but there is no ANUBHOOTI of them. We do not ACCEPT , what we know, quite often. ANUBHOOTI is accepting what we know. You know whoever takes birth, dies. We have acceptance of that, when we see death happenning in neighborhood, but when it happens in own home , of near and dear ? We start crying, that is knowledge without ANUBHOOTI ( acceptance) ! A parrot keeps chanting Radhey Krishna , Radhey Krishna but when cat comes, then ? Forgets and starts saying TAIN ....TAIN ! That is knowledge without acceptance. 

My interpretation of term ANUBHOOTI thus would be - ACCEPTING WHAT YOU KNOW ! You know world us ever changing, perishable, momentary but you still hoard , that is " not accepting, what you know" ! Realisation - is actually ANUBHOOTI only. In Realisation ( God/self realisation) , what happens ? You accept yourself correctly. You accept ( realise) as to who you are ! Son of God....part of Him !!! That is " recollection of memory" ...oh I am that !!

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 

Respected Satyanarayana,
Bhoota is past. Hence, bhooti is something that pertains to the past, in short it is an experience one had in the past - it may be in the previous instant or year or even birth. The prefix Anu, in general elevates the status of what follows or it qualifies. for example Raga is an attachment; anuraaga is something special, or more valuable or sacred. Likewise, Bhooti is recollecting a past incident or experience; and Anu + Bhooti is recollecting a special experience of the past or an exclusive experience that is indelibly printed on mind. Literally, Anubhooti does not or may not have anything to do with God or Paramaatma. If you have helped a person or an animal in distress without expecting anything in return and if the help has been rendered not by design but just like that - Yaadricchika, then that memory or past will sweeten your life for ever. each time that recollection comes to you you feel elated and experience a joy that is not thru senses (indriyas). That in truth i sanubhooti of highest kind. In fact, it is more meritorious than any imaginary darshan of God or conversation with God. Anubhootis are purely personal. Two people cannot and will not have same anubhootis. Every being does have Anubhootis. There are no distinctions depending on birth and such mundane factors. A tiger or a mosquito also have Anubhootis.
sv krishna


अनुभूति वह अनुभव है जिसे अनुभवकर्ता स्वयं तो जानता है किन्तु दूसरेको जना (make known) नहीं सकता [ठीक उसी प्रकार कि यह बतानेसे कि मेरी भूख मिट गयी, सुननेवालेकी भूख नहीं मिटती और वह जान नहीं पाता कि कहनेवालेकी (कौनसी) भूख मिटी है]

"Anubhooti" is one's own direct experience of divinity within or any other blissful experience. 
Mohan Nair 


Tuesday 22 April, 2014

Human brain is a switless thinking machine. Many thoughts come in the brain and go, without 
making any useful impression. But sometimes, great thoughts are produced with a flash in the 
This is Anoobhooti.

Most of the spiritual concepts is are the results of this Anoobhooti in the brains of the 
Great Thinkers of the Past (GTPs). God, Atma, re-birth etc are some of them. Atma is the 
chetana of life form and without Atma entering the physical body of the life form, the life 
form cannot be born.

As a scientist, with reference to scientific literature, I understand that the genetic 
material is present in every of the trilliontrilion cells of a life form. and without this 
genetic material, the life form cannot be born.

About 5 years back, in the month of April 2009, a flash of thought appeared in my brain….That 
was…..Atma of a life form is nothing but the genetic material present in each cell of the 
life form. This was my Anoobhooti.

Gee Waman


Dear enquirer: 
It is something one experiences that cannot be put in words to explain.  Simplest of them is the everyday experience of good deep sleep (known as Sushipti in phylosophy)  in the night.  We cannot explain how that feeling is but we know it is great feeling.  If this every day experience is so great, imagine what it will be if we experience that great all pervading divinity in moments of absolute silence of the mind.  That is the greatest Anubuti known as Aprpksha Anubhuti in Advaita Philosophy. Have a great day and great Anubhuti. This is my simplistic understanding.  Other experts can explain better. 

B.  Vempaty

Simply translated it means "personal experience". It is best understood when the word is applied in its spiritual sense. 

Om Shanti.

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala

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[gita-talk] Is destiny pre-planned ?


Shree Hari Ram Ram 

After an extended break here is Gita-Talk once again for the benefit of humanity at large.   Please forgive us, as many of your questions and responses in the last couple of months were not posted and we are starting afresh with new questions.   PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RESEND YOUR QUESTIONS.  

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Is destiny pre-planned. In Gita, God says, he gives human beings the 
freedom to act, the choice is man's and he does according to his 
character or nature(swabhav). If it is true why it has been 
said "bhaagya se pehle, aur bhaagya se hatkar kuch nahin 
hotaa" "beyond one's fortune and misfortune, nothing happens" 
(translation may be incorrect).  Is our every step pre-planned 
(destined) ?

Saagar Kadam

Ram Ram Gunijans, 

When God is all there is, Vasudeva Sarvam, where is the room for any free will or destiny? Logically, there can only be one absolute Will. There cannot be two absolute Wills! 

'Thy Will be done' seems to be the greatest tapa (austerity) or param purushartha (supreme self-effort). 

When asked about the relative contribution of destiny vs. free will, Yogananda Paramahamsa has reported to have said, something like:

20% Self effort
30% Destiny
50% God's Grace

Then he added, we say so only to appease questioner's curiosity. In fact, it is 100% God's grace!

'Thy will be done' is the true meaning of Sharnagatti.

In Hari Smriti,


Shree Hari

Dear Saagarji Ram Ram!

Thank you for a good question!

As pointed by Mr. Vyasji that there are two things:

1). '
होना ' (Hona) which happens, we have no control over it, this is dependent on प्रारभ्द (Prarabhda). 

करना' (Karna), performing new actions, we are independent to choose the actions, which actions we would like to do and we also have the choice, we can do the actions good or bad, 'करना' is also called 'पुरषार्थ' (Purshartha). 

If everything were pre-planned only then there would have been no need for any scriptural injunctions as to what should be done and what should not be done, therefore everything is not based on destiny!

Swami Ramsukhdas MaharajJI says: 

1). We should accept happily whatever happens since we have no control over it, worrying about it is of no avail.

2). In doing actions we should be very careful, examine closely all facets of action before undertaking the action.

Our scriptures say that in every one's life, there are four 'Pursharthas' to be dealt with.   

धर्म, अर्थ, काम, मोक्ष (Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha')

Out of these, 'Artha' (acquiring wealth, prosperity and material things etc.) and 'Kaama' (Fulfillment of desires etc. and the relatives we get) primarily dependent on 'Prarabhda', but the effort and desire are also required to acquire material things besides'Prarabhda'.

Dharma and Moksha are dependent upon 'Purshartha', the new actions.

It is interesting to note that our sages had a great vision to put these four in a specific order:
Dharma comes first and Moksha at the last.It means that if 'Artha'and 'Kaama' are undertaken according to the dictates of Dharma, the Moksha is gauranteed. 

Also, Manusmriti  says: 

धर्मो  रक्षति रक्षित्त: (Dharma Rakshati Rakshita) (Manu: 8/15),
Dharma protects those who protect (follow) Dharma.  

|| Ram Ram ||

Humble regards,
Madan Kaura

Hari Om

Due to which Karma you got the first birth ? The creation is stated to be beginning less !! Either believe that and stop enquiring, or trust the SHRUTI which said the cause of Creation to be " EKAKI NA RAMATE ( God was all alone, He did not relish being alone) and " Let Me multiply" ! What difference does it make to a Sadhak as to how creation started, as to how he fell into the cycle of birth and death initially? Answers are there for this also in Scriptures but to what avail ? Better course is to accept present state and think : now that I am human, what do I do ? How do I emancipate myself ? In striving, knowing more is also an obstacle. Whatever you know already is enough for you. You have believe that which you know already. No further knowledge is necessary. We find so many people blaming Time, God, Circumstances, Karma etc for their present state. All are wrong ! In the regime of All Merciful Paramatma, you can not reap the results of karma of any other person. You reap results of ONLY, ONLY, ONLY your OWN, OWN, OWN Karma !!! Nothing is PRE-PLANNED. A human is direct fragment of Paramatma, he has been given independence, free will to ACT. There are no controls on his ACTION. Results are not under his control at all. Hence , there is no scope for any blame game. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 

Lets see what destiny means from the perspective of real (sat) and unreal (asat).

Gita starts with the knowledge about real and unreal (BG 2.16). It is hard to explain destiny if we don't understand BG 2.16. 

Real always exists. You always exists. You cannot undergo any modification. You cannot be affected by any material transformation (like heat, water, division into smaller parts etc). You always exist in your true form which is part of the Absolute (God). If you don't undergo any change or transformation, then your future is to remain as you are - perfect, complete, eternal, conscious and full of knowledge and happiness.

Just like in dream, real has been covered by illusion. This illusion cannot affect real. Real remains in its true form. But temporarily it appears that real is imperfect, incomplete, transient and full of ignorance and unhappiness. But we should know that it is illusion. Even though we don't undergo any change, we think that we are changing due to identification with body. We want to know what will happen in the future. First of all, you should understand that you are talking about drops of water in the mirage. Even if you can measure quantity of water in the mirage, you should that it doesn't exist. So, whether destiny is pre-planned or not, please know that you are talking about illusion or unreal.

In this illusory (dream) domain, I have control over my destiny through right actions and at the same time, higher power controls my destiny. Both are true. I do my part. I do my best actions to make my life and life of people around me better, happier, peaceful and successful. I work hard in the illusory domain even though I accept that I am beyond matter. Since I am in dream state, let me do my best to make dream better. I don't attribute any spiritual significant to the dream because dream does not exist from the perspective of the Absolute.

Murari Das

Somebody says, ''does animals think of bhagya no''
Saadhaka has query as to how and when it is known that animals and plants (if they also are Jeeva as they take birth in physical bodies and die out) DO NOT think of bhagya? Any authentic Scientific basis for this negative statement? Or it is self assertion by Humans?

It is true ' destiny is pre-planned.' only when it comes in the form of incident pleasant or unpleasant, if we do not react, then we have taken path to liberation - which is our ultimate destination.  Verse 48, Ch.2 of Geeta says that face destiny by remaining connected to Inner Divinity and renouncing attachment. and becoming Equanimous while   responding to work of destiny, then this 'Samata' will change your destiny for future.
Jayantilal Shah


श्री B. S . जी !
 Numerous examples are there की परिपुष्टि करनेके लिये कोई 
वर्तमान (living in present Era) example है क्या आपके पास? इस समय 
लगभग छह सौ करोड़ मानव प्राणी जीवित हैं, उनमें कोई तो एक example हो?
साधककी जिज्ञासा है : सबसे पहले जब केवल वही था तो किस कर्म के फलस्वरूप 
पहला जीव अस्तित्त्वमें आया? 


        Dear Sir,
        Yes one can say that ther is writing by Destiny on individuals ललाट. The writing is the anticipation of one's activities (in this life) dependent on his प्रारब्ध कर्म till now. But man has been given freedom of action and so he may be able to do some good कर्म now so that some of the writing may get modified by current conditions. In case he behaves better quite probably his ललाट लेख might be fully changed for the better 
         Man therefore must try and do better कर्म in this life.
        With regards,
        ------Mukund Apte


Hari Om

There are two things - One - Doing ( action- KARANA) , Two- Happenning (result - HONA) ! While "to do" is independence of Jeeva , but " happening" is result of Karma. Jeeva has no right to result, no control. He has no free will there. Every Happenning is destiny, but every action is free will of Jeeva. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


Yes and No both.  

You should assume that you should work hard to achieve your goals. Leave the rest to God. While working hard, you are acting as if you control destiny. 

Once you have done your best, leave the results to God. 

From the absolute perspective, there is no temporary matter. So, results of destiny are temporary or don't exist. Does is matter if events in dream are predestined?

Murari Das

सत्य है कि समयसे पहले कुछ नहीं हुआ, समयसे पहले कुछ नहीं होता और समयसे पहले कुछ नहीं हो सकता। 
इसे समझिये। जब जो होता है, वही उसका समय होता है। उससे आगे-पीछेकी सोचना सब कल्पना होती है, 
वास्तविकता नहीं। 
आपका प्रश्न है : Is our every step pre-planned?
इसमें प्रतिप्रश्न है : pre-planned by whom? आपके द्वारा या उसके (जो आप नहीं हैं) द्वारा?
प्लान तो मनुष्य बनाता है। वह (जो आप नहीं हैं) तो मनुष्यसे कराता जाता है। 
मनुष्यकी औकात नहीं कि उसके प्लान होने या नहीं होनेका निश्चय भी कर सके। 

Hari Om

You have a right "to do" but not to results- says Gita categorically. All your "actions" produce results. Those results are based on a law exclusively governed by God/ Karma upon which you have no control. God never MAKES YOU DO KARMA. He metes out the result of those Karmas. Hence for any body to say : भगवान् करवाता है- is wrong. You do karma, He / His Laws/ His Nature gives you results. Nothing thus is PRE PLANNED. What clearly appears to be PRE PLANNED , like loss, gain, birth, death, fame, ill-fame etc are again results of your own Karmas only and not of karma by any other. You reap results of your own karma only always. You can not transfer the responsibility upon Time, God etc ! Yes..the receipt of human birth by you is due to KRIPA ( benevolence) of God, rest everything is your own Karmas fructifying and meting out results. Golden principle therefore is - करने में रहो सावधान, होने में रहो प्रसन्न - Be careful in "doing", be happy in "happening" !!

To say- भगवान् करवाता है- God makes you act- is utterly wrong, statement not supported by Gita or Scriptures. If we believe that everything is PRE PLANNED, then where is sanctity of human life? Where is need for Scriptures, dictates, guidance by elders/saints etc ? What then is difference between animal life and human life ? Hence nothing is PRE PLANNED, everything is KARMA PHAL ( results of your own Karmas). God is not responsible for whatever happens to you, you alone, alone, alone are responsible. But God metes out results. Those results continue to be of your OWN KARMAS. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


Literally destiny is some thing that is destined or predetermined to happen or occur. Who detemines? Paramaatma or in you rparlance God, is in Indian - Bhaaarateeya concepta Udaaseena impartial passive observer, who does not play any active role in the action or its result. cf. 18.13 of Gita, in which it is said Daivam ca atra paMcamam, Lords' participation is just 20% and that too enters the scene only when the othe rfour or 80% is present already. what determines the result or Phala is the 80%. Before you dispair that "whatever we do it is destiny that makes or mars the efoort" be sure you have done your part perfectly. Imperfect input does not give perfect result.You mix Petrol and diesel and shd not hope destiny will cinvert the mixture to Dahi. 
Putting lot of faith in the so called destiny is determinism and leads to fatalism.and inaction or Nishkarma, which is against the spirit of Gita. Even sages cum Kings Rajarshi like Janaka did act and Lord himself cannot afford to remain inactive as he would be setting then a wrong model for his creation (cf. ch. 3). I do not know abt the hindi proverb, but its copies are plenty in all languages including english. My suggestion is ignore it and put in your best effort in your actions. Remeber we are minute particle sin this creation and any action is converted into result by uncountable numbe rof Factors. This is connectedness principle of Black proved in 20th century and established by Krishna in 7,7 o f gita about 5000 years back and by Buddha about 2500 yrs back


Age old question... we all face this whenever we start thinking about life in larger prospective.. whenever we feel frustrated because we are not getting the desired results...

The answer appears to be a big NO... to both destiny and pre-planning...

It is all about "Cause and Effect" cycle... it can be taken as a game of life...
we do something (karma), it brings some results (karma Phal), results prompt us to do something again (karma) and that will bring some results, .....and so on and on...

Interesting part is that Karma-phal, sometimes comes immediately and other times may take a life-time or many life-times giving an illusion that result is something pre-planned or destiny... but this is just an assumption and there is no truth in it... 

In the absence of right understanding of self and wisdom of life, what keep on happening with us is that we are not able to do things/karma according to the wisdom of life.. We keep making mistakes and keep inviting all kinds of karmas..

Right understanding of Self and wisdom of life has the power to change all this and move towards Liberation... Right understanding helps us respond in a way that our karma becomes nishkarma, which brings no result... If there is no result and we don't get entangled in more karma and the cycle gets broken...

Wonderful are the ways of life...



yes when we dont have individual vyaktitva ie, chidhood under good
parents and better living we will not think of bhagya or destiny, once
we mature physically and mentally all problem starts our desire=kama
then all the evil of krodha,moha,mada,matsara,lobha trouble us we plan
so many things scheme so many things to achieve worldly material
success then raising a family, keeping them happy giving them all the
luxury and pleasures of life and in the process we suffer and blame
bhagya or destiny and then die one day with out realizing god the

that is the reason olden days rishis, munis fixed a life of
renunciation after 50 vanaprastha and 75 to 100 sanyasa to contemplate
god here no bhagya or destiny comes and troubles our relation will be
with god only nothing else we will slowly forget the body
consciousness and dwell deep in sat chit ananda

does animals think of bhagya no in upanishad it is said what is the
use of human birth if we live like plants and animals can they think
of god to some extent yes science has researched that if you play
divine songs in the cow shed it will give all the milk which is there
in the udder and if you play break dance the cow will kick you,
simlilarly with plants all these hailstorm 1.5 kg ice falling along
with rain in maharashtra, karnataka etc, is due to abusing nature
every year bangalore city is cutting 5000 tress i dont know about
other towns and places who do this daily in india, dense forest will
arrest such things

god bless you

swamiji (Swami Krishnanand)

Dear Sadaks,
One makes his own destiny. Destiny is computerized by vedic priciples "Dharma and Adharma" by 33 crore demi Gods in who 14 worlds. Simple examples:- 1) Sant Namadev while dying was unhappy that his Abangs were not completed. So he took next birth as Sant Tukaram. 2) Jada Bharat was rearing a deer and his thoughts were fixed on deer. So he took birth as deer. 3) Durva was earlier birth as a Sat Bhramin. But he had desire for wealth of a king under whom he worked. Next birth he was as Durva born as a prince. 4) In Kaliyug- Judges who make money by giving wrong judgments, are born as Dog in the same court premises. 5) In Vevekachudamani- Said, one who indulges and eats food recklessly, are born as a Pig since, a pig can eat anything (Even human waste) and have maximum sex pleasues to clean its VASANA and then again born as human. Numerous examples are there.


If we believe in destiny we should prove existence of absolute time. But there is no absolute time that is common in all states waking, dreaming and deep sleep. So in absence of time there can be no causality. So there cannot be anything like destiny.

Dr.  Premji

Shree Hari 

Namasteji,  please also review all previous similar questions and related responses 

What is destiny?  

Is there any destiny ?  


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