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[gita-talk] Re: We see, but ignorant. why?


We see from cats and dogs suffering. We see humans sometimes very pathetic
states. Our pleasures are short lived compared to sufferings. Ex: Married just 5
years later- starts, child care, schooling of child, earning for security, no
time to prayer, even at old age 70/70 sadhabi/ bheema rati santhi etc. but value
or hided secrets behind it is swayed away, just inviting friends, families etc
laugh, enjoy and die. Again start it once again. How Buddha saw was different-
left all and seek utmost. Adi Sankara said,- our life is Dukha Dhosalayam. (life
is of sufferings) Any sadak take pen and note. How many minutes in a day we
enjoyed? How many hours we worked for that minutes pleasures? Even add in papers
show old age home with couple are glittering- but they do not pass on the
information old age home is Vanaprastha- Need to devote your last days fully in
seeking GOD.

We see all this, yet we remain ignorant, Why?



जो सभी योनियोंमें आपको जो दुःख-भोग दिखायी दे रहा है, वास्तवमें वह ''दुःखका जाना'' [passing away of grief] है। असली दुःख प्रतिकूल परिस्थितियाँ नहीं, अपितु ''सुखकी कामना'' है, जिसे त्यागनेके लिये गीतामें कहा गया है। अब मरजी आपकी।
अस्तु. सविनय,


Dear Sadhakas,
Hare Krishna.

This is in response to a question from a Sadhaka, regarding why we remain ignorant.

The answer is simple. Illusion or Maaya.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita,

" Daivi hy esha guna mayi
Mama maya duratyaya
Mam eva ye prapadyante
Mayaam etam taranti te."
Gitaji ( 7, 14)

which means,
" This Divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome.
But those surrender unto Me can easily cross it.".

This material world is an illusion or maaya. Lord Krishna is the master of illusory energy hence He says in this slokam " Mama eva" which means He only. He only can help us get through this. Only through devotional service we can overcome the miseries of materialism.

Thank You.

Prasad A.Iragavarapu, MD


B.S. thinks that getting married, taking care of children, providing the knowledge, food and shelter etc are not part of seeking God.

That is not correct understanding. Actually, all work are God's. Due to ignorance, we divide work as God's and not God's. But everything is God's. As soon as we accept this truth, all work which was already God's become God's.

So, accept all work as God's and do work as worship to people in whom God resides.

You might not agree with what I have written. If not, please ask question.

Murari Das


Hari Om

We "see" , but remain ignorant ! Why ? Because "seeing" takes place but not acceptance. We know many things, but do we admit or accept that knowledge ? A smoker very well knows that smoking is bad, but does he/she accepts that ? No....! When we see others suffering , instead of looking at world's inherent property of being DUKHALAYAM, we try to attribute reasons like karma, time etc. Secondly, we do not pay respect to VIVEKA. Thirdly, we use outer eye not inner eye. Fourthly, we have a habit ( SVABHAV) and desire of deriving pleasure out of what is "seen"( world) and that blinds us from appreciating the fact that what we see happening to others is most likely rather certain to happen with us also. Finally, the tools on which we rely in arriving at our observations/ appreciation of world are themselves worldly only, like intellect, ego, mind, sense organs, body etc. Those tools while we foolishly consider them to be " me/mine" , actually belong to world ( Prakruti) only and owe allegiance to world only, and we don't use VIVEKA.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B

yes holy mother sharada devi, wife of sri ramakrishna paramahamsa
always said grief is the gift of god, we come to this world to suffer,
suffering makes us strong
dont worry everything will be okay
god bless you


One who wants to see will see. It is not at all difficult. The happiest time one spends is during deep sleep at night.Then one comes in direct contact and the experience of that time is never known anything other than "what a nice sleep" can we see that period as a video?

Barin Chatterjee


You can look at as half full or half empty. One is optimist and one is pessimist. If you want to be follower of truth, then see glass as both.

Same way, this world has both states - sukh and dukh. Unfortunately, you have pessimistic view and you have presented one sided view of world as full of suffering.

This world has states - which can be perceived as sukh and dukh. Self is beyond these states. So, ignorance is to let these states affect you. That is what you are doing. Aren't you in ignorance?

Instead of developing aversion towards these states of world, be equanimous and be happy in all these states. All the circumstances you have described cannot make you unhappy. Instead be happy and help others to do the same.

Murari Das

Apart from immediate danger to your life, all discomforts you are experiencing are psychological discomforts.
Once you see this, supreme relaxation takes over.
To touch the Original you have to take one step- ‘to quieten the clamouring mind which says, ‘why this is so’, ‘why this is not so’. The quietening has to happen without the support of any idea, explanation. You and the world is bound as a singular process, enclosed process, the complete, self-sustained process-including what you dislike and like, fear and cherish. Mind comes under the illusion as if something does not belong to it and is to be thrown out. You can not throw the discomfort out of your mind; there is no place to throw it out. When you see this, you are supremely relaxed-as you have seen yourself as a complete process.

Now you are one with Existence 'as it is'.
All issues ‘about Existence’ drop. Ecstasy happens.

Y V Chawla


Dear BS ji,

if we ask to our inner self (the feeling self and not the thinking brain) that when will we die, the answer will be never.

if we ask to our inner self that since when we are living, the answer will since forever.

Finally if we ask to the same inner self , that whether we would face sufferings and hardships in future, the answer will be No, Never.

Is this our "मोह" towards life or is it the Reality ?

The answer is that it is the Reality, because,

We, our true self is not the sufferer, it was never born and would never die, the body and mind which suffer are different from our true self.

न जायते मॠरियते वा कदाचिनॠनायं भूतॠवा भविता वा न भूयः।
अजो नितॠयः शाशॠवतोऽयं पॠराणो न हनॠयते हनॠयमाने शरीरे ॥

And the true nature of our self is unending bliss, and consciousness. then how come that feel the fear of sufferings in the near future.


all these sufferings are felt by our "सॠथूल शरीर" and "सूकॠछॠम शरीर" and not by our pure self, therefore we can not see any suffering, any death or anything bad for us in near future.


Dharmendra Sharma

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