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[gita-talk] Mana, Buddhi and Ahankar are jada prakriti then Who realizes the self?


Respected Vidva jana,    in 7th chapter Bhagwan says,  "भूमिरापोऽनल&#\  2379;वायुः खं  मनोबुद्धिरे\  357; च,  अहंकार इतीयं  मे भिन्ना  प्रकृतिरष्ट\  343;ा."    and Brhman is beyond this jada prakriti, and thus beyond the scope of Mana and  Buddhi.    Then who (or which part of self consciousness) experiences the self/Brahman  during atma Sakshatkaar.    Because none of the actions of Mana and Buddhi are able to even touch the  Brahman. and also Patanjali Maharaj writes:  "योगश्चित्तव&#\  2371;त्ति निरोधः"    Whether pure aatma (without the Sookshma sharir) can feel? Because after  disintegration of sookshma sharir nothing can be felt.    i could not find the answer of this query in any scripture (and i do not know  the answer of this question).    Kindly clarify.    Warm regards    Dharmendra Sharma


shree hari ram ram 
Please carefully read Swamiji's explanation of Gita 7/4 and 7/5 in Sadhak Sanjivani.
Please also review a couple of similar postings that may have some answers -  
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