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[gita-talk] Which One Faith, Which One Belief is the Greenwich Mean Time of all Faiths?


All countries have their own local time yet they maintain its relation with Greenwich Mean Time.
All communities [Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians etc.] have their own faiths and beliefs. Do they ALL, also maintain their relation with some One Faith or One Belief? If yes, which One Faith or which One Belief?
Please describe in brief.
दुनियके सभी देश अपने-अपने स्थानीय समयके अनुसार चलते हैं,
किन्तु ग्रीनविच मीन टाइमको भी ध्यानमें रखते हैं।
संसारके सभी सम्प्रदाय [हिन्दू, मुस्लिम, सिख, ईसाई आदि] अपने-अपने मतके अनुसार चलते हैं,
किन्तु क्या वे सभी किसी एक ही मतको ध्यानमें रखते हैं? यदि हाँ, तो कौनसा मत?
कृपया, संक्षेपमें बतायें।


Supplementary Question is :
If every community is having the same alignment with such virtues like love, humanity, kindness, compassion, omnipresence of God etc. Why do they fight with one another? Fighting with one another, How can they call themselves to be religious even?


yes, that is humanity. to be a good human being.
Thanks (un-named) sadhak!
Humanity is the Only Faith with which all faiths and beliefs maintain their basic relationship.
Without Humanity, faiths and beliefs are mere words.
Thanks again.

Hari Om

Brilliant ! Divine !! Response by Humble Sadhak  is perfect and only answer to the Question. It is Sarvottam answer hence compliments from Narottam. AB MEIN SAMJHA VASUDEV SARV AM KA CHAMATKAAR. Sir...Pranaams ! 

Yes...belief is the common thread in all religions. Human has 3 powers. To Do, To know and To believe. All religions talk about one Supreme powe, called God, Bhagwaan, Allah, Jeehova etc. god is subject matter of belief only , it is not subject matter of either doing or knowing. Hence Humble Sadhak is right.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas Narottam B 


It is the knowledge (about self, wisdom of life) which is common in all religions.  All religions started with someone realizing this knowledge about life...

Understanding and experiencing of this knowledge can happen very effectively, impactfully, in a simple, self-exploratory, scientific and systematic manner through formal education...

Sushil Jain


namo namaH    > All countries have their own local time yet they maintain its relation with  Greenwich Mean Time.  And the GMT is Global My Tradition    aa no bhadraaH kratavo yantu vishvataH -- veda    Rajagopal


Dear Sadhak,
All existing religions have their own theory and practices (Philosophy and rituals) and followers of those religions are happy with the same. While other religions have been founded after an enlightened soul, Hindu religion is not so though it can count on a number of such enlightened souls. All of them have written many books of their own and also interpreted Bhagavad Gita and other important scriptures educating their disciples according to their disciples' doubts and queries based on the time and space they lived. That is the reason why we have many scriptures as Upanishads and that is why we have been blessed with eternal values of life (Sanatana Dharma) to reach the pinnacle of perfection. In spite of that we do not look at other faiths as inferior, incomplete or imperfect and that is our glory and that is why we have not attempted to force upon our faith on others or to convert people to enlarge our followers and influence or interfere in other nations' culture, heritage, traditions and values. Now, you can arrive at the answer to your own question. 
Having stated the above, I would also like to state here that all other religions educate their followers from young age as to how and why to be adherents of their faith and put sanctions on those who fail to follow, whereas majority of Hindus, because of the freedom enjoined in their scriptures, have neglected the philosophical part and are more after superstitious rituals and practices misguided by crooked Babas and Babajis who with their mantras, tantras and yantras are engaged in looting and cheating the society. Beware of those fake, self-styled God-men. Our scriptures are now available in most of the Indian languages. Approach an educated, enlightened and genuine religious master (you can judge for yourself from their associates, activities, services and way of living) to guide and clear your doubts and help yourself to lead an ideal life as a human being. 
May the Almighty God bless you.

"Brahmayba Vishwam" (The entire universe is the Almighty)- don't we all believe it in our own respective languages? Irrespective of our any religion?

Barin Chatterjee 


Deepak Chandra Misra

Dear Sadaks,
Faith on creator as Allah or Jesus or Krishna or Guru.

Dear Sadhakas,
This is in response to a question from a Sadhaka, regarding the faith and The Lord. 

All faiths,  and all religions teach us essentially the same principles which are Truth, Compassion , dedication and total surrender unto The Lord. The way we worship may be different, the names may be different but in true spiritual sense all religions are the same. To develop concentration and dedication let us stick to one whatever you choose. 

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavadgita ,

" Sarvadharman parityajya
  Ahamtvam sarvapapebhyo,
  Mokshayisyami masucaha"
       ( Gitaji 18, 66)

Which means,

' abandon all varieties and surrender unto Me. I will free you from all the sins and give you moksha,liberation. Donot fear or worry.'

Faith in the Lord is most important and He takes care of us. 

Thank You. 

Prasad A.Iragavarapu, MD


Dear Saadhka & all,                       Namaskar,    You have asked a very good question!! Before, I give you answer I would like to  tell you my childhood thinking about religons:    I used to feel that Hindus going to temple doing puja, Muslims going to Masjid  for Namaz, Sikhs to Gurdavara for Ardas and the like... can never be absolutely  essential. Because, If one is absolutely essential then rest won't be so. I was  wondering the thing which is common in all religions should be be actually  absolute essential. At that very young age of about 9 years, I could not think  of such a thing!    Now, after growing up and reading from various sources I understand that that  thing is well given in at least six to seven different beliefs of faiths same to  same!! For the benefit of all and you in-particular here it is given as under:    DO UNTO OTHERS, WHAT YOU EXPECT OTHERS SHOULD DO UNTO YOU !!!    With regards,    Kuldeep.K. Kaul

Faith and belief are beginning of seeking truth. The starting points.

The nly single unifying belief or faith for all believers in all religions is that the 'Almighty exists and therefore we exist  at His pleasure" The rest of all religious beliefs are all derived from this central belief.
Basudeb Sen


keep the mind like a slate clean it everyday dont dwell inpast be  happy in today dont worry about un known future, dont worry  too much  about so many things... of the world...this world is very very big  with so many things dont tx your 2 pound brain...keep it clean...be  happy have faith in one thing and work on it  god bless you  swamiji -  SWAMI KRISHNANANDA


Sunday 2nd June 2013
Dear Geeta Sadhakas, Namaskar,

First, the Concept of God, Ishwar, Khuda and the like, is to be grasped correctly. Every 
Religion considers the Almighty to be the Creator of the this Universe, Vishwa. And since, 
there is only one Vishwa, there has to be only ONE CREATOR.....That is ALMIGHTY.

God, Ishwar, Khuda and the like, are different names of ALMIGHTY.

It will be ideal, if all the religions, bring yhis thought into practice to attain World 

Gee Waman 

It is the common, common sense/ wisdom/prinicples/truth of life...

Sushil Jain 


God is in all and each person's relationship with God within is unique.
One path is that everyone has to choose their own path and relationship with God.
God within can choose books, people etc as facilitators but still, the path is still unique for each person.

The problem comes when other people start deciding another person's path and start claiming their way is better or encompasses other ways.

Murari Das


human rights
Best Regards,


the writer has wrongly kept hindu word , togethor with other faiths and relegions. 
because hindu is neither faith, not the relegion. 
hindu is rather a study about the different connection of body, mind, intellect and atma.
it is no one faith, philosophy, or prophet , or son, or one prayed entity, nor a relegion. 
all other has one thing common, that they believe in a entity called god or allah.
sikhism is just another one of the  biggest branch of hinduism in another language and other customs as thousands of other sub-groups in hinduism.
Ashok Gupta 

Question : How we the creation of all that Almighty ascribe/describe THAT in words like LORD/KHUDHA/ISHWARA etc. ?
                 Can anyone of us ascribe/describe in a gross/physical form such "INFINITE" flowing in every atom of the Universe ?
       All faith@belief is in living and ascribing to THAT .....that's in all realities is one's faith and then we are able perform like the Nature's other creation like Suraj, Vayu, Jal, Aakash & Dhartee etc. Like the Sun in all his glory giveslight and heat equal to us all !! So can we (!) in whatever capacity and capabilities we individually have acquired as an element of THAT Creation !    
Lovingly Yours.....

Kishin Chandiramani 


yes, that is humanity. to be a good human being.


Why the issue of Enlightenment or God arises?
Simply because one treats pain (any uneasiness) and uncertainty as alien, something not belonging to you. Or one wants stable relief by the ideas of Enlightenment or God or Realisation. When one sees that pain and uncertainty are psychological discomforts only (if not immediate physical danger) and that there can not be stability in this field-one sees the resting point within. Realisation happens.

Y V Chawla


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