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[gita-talk] What instance is that final moment before death?


In Gita 14/18 (Chapter 14,  Verse 18)  in Sadhak Sanjivani,  Swami has talked about the contemplation and reflection at the last moment.  At what instance (point) does that last (final) moment contemplation take place ?   An aspirant has never been able to know the final moment, because Swamiji has said many times that the dying of the body, began at the time of birth.   There is no such moment, when the body is not dying.    According to this, every moment is the last moment before death.   If not, then tell me, what instance is that final moment before death?      


गीता अध्याय 14 श्लोक 18 की टीकामें स्वामीजीने जिस अंतिम चिंतनकी बात कही है,
वह अंतिम चिंतन किस क्षण होता है? शरीरके मरनेके क्षणको साधक कभी नहीं समझ 
सका है, कारण स्वामीजीने अन्यत्र कहा है कि शरीरका मरना तो उसके जन्मसे ही शुरू 
हो जाता है। ऐसा कोई क्षण नहीं है, जिसमें शरीर मरता न हो। इसके अनुसार प्रत्येक 
क्षण अंतिम क्षण हुआ। यदि नहीं, तो बतायें कि अंतिम क्षण कौनसा क्षण होता है? 


Hari Om

Humble ji Maharaj ! ITNI BHUAAJI ( Gita) BHOLI NAHIN HAI. MARNA SHURU HOTA HAI, PAIDA HONE KE SAATH HI, LEKIN......MARNA KHATAM TO ANTIM KSHAN PAR HI HOTA HAI. Dying of the body begins at the time of the birth, but ends only upon final death....Jai Raamji ki time. Kyaa Jachee, Hey Mahamaanav ?. This final contemplation takes place at the last moment, when causal and subtle body leave gross body !!!! 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 

Dear Sadaks,
Final moment is described in our texts. One by one the sense organs fail. That is last moment. Once Athuman (You) leave this body you enter another body depending upon your account (Paapa and Puniya) which carried along with you to decide the place of birth, parents, type of body etc.


When yu do not know the last moment, consider every moment to be the last and final. In spiritual world there is no first second and last moments, there are only first moments and those first moments are the last moments also



Dear Sadhak,

Just focus on present moment and live in present moment (not past or future). That is the basic requirement to be happy in this world and to be spiritually advanced.

Once you start living in the present moment, you will attain the state whatever you need to be and contemplation will take place in final moment. If you don't live in the present moment, then whatever you do won't be of much help.

If you agree, then next question can be - What does it mean to live in present moment and how to live in present moment?

What you think?

Murari Das


Can you see that death is only an 'idea', a 'thought' for you now?
Can you see that you can not become conscious of your being not-conscious(death).
It is invalid.
It means 'you' and your death can not meet at any point.
Clearly seeing this shows you the ground of consciousness, where each moment is a renewal.
You may see Fundamental Expressions on the web.
Y V Chawla



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