Sunday, June 30, 2013

[gita-talk] We see, but ignorant. why?


We see from cats and dogs suffering. We see humans sometimes very pathetic
states. Our pleasures are short lived compared to sufferings. Ex: Married just 5
years later- starts, child care, schooling of child, earning for security, no
time to prayer, even at old age 70/70 sadhabi/ bheema rati santhi etc. but value
or hided secrets behind it is swayed away, just inviting friends, families etc
laugh, enjoy and die. Again start it once again. How Buddha saw was different-
left all and seek utmost. Adi Sankara said,- our life is Dukha Dhosalayam. (life
is of sufferings) Any sadak take pen and note. How many minutes in a day we
enjoyed? How many hours we worked for that minutes pleasures? Even add in papers
show old age home with couple are glittering- but they do not pass on the
information old age home is Vanaprastha- Need to devote your last days fully in
seeking GOD.

We see all this, yet we remain ignorant, Why?




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