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[gita-talk] Re: Which explanation of Gita is best?


Jai Shri Krishna,

In Gita ji, mainly three paths are preached - Karma yog, Bhakti yog and
Gyan yog.

Since childhood i have read several commentaries, and explanations of
Gita ji, and all of them suggest that focus on any one of these paths
and we will realize the God/Self/Moksha.

There is stress on the point that follow one path only and neglect the
other two, like if i love bhakti than i need not to go for gyan, and
there is no necessity of performing worldly duties also. Only Harinaam
sankirtan, Bhajan and Dhyan is to be done. Similarly the followers of
Gyan maarg and Karma maarg neglect the other two paths.

My Query is that, what is the supreme path as per Gita ji?

Only Vaidhi Bhakti (surrendering to Bhagwan and then doing nothing), or
Bhakti + Karma + Gyaan.

Kindly suggest the best path, especially for the people like me who are
not completely free from worldly attachments, and have worldly
duties/responsibilities to fulfil.

Jai Shri Hari

Dharmendra Sharma


Hari Om

The beauty and divinity about Holy Gita and Scriptures of Sanatan Dharma is that every human being is entitled to emancipate himself, realise the God ....irrespective of caste, color, creed, country, culture, character, belief system, faith, sect , religion, etc and irrespective of any circumstance, situation in which he is placed. Only requirement is : You need to be human, and that we all are. In fact, God Realisation is your birth right and the ONLY ONLY object of human birth. It is understandable !!! When God is in all, He is in you also. You only have to throw a glance at His presence. When God is everywhere, He is here also. You need not go anywhere to search Him. When God is of all, He is yours also. You need not be fearful. Love for God will flow effortlessly in you. When God is present at all times, He is present now also. You need not wait for future. God is unique, there is no second like Him. hence you dont have to make efforts to recognise Him.It is only a matter of accepting truth. An effortless striving...!!!

When the result of all yogas is the same, when once any one path is chosen and accomplished, all three are effortlessly accomplished, when you have liberty to take any one...where is obstacle or preference of one over other? Hence Divine Questioner need not get confused and take what suits him most...,Karma Yoga. Later on, both Jnana and Bhakti will manifest in him. First let him get rid of worldly bondage by returning 100% of what he has received from the world and let him not expect anything in return. Let him not indulge in evil, not do anti striving actions. That is it...!!! Rest all will follow naturally.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


Dear Dharmendra,

You should decide this for yourself. You should read different commentaries like Swami Ramsukhdasji's Sadhak Sanjeevini. Gita Press has different commentaries of Gita.

I will prefer that you answer this question yourself and I would like to hear from you.

According to me, Bhagavad Gita As It Is by Swami Prabhupada is not good version. He calls people like Swami Ramsukhdasji as mayavadi and the purpose of Gita is to not criticize other scholars of Gita. Most of his purports are full of criticisms towards others including sincere followers of Gita. I would suggest that you abstain from it but it is your choice. You can decide this for yourself also.

Murari Das


I fail to see any difference amongst the three paths when EGO is removed from
ACTION. Since no living entity can exist without action, the intention that
guides our action seems to be the real driver. So then who removes ego? Grace
or Practice? I gather it is Practice, where at each step grace guides us.



Saadhaka submits with folded hands, the best path for any one [not necessarily
for everyone] is the path which when followed by him/her leads him/her to the
desired destination, apart from what happened to others in the past.
No use discussing the merits/demerits of various training courses for swimming
without actually getting into water to testify them.
If bhakti is the best, why did Krishna describe so many other paths? What is
best for one, that may not be even good for some other one.


Hari Om

My compliments to the Questioner for this really Divine Q ! It is for such
Satsanga, and Questions this Forum specifically is !!!!

First General observations.

Every human being, in reality, is a Sadhak ( Striver with an aim for God
Realisation). Reason is that after loitering in 8.4 million life forms, Jeeva
has got this human birth with the sole objective of its emancipation. Human is
not the name of some specific body or form, but is the name of that who has
DISCRIMINATION ( VIVEKA) of Real and False, Duty and Non Duty etc. This VIVEKA
is beginning less and output of the Grace of God. By giving importance to this
VIVEKA, a human can become Jnana Yogi or Karma Yogi or Bhakta etc. human is not
the name of body. Body is only a tool, which can be utilised for serving others.
But when a human considers this body to be me or mine, and/or considers worldly
people, ability. Power, wealth etc to be so...then he is not yogi of any type,
rather in that case he is BHOGI. It is a law: A BHOGI suffers himself and impart
sorrows to others also; because a sorrowful man only can impart sorrows to

First important need for any Yogi is : Recognise the object of your life, accept
the fact THAT I AM SADHAK, I AM NOT BODY, I AM NOT WORLDLY !!! That I am male or
female or Brahmin or Celibate, or Householder etc ..these assumptions/
acceptances are based on BODY. and are obstacles in God Realisation. A Sadhak is
a body-less !!!

Jagat, Jeeva and Paramatma ( Jagdish) - nothing exists except these 3 !!! Out of
Hesse 3, Jagat and Jeeva are the subject matter of contemplation ( VICHAAR) and
therefore LAUKIK ( worldly). But Paramatma is not subject matter of
contemplation and hence ALAUKIK ( Divine/Out of this world). Among these 3,
Jeeva is the focal point of Jnana Yoga; Jagat ( world) is the target of Karma
Yoga and Bhagwaan is the central point of Bhakti Yoga. Every human has 3
demands- 1. Liberation ( Undivided Bliss); 2 Absence of Sorrows and 3 Love !!!
Own hunger ( liberation) gets satisfied by Jnana Yoga; cessation of sorrows take
place through Karma Yoga and you get PARAM PREM ( Absolute Love) by Bhakti Yoga
!!! If you do not any bias or insistence, then by satisfying one demand , all 3
demands get fulfilled !!!

For the questioner, Karma Yoga is an ideal path. The questioner is further
advised not to get entangled in Scriptural webs and not get confused by purports
of different people, scriptures. He has worldly duties to perform and therefore,
doubtlessly follow the path of Karma Yoga. Whatever views he has narrated in his
Q are useless, wastage of time and will not help him. DECIDE ; I AM KARMA YOGI,
THE WORLD, I DON'T NEED ANYTHING ....and resolve not to do/understand/ wish/
talk and hear bad vis a vis any one. That is it.

One who wants his emancipation and accepts the world to be real , for him Karma
Yoga is appropriate. If he considers SELF to be real, for him there is Jnana
Yoga and for one who considers Paramatma to be real, for him there is Bhakti.
The person, who does not consider any one of these to be real, he too can
liberate himself...because when you do not consider any one to be real, then the
world will cease to impact you and you will become automatically option less and
get equanimous. You get impacted by a thing, only when you consider that to be

More on the subject, in next posting.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B



I was surprised to read in one of the comments below that Gyan Yoga may develop
'ego' in you! In fact it is because of ignorance of your True Self that you
identify with your body, mind and intellect that cause ego or ahamkar or 'I'
notion or 'I' thought. Only knowledge can guide one to enquire into the source
of ego and that will ultimately reveal True Self in you, thereby ahamkar
disappears. No doubt, Bhakti Yoga is recommended in this Kali Yuga because that
is the easiest pat to follow. But following Bhakti Yoga without Gynan will lead
to superstitious belief and these people will easily fall prey to all sorts of
exploitation by priest-class. Moreover, one who is thorough with the theoretical
part (philosophy) of Sanatana Dharma, practical part (rituals) will become
meaningful and instead of indulging in extravagant rituals and practices, they
will channel some of their resources for doing charity (seva - selfless service
i.e. Karma Yoga) for the welfare of the less privileged class around.
Mohanan Nair


Dear Sir,
You are right that Geetaa tells us about the 3 paths to reach our
destination in this life. In case you want to have only one (sure-shot) path, it
is Bhakti Yog.
In case you follow the Knowledge Path, it is likely that you may develop
ego in you by the time you progress on the path. If you want to shun thios
development, at that stage you have to tread Bhakti Path.
If you follow Karm Yog path, there is chance that you will get entangled
in Karm-Kand without further progress towards your goal. To return to the
desired progress then also you have to follow hakti path from thence.
So why not accept and follow Bhakti Path right from start?
With regards,
------Mukund Apte


Dear Sadhakas,
Hare Krishna
This is in response to a question from a Sadhaka regarding the best path to
attain The Lord. Bhagavadgita clearly talks about Karma yoga, Dhyana yoga and
Bhaktiyoga. All of them lead us to supreme level. In karma yoga andDhyana yoga
the ball is in your court but in Bhakti yoga the ball is in His court. In
Bhaktiyoga , we are His. With total surrender onto his lotus feet, it is upto
Him to liberate us. Also when karma yoga and dhyana yoga, fully mature they
lead us to Bhakti yoga. That is the reason Bhagavadgita Gita strongly advises
Bhakti Yoga. To reach the Lord by any means other than Bhakti Yoga, is more
struggle for us.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavadgita
" Mam ca yo avyabhicarena
Bhakti yogena sevate
Brahmabhuyaya kalpate"
Gitaji ( 14, 26)

Which means,
' One who engages in full devotional service, without deviation, transcends the
modes of material nature and reaches the level of Brahman, meaning attaining the
Supreme personality of Godhead.'

Gita clearly says Bhakti Yoga that is devotional service is the best choice to
get to Him.

Thank you.

Prasad A. Iragavarapu, MD

i like these verses very much from Gita ji:

Niyatam kuru karm tvam....

Svakarmana tamabhyarchya siddhivindati maanavaah..

tasmat sarveshu kaaleshu maamanusmar yudhya cha..

satatam keertayanto maam, nityayuktah upaasate..

The only thing which Shri Krishna wants from us to perform our duties faithfully
and honestly without any attachment. and to remember him all the times
performing our duties.
And this was the direct purpose of preaching Gita to Arjuna also, who was
unwilling to perform his moral duty to fight against Kauravas.

Queries and Doubts:

there are many tikas which say that the only karma is to serve the lord and the
best way to worship is to do his puja, archana, naam japa and nothing else is
needed. because it is the supreme.

Others say that jagat is mithya, only Brahm is satya, therefore abandon all the
worldly deeds, renunciate and meditate in the jungle.

Still many others say that if everything is Vasudeva himself as told by Krishna
himself (mattah partaram na anyat kinchit asti dhananjay), then why to fight
against evil, why to punish a person even he has committed a crime, after all he
is also Vasudeva from the point of view of Gita.

One of my enlightened friend after visiting to Ashramas in Haridwar has now
concluded that, because everything is God, there is nothing to achieve, because
God is already within us, whether we can see this fact or not. So there is no
need of any sadhana because we are already the Brahm.

My question:
So beautiful and clear the message of Bhagwan is in Gita, and see how we have
downgraded or degraded its meaning, by tortuous explanations.

If there is no purpose in the worldly life and everyone is GOD, then why God
take so many avatars to improve it?

If only Nam japa, and Puja archana only is the highest form of worship, and
after that there is no need to perform ones mundane duties, then why Shri
Krishna were forcing Arjuna to fight the battls? it would have been better he
did only bhajan kirtan instead of fighting.

Which explanation of Gita is best, the natural, simple message from Krishna to
us? or some tortuous, modified purports of different sampradaayas and

with warm regards

Dharmendra Sharma


Dear Dharmendra,

Nobody can suggest which path is best for you. These three paths are meant for
three different levels of people - Bhakti Yoga is for those in whom mind
(feelings/emotions) are predominant; Karma Yoga for those in whom body level
activities are predominant; Gyan Yoga is for those in whom intellect
(conviction) is more predominant. You alone can determine which path is more
suitable and acceptable to you. I am of the opinion that you follow all the
three paths as much as possible under your prevailing circumstances. If sincere
and honest, this will give infuse confidence, courage, conviction, a sense of
responsibility, work for the welfare of all around you, reduce your ego and make
you a perfect person to lead a simple, humble, noble and make you a broad minded
person; by then you must have fulfilled all your duties and responsibilities
towards all those depended on you.
Wish you all the best in your yearning for a truly spiritual life.
Mohanan Nair


No path is better than any other among the three, Gyan, Bhakti and Niskam Karma
Yoga. Rather Gita says that any of these can lead to salvation. But if you read
carefully, at the ultimate stage of these three paths, Bhakti Yoga cannot be
bereft of the Gyan that Vasudebam Sarbam and desire free ego-less Karma, Gyan
Yoga can not be bereft of the complete submission to God in full faith and love
as well as self-less ego-less action, and Karma Yoga cannot be bereft of the
complete submission to God in full faith and love as well as the realisation of
the Gyan of Vasudevam Sarvam and equnimity. All the three Yogas may begin
differently, but with steady progress they lead to convergence and finally
A Gyan Yogi without complete submission to God, desireless and ego less action
can not reach Salvation/ nirvana/ Liberation. A Karma Yogi with out the Gyan of
Vasudevam Sarbam and equanimity and complete faith in God can not marge in God
and get liberated. A Bhakti Yogi who has not been able to adopt equanility abd
belief in Vasudevam Sarbam and who has not been able to becomes completely
self-less and ego less in action cannot get liberated. At the final point, all
Yogis become equal in all respects. So, it is better not to practice any path
with the confusion that the three different paths are really mutually exclusive
independent paths. A careful reading of Gita will reveal the above.
Basudeb Sen


Saadhaka knows Dharmendrajee doesn't know more about Gitajee than Swameejee
does, who says,''Chup Saadhan (doing nothing, as you aren't the doer and
consuming nothing, as you aren't the consumer) as the only result of
Sharanaagati is topmost of all Principles therein.'' What more you want here?


First you come forward with only ONE verse from Gita, the verse you find is the
TOP MESSAGE (as per your understanding), the learned members of this forum will
help you the way you are seeking.


'Spiritual Quotes' and so on enter the comfort zone of the mind as if something
stationary, satisfactory exists. One goes on waiting for stable relief. The wait
for stable relief is the illusion. Gita or any other such book is in response to
one's fundamental question.
The fundamental issue is that one wants to operate freely in the world as one
wants, but there is resistance (in form of pain and uncertainty) from outside or
inside. To understand and absorb the resistance is the key. The illusion keeps
one busy in solving, undoing or escaping the resistance by ideas, theories,
explanations. Unless one absorbs irritation, uneasiness one is experiencing-one
can not touch the Original.

Y V Chawla


Dear Dharmendra Sharma Ji and other Sadaks,

Whatever B-Gita contains in it, everything is as best only! It is said for all
levels of persons irrespective of caste, creed, caliber and intelligence etc.

In simple words, while you perform any action and feel it is you who did it, you
are bound to face the reaction of that action as Karma Fal. But, on the other
hand if you feel it is only some energy (you may name it GOD or reverse DOG)
which in you made you to perform the action and you are just a medium only
then,you won't be bound to the reaction of that action and you would be
logically free of such action's Karma Fal. The exact word Lord Krishna has said
in this regard is that "One who sees his non-doer-ship in doing any action would
not be bounded to fruits (Karma Fal) of those Actions

I very much agree with you in that Lord Krishna has definitely said two contrary
things at many places but those are for two contrary types of persons having
different Sanskaras developed over their infinite number of lives.

Therefore, I conclude my response as the answer to your question as to what is
the best explanation in Gita by saying that it depends on the person in question
to find himself the best suiting his sanskaras!

All would agree that everything is best only as said in opening sentence!

With regards to all,

Kuldeep K. Kaul

Dear Sadhaks,
Jai Shri Krishna

There are many best commentaries on Shrimad Bhagvad Gita and at the same
time no commentator can claim to be his commentary 100% correct/perfect and
final right from Adi Shankaracharya to anybody present time.I have gone through
many commentaries like Swami Akhandanad Saraswatiji , Shrila Prabhupadji, Swami
Adagadanandji, Swami Chinmayanand Ji, Vinova Bhave Ji etc. etc. But one thing is
clear that every commentary is best but at the same time perfect as well as
imperfect. Go through the Original Gita Ji and you yourself can write a best
commentary guided by God Krishna.
Best of Luck

Mahesh Sharma


In my opinion the different major yogas are a progression like learning to crawl
then walk then run.

Marvin Glover


>> there is no necessity of performing worldly duties also.

Arjun did not want to perform his duty in the beginning of Gita. What happened
after he heard Gita? He decided to fight and kill his relatives which is one of
the most difficult action.

It is surprising that anyone can conclude that there is no necessity of worldly
duties. Please look at life of Arjun and do what he did.

Do actions with love, care, protection and compassion and help people around you
seeing them as fragment of God. Start with yourself and family. And then, extend
it to people around you.

I hope you can lead life of service, love and care based on teachings of Gita
and help others to do so.

Murari Das


Dear Sadhak,

Gita is tailored for development of Arjun's intellect. Similarly, you have to
develop your own intellect. The natural simple message from Krishna is Vasudev
Sarvam. Either accept this simple message or develop your intellect to accept
this message. While developing your intellect, do not get disturbed with
different interpretations because remember Vasudev Sarvam. Gita has all answers
but it requires practice and patience to understand real truth. Goal is to have
firm conviction and then you will get all answers to your questions soon. If
your friend has firm conviction then he is going on the right path but if his
conviction stumbles then he will need to again take help of Gita.

Your servant,

Kali Sadhak


Chinmaya Mission has published Bhagavad Gita in concise form and chapter-wise.
The Chapter-wise Gita explanation is the best I have ever read.
Mohan Nair


Shri Kuldeep Kaul Ji,

Would you please leave the habit of equating the Name of GOD with something
else. As some Sadhgurus (or Asadhgurus) are doing to impress the modernized

It may disturb some people like me.
If we want to rename that beautiful energy we can give the name of something
beautiful something respectable. As we do when we give the name to our children,
we always chose a good name. i can not find a person who can name his son as
DOG. So please practice the same policy with that almighty energy.

We are the part of that sea of energy and not the sea ourselves.

a tarang will always remain the part of sea and the sea is not the part of

I did not read your message beyond that word.



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