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[gita-talk] Re: How to stay in this discriminatory state?


Hari Om

how to stay in this discriminatory state?

thank you for posting this truth of all truths



|| Shri Hari
Discrimination between the Real and the Unreal

18th May 2013, Saturday,
Vaishakh Shukla Ashthami, Vikram Samvat 2070, Shanivaar


The unreal is continuously disappearing into oblivion. But the real (essence,
tattva) that understands the disappearing process of the unreal (perishable,
temporary), the existence of that real "Essence," never changes into unreal.
The true reality never disappears into non-existence.

All are naturally established in that eternal reality, therefore no one
experiences absence of one's own reality at any moment of time. That real
substance transcends all climes, times, beings, persons, things, states,
incidents and circumstances etc. By giving significance to the unreal
appearances, an individual fails to realize his natural establishment in the
eternal reality. It means that the assumption of the unreal as real prevents
the acceptance of the fundamental reality.

Here there can be a doubt that when the unreal has no real existence, then why
does it appear so real (i.e. appears to exist) ? The explanation is that those
tools - senses, mind, intellect and ego by which the unreal is seen as real are
also of the same kind (unreal in
nature). The essence is that if one does not identify himself (atma) with the
unreal objects (body, senses, mind, intellect and ego etc.), then there is no
unreal. There is real and only real. If a person does not identify the self
with the unreal, then the unreal has no existence at all, but only the real
exists. The real has never seen the unreal in the same way just as the sun has
never seen darkness. This has been described from the point of view of

If we look from the angle of devotion, then the unreal
world is the creation of Nature and Nature is the power of God. Being the
power of God, the Nature and its evolutes are in fact God's manifestation;
because the power cannot have its separate existence from the powerful. Just as
we cannot see the brown, black or white skin color of physical body separated
from the body, similarly we also cannot visualize the awakened, dream and sound
sleep states separate from the human body. Similarly we cannot look at nature
separate from God. An individual can live without his powers (i.e. strength,
energy, intelligence, skill, capability etc.) but the power cannot sustain
itself without the powerful. Similarly God can exist without power and God
does exist,* but the power cannot live without God. The conclusion is that
power is dependent on Almightly God, but God is not dependent on the power.

Power has no independent existence without the powerful, but the powerful has
independent existence without power. Therefore being the power of God, nature
lacks its own independent existence i.e. there is nothing else besides God.
Therefore God has said - "sadsacchaahumarjun" (Gita 9/19). "Vasudevah Sarvam"
(Gita 7/19).

"All is God" - this is the Supreme Principle of Bhagavad Gita, where all the
differences disappear because all differences arise out of subtle ego while
there is not even the smallest iota of ego in "Vasudevah sarva

From book in Hindi "Amartaa ki Aur" and in English "Discovery of Immortality
and Truth" by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Date : 17th May, 2013 -


Everyone can stay in this discriminatory state (because everyone ever stays in it by virtue of being to BE) by NOT staying in NON-discriminatory state (i.e. believing one is NOT in discriminatory state) as Swamijee says,''isamen koee udyog naheen karanaa hai, pratyut keval 'naheen' kee asveekruti karanee hai.''


Hari Om

Develop a habit in you of being equanimous. You shall then easily stay in the
discriminatory state. This message from Revered Swamiji is about VIVEKA (
Discrimination). VIVEKA awakens in you by two things...1. Satsanga ( Company
with Truth ) 2. Sorrows. Each human gets its share of sorrows in this world
which is abode of sorrows only. You are already a part of this Divine Satsanga
Forum. Hence develop a habit of seeing the world EQUANIMOUSLY ( without favour
or bias) .

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


To see the total field of existence is the point. Senses see, touch, listen and
so on, breathing in and out is going on, there is memory and imagination and
thoughts arising in the mind. Anger, fear, anxiety, happiness are the
expressions of Life to keep the mind alive. This is the format of Life. Now
there is continuous unpredictable change in the field of senses. You are at rest
only when you see the total field of existence. Otherwise, one is simply carried
away by thoughts (what you call unreal) as if thought is all important.
Y V Chawla



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