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[gita-talk] Gita 9/5 - What does God wish to convey with use of word "yogamaishwaram"?


Dear Sadhakas,

My second query is about 5th shloka of this chapter. here Bhagwan says,

"na cha mat sthani bhutani pashya me yaogamaishvaram".

What is the purpose of Bhagwan here by using the word yogamaishwaram.

because in the purport of 4th and 5th shlokas of this chapter, almost all the tikas, as well as bhagwan himself in 6th shloka says -

that it is like clouds in the sky, as the clouds are present in the sky but it is not the sky itself.
In Tikas also it is explained by the examples of ice and water, and by waves and the sea. That because the waves are part of the sea therefore it is in the sea from one aspect, but from another aspect it is not so.

My Query: If the relation between Creation and God is so simple like relationship between sea water and wave, then what is the justification for using such a powerful word here "pashya me yaogamaishvaram" . Because i can not see any "aishvarya" of water in being present in the wave and in the sea. What Bhagwan exactly wants to convey to us by the word "yogamaishwaram".

warm regards

Dharmendra Sharma



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