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[gita-talk] Fw: Punishment for Sins are Not Felt



I appreciate your mails and the content of the mails are good for a sadhaka.

In one of the mails of yours, "How to keep from evils", it's mentioned that
punishment for sins will be severe.

The punishment for the sins after death is not felt by the body so people think
that why do I worry when I am not going to feel it. And hence they commit sins
without thinking twice.

What should be the approach in such cases?



Hari Om

Sins spoil you as soon as you "think" of committing sin. You first become thief and THEREAFTER only you commit sin of stealing. The moment you become evil , which you become before evil doing, your entire antah-karana ( inner senses, mind, intellect) gets spoilt and results of sin start manifesting. Nature does not wait for next life to make you reap the results of your sins. Your peace is snatched away instantly, then and there. It is a law: A sinful person can never remain fearless, peaceful and strong. Even when committing sin, there is fear in you consistently present. Peace leaves you instantly and by outer world even if you are seen as happy...but inside there is fire of hatred, fear, guilt, hypocrisy, lie, which fire never lets  you remain at peace. When you are not peaceful, where is happiness? If you are not happy, where is sense in committing sin? 

Results of Karma are instant as well as distant...subtle as well as gross. The moment you think evil and do evil...a SANSKAAR gets formed in you and it becomes your SVABHAAV  very fast and as a law then you keep sinning. This SANSKAAR is very dangerous because it makes you repeat the sin. The gross result may come later and that result in fact does not cause you that much harm, as does this SANSKAAR result which is instant. 

Consider in this regard the immortal VAANI of Goswamiji Tulsidasji Maharaj in Ramcharitmanas. When SATI ( wife of Lord Shiva) developed a doubt in her mind and went ahead to test whether Lord Rama is Vishnu Himself  and not a king getting sorrowful due to loss of wife, and when she realised her mistake: 

UR UPAJA ATI DAARUN DAAHA ( Ramcharitmanas/ Bal Kaand/ 53:1) 

There arose in her heart a huge burning. 

Now this burning in heart arises instantly in you when you sin. This burning of heart snatches away the very peace from you and you get sorrowful then and there. ASHANTSYA KUTO SUKHAH...says Gita...where is happiness to that who is not peaceful ? Thus, it is not that the results of bad deeds come to you in next birth and hence we feel free to commit sins now. Result of sin start coming to you even before you actually sin...from the moment you decide to sin, fear enters you, snatching away very peace from your heart. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


पाप हो या पुण्य, उसका फल तीव्रतामें न कण-भर अधिक होता है और न कण-भर कम होता है।
पाप करते पापके फलका भय न होना, आगे जिस परिस्थितिको लाता है, उसे यदि मनुष्य जान जाय तो फिर पाप होंगे ही क्यों? पुण्यका महत्त्व पापके सापेक्ष होता है। पाप ख़त्म होते ही, पुण्य भी ख़त्म, बस कर्म और क्रिया रह जायेंगे।

Whether is it sin or virtues,  the fruit of it is neither a pinch more or less in intensity.  While sinning, to not be fearful of the outcome,   or the situations that it present in the future,  if a man comes to know these, then will there ever be sins?    The significance of virtues is in relation to the sins.   The moment that sins are over,   the virtues will also be over,  and only work and activity will remain.  Humbly,   Sadhak  


The punishment for the sins after death is not felt by the body so people think that why do I worry when I am not going to feel it.

What do you feel?

I think most people who commit sins especially hurting and inflicting suffering towards others don't think anything.

One of my friend who moved to Bangalore was driving car. Someone from the back hit his car. That guy seems to be rich and educated. He ran away in his car and instead of paying for damages or at least apologizing for his mistake. My friend commented that how does this person face his children. There is sense of being good and appreciation towards others when we interact with others. This sense of being good is important to be happy. What would his children think about him when they would how dishonest their dad is. The problem is that people have stopped thinking. They just engage in cheating, dishonesty etc without thinking about what they are doing.

Anyways, you should be concerned about yourself first. Are you loving and kind?

Murari Das


Dear Sadhak,
There is no way to keep away from evils. Good and bad are there everywhere. Being part of the nature's law, they cannot be totally ignored or avoided but can be confronted and dealt with without getting swayed away by their ill-intentioned behavior and/or actions by equipping our inner personality with the knowledge of our Self within, the influence that evil tendencies can cause if not seriously taken and courage to squarely face them. Our scriptures help us to achieve these qualities.
It is fallacious to think that punishment for the sins is something that happens after death. As we sow, so we reap. Some actions give immediate results and others take months, years or even lifetime to fructify. But whatever is done has to give resuls and the doer (Jiva) alone becomes the enjoyer or sufferer of the results. That is the Law of Karma.
There cannot be a result without an action. In this world we see some born poor, others rich, some are healthy, others unhealthy. There are child prodigies as well as dullards. If birth is the absolute beginning then to what one can attribute such differences in people before they have even had time to perform any action?
So as to think that death is the ultimate end or birth is the very beginning and that punishment for sins is given only after death etc. can be used as excuses or for self satisfaction, but the fact remains that punishment for some or all the sins will have to be faced during this life and/or in another level of experience.
Hari: Om


Hare Krishna,
Pain of body is bear by the spirit or soul through subtle frame which exist even after leaving the body,
One need to learn the system first, there are three primary ties of maya among them one is Body, one cannot escape the sins just by leaving the body
Jai sri krishna 

mahesh sharma 


in shastras also it is written that punishment should be given in a  moderate way so that the wrong doer will understand the importance of the gold is refined in 440 degree heat and put in  several times in water to be become refine we need punishment,,alas  finally people are themselves giving punishment by comitting suicide  which is not the solution  god bless you  swamiji

Dear Sadaks,
The  on road is nobody than a minister in earlier birth. A poor woman who suffered extremely is minister today. Your wife, son, daughter etc are your dues collector. So says Paramathuma do your duties surrendering to ME. In the sense you pay your dues and keep quite. Suppose one man knows this Gyan, he will simply perform his all activities without even thinking he is doing. Other words he knows he is paying back his dues and elevating to highest level. Sri Krishna says during the child Parakshid born dead, " If I am nitiya Bharamachari- may this child get life". This shows how we are to live.


Dear Ashish & other Sadaks,

you are basically wrong to think that it is the physical body which, feels the
pain and in the absence of body there would be no feeling of pain!! Had it been
correct then, in your dream if a dog runs after you and bites you, you should
not feel pain as there is no physical body with you in dream. But, the fact is
that you definitely are frightened and feel pain as well.

The reality is that it is the MIND which feels pain, pleasure, feeling of
Himself, a separate identity. Therefore, who so ever commits a sin, it is MIND
only which tempts him to do bad Karma and again it is his MIND only which holds
him responsible for the sin and again makes him to admit in the heart of hearts
that he did a action which is bad. This acceptance of the mind makes him liable
to suffer for the bad action. There is no separate God sitting anywhere who
makes a record of his actions. It is only his Own MIND which is culprit to do
bad actions, judge to punish itself is MIND only!

Concluding, those who would still commit sins after going through this above
eternal fact, would fool themselves only!

Narayana Narayana

Kuldeep K. Kaul


पाप हो या पुण्य, उसका फल तीव्रतामें न कण-भर अधिक होता है और न कण-भर कम होता है।
पाप करते पापके फलका भय न होना, आगे जिस परिस्थितिको लाता है, उसे यदि मनुष्य जान जाय तो फिर पाप होंगे ही क्यों? पुण्यका महत्त्व पापके सापेक्ष होता है। पाप ख़त्म होते ही, पुण्य भी ख़त्म, बस कर्म और क्रिया रह जायेंगे।


Life imprisonment is definitely the right way of punishment than "death-penalty"  which is of course spiritually  not in the right order.

Barin Chatterjee



geeta Sadhakas Namaskar,

Once a life form on this Planet Earth is dead for ever.   According to me, the life form was not born 
with carryover of Karmas, as this birth is not the carryover birth of the previous life as 
there is nothing like carryover of Life. Once you are are dead for ever. There is 
nothing like brought forward karmas and life from the previous birth. So the problem of 
feeling pain by either the body or soul does not exist.

Gee Waman 


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