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Shree Hari  

Please carefully read the attached file (in hindi) for the protection of cows, based on thoughts of Swami Ramsukhasji,  and generously share with others.  

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|| Gaavo Vishwasya Maatarah ||

Respectfully in Remembrance of God -

In is my sincere prayer to all saintly people and Saints that the way that the cows are being killed mercilessly nowadays, thoughtlessly without any feeling or caring, such acts were not happening like this during the rule of the Muslims and the Britishers.


Now we all must unite and make full effort to stop these gruesome acts. To do this work, the time is right now and it is also possible to make it happen. What to tell you all about the glories and significance of cow (gai), because you are yourself capable of telling this to others.


If every spiritual and religious leader wants, he can inspire thousands of people in the work of caring and protecting cows. You can all unite together and expose the present government and quickly establish laws that can protect the entire breed of cows from the executors (slaughterers).


If the communities of saintly people (sadhus) accomplish this sacred work which is the foundation of Hindu Dharm, then this will be constructive and beneficial for the entire world. Now the time for voting is nearing. During this opportune time, you all become united!

Think about passing the proposal that every Indian Citizen, this time leaving all other issues aside, only give your vote to that leader or team that will give in writing their promise to stop the slaughter of cows and give assurance that immediately upon being elected, he personally and his team first and the foremost will work to ban the killing of cows in the entire country.

The original, extra-ordinary, kind breed of cows is in a state of being destroyed. In such a state, if while the time remains, if we do not become alert and cautious then how horrific will be the condition for the men of our country and ourselves? To even gauge the situation is difficult.

You think about this point that at present times the condition that is arising from disregarding the cows, the end result of it will simply be devastating. If even in the independent India such a heinous sin such as killing of cows cannot be stopped, then it is such a surprising thing and such a pathetic and sad thing!


Remembering the dead, become immersed in this good work that we will be the first to get killed as a cow. All of you can be doing the work of God by spreading this awareness. What virtuous deeds can be done by which all will attain benediction! There is no greater "Dharmâ" than this.


Simply by beholding, touching, being in the presence, hearing Cow bellowing, and by serving her, one can attain salvation, one can experience happiness, and one can experience good feelings and purification of the inner-senses. 


With the ghee (clarified butter), milk, curd (yoghurt), butter, and buttermilk the body becomes strong and it becomes free of disease. From cow's urine and cow-dung, "panchgavya" and various different herbal fertilizers can be made and put to use and grains, vegetables, and fruits can be saved from the poisons of chemical fertilizers.

The dust that flies off the hooves of cows which is called "godhooli vela" is also holy; it is considered favorable for weddings and other auspicious events. From birth to the last breath in every religious ritual there is great significance of cow's urine and cow-dung.


The extent to which you and I may share about the glories and significance of cow, that much is not enough. The surprising thing is that in spite of knowing everything, why is there procrastination and delay for the protection of cows from our side?

By protecting the cows, along with material advances, financial, relationship, societal, ethical, cultural, and many different types of developments and advances are possible. But by the killing of cows, there is nothing that is seen besides destruction. Therefore even now if we awaken then we can stop the killing of cows from all ways and means, and save mankind from the upcoming destruction.


By serving the cows, protecting them, creating shelters for them and protecting the grazing grounds, the growth of the entire world is possible. From the wealth that is generated now-a-days from killing cows, exporting of cow meat, the intellect becomes degenerated and corrupt. Therefore by using the sinful money generated from killing cows, this alleged development is itself the reason for our destruction. This is a very solemn concerning topic.


Lastly, it is my humble prayer to all spiritual organization that now instantly you all, along with the people, come together and kindly make a firm and determined resolve to stop the killing of cows, then my, yours and the entire wo`rld's well-being is certain. In this itself it the real protection of Dharm and protection of Dharm is itself the protection of all of us.


Read, Educate and Disseminate Forging Forward!

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How many promises have been fulfilled in the last 66 years?  Therefore do not look toward the Government.   Cows will receive protection,  when the society and its people themselves will want to protect the cows.   In the slaughtering of cows not everyone is a non-hindu,  rather there are many hindus only.   Those who are selling cows to be slaughtered are in large numbers hindus only.    The slaughterhouse are no rearing cows to be slaughtered.  They are mostly buying cows for slaughtering.  
The main reason is that cows are being sold,  for slaughtering.  Cows are cut when they are sold to be cut.   The cow is sold for cutting, then it is saved from being slaughtered, such has not be possible so far.  The moment that the cows are stopped from being sold for cutting, that moment the cow slaughtering will stop.    This work will not take place only by the aid of the government. Yes,  but the people alone can make this happen.   The people do not wish to make this happen, therefore the government also do not do anything about it.  

Humby,  Sadhak
राजनीतिक वायदे कितने पूरे हुये हैं विगत छियासठ वर्षोंमें? इसलिये सरकारका मुँह न तकें।
गोरक्षण तभी होगा जब स्वयं समाज गोरक्षण करना चाहेगा।
गोहत्यामें संलग्न सभी गैर-हिन्दू नहीं हैं, बल्कि अधिकाँश हिन्दू ही हैं।
कटनेके लिये गायको बेचनेवाले अधिकाँश हिन्दू हैं।
कसाईखाने तो काटनेके लिये गाय पालते नहीं, वे तो गाय खरीदते हैं।
असली जड़ है : गायका कटनेके लिये बेचा जाना। गाय तभी कटती है जब कटनेके लिये बेची जाती है।
गाय कटनेके लिये बेची तो जाय, फिर कटनेसे बचा ली जाय, ऐसा संभव हुआ नहीं अबतक।
गायको कटनेके लिये बेचा जाना रोकना है। ऐसा करते ही गाय कटना बंद हो जायेगा।
यह काम अकेली सरकारके किये नहीं होगा। हाँ, अकेला समाज अवश्य कर सकता है। 
समाज करना ही नहीं चाहता, इसलिये सरकार भी नहीं करती।


This issue of cow slaughtering ban has been bothering my mind. As a Hindu child, I have grown up driking cows' milk. saw pictures of Krishna with flute tending cows, observed the practice of using cow dung and cow urine for worhip,religius and social purposes, read and wrote essays on the utility of cow as a household animal, learnt about importance of Go-dhan as great symbol of wealth among Kings in the epices and noticed cow being worshipped as a mother god with flower garlands. It is much later that I came to know that some people eat beef in India and most people eat beef in most other countries. As the cow grazing fields on both sides of the railway tracks going through rural villages started disappearing, I came to know of cow farming where cows stay put in just a few squarefoot area with food served in front of them at regular intervals and milk drawn from them running through pipelines to collection chambers.  It is only recently I came to know that cow has been explicitly mentioned in Indian Constitution obligating the nation to phase out killing of cows and other milch animals. I still recall the Congress election symbol of a pair of bullocks plowing fields And, now I see animal lovers around the country trying to protect all animals from human exploitation. Many vegetarians dislike the killing of animals for supplying protein to human beings.  But with equanimity preached in Gita, should I be indifferent to killing or not killing cows or other animals. the world over most of those who eat beef are not doing so because they are anti-Hindu. Do I still need to protect Hindu God and get concerned over slaughtering of cows? There is no point in quoting from the ancient scriptures as some people say they found references to beef in the royal menu in the Hindu epics. I really do not know.
Basudeb Sen


Shubh Prabhat!

In my humble opinion, sincere efforts shall be in fact made to protect all animals, be it cow, goat, dog, pig or even chicken etc. that are slautered as they all are living beings and have the right to live like we do. They also have sufferings. If this could be achieved to a certain degree then this will be real Jivdaya & can bring good karma.

This will also save lot of water & food grains which is produced to raise these animals. This water & food will be more than enough to feed whole starving population of the world. This will also save environment from methane gas emitted & minimize global warming.

Jai Jinendra  & Rgds / Pramod M. Jain




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