Saturday, May 18, 2013

[gita-talk] Why so much importance is given to The Lotus Feet of The Lord?


Respected Sir

It has been many years that The Lord has graced me with opportunities to listen to discourses from ascetics & mahatmas and have been reading spiritual books. I have remembered that I should have attraction and love towards The Lotus Feet of The Lord. The Lord Shri Ram Ji also says to his friend Sugreev,

"Janani Janak Bandhu Sut Daara, Tanu Dhanu Bhawan Surhrud Parivara
Sabkai Mamta Taag Batori, Mam Pad MANAHE BANDH Ber Dori ....Us
Sajjan Mam ur Buse......"

I have not been able to grasp the meaning, value and esteem of The Lord's Lotus Feet. Why so much importance is given to The Lotus Feet of The lord in the scriptures, discourses and even by the Lord

Kindly enlighten me. I know that once i will be able to learn, I shall be able to take an actual step in the direction where I have been roaming around for all these years.


Man Mohan Batra



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