Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[gita-talk] Why good people hurt others in Puranic stories?


Since my mother is visiting at my house, I have got Zee TV. TV shows of Zee TV are soap operas which are full of jealousy, duplicity, cheating and basically, people hurting each other. My mind started hurting after watching those shows. My mother mentioned that Puranic stories are full of such incidences. For example, step mothers of Jarasandha cut him into two halves and threw him away. The father of Dhruva, Uttanpada, mistreated his own son. Valmiki Ramayana describes how Kaikeyi will treat Kausalya with disrespect as she was favorite wife of Dasarath. She continued to give me many instances of such behavior.

I am an ordinary person and I don't hurt people around me. Why do these great people in Puranas hurt others?

Murari Das



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