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[gita-talk] Re: Which explanation of Gita is best?


Jai Shri Krishna,

In Gita ji, mainly three paths are preached - Karma yog, Bhakti yog and
Gyan yog.

Since childhood i have read several commentaries, and explanations of
Gita ji, and all of them suggest that focus on any one of these paths
and we will realize the God/Self/Moksha.

There is stress on the point that follow one path only and neglect the
other two, like if i love bhakti than i need not to go for gyan, and
there is no necessity of performing worldly duties also. Only Harinaam
sankirtan, Bhajan and Dhyan is to be done. Similarly the followers of
Gyan maarg and Karma maarg neglect the other two paths.

My Query is that, what is the supreme path as per Gita ji?

Only Vaidhi Bhakti (surrendering to Bhagwan and then doing nothing), or
Bhakti + Karma + Gyaan.

Kindly suggest the best path, especially for the people like me who are
not completely free from worldly attachments, and have worldly
duties/responsibilities to fulfil.

Jai Shri Hari

Dharmendra Sharma

i like these verses very much from Gita ji:

Niyatam kuru karm tvam....

Svakarmana tamabhyarchya siddhivindati maanavaah..

tasmat sarveshu kaaleshu maamanusmar yudhya cha..

satatam keertayanto maam, nityayuktah upaasate..

The only thing which Shri Krishna wants from us to perform our duties faithfully
and honestly without any attachment. and to remember him all the times
performing our duties.
And this was the direct purpose of preaching Gita to Arjuna also, who was
unwilling to perform his moral duty to fight against Kauravas.

Queries and Doubts:

there are many tikas which say that the only karma is to serve the lord and the
best way to worship is to do his puja, archana, naam japa and nothing else is
needed. because it is the supreme.

Others say that jagat is mithya, only Brahm is satya, therefore abandon all the
worldly deeds, renunciate and meditate in the jungle.

Still many others say that if everything is Vasudeva himself as told by Krishna
himself (mattah partaram na anyat kinchit asti dhananjay), then why to fight
against evil, why to punish a person even he has committed a crime, after all he
is also Vasudeva from the point of view of Gita.

One of my enlightened friend after visiting to Ashramas in Haridwar has now
concluded that, because everything is God, there is nothing to achieve, because
God is already within us, whether we can see this fact or not. So there is no
need of any sadhana because we are already the Brahm.

My question:
So beautiful and clear the message of Bhagwan is in Gita, and see how we have
downgraded or degraded its meaning, by tortuous explanations.

If there is no purpose in the worldly life and everyone is GOD, then why God
take so many avatars to improve it?

If only Nam japa, and Puja archana only is the highest form of worship, and
after that there is no need to perform ones mundane duties, then why Shri
Krishna were forcing Arjuna to fight the battls? it would have been better he
did only bhajan kirtan instead of fighting.

Which explanation of Gita is best, the natural, simple message from Krishna to
us? or some tortuous, modified purports of different sampradaayas and

with warm regards

Dharmendra Sharma


First you come forward with only ONE verse from Gita, the verse you find is the TOP MESSAGE (as per your understanding), the learned members of this forum will help you the way you are seeking.


'Spiritual Quotes' and so on enter the comfort zone of the mind as if something stationary, satisfactory exists. One goes on waiting for stable relief. The wait for stable relief is the illusion. Gita or any other such book is in response to one's fundamental question.
The fundamental issue is that one wants to operate freely in the world as one wants, but there is resistance (in form of pain and uncertainty) from outside or inside. To understand and absorb the resistance is the key. The illusion keeps one busy in solving, undoing or escaping the resistance by ideas, theories, explanations. Unless one absorbs irritation, uneasiness one is experiencing-one can not touch the Original.

Y V Chawla


Dear Dharmendra Sharma Ji and other Sadaks,

Whatever B-Gita contains in it, everything is as best only! It is said for all
levels of persons irrespective of caste, creed, caliber and intelligence etc.

In simple words, while you perform any action and feel it is you who did it, you
are bound to face the reaction of that action as Karma Fal. But, on the other
hand if you feel it is only some energy (you may name it GOD or reverse DOG)
which in you made you to perform the action and you are just a medium only
then,you won't be bound to the reaction of that action and you would be
logically free of such action's Karma Fal. The exact word Lord Krishna has said
in this regard is that "One who sees his non-doer-ship in doing any action would
not be bounded to fruits (Karma Fal) of those Actions

I very much agree with you in that Lord Krishna has definitely said two contrary
things at many places but those are for two contrary types of persons having
different Sanskaras developed over their infinite number of lives.

Therefore, I conclude my response as the answer to your question as to what is
the best explanation in Gita by saying that it depends on the person in question
to find himself the best suiting his sanskaras!

All would agree that everything is best only as said in opening sentence!

With regards to all,

Kuldeep K. Kaul


Dear Sadhak,

Gita is tailored for development of Arjun's intellect. Similarly, you have to
develop your own intellect. The natural simple message from Krishna is Vasudev
Sarvam. Either accept this simple message or develop your intellect to accept
this message. While developing your intellect, do not get disturbed with
different interpretations because remember Vasudev Sarvam. Gita has all answers
but it requires practice and patience to understand real truth. Goal is to have
firm conviction and then you will get all answers to your questions soon. If
your friend has firm conviction then he is going on the right path but if his
conviction stumbles then he will need to again take help of Gita.

Your servant,

Kali Sadhak


Chinmaya Mission has published Bhagavad Gita in concise form and chapter-wise. The Chapter-wise Gita explanation is the best I have ever read.
Mohan Nair


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