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[gita-talk] Re: We need simple Gita for children is this there and if so how do get one?


Shree Hari

We echo the sentiments expressed by Mr. Yadav. Kindly pay close attention to simplicity and brevity in your responses. This brings closure to this topic.
Thank you all!
Gita Talk Moderators,
Ram Ram


Thank you for these divine verses
We have to revert to Gita to rise or are doomed
We need simple Gita for children is this there and if so how do get one


Dear Sadhakas,
This is in response to a question from a Sadhaka regarding the simplification of Gita. If you are a Telugu speaking person, I advise you to listen to Ghantasala's Bhagavadgita Gita. Ghantasala was a very popular singer from Andhra Pradesh. He recites the slokum and then gives its meaning. It is simple, very melodious and spiritually uplifting.

Hare Krishna.

Thank you.

Prasad.A.Iragavarapu, M.D


Ram ram ,
Please just try to undersatand what is main question and give answers in simple
language by use of a few words ..

Pulkit Yadav


geeta for children also available from divine life society,
hrishikesh, uttatakhand, india
god bless you


As i think , Gita "Sadhak -sanjivani " is easiest Gita of the world . If they
dont know Sanskrit .. than they should Listen gita path of swamiji , daily
practice , and for understand it well read sadhak sanjivani explanation . for
listen gita path in swamiji ramsukhdas ji voice -
http://www.shriswamiramsukhdasjimaharaj.com/swamijiGeetaPathd.html , And this
one is samuhik paath -
Hope you will try to do it . Residumm Krishna mercy.

Pulkit Yadav


dear mister chauhan
there is no simple or complex geeta, gorakhpur press has right from Rs. 2/-
beyond, we are teaching our children, teach every day " DHARMA
KSHETRE...to YATRA YOGESHWARA KRISHNO last shloka 700th of 18th
chapter daily 4 if you want my help i will be glad to come and teach
with the raga and explain meaning...
god bless you


Dear Sadaks,
First teach parables, spiritual stories, DOs and DONTs, what DOs will give and
what DONTs will give. Your child will automatically learn Geetha. Children to
learn basics. Child cannot be admitted in 10th standard. Geetha says, "Ithi
UPANANASHIDSU". It is unpanashid. Elder themselves are contradicting on Geetha,
because they have NO basics taught uin their childhood. Like- Sathyam Vadha
(Speak only truth)- Dharmam Chara (Do Dharmic Acts..


The issue is not difficult. We try to postpone it instead of going into it.
To experience pain (any uneasiness) and uncertainty is normal. There is nothing
to feel comfortable about future now. This can just be made clear to the
children not as an assertion or application but through daily interactions.
Children will sense freedom to create, to find 'what is True'.

Y V Chawla


Humble suggestion is : You (yourself) understand Gita first, and then transfer
your understanding (of Gita) to your children (in their language, at their level
of understanding). This will serve two purposes : one, the children will
understand Gita better (than reading any Gita themselves), and two, their
confidence in you will enhance as bonus.


I agree. We need a simple version of the most significant verses that explains
spirituality,particularly those relating to unavoidability of action, desirable
action, desire-free action, equanimity, love, detachment, concentration, atman,
submission, bhakti, gyan, gunas, etc arranged appropriately to suit the logical
sequence appreciated by children.
Basudeb Sen


Shree Hari

Dear Mr. Chauhan Ram Ram!

Yes, there is a book 'Gita for Children' in English by Swami Chinmayanandaji, it
is about 150 pages, only selected Gita Verses are included with a short
introduction on Mahabharata. This book is a meant for the teachers or parents
for teaching Gita to children, also there are questions at the end of each
chapter to arouse curiosity in children.

This book is available from Chimayananda book publication centers!

|| Ram Ram ||

Humble regards,
Madan Kaura


Gita for Children by Swami Chinmayananda
If you live in India, you might be able to find it in local Chinmaya Mission

Murari Das


Hari: Om:
Chinmaya Mission has published Gita for children. Also, similar publications - Ramayana, Mahabharat, Tarangini 1 to 10, Tell Me a Story 1, II & III - all meant for children are available.
Mohan Nair


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