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[gita-talk] Re: Politics devoid of honesty and spirituality is disastrous for the country !


Who will define the limits when profit of any kind (earned in any field of business, not forgetting that these days politics is one the prominent fields of business) remains sat (not corrupt) and when profit becomes asat (corrupt)?


Hari Om

Lot of wisdom can be drawn from message of Sadhak S K Kashib. This Forum, indeed, has immense talent.

We are in Kaliyuga. All people now have been coming and going from inception of life, we were in Satyuga, were in Treta, Dwapar and are now in Kaliyuga too. Our journey indeed is too long in terms of time. We are tired....! We had to be in this cycle of birth and death because we have given importance to our temporary connection with body, and thereby with entire Universe, and thereby with EVERCHANGING, TEMPORARY AND ASAT. Millions of life times will pass so long as we keep giving importance to worldly things, money, wealth, beauty, body and worldly false pleasures. Entire system is bound to be corrupt when you consider that we have all along been failures, as evidenced by the fact that we re still in the cycle of birth and death, though ages and eons of our journey have passed !

Baba...stop giving importance to money. Stop evaluating progress in terms of worldly things. Stop making efforts to change others...change yourself. Stop comparing India and America, stop finding out reasons of this or that and stop deriving ego gratification by telling the world...Hey I live here or there, where I live is good, where others live is not good. these are the reasons why where I live is good, these are the reasons why that is bad where I do not live. Look how I conduct. Ha...!!! Stop ...!!! Simply turn towards Him...simply strive to get disconnected from world, however good or bad it may be. When you have to disconnect, when you have to necessarily get disconnected...where is point in wasting time in evaluations? How can we improve others, if we ourselves are yet to improve?

Corruption necessarily means paying importance to money, considering money to be only goal of life, not using discrimination and working for Self at the cost of others. You don't need money to eradicate evils of money. If you need money to root out corruption, you are signalling that dirt can be washed by dirt. You need water to wash dirt. You need air conditioners to fight heat, not heaters. You need opposite element to fight anything. You can't need money to fight money. You need to be non-corrupt yourself, so that you may fight corruption.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


Dear sadaks,
Money/wealth/material was the ultimate aim of Duryodhan. Why did Sri Krishna
tell him this message? Duryodhan came to earth on certain Karma. He did and went
away. Naradh Rishi asked Sri Vishnu why world reducing in Bakthi. Result of
asking such questio, Naradh was born as Purander Doss. Namadev asked Vital his
life is ending without completeting Abangs. Result born as Tukaram. There 13
other worlds. Like 2 Gandervas came as 2 trees in Sri Krishna garden. Jaya
Vijaya unnecessarily was born due to questioning Sanath Kumaras. All is desires.
Asking desire, thinking desire why world like this etc. This earth is Karma
Bhoomi. It will be like that. Jada Bharath desire for deer. So many like that.
Sadaks you are here just do your Karma as per sastras, focus only on GOD and get
out from here.


Dear Sadaks,
First about God. Here faith plays very good role. To know about GOD there are number of scripts. The Sri Vaikunt or Sri Kailash is well depicted in our scripts. Each and everything like how it looks, the way soul reaches, who are there, what is time span there Etc. It is in Srimath Bagavath that Sri Vishnu came to earth as Sri Krishna and went back. The time span for that was, when Harathi was shown to Sri Vishnu pleasant smoke fills the place. The time span for smoke in Sri Vaikunt to fill the surrounding and fade away, was Sri Krishna came to earth and went back. So Gyanis did least know that Sri Krishna went to earth and returned. The description was given in many scripts on GOD who takes form as HIS Baktha the form they pray upon. Now you are in uppadhi (Form called body) and after death you still exist. If you read true text of Kapli Geetha, you will be surprised how scientifically it is said about the soul entering human body and each step by step how it grows. On 8th month in womb, the child very very bitterly cries, as it knows all its previous births and begs GOD to dismiss that birth by abortion But on coming in touch with atmosphere, the child forgets everything, ready to undergo its karma. That is why certain children are musically talented at the age of 5 or 8. So also other children of different talents. Vasanas. Good and Bad. But God has given Man alone to touch his memory of his past births. This technique as known by Sri Ramakrishna, Sirdi Baba, Tukaram, Samatha Ramadoos, Pakad Baba, 63 shivite saints, 12 vashnavite saints, many bkathas like Gora, asta Dasar (8 Kanada Bakthas) etc.We can see GOD and talk to HIM like these men did. NO doubt. But what needed is removal of Ego, Raga Duvesha, Kama (Desire for illegal money or next door woman Etc), anger etc the SIX wretched Gunas. The God appears in front of you. To practice this way , we need Sat Sangh, Guru, natural surroundings for Human metabolism to activate Chakras. Sirdi Sai was asked get out of the place he was living. With smile he walked away to near woods. Daily a woman fed him. Did he needed money. Show me one instance where saints needed money. They earned by humble work. Did not care if their wages were not given. Marathi Shivaji gave Tukaram gold and ornaments. Tukaram said it is a gift of cow meat. Do we know Tukaram fed 100s of Marathi Shivaji solders with one piece of chapathi. Visit Devu village near poona and see Tukaram house his mandir, his place called Vaikunt stal (Place) from where he flew to Vaikunt in public view. Just get CD of Tukaram in Marathi or Hindi and see for your self. Read Tukaram, Sant Gyneswar Abangs. Just 25 Km from Devu Gram, visit Gyanewar Jeeva Samthi and know certain facts. Gyaneswar made buffalo talk. Do you want more proof on GOD? Purander Doss was tied up to a pillar in Sri Vital madir. This pillar only today hundreds of Bakthas embrace. When purander Doss was tied up he sang, "Oh Vital it my sins I am undergoing. YOU are pure". The ropes cut by itself, the king who wanted to thrash him by wip, the wip disappeared. Dear Sadaks is this magic? If Sadaks feel interesting please reply for further posting. May be I am boring you


I am taking this liberty to address this email to SHRI ARVIND KEJRIWAL.
Mr. Arvind Kejriwal I do not agree with you that you hv entered POLITICS to cure
the ills of politics like CORRUPTION of various sorts like money, power ets that
has become the ways & means of our DAY'S politics.I am sure you will agree with
me that if I come out of a well known(both famous aswell as notorious) bar &
proclaim to the world that I had a glass of MILK/LASSI,you tell me who will
believe me.Likewise I think I am of the openion that the path you hv chosen is
not the correct one.
Having said that let me stress here one POINT WHICH I THINK IS OF PARAMOUNT
IMPORTANCE in this matter & that is if a particular branch of a tree is rotten
or is not functioning one can cut that particular branch of the tree, but here
the whole tree is rotten right from its first root itself(I am sure u know our
history of how Pt.Nehru & Jinnaha fought for the PM's chair & brought about the
partition which bleeds upto this second both the countries in question)So u see
our foundation is itself is based on the CORRUPTION.
Now you may call me a PESSIMISST but no I am not since I believe that we can
bring about the change but that change will take a life timeif we have to bring
the change & that change has to start from the very CONCEPTION of our future
citizens which as I said above will take a life time.
I am a retired person & I am 70 YEARS YOUNG.I will be glad to offer my services
in any manner to bring about this badly needed change in every system of ours be
With Kind Regards to every one,
I am ,


Respected B.S.
You say focus only on GOD and get out from here.
Please also tell HOW TO FOCUS ON GOD (whom we neither know nor do we see)?
Please also tell where shall we go if we get out from here (this karmabhoomi)?
PS: Saadhaka asks Questions willingly (to be born again and again in this
karmabhoomi so that satsang of saints like Swamijee may be possible) having
desire for satsang (not any desire for so called mukti or moksha).


I completely agree with Sadhakaa's perception of corruption. In fact the today's
economy is built on the idea of corruption. It is legitimized by calling it a
"growth policy." The perks as part of remuneration for our work, promotion of
loans in the name of saving tax, pushing our children to earn and save at the
cost of environmental degradation, idea of insurance.... examples go on and on
like this. I also am an integral part of all these things.


Thank you


Hari Om

Why does a SANYAASI need money? Because he has not yet really become "
sanyaasi". If some one refuses a thread to any one with a torn dhoti, that too
with harsh words, there is God's grace operating there for your benefit, there
is plan of God to get your desire for the thread renounced !!! A real striver
therefore should never react by dubbing such refuser to be a person who " did
not have SANSKAAR to respect a sanyaasi " !!!! A sanyaasi should never bother
for hot sun, auto fare and migraines...they are in relation to body, and a
sanyaasi strives to get rid of " deh-abhimaan " ( connection with body). Nothing
is required by SELF, not even a pinch of salt!!! Bsnl data pack of Rs 98 is not
needed for Self, it is needed by "desirous mind" which is part of body. Every
requirement is in relation to body, and a sanyaasi has a goal of severing
connection with body. Hence God sends trying and appropriate circumstances for a
sanyaasi. Refusal by a lady therefore to a sanyaasi of so called thread to
stitch a torn dhoti, is God's plan to help you get rid of "desire for thread" !
How then she can be called a lady with no sanskaars to respect a sanyaasi ? Why
there should be a respect for sanyaasi ? Where it is written that one should
respect sanyaasi? Hence one should see God's hand in a sanyaasi not getting Rs
98 easily for BSNL data card. If a sanyaasi does not have money to get a sugar
cane juice glass, let him renounce the very desire to get sugar cane juice. Body
will function without that glass of sugar cane juice also. God similarly sends
appropriate circumstances for a striver of Karma Yoga also and for a Bhakta also
!!! Money actually is not necessary in any striving...and if it is needed, you
get it effortlessly by operation of Divine Laws in your life. Hence there is
neither any need nor any importance of money for any one on this planet. Money
is the least important thing ...more important than money are "things", more
important than things are animals, more important than animals are humans, more
important than humans is VIVEKA, more important than VIVEKA is Paramatma.

It is not correct to state, in my view, that every good cause needs money. NO
GOOD CAUSE NEEDS MONEY , actually. If you want to see a corruption free society,
stop getting corrupt yourself. At least one person, viz yourself, has become non
corrupt. If every one stops being corrupt, the corruption will go away from the
roots. Where is then need for any money there? Those who do fund raising are
beggars themselves, O Dear !!! They first consider money to be important and
then strive to raise it , while actually money is not important , your resolve
of not getting indulged in evil like corruption is important. What is the co
relation of fighting against corruption and leading a good life by fighters?
Does not corrupt also aspires to lead a good life only? America does not even
know what it means to be " charitable" !!!! I don't want to elaborate on it, but
I have made this statement just to tell you a fact. You praise America a lot,
keep doing it, but don't make that comparison between America and India,
because your very admiration for America is based on faulty grounds !!!! You
know nothing about India, actually. Your assumption that " In India, good people
are supposed to be poor" is a clear indication that you neither know India, nor
have any legitimate basis of determining as to what is goodness nor you have
basis for the co-relation between goodness and poverty. Your every yardstick is
money, billions, millions, America....!!! Make an honest effort hence forth to
re-visit these yardsticks ( Being a Sadhak, I am your well wisher, believe me on
this, if you can) !!! If you re- read your message again, throwing away the
insistence aspect, equanimously, you will find that you are echoing the
sentiments of corrupt politicians and people only !!! They also say as to what
is wrong in their serving the society and leading a good life themselves !!!!!

There is no way of eradicating corruption except the way by which each
individual resolves not to be corrupt. The methods suggested of "raising funds"
are definitely counter productive and negative, because they necessarily entail
an importance of money, need of money !!! As stated earlier in this message,
money is the least important element !!!!

How the money is not important? If you can understand, try to to understand this
message. Lord Rama was a sanyaasi for 14 years. Circumstances made Him fight a
full fledged war...I repeat " a war" ...against as mighty an opponent as Raavan.
Now Rama needed soldiers, apparatus, organisation.....according to you MONEY !!
Appreciate now as to how He fought the war. His army was monkeys. No uniform
needed for them...!! No money required !!! No arrangement for food supply needed
for them . Monkeys will climb the trees and eat money needed there ! No
money was needed for their weapons also. They had nails, teeth, tree branches,
stone boulders, what not as their weapons ! No money needed there !!!! Do you
get me ? Now for a Raam- Raavan war even, no fund raising was needed !!! Why ?
Because it was the army not of Emperor Raam, but of Sanyaasi Raam !!! Understand
this, ponder over this...draw wisdom out of this. What kind of money was needed
by Sanyaasi Raam in fighting the above full fledged war?

Can America imagine of fighting a war without money or fund raising? Calculate
yourself ( I am requesting you to do so, because I find you good in
calculations, counting etc) as to the cost which hapless tax payer citizens of
America have paid for those wars which America so frequently keeps fighting.
This is Divine Gita Talk Forum !!! If you want to fight war against corruption,
do not talk of funds at all ! Because you are fighting a war against those who
basically want funds only. If you also want funds only, where is difference?

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B

dear all sadhakas
why even a sanyasi like me need money, my geruva rang dhoti is torn
several places, i was refused thread by simple servant maid with harsh
words, she dint have sanskar to respect a sanyasi, a teacher, a senior
citizen, we need money to buy thread, needle, to travel, for your
mobile phone, for your donated lap top, data pack of 98/- bsnl.
medicine when i get migraine headache, who will give free, when i get
in to auto from dabra road to gwalior he will ask rs 15/- in hot sun
if we drink sugarcane juice he will ask money, travel in train i need
money, if like barter system every where exchange of service or goods
and no currency introduced then no money needed...yes too much
money...too much greed is bad film stars getting crores of rupees
cricketers getting crores businessmen minting money...fortune 500 co.,
kejriwal need money for travel courier mobile office expenses to pay
his staff go around india to establish is AAM ADMI PARTY like 150 year
old congress, 35 year old BJP, rome was not built in a day, if he
struggles till he passes away his children will spearhead the party
like moti lal nehru jawahar lal nehru indira gandhi rajiv gandhi and
now sonia gandhi rahul gandhi may be priyanka children will become
congress president in another 20 years
money should be used like salt in the food more means you will vomit
pinch is okay like wise pinch of money is required my son
god bless you

we need money to do any work dont blame him even sanyasis like me
need money who will give me two geruvaochre coloured dhoti and kurta
free, no body, food, shelter, travel, mobile phone charges, lap top
data pack, let hiem start his work and die his children daughter in
laws, son in laws sons and daughters will take it for 150 years like


Hari Om

O Man ! You are also asking money only !!! O God....!!! Why do you need money,
Dear ? What will you do with money ? Is your aim to collect money or to prevent
those who love money from collecting money ? By what yardstick, your getting
money can prevent corruption ? Corrupt are corrupt because they want money ! Why
else are they termed as corrupt ? Now if you also need that money only...where
is difference , man ???? Some seek money an X way, some the Y way ! Difference
may be in the way of seeking, but where is difference in end result ?

O God ! Every one needs money !!! Why did you let it get invented ?? Tell me

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


Shree Vyasjee, Saadhaka also has these Questions :
What is corruption? Why is corruption seen in terms of money Only?
In business, the seller gets more money from the buyer than what was spent for
the cost of item sold - Isn't this also corruption? By what sanvidhaan the
seller should get more money than invested for the item sold? Is there any limit
to this happening?
Obviously, what is termed profit in business, is being termed corruption (profit
earned by virtue of position and power in politics) in politics.


When I came to America, I met a person within few weeks. I asked him what he
did. He said that he does fund-raising. I was surprised. I have never heard to
asking money for good cause as job in India. He had paid position which was
raising money for good cause.

US people are really charitable. University of Texas Austin raises 1 billion
dollar annually from alumni. This money goes in development of the university.
This is just one example and there are many universities like that. How much
IITs and other big universities raise money from their alumni? IIT alumni's are
also very rich. Then, there are many other causes which can be religious or
non-religious like churches, American Cancer Society etc. My kid's school has
Parent Teacher Association and it raises around $30,000 every year for the
school. Those $30,000 raised are big help in improving the quality of education
even though government also funds the school.

Vyasji, every good cause needs money. These people who are fighting corruption
also need to lead good life. They are spending all their time in this fight.
Shouldn't they be taken care of and be paid for their work?

In India, good people are supposed to be poor. They are supposed to reject money
and lead selfless life of service. What is problem in serving people and leading
good life? I want to serve my country and people around me. That is most
precious work. That is where tax payer's money should be spent. It should be
spent to help those who are serving the people in the country. Why they should
not have good life? Why they cannot make money?

In India, good people who want to serve others are not paid for their goodness
and generally, they are expected to be poor. So, there is not much incentive to
serve. I have found that American society takes care for those who dedicate
their life in service. That is very essential element of society and American
people are ready to donate money to help these people.

What is best service to India! To remove corruption. Everyone is disgusted with
it. Isn't that the greatest service? Shouldn't those who want to eradicate
corruption should be paid for their great service? Why their kids and family
cannot afford good life? Why they have to give up material happiness to do
something good for the society?

There was some corruption charge against Mrs. Bedi about some expenses for few
thousand rupees. I thought that Mrs. Bedi is doing great service. She should be
taken care of financially and she does not need to worry about money. There
should not be question about expense fraud of few thousand rupees as such person
should be paid even crores of rupees for the quality of service this person is
doing. Impact of their service is so huge. If they do their work properly, then
they can bring happiness to so many people. Their work is invaluable and any
price tag on their work is less.

On the side note, I don't agree with Arvindji's method. Hunger strike, bharat
bandh etc were good when British were ruler. Making British economy weak was our
goal. But now making our economy weaker hurts our own country. During bharat
bandh, many people cannot work. These bandhs (stopping work) will make people
more poor by not letting them work. We hurt productivity of the country. Now,
there is global economy. We are getting so much software and hardware work from
US. We have to improve our manufacturing and beat China. Along with removing
corruption, we need to help the companies which compete at the global level.
Lets not fight with these companies. Lets help them to make this country great
and help them to eradicate poverty. These companies bring money and job and that
is how poverty will be eradicated.

In summary. lets us start valuing good moral behavior. Lets us help those people
who are truthful and honest. Best way to value goodness is to reward it in some
way. If society does not reward goodness and does not appreciate it, then there
won't be much incentive to be good.

At His feet in service,


Dear Kejri vaal,
I have been following the strugglr started by anna hazaare and our people
against the corruption in Indian governance. I never could convince myself that
the so called Gandhian methods like HUnger strikes etc would have any effect on
the callous indifference and thick skins of Politicians. The corruption in India
is due to the simple and single fact that we the Indian people do not know the
value of independence. We do not know its value as we got it from the british
like a beggar gets a rancid left over rotee from the earlier nights dinner.
Independence has been thrown in our begging bowl as the British could not
stomach colonies any more in the post- war situation of the globe. Such
independence is not valued neither by our politicians nor our voters.

Mr. Kejrival, are you naive enough to believe and make us believe that a murder
takes place as there is no law against it, women are raped as it is legal or not
illegal to do so. C'mon Arvind, you must know it is not the lack of law but lack
of fear (of law and punishment) that encourages and perpetuates crime. Do you or
can you deny that a law is made only after a thorough examination of all the
loop holes thru which the culprit can extricate himself out. Laws are just loss
of paper on which they are written. The most important point you folks are
missing or are you shadowing it?) is that corruption does not percolate from
minister to voter; but climbs up from voter to the minister. You must
concentrate on the voting process. Average Indian voter votes by religion, caste
and more than that by the lure of money and alcohol and such freebies like TV
etc. Why cant you start a movement which calls for action to try the politician
for breach of promise if he or his party does not live up to the electoral
promises. A corrupt voter surrendering to the lure of money and alcohol elects a
corrupt politicians from whom corrupt ministers are chosen. So arvind you must
start your battle at the voter level not at Janta kaa Mantar, Janataa ka man
andar is better. I have a lot more to say. If you care contact me. I am retired
and have all the time god has given me to do something Useful
wishing the country well
krishna Samudrala Krishna



This has reference and response to Appeal from Shri Kajriwal posted by
Posted by:"sadhak_insight" sadhak_insight
on Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:33 am (PDT) . under the Heading:
Politics devoid of honesty and spirituality is disastrous for the country

I would rather say "Anything devoid of honesty and spirituality is disastrous
for whole of the Humanity"

Just when first time Lokpal Bill or Jan Lokpal associated with veteran name
Sarva Shree Anna Ji appeared in the New Paper couple of years back, I tried to
write my feeling about various types of corruption Human being is associated
with and the possible, effective and lasting solution for corruption
eradication. Though, I tried to publish that feeling of mine but some it has
not seen light of the day again due to one of the type of corruption !

Now, since Kajriwal Ji has asked for the suggestions and shown honest faith in a
AAM Admi like me, I take this opportunity to send that feeling lying deep in my
mind and attaching in this mail. Hope that may be of some help to reduce if not
remove various types of corruption first from Aamadmi and then from position
holders like Politicians Police, Courts, Health Care persons, Educationists and
the like.

My feeling consisted of Part I "Corruption in Anti-corruption & Part II "The
Right Path". Part has not been written due nil response for Part I.

Here under is the theme of both the parts of my feeling:


I should have attached full text of my Part I for those who might be interested
to read the detail!! But How???!!!

Any question is welcome!

With best of luck, love & regards,

I am

K.K. Kaul

Appeal from Arvind Kejriwal

Fellow Indian,

Under Anna's leadership, India came on streets against corruption. The people
demanded a strong anti-corruption law. The government did not agree. None of
the parties agreed. Obviously, they couldn't have agreed because if they passed
a strong Jan Lokpal Bill, most of the politicians would be in jail and their
properties would be confiscated.

My friend, our entire political system has become rotten. Most of today's
problems are due to corrupt politics. Unless it is cleansed, nothing would
improve. That's why we entered politics - we realized that staying away will
not work. We have now formed the AAM AADMI PARTY. This party does not seek to
capture power; it seeks to restore power back to the people.

Corruption has reached such levels that it is becoming impossible for the
common man to survive. In Delhi, It is becoming impossible for them to even pay
water and electricity bills which are highly inflated on account of corruption.
The story of Delhi could well be the story of India. The time has come for
people to rise up together and say that they will not allow this corruption.

To give people strength to protest, to remove fear from their minds and join
the civil disobedience movement I sat on a fast at a jhuggi colony in
Sundar-nagri , New Delhi. Nearly 10 lakh people of Delhi and several eminent
and patriotic citizens of the country such as Shri Annaji Hazare , Justice
Krishna Iyer, Admiral Ramdas and Shri J.M. Lyngdoh pledged their support
towards this campaign.

Gandhiji said that politics devoid of honesty and spirituality is
disastrous for the country. We have to change the politics of this
country. I am confident that together, we can.

I seek your time and money in this mission as we are all working towards a
common cause. Most parties are funded by big corporates for something in return
but this will not happen in Aam Aadmi Party. This party would be funded by Aam
Aadmi and Aam Aurat of this country. That would be the beginning of an honest
and transparent politics, unfortunately which runs on black money today
(REMOVED) .........

Kindly forward this mail as widely as possible. Every effort helps, in the fight
against corruption.

Jai Hind.

Warm regards,
Arvind Kejriwal


Eminent Leaders Must Remain Ever Alert in their Behavior

Whatsoever an eminent person does, he is followed by others as
well. Whatever standard he sets, the world follows the same. Gita

"Yadadaacarati srethastattadevetaro janah
Sa yatpramaanam kurute lokastadanuvartate." (Gita 3:21)

Comments: It is generally observed that in society, in a community,
in an organization, in a particular race, in a nationality, in a
stage in life, those men that are considered most excellent and
eminent, then other men believing their eminence, see them with
respect, and as they behave, people in their organization, groups
etc. follow suit and behave in the same manner over time.

Due to the importance of wealth and status within one's self, and
due to greed, people regard millionaires, and individuals in high
positions (e.g. leaders) as great men and they view them with
reverence and respect. Those that have given importance to these
inert things within themselves, such as wealth and position etc., in
actuality, they are neither eminent, nor honorable themselves, nor
are they able to understand honorable and eminent people, at all.
Also those that are considered ideal and excellent by such
individuals are also not in reality, excellent and honorable
people. If they have given importance to wealth internally, then,
they will be more influenced by wealthy people. Just like thieves
are influenced by the leader of the thieves. The truth is that
inspite of not being eminent and honorable, but being believed as
excellent, through other people, the behavior of these rich people
in high positions, is automatically and effortlessly propagated in
society. Just like the rich people, that are considered eminent due
to their wealth, whatever methods they resort to for earning and
accumulating wealth, those same practices automatically spread
among the others, even if these practices are kept in great
secrecy ! This is the main reason why at present times falsehood,
forgery, dishonesty, theft and corruption and other evil tendencies
are naturally spreading rampantly on their own in society, without
any schooling or teaching.

It is painful and surprising that at present people regard a
millionaire as great and honorable, but a devotee who is deeply
immersed in chanting the name of God, is not considered honorable.
People do not have the foresight that when a millionaire dies, he
will not take a single penny with him, while the wealth (Lord's name
recitation) of the devotee will entirely go with the devotee !

Those men that are considered the main heads (leaders) in their
field or place, those teachers, preachers, educators, gurus,
priests, national leaders, and rulers etc., who hold positions of
honor in society, for them it is extremely essential that there is
utmost alertness and caution in behavior and conduct, where by they
have a good influence on other people. This is because everyone has
their eye on the main leader. Just like the driver of a passenger
train has immense responsibility for the travellers. The travellers
may be fast as sleep, yet the driver must remain awake and alert at
all times. Even by the slightest carelessness, there is a
possibility of a disaster. Therefore in this world, for all those
that are considered eminent in their fields, it is extremely
essential that they apply utmost care, caution, and alertness in all
their actions and behavior. (to be continued)

From "The Bhagavad Gita - Sadhak Sanjivani" Gita 3:21 in English
page 332 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.


The Present State of the Country and the End Result

Questioner: The population of Japan, Israel, Britain, is very less, even then
there is lot of progress in these countries, whereas the population of India is
very dense, then too it has been backward due to joblessness, poverty etc.
Therefore for the upliftment of Bharat (India), it is not essential to increase
the population, rather there is a need for decrease the population. Because a
lion is better than many goats!

Answer: I am neither in favor of increasing the population nor in favor of
decreasing it, rather I am in favor of how people can be benefited. It is
foolishness to desire to increase the population, because this is not man's
work, rather it is God or Nature's (Prakriti) work. It is not damaging for a
country to have more population, rather it is very destructive and damaging to
make an effort to prevent the birth of children through artificial means. From
the propagation and spreading of these preventive measures, there has been
increase in explicit forms of adultery, engrossment in sense enjoyments and
various other evils. Character, conduct, self-control, sense of decency etc.
are degrading. When good character and conduct will not remain, then how will
the country be strong? There is a famous saying in English-

If wealth is gone, nothing is gone, if health is gone then something is gone,
but if character and conduct is gone then everything is gone !

In Japan and other countries there appears to be progress, but it is not due to
the less population, rather it is due to the people that are honest,
hard-working, patriotic, committed to doing their duty and many other good
qualities. The backwardness (joblessness, poverty) in our country is not due to
over population, rather it is due to increase in negligence in duty, bad
conduct, laziness, disregard, corruption etc. But instead of looking towards
diligence in duty, good conduct, self-control, sacrifice etc, the attention is
going towards finding solutions to decrease population, which will increase
these evil tendencies. This is very damaging for the country! Through
proliferation of movies, video, letters and love stories etc. people's
character, conduct is influenced and being made bad. They are being taught
promiscuity, violence, stealing etc. At every place alcohol shops are
opening up, tobacco and "pan", condiments and other things are being
proliferated and bad habits are instilled in people, thus destroying their
health. In various different ways people are encouraged to work less, spend
more, and rest and relax more. They are told, work five days a week; do not
open shop on certain days etc. Employees whether they work or they don't work,
they are given full wages, then why should they work more, why to put in more
effort? They play cards, drink tea, smoke cigarettes and "bidi" and waste away
their time in useless activities. In government offices without bribe no work
is getting accomplished. In ever field there is degeneration of conduct. Those
that are protectors, have become predators. Those who do not know how to work
in a particular post, their appointment to that position is only on the basis of
their "jaati". Those individuals that are qualified, they are unable to get
jobs. Bribes are being taken in schools to get admissions for children, and
this is being called "donation" or "charitable contribution"! In schools, the
educators, teachers are not teaching the children properly, and are encouraging
the children to take tuition instead.

Such is the state of affairs !

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From book in Hindi "Desh ki Vartamaan Dashaa aur Uskaa Parinaam" by Swami


Enact law Banning Cow Slaughter

Rishikesh: Swami Ramsukhdasji has appealed to the Mahants and Mandaleshwars to
create favourable public opinion in favour of protection of the cow. He has said
that there is a need for enactment of stringent laws in the country banning the
slaughter of cows.

Swami Ramsukhdas said that even during the Muslim and British periods, cows were
not slaughtered mercilessly. Today there is an increase in the slaughter of
cows. He has appealed to the saints of the country to unite and come forward to
prevent the atrocities on the cow. He has asserted that due to the on going cow
slaughter, there is a danger that the Indian cows, which are extremely useful,
may soon become extinct. To propagate the usefulness of the cow amongst the
general public, a nation wide campaign is required. The mere sight, touch,
shadow, sound (breath) and service of the cow results in a pleasant feeling,
goodwill and purification of the soul. Ghee, milk, curd, butter and churned milk
obtained from the cow, makes the body healthy. The cow's urine and dung is used
to make (ayurvedic) medicines and can also protect food grains, fruits and
vegetables from chemical poisoning. By protecting the cow, we can along with
material development, achieve economic, ethical, social, moral and cultural
development. Whereas, by the slaughter of cows, save and except disaster,
nothing else can be achieved. Money earned by the slaughter of cows and export
of beef leads to the corruption of the intellect.

We call upon all our members to do whatever they can to create an awareness
amongst the public at large about the importance of the cow and to create a
favourable public opinion against cow slaughter. No step will be small.

Ram Ram


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