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[gita-talk] Re: how Demi Gods have power of see, when Gita states only Krishna has such powers?


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Dear All|

I seek your guidance on this:

It is learnt from scriptures that during Lord Siva's marriage with Parvathi devi
the enitre population of the earth went towards Himlayas to attend the wedding.
To avoid development of imbalance to the earth Lord Siva requested saint
Agastheir to stay back in South India to counter the imbalance. Lord Siva also
assured saint Agasthier that he could see his wedding from southern part of
India. To symbolise this event there is a tree (vanni maram) in Marudheeswara
temple. There is a saying that saint Agastheir seen Lord Siva's marriage with
Parvathi devi by sitting under this tree.

I wanted to know how this is possible? It is clearly written in Bhagavad Gita
that Lord Krishna alone can be seen in anything and everything by virtue of HE
being fully soul made(100% soul made). Then how is it possible for Demi God
Lord Siva's marriage was seen by saint Agasthier from far away place?

with namaskarams

Dear Sadhakas,
Hare Krishna,
This is in response to a question from a Sadhaka regarding Siva's marriage.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavadgita
" Rudranam sankarascasmi"
Gitaji (10, 23)

Which means,
Sankara. Lord Siva is the predominant of the eleven Rudras. He is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. There is no difference.

Thank you,

Prasad A. Iragavarapu, MD


Dear Sadhak,

In Bhagwatam it is mentioned that Lord Shiva also a Krishna devotee and Krishna
also can't be separated from Lord Shiva. The biggest example here is when we go
to krishna Dham whether it's Vrindavan , Jagannath , Kedarnath or so lord Shiva
temples are also there. If we ignore lord Shiva by not doing Pranam to Shiva
Lord Krishna mentioned himself that by ignoring Lord Shiva we get the biggest
sin and Lord Krishna don't accept such devotees

Lord Shiva is the destroyer and he is the biggest saint in while universe and by
doing sadhana only he got the universal powers which no other saint has got.

So my dear Sadhak hope it is clear to you that we should Pranam Lord shiva when
we see his picture or visit temple. He has got the biggest powers from all
devotees of Krishna as he is closest to Lord Krishna.

Hari Bol


The way you believe Parvathi was married to Shiva, the same way believe Agastheir witnessed the marriage from a long distance OR you disbelieve BOTH.


What is the problem here. Now we have technologies for live interactive video
and TV to see anything happening anywhere if we like to see or participate in
from anywhere else. When these technologies were not there, the capable persons
in their meditative stance of complete calmness could receive and transmit
signals using their mind. So, Agastha had the capability to meditate and hook up
into the natural network of transmission and see the marriage of Shiva and
Parvati. Now bed-ridden grand parents can easily see and participate in the
wedding of their grand children through video conferencing.
Basudeb Sen


Dear Sadhak,

Answer - There is no difference at all between Krishna and Shiva. Accept this
truth and you will start noticing progress in your spiritual journey.

Your servant,

Kali Sadhak


Dear Sadaks,
I can give list of Human who turned to be saints living within family, could see
as Sri Krishna saw. Human body is said as "Dulabam" (Rare) which means you can
also get such occult powers. Chirst rose from death and obtained
non-destructible body., So also Sant Sakubai was cremated. She arose from ashes
by the grace of Bagavan Shiva. Read Sant Gyaneswar life history- he made the
wall fly on which he was sitting, he turned as bird to drink water from deep
well, he made buffalo speak like human, a saint in south turned brass to gold
and gold to brass, balayogi (I have video clip of him) of very recent years from
Visakapattinam, disappeared in thin air in presence of thousands of public and
in presence of scientist, police office F.G.Arul, Dy Commission of Andrapradesh.
You can turn your body to austral body.


Please note that in mahabharat kaal Sanjay was also those eyes which can see the
entire picture of the war and can explain before king Dhrutraashtra . So it
becomes depend on the LORD .
Jugal Kishore Somani , Jaipur


..............Without any prejudice and insinuation of any sort.....

Dear All,

I wud state here that what's being stated below and statements/views being expressed having perhaps stated as NOT GITA which in real terms can not be understood without its comprehensive study and living through its principles, like Giyana with ViGiyana. We are then only able just gathering knowledge and be able to write and talks..... a common trait

Kishin Chandiramani


The whole notion of demi-god is simply false. The use of God/god does not belong
in Hindu Dharma. Also the notion that any one Deity is The One is rank
fundamentalism and has no place in the grander body of Hindu Dharma. One's Ishta
Devata is A way and not The way.

In Dharma,
Swami Param


Lord Maha Shiva is a demi-God? What is our knowledge or capacity level even to
assume or decide who is higher than the other. Lord Krisha is Avatara of Lord
Maha Vishnu and had specific role to play (Avatara Prayojanam). Avataras are a
partial capacities of Lord's original form. According to Vedic religion,
Trimurthis are equals. Though specific Puranas describe each one of them as
superior than the other two, not even Rishi/Munis could say who is more powerful
than the other. Please refrain from making 'demi-God' like comments.



If Hanuman can light up his tail and burn the whole of Lanka without setting his
arse on fire then anything is possible. Anil Mehra


Have you heard story of Vishwamitra in which he creates the new planet? Using
his powers, he wanted to make this new planet as swarga. Later on, he agreed not
to do it upon request of Brahma and other devatas.

Agatsya drank the whole ocean. Before entering Agatsya's ashrama, Lord Ram
describes Agatsya as one of the most powerful person both spiritually and
materially. This passage is described in Valmiki Ramayana.

Shiva and Vishnu are both Gods. Shiva is not demigod. Ultimately, the same God
exhibits the power of creation from Brahma, the power of maintenance from Vishnu
and the power of destruction from Shiva. You should not see difference between

You question shows that you do not have good knowledge of the position of Vishnu
and Shiva. Also, you don't have good understanding of the position of sages. You
can start with reading Swami Ramsukhdasji's Gita (Sadhak Sanjeevini).

Murari Das


The Shiva Pavati marriage or Shiva shakti union, I belief, is symbolic of the
Kundalini shakti from the muladhara Chakra (at the bottom of the Spine) rising
to the top of your cranium and unite with the Sahasrara chakra (Shiva). When
this Union happen the individual immerse in constant and total bliss (A thousand
time more blissful than sexual orgasm) and have a complete sense of detachment
of the body and ego. He is in total samadhi, do not care for the body. Due to
this imbalance an agent (Agastiyar or individual enlightened Consciousness, with
total awareness of cosmic consciousness) is sent to maintain the body while at
the same time enjoy the bliss and awareness as if he was in the north (Brahma

God Bless


Dear Sadhaks
In this Satsang, on one hand we discuss on all is God; on the other we talk
about Shiva being lesser than Krishna! We need to meditate on this.

Dear sir;
To start with by peole moving to one side of the earth (be it anywhere) there is
no imbalance generated. Earth is not a flat land pivoted on something. Only the
pivoting could create an inertia difference. The story is nothing but a means of
glorifying Maharishi Agastya.
Ravindra Koul


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