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[gita-talk] Fw: The Bhagavad Gita - Daily Message - Gita 11:18


||  Shree Hari ||

II  11:18  II

tvamakṣaraṁ paramaṁ veditavyaṁ
 tvamasya viśvasya paraṁ nidhānam
tvamavyayaḥ śāśvatadharmagoptā
sanātanastvaṁ puruṣo mato me
You are the Imperishable, the Supreme Being (Akṣara) to be realized; You are the ultimate refuge of this universe; the Imperishable Gaurdian of Eternal Dharma (duty and righteousness). You are the ancient Purusha (Primal Being), I deem.

Here, the expression 'tvamakṣaraṁ paramaṁ veditavyaṁ' denotes  attribute-less and formless God, the terms 'tvamasya viśvasya paraṁ nidhānam' indicate God endowed with attributes and formless; and the expression 'tvamavyayaḥ śāśvatadharmagoptā' denotes God endowed with form and attributes. Combined all these together make the God's Entire Form (Samagra Rupa), after knowing That, then there is nothing else left to be known (Gita: 7/2).

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