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[gita-talk] The Bhagavad Gita - Daily Message - Gita 11:17


||  Shree Hari ||

II  11:17  II

kirīṭinaṁ gadinaṁ cakriṇaṁ ca tejorāśiṁ sarvato dīptimantam
paśyāmi tvāṁ durnirīkṣyaṁ samantāddīptānalārkadyutimaprameyam
I see You endowed with a diadem, a mace and discus, a mass of effulgence blazing everywhere, having the brilliance of a flaming fire and sun, hard to gaze at and immeasurable on all sides. 17

Even with divine sight granted by the Lord, Arjuna is not fully capable to behold Lord's cosmic body-- 'durnirīkṣyaṁ'. It proves that even with the power given by Lord one cannot know Him. Not only this, Lord also does not know Himself fully, if He knows then how can He remain infinite?

From  Gita Prabodhani
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