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[gita-talk] Re: Present State of the Country and the End Results - Your Insights Please !




The sorrystate of affairs is that persons occupying power and authority are not heeding to spirituality which use to be in the 19th720th century. People with authority&positions of power are greedy and utterly selfish .As a result corruption and illegalities have spread in each city and towns.Nobody is daring to fight for justice and people are helpless because qualified persons are acting like mafias and grabing power to enjoy .In a city like Delhi the cooperative societies have become den of corruption& dirty politics.Financial mess/bunglings are dominating everywhere and state govt officials do not take rightaction due to influences. There is no real rule of law because persons occupying power /authority are indulged in moneymaking only.
Financial scams by managing bodies are sulking the innocent and the lower judiciary do not implement rule of law .Spiritualism practice need to be followed by the persons in power/authority in everynook&corner of metrocities sothat complete purging needs to be done in the society.

N. Panda

The root cause of corruption is the VIPs. On the one hand we have socialism where all are supposed to be equal. But some people are more equal than others. They can literally get away with murder. So it is a nice and a cosy arrangement wherein all the resources of the State are usurped by a handful of babus and netas for their personal gains and to hell with the rest. After 60 years, the worm has finally turned and the people have found a voice in Anna Hazare who wants a Lokpal Bill to bring the corrupt to book. The manner in which the government is trying to suppress him shows that they do not want any change but want the loot of the country to continue. The governance of India is too complex to allow netas and babus to ride rough- shod over the common people and feather their own nests and keep the common people poor and miserable. Anna is fighting for all of us. The least we can do is support him.
Hari Shanker Deo


in total agreement. the bad conduct is not just by government but by multinationals, rich indian companies, elite who waste money on lavish weddings, dowry and drink parties, usurpation of labour of poor and women and destruction of nature. But the rains are good this year, and somebody up there thinks justice should come for farmers

ranjani ss
This is a beautiful talk given by Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja:

"Water Water is polluted, air is polluted, ether is polluted, and everything is polluted; and everything is dying by pollution. So many poisons are in water, and so many poisons are in the air, and therefore there is so very much anxiety. Intelligent persons are thinking how to save the world from this pollution. A day will come when the whole ocean will be polluted with poisons, all fish will be thus poisoned, and if anyone will eat fish or any food from the sea, he will die. In the name of saving the agriculture, people are spraying poisons everywhere to kill insects. But that poison comes in the grains and thus all are polluted. You will eat those grains, you will become mad, so many diseases will come, and you will all die

"If you are abusing anyone, criticizing anyone, or quarreling with anyone, these sounds will evaporate in the air and it go throughout the whole universe. If you are speaking any nonsense it will not 'go in vain.' It will go throughout the whole world by air. An example may be given of a big pond. If you take a stone and throw it into a pond, some waves will be created, and they will touch all ends of the pond. This universe is like that pond, and air is everywhere in the universe. When one chants Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, this will evaporate and create so many waves of air, and those waves will touch everywhere -- up to the ends of the world -- moving here and there and purifying the entire universe from all these pollutions.

"Krsna is so powerful. He can create the whole universe in a second and He can destroy it, and again he can create so many worlds. He has invested all His mercy, power, and opulence in His names, and therefore they are so powerful. They will very quickly travel throughout the whole universe, by the help of airwaves, and the pollution will be at once gone. You know that the trees, creepers, animals, and insects cannot speak. They cannot understand our language. Still, everyone -- not only humans, but trees, creepers, and insects here and there in this universe -- will be touched by this powerful name, whether they know it or not. There is no question of whether they are aware or not. They will be touched. If knowingly or unknowingly you are touching fire it will burn you. Similarly, these names are very powerful. They will inject all and they will purify all, whether they know or not.

"Here the trees are very fortunate, the grass is fortunate, and the persons are fortunate -- whether they are coming to our classes or not. The trees, creepers, grass and all others are somehow attending our classes by hearing the sound. Moslems don't say Hari, Krsna, or Rama, but the sound will somehow go and touch them, even if they are in Arabia or Iran. Even hogs, pigs, bears, and other creatures who are in jungles and forests, attacking persons and eating them, will be also be liberated.

"Kirtana is so powerful that if you are meditating on anything, and we are doing kirtana, you cannot continue to meditate. If you are doing kirtana and someone else is not doing kirtana, he is bound to do kirtana by mind. If you cannot meditate, you should chant Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare. This will engage all your senses. You will forget where you are and what you are doing. If you chant louder and louder, all your senses will be controlled and there will be nothing to criticize, and nothing to remember about your bad activities or anything else. Otherwise, without this, while meditating, all kinds of bogus things will come in your head. You cannot check it by yourself, but by kirtana it will be checked very easily

vasanti dasi

The route cause for the corruption was the genetic problem of our independence - that is - the ineffective constitution. The freedom fighters were all real patriots and never even could imagine that one day the country would be ruled only by criminals and multicrore pathies- beyond the reach and dream of commoners. Persons like Ambedhkar and Alladi Krishnaswamy had expected only the likes of them would hold powers and hence they prepared the mildest constitution, in English- -that too- based on Irish and Westminster models- a shame for a country having 98% illiterates living in villages with abject poverty- in 1947.

The corruption was the first by-product of the weak constitution and the thereafter came the dynastic rule, punishment-free mega frauds and misuse of public funds- criminals taking over the politics through back doors (now of course front door with red carpet).

Our first objective must be to revise the constitution with restrictive clauses for the powers of the so called elected rulers and stop the hereditary rights for MPs MLAs PMs, CMs etc forthwith. Once we succeed the corruption which is only symptom would vanish automatically.





Let all Indians unite and make India the super power at least in 2050

with regards

Jai Hind


See how Lokpal Bill can curb the politicians, Circulate it to create awareness

Existing System

No politician or senior officer ever goes to jail despite huge evidence because Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) and CBI directly come under the government. Before starting investigation or prosecution in any case, they have to take permission from the same bosses, against whom the case has to be investigated.

System Proposed by civil society

Lokpal at centre and Lokayukta at state level will be independent bodies. ACB and CBI will be merged into these bodies. They will have power to initiate investigations and prosecution against any officer or politician without needing anyone’s permission. Investigation should be completed within 1 year and trial to get over in next 1 year. Within two years, the corrupt should go to jail.

Existing System

No corrupt officer is dismissed from the job because Central Vigilance Commission, which is supposed to dismiss corrupt officers, is only an advisory body. Whenever it advises government to dismiss any senior corrupt officer, its advice is never implemented.

System Proposed by civil society

Lokpal and Lokayukta will have complete powers to order dismissal of a corrupt officer. CVC and all departmental vigilance will be merged into Lokpal and state vigilance will be merged into Lokayukta.

Existing System

No action is taken against corrupt judges because permission is required from the Chief Justice of India to even register an FIR against corrupt judges.

System Proposed by civil society

Lokpal & Lokayukta shall have powers to investigate and prosecute any judge without needing anyone’s permission.

Existing System

Nowhere to go - People expose corruption but no action is taken on their complaints.

System Proposed by civil society

Lokpal & Lokayukta will have to enquire into and hear every complaint.

Existing System

There is so much corruption within CBI and vigilance departments. Their functioning is so secret that it encourages corruption within these agencies.

System Proposed by civil society

All investigations in Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be transparent. After completion of investigation, all case records shall be open to public. Complaint against any staff of Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be enquired and punishment announced within two months.

Existing System

Weak and corrupt people are appointed as heads of anti-corruption agencies.

System Proposed by civil society

Politicians will have absolutely no say in selections of Chairperson and members of Lokpal & Lokayukta. Selections will take place through a transparent and public participatory process.

Existing System

Citizens face harassment in government offices. Sometimes they are forced to pay bribes. One can only complaint to senior officers. No action is taken on complaints because senior officers also get their cut.

System Proposed by civil society

Lokpal & Lokayukta will get public grievances resolved in time bound manner, impose a penalty of Rs 250 per day of delay to be deducted from the salary of guilty officer and award that amount as compensation to the aggrieved citizen.

Existing System

Nothing in law to recover ill gotten wealth. A corrupt person can come out of jail and enjoy that money.

System Proposed by civil society

Loss caused to the government due to corruption will be recovered from all accused.

Existing System

Small punishment for corruption-Punishment for corruption is minimum 6 months and maximum 7 years.

System Proposed by civil society
Enhanced punishment -Â The punishment would be minimum 5 years and maximum of life imprisonment.
Giriraj Daga

I feel quite sad in India. I remember my father will never give any bribe. We had tough time because of this but he managed. Generally, all my friends have to give bribe for passport to person who does address verification. That person comes to you house and you have to give him some money. Me and my dad both got it withing any bride. My dad's passport took a long time. We are simple family with no big contacts. It was tough to not give any bribes etc...

I don't have to deal with corruption in US. In my opinion, US system is ethically much more advanced than India. Actually, I have found that US is more ethically advanced than India. People are more compassionate and caring. They have made laws to help women and children because they care for them. In India, Anna Hazare has to fast to death to make simple laws against corruption.

My view is that we need to encourage morality. Encourage being good and caring. Help people around you. Be compassionate. In India, good people try to become great. They start talking about big stuff but they miss simple stuff. Simple stuff is being caring, loving, compassionate and helpful.

Second thing is to reward those who are caring, loving, compassionate and helpful. In India, general attitude is that good work should not be rewarded. So, there is not much incentive to be good.

I am good citizen of US. I lead a life of honesty. I donate to charitable causes. I pay taxes. I work hard and contribute to the country. I get rewarded well and I am among top 10% rich people in US. But at the same time, I spend time for spiritual sadhana and family. I try to spend 3-4 hours with kids everyday. So, I don't just work hard but also, help my family and people around me. On the contrary, I have found that Indian father is busy making money and does not spend much time with family.

When there was Sept 11, everyone in US was quite concerned and wanted to help the country. My technical lead said that we should work hard at our job. Doing our job good is service to the country. So, it is important to do your work with sincerity and honest.

There is lot to learn from US. We can surely take good things from this country especially on corruption.

At His feet in service,
Dear All,

Please FORWARD to save ourselves

Anna Hazare says bring back the Black Money.

Do u know what willhappen if1,456 Lac Crores comes back.

1. India Financially No.1
2. Each district will get 60000 crores & each village will get 100 Crores
3. No need to pay taxes for next 20 yrs.
4. Petrol 25 Rs, Diesel 15 Rs, Milk 8 Rs.
5. No need to pay electricity bill.
6. Indian borders will become more stronger than the China Wall.
7. 1500 Oxford like Universities can be opened.
8. 28,000 kms Rubber road (like in Paris) can be made.
9. 2,000 hospitals (with all facilities) all medicine Free.
10. 95 crore people will have their own house.

Support Anna Hazare by forwarding this message to atleast 10 Indians.

There's a drive at thiruvanmiyur (building next to HDFC Bank) where people are
gathering support for this Bill and Anna hazare's fasting. All you have to do is
spend 2 minutes to show your support by putting your signature on a note placed
there (which will be faxed to president every one hour). This drive will be
there for 3 days so please spare few minutes of your precious time.

PLease take time to read it.

10 things to know about Anna Hazare 'n Jan Lok Pal Bill.. !

1. Who is Anna Hazare?

An ex-army man. Fought 1965 Indo-Pak War

2. What's so special about him?

He built a village Ralegaon Siddhi in Ahamad Nagar district, Maharashtra

3. So what?

This village is a self-sustained model village. Energy is produced in the
village itself from solar power, biofuel and wind mills.

In 1975, it used to be a poverty clad village. Now it is one of the richest
village in India. It has become a model for self-sustained, eco-friendly &
harmonic village.

4. Ok,...?

This guy, Anna Hazare was awarded Padma Bhushan and is a known figure for his
social activities.

5. Really, what is he fighting for?

He is supporting a cause, the amendment of a law to curb corruption inIndia.

6. How that can be possible?

He is advocating for a Bil, The Jan Lokpal Bill (The Citizen Ombudsman Bill),
that will form an autonomous authority who will make politicians (ministers),
beurocrats (IAS/IPS) accountable for their deeds.

8. It's an entirely new thing right..?

In 1972, the bill was proposed by then Law minister Mr. Shanti Bhushan. Since
then it has been neglected by the politicians and some are trying to change the
bill to suit thier theft (corruption).

7. Oh.. He is going on a hunger strike for that whole thing of passing a Bill !
How can that be possible in such a short span of time?

The first thing he is asking for is: the government should come forward and
announce that the bill is going to be passed.

Next, they make a joint committee to DRAFT the JAN LOKPAL BILL. 50% goverment
participation and 50% public participation. Because you cant trust the
government entirely for making such a bill which does not suit them.

8. Fine, What will happen when this bill is passed?

A LokPal will be appointed at the centre. He will have an autonomous charge, say
like the Election Commission of India. In each and every state, Lokayukta will
be appointed. The job is to bring all alleged party to trial in case of
corruptions within 1 year. Within 2 years, the guilty will be punished. Not
like, Bofors scam or Bhopal Gas Tragedy case, that has been going for last 25
years without any result.

9. Is he alone? Whoelse is there in the fight with Anna Hazare?

Baba Ramdev, Ex. IPS Kiran Bedi, Social Activist Swami Agnivesh, RTI activist
Arvind Kejriwal and many more.

Prominent personalities like Aamir Khan is supporting his cause.

10. Ok, got it. What can I do?

At least we can spread the message. How?

Putting status message, links, video, changing profile pics.


Related to the current topic

Naga Narayana


Dear Sadhaks,

There have always been 5 Pandwas v/s 100 Kauravas. The Mahabharat war is going
on both inside and outside. Our duty is with only 5 good qualities we must
associate our self with Krishna(GOD/SELF), and fight.......Dharma will doubt about that...........

The only method to bring the change is to "be the change". So as sincere
sadhaks, we all need to demonstrate the change we want to see in India or in
this world.
Following are some basic qualities that will multiply and create enormous change
in the world -
1.Adopting Gitaji's teaching with full enthusiasm and sincerity
2. Developing Love and compassion for the self, others and all the creation
3. Having attitude of gratitude(always thinking positive, seeing God's grace in
whatever we have)
4. Remaining peaceful in all situation, performing our duties to the best
possible way but knowing that it is all "HIS" Leela
5.Praying with full dedication. Hey Naath, I know I have no strength of my own,
but "YOU" are almighty, You have all power and supreme intelligence to do what
is right , at the right time.

O! God, O! Krishna, make us your instrument to establish Dharma in present
world. We have no strength of our own, please guide us, and direct us towards
the right path.

with Love,
I agree with every word of the article - "present state of the country and its
end result", and I am seeing it happening in real life in every sphere, exactly
as swamiji had predicted.

I feel the only thing we can do is to live Gita ourselves. This will have
immense benefit for us and for the world too in the context being discussed -
(1) If we all do our duty well without deceit, lies etc, we would be making a
difference, even if it is little, in the present state.
(2) We would be spreading Dharma by setting an example. Swamiji said that the
best way to propagate dharma is to practice it oneself. Nowadays, people cannot
be inspired to follow Dharma merely by teachings or discussions, they are
inspired only by actions, when they see that someone is indeed leading a life of
sacrifice and righteousness, they will feel the urge to do so themselves, and
then they will be more receptive to teachings of Gita.

Sadly, today hindus themselves feel that Gita teachings are impractical and
impossible to follow now. We need to bring about the awareness that it is very
much possible and it is the perfect solution to all our problems. This can be
done if we practice those teachings ourselves, and also try to spread them in
the right ways, at the right opportunities, to the right persons.

(Govind, I offer to you that which is already yours.)

:Shree Hari:

21st June, 2008, Saturday
Aashaad Krishna Tritiya, Vikram Samvat 2065, Shanivar

Whatsoever an eminent person does, he is followed by others as
well. Whatever standard he sets, the world follows the same. Gita

"Yadadaacarati srethastattadevetaro janah
Sa yatpramaanam kurute lokastadanuvartate." (Gita 3:21)

Comments: It is generally observed that in society, in a community,
in an organization, in a particular race, in a nationality, in a
stage in life, those men that are considered most excellent and
eminent, then other men believing their eminence, see them with
respect, and as they behave, people in their organization, groups
etc. follow suit and behave in the same manner over time.

Due to the importance of wealth and status within one's self, and
due to greed, people regard millionaires, and individuals in high
positions (e.g. leaders) as great men and they view them with
reverence and respect. Those that have given importance to these
inert things within themselves, such as wealth and position etc., in
actuality, they are neither eminent, nor honorable themselves, nor
are they able to understand honorable and eminent people, at all.
Also those that are considered ideal and excellent by such
individuals are also not in reality, excellent and honorable
people. If they have given importance to wealth internally, then,
they will be more influenced by wealthy people. Just like thieves
are influenced by the leader of the thieves. The truth is that
inspite of not being eminent and honorable, but being believed as
excellent, through other people, the behavior of these rich people
in high positions, is automatically and effortlessly propagated in
society. Just like the rich people, that are considered eminent due
to their wealth, whatever methods they resort to for earning and
accumulating wealth, those same practices automatically spread
among the others, even if these practices are kept in great
secrecy ! This is the main reason why at present times falsehood,
forgery, dishonesty, theft and corruption and other evil tendencies
are naturally spreading rampantly on their own in society, without
any schooling or teaching.

It is painful and surprising that at present people regard a
millionaire as great and honorable, but a devotee who is deeply
immersed in chanting the name of God, is not considered honorable.
People do not have the foresight that when a millionaire dies, he
will not take a single penny with him, while the wealth (Lord's name
recitation) of the devotee will entirely go with the devotee !

Those men that are considered the main heads (leaders) in their
field or place, those teachers, preachers, educators, gurus,
priests, national leaders, and rulers etc., who hold positions of
honor in society, for them it is extremely essential that there is
utmost alertness and caution in behavior and conduct, where by they
have a good influence on other people. This is because everyone has
their eye on the main leader. Just like the driver of a passenger
train has immense responsibility for the travellers. The travellers
may be fast as sleep, yet the driver must remain awake and alert at
all times. Even by the slightest carelessness, there is a
possibility of a disaster. Therefore in this world, for all those
that are considered eminent in their fields, it is extremely
essential that they apply utmost care, caution, and alertness in all
their actions and behavior. (to be continued)

From "The Bhagavad Gita - Sadhak Sanjivani" Gita 3:21 in English
page 332 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Shree Hari Ram Ram

Yes !
Dear All

The world itself needs to be taken to a higher order of spirituality-

It is not just the Indian government that is corrupt, but the developed
countries like US with high levels of income Inequality.

Equally, mother earth is limited. Each citizen in the world, including India,
who accumulates too much and leaves nothing for the next generation is corrupt.
Every body is coming and saying government stop corruption, but what about
corruption of the rich?

Countries are no longer free with Multinational companies coming and
appropriating our resources. The world bank, International Monetary Fund and
United nations are part of the problem.

The spiritual crisis of inter state organisations, MNCs, government, citizens,
upper caste (by birth) communities is destorying mother earth, and leaving
nothing for next generation. Where in upanishads is it written caste is by
birth? Further manual work has to be valued as high as intellectual work.

The notion of one person one religion has to stop, and time has come to
synthesize inter faith traditions (sufism is one pathway) and move the world to
a higher order of living. Civilization i am distressed to say is regressing

SS Ranjani

Nice presentation that clearly points out the difference between
Lokpal Bill vs Jokepal Bill (Govt)

Thanks & Regards,
Sudhir Srinivasan
From: Dr Nilesh Baxi

Anna Hazare's fast starts from 16th August. Every citizen who want cleansing of
our corrupt government and officials, should come out openly in support of
Anna's crusade.

My humble suggestion is that
a.. everyone of us should come down in our local area at a prominent place or
near traffic signals( in my area between Tardeo Court and Union Bank),
b.. form groups of 15-25,
c.. waving atleast one tricolor for the group and
d.. burning copies of posters bearing the message," Down with Jokepal Bill"
"Bhrashtario, Bharat Chhodo",etc
Please spread the message.

manmohan doesnt speak;
yedyurappa doesnt listen;
karunanidhi doesnt see;
mayawati doesnt care;
sibbal doesnt shut up;
anna doesnt give up;
and now......... ........kalmadi doesnt remember!!!!
great democrazy!

Dr Nilesh Baxi

Independence Day
On 15th August 1947, Bharat attained freedom from British rule. Hence, every
year, 15th August is celebrated as an 'Independence Day' in Bharat. Happy
Independence Day! Balsewak


Maanya Saadhaks
Wishing all saadhaks experience of Freedom within, I completely agree with the
following lines. Particularly the second line. Our country's problems are
misunderstanding the concept of population. If we call population a problem,
that means calling people a problem. What is country without people? If i am
growing at the cost of the other or at least more than the other
materialistically, then I am consciously or unconsciously creating problem
around my own self.

* Few points addressed ...
.... Those that are supposed to protect, have become predators.
.....The backwardness (joblessness, poverty) in our country is not due to over
population, rather it is due to increase in negligence in duty, bad conduct,
laziness, disregard, corruption etc.
.....He who does not have a spiritual eye, but has a material and worldly eye,
they alone see worldly progress as great.
.....he who hoards wealth and protects it, is called a demoniac person. A
demoniac person perishes - "yakshavitah patatyadhah" (Srimad Bhagwat 11/23/24)
..... "Where those that should not be revered are being revered and those that
should be revered are being condemned, there three things will inevitably take
place - famine, death and fear." *

Massive numbers showed in March for Anna Hazare in
India Day Parade at New Jersey, USA

August 14, 2011. Iselin, NJ. The Indian Independence Day Parade was greeted by
torrential rain and indomitable spirit of 150 volunteers of India Against
Corruption adorning Anna Topi. Bollywood stars, Major business groups, Tourism
industry, Religions groups, Television channels etc. participate in this parade
organized by Indian Business Association, NJ. This New Jersey Independence day
parade is a major annual event that attracts about 10 thousand people for the
parade. The India Against Corruption contingent was the largest group of the
whole parade.

The volunteers braved severe weather and walked for about 2 hours in the rain.
People from all walks of life – technologists, engineers, business men, doctors,
students etc. joined the parade. Old men, women, pregnant women, kids as young
as 5 years old, walked in the rain. The volunteers were drenched and cold but
their enthusiasm was not dampened. Flyers were distributed to all the people
watching the parade. A sample poll of about 500 people watching the parade
tallied 95% support for Anna Hazare's movement. Volunteers were carrying slogans
in support of Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal. Volunteers also sang "Hum Honge Kam
Yaab" in front of the main stage. The spirit was so contagious that the
passers-by joined them too. Many volunteers were carrying placards saying – "I
am Anna" in various languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi etc.
The message also said "It is not one Anna. We are Thousands". This was to
symbolize the spirit of nationalism that Anna has evoked in common man.

This event was covered by major television channels. The volunteers in the
parade, common people who joined to IAC, were interviewed by Television and
media reporters. Isha, 10 years old was asked by one of the representative in
hindi what this movement was about and she said that this was about supporting
Anna Hazare who was fight corruption in India. She also said she supported the
movement whole-heartedly.

The chants of vande maataram and Jai Hind boomed through the crowd, echoing the
patriotic fervor of the participants. The message of the parade was to express
the greatness of India and to communicate that the country can be the greatest
if we eradicate corruption. One of successful local commercial realtor was
complementing IAC volunteers after the parade and said that the economic growth
of our country was great but it could be much greater if not for corruption.

One of the slogans in the parade was – "Anna Hazare – Desh Tere saath hai!
Videsh Tere saath hai!!". There are a lot of other events being held across the
globe on Aug 14, 2011 to mark the Global Solidarity Day declared by IAC. The
enthusiasm and support shown by NRIs for India is bound to inspire people in
India. The parade ended with all the volunteers singing the Indian National
Anthem drenched in rain and standing in attention.

This was an event of the common man, by the common man and for the common man –
a reflection of true democracy, an event in support of Jan Lokpal bill and Anna

US would be right to interfere like this when the politicians in power wreak
state terrorism on a peaceful people like they did the lathi charge on a
sleeping people in Ram lila maidan. Indian rulers have no sense of morality and
at least US is trying to remind them to not go overboard on immorality. Most
Hindus mired in their own problems do not get up to help others. The situation
is shameful and the teachings of Gita are seen for selfish Moksh which they will
never get that way when they ignore the battlefield of kurukshetra which is the
real message of the Gita. The US is showing that it understands the message far
better and the Hindus ought to learn from an outsider.
Anil Bhanot
As a Gita Shadhak, I resist for the present all temptation to get angry, sad and
disappointed with as weell as the natural inclination to analyse the cause and
identify the people responsible for the mess that we are in now. I do recognize
that all that we experience now is part of the natural process of transformation
that continually goes on in this Creation. I wish to remain unperturbed by
whatever is happening and resist departing from the path to pray for liberation,
irrespective of what my Gunas may force to analyse the situation, evolve
solutions to help others to get out of the mess and get attached to an
expectation of better days ahead. Let me do my work unperturbed, without
agitation in mind and detachment to the consequences of my and others' actions
and reactions to the evolving situation. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to
test my determination to stay on the couse set for me by God.
Basudeb Sen


PM's appeal to the people to leave matters to parliament is very genuine,but if
the members of that super body donot maintain integrity,it becomes imperative
upon right thinking people to launch corrective measures.Mahatama Gandhi
struggled against the ruling mighty power to seek fair participation of people
and swaraj.The pwerful British who had won two world wars and didnot yield to
terrorism of hitler ultimately agreed to the nonovoilent mission of freedom
fighters.For about ten years our country was full of dreams for fair
distribution of chance and success for everybody.But soon the outlook of those
in power degenerated and common man started suffering.Today me,a,middle class
retired person feels my own country unworthy of life,law and order and
administrative assistance.At Jalandhar I am suffering extra ordinary law and
iorder problem and police happen to be supporting social terrorists.I had met
police officer,politicians and observe my circumstances only deteriorated.


If anyone knows the way to express to our leaders our support for corruption
free India, I would be interested in knowing without getting entangled in any
organizations etc.
Bina G K

India on Friday Aug 12th, took strong exception to the US wading into a domestic
political debate on corruption.

Reacting to a statement by the US state department asking India to exercise
"democratic restraint" while handling the anti-corruption fast by Anna Hazare,
the external affairs ministry said, "Freedoms of speech and expression, as well
as, of peaceful assembly, are enshrined in the Constitution of India and
exercised by citizens of this country of 1.2 billion people."

Civil society activist Anna Hazare is scheduled to begin another fast on the
Lokpal Bill on August 16. Hazare threatened to stop drinking water if the
government arrests him before or during the fast and tries to force feed him.


As Bharat's independence day is nearing, let each of us, do our part for a
better Bharat. Kindly support Anna Hazare calls for anti-corruption protests.
There is a momentum building up. LET IT NOT DIE. PLEASE SUPPORT TO KEEP IT
ALIVE. It must not die down. It is for the benefit of all of Bharat, its
Citizens and for the future generation. Mohan

Excerpts from Present State of the Country and the End Results

After gaining independence "Bharat" (India) has degraded significantly.... from
all angles there has been much decline. The loyal citizens that sacrificed so
much in the past to gain independence from the British rule, but after gaining
independence, the state of the country is such that people have started praising
the British rule. They have begun to say that the British were ruling well. This
is such an embarrassment!

.... The destruction of these resources is being regarded as production! The
destruction of animals is being called as the "production of meat" ! The grave
and horrible sin of abortion and destroying the potential of child-birth is
being called as welfare and prosperity of families! The lack of restraint in
women and the destruction of customary limits and boundaries of honor and
dignity is being called out as "independence of women"!

Gita says this is "taamasik buddhi" (ignorant and deluded intellect) -
"Amanyate tamasaavrutaa; Sarvaarthaanvipareetaanshrav buddhih saa paarth taamasi
|| (Gita 18/32) "O' Paarth! That which is enveloped in darkness, is conceived as
right when wrong, and sees all things perverted (contrary to truth), that
intellect is tamasika (of the nature of ignorance). (Gita 18/32)

Few points addressed ...
.... Those that are supposed to protect, have become predators.
.....The backwardness (joblessness, poverty) in our country is not due to over
population, rather it is due to increase in negligence in duty, bad conduct,
laziness, disregard, corruption etc.
.....He who does not have a spiritual eye, but has a material and worldly eye,
they alone see worldly progress as great.
.....he who hoards wealth and protects it, is called a demoniac person. A
demoniac person perishes - "yakshavitah patatyadhah" (Srimad Bhagwat 11/23/24)
..... "Where those that should not be revered are being revered and those that
should be revered are being condemned, there three things will inevitably take
place - famine, death and fear."

Kindly share your insights -

Ram Ram


Today India is a spiritual country only in name. Though there are yogis and God
realised people the majority is after money and power. None more so than our
leaders and babus who are misusing their powers for their own gains. They are
hand-in - glove with the criminals and are looting the country and taking our
money to Swiss banks. Though a movement has been started against corruption the
government is trying its best to suppress the same through brute force. Now it
is up to all Indians to see that who will gain the upper hand. In other words
will the crooks rule or will good people take over? The answer lies with us. The
battle has started. We can only hope that the forces of good will prevail with
the support of the majority.
Hari Shanker Deo

what to chant for justice to prevail and mother earth to be saved

At present acting as a personal assistant for Thervoy women's self help groups,
Girama Makkal Munnera nala Sangam, and villagers of Therovy Kandigai,
thiruvallur district, TN whose forests and grazing land was usurped against
their wishes.

Kindly advise what to chant for justice to prevail for oppressed people of this
village, oppressed groups in general across the world, unborn girls in Asia and
injustices done to mother earth.

SS Ranjani


Hari Om

What a truth:

"The backwardness (joblessness, poverty) in our country is not due to over
population, rather it is due to increase in negligence in duty, bad
conduct,laziness, disregard, corruption etc."

Yes...! Earlier, suicides used to happen only abroad, now that we are adopting
western ways, they have started taking place in India too ! So much is being
talked about population increase...actually, in democratic set up, it is numbers
which count. If the present trend of 'family planning' continues, very soon,
Hindus will be in minority in their own country. We will be ruled by non-Hindus.
Democracy = One vote for one individual. In effect: Sheep grazer has one vote,
and Mahatma Gandhi also has one vote. If there are 10 fools and 1 will
be ruled by fools, naturally due to very democratic set up. The writing on the
wall is very clear..!

Two major things are happenning: Animals are being killed and eaten ; humans are
prevented from taking birth...can there be a more solid way of destruction? ! Women , due to 'family planning innovations' are being reduced to
'bhogyas' (object of pleasure/consumption) ..and they seem to be happy about
it..what a degradation in the name of 'equality' ...unbelievable ! There is no
fear ..of conception.. hence in schools , colleges, work places, parks,
beaches...Bindaash ! Many suicides take place due to this.
Kissing at beaches,.. smoking by females, drinking by them.. Huge rise in
numbers..really perceptible increase. When I was 20 year old and today I am 56
..the difference is crystal clear, demonstrable, unquestionable.

Earlier on Kalbadevi or Johari Bazar type of places in Mumbai..there used to a
lot of people (men) wearing 'dhotis' ! Today, I wonder if you can find a single
person wearing 'dhoti'. Earlier a lot of people used to wear 'topis'
(traditional Indian head wear) topis and pugrees are found only in

Latest trend: I often see now a days in India, women talking with their little
children in English.. In lifts, in buses, in public....( Don't you know who we
are..? attention to us.. We are modern literate mothers) ! Why don't
they talk with children in their mother tongue? Earlier, almost invariably I
used to see at public places people talking with their dogs only in English !
Now it is their own children + dogs ..!! Why do people always talk with their
dogs in English..? Can any one reply? Same thing now is visible with reference
to little, cute, their own children.

The rhymes and poems taught to children in schools ..unbelievable degradation !!
Earlier, nursery students were taught Ga for Ganesha, now they are taught Ga for
Gadha ; D for Dog/ Donkey , C for Cat; R for Rat...E for Elephant..!

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B

At one level, it is all a tamasha......a grand one....a perfect one...... one is
growing individually.....and the world is different for him....he is in
bliss....when one sees goodness around, goodness starts manifesting

At another level, we tend to analyze, debate, feel good and bad about the state
individual, society, country, world,...etc... if one feels bad then there is
question of correction, setting it right, need for spirituality, wants
to do something as a doer....with a purpose of changing the world....
spirituality has little role at this level......some meditation or peace in
between action is what appears enough....

Question is what is spirituality and who needs it? There could be variant
answers to this question.
One understanding/answer could be:

Spirituality is the experiential knowledge of the laws of nature/wisdom/truth
which deal with the most desired value called true
joy/happiness/satisfaction/bliss .............and are applicable to/useful for
all human/living beings..... True happiness is a result of being in tune with
these laws of nature.....more we are tuned, more is the happiness.....

By this understanding, it is essential to live all tuned with the laws of achieve what we all like to achieve....
and be Truely Selfish.... being selfish is not has to be truely achieve the aim beyond aim....behind everything that we do...
i.e. true joy/happiness/satisfaction/bliss....

Wonderful thing is that it is all a common sense.....realized by so many all
over the world (India could be taken as Head Quaters) after years of
contemplation and experimentation.

Best wishes to

Sushil Jain

everybody has been given an opportunity to improve
HariBol HariBol
Badri Taneja


krishna is hard on us o dedicate this
ujjval dravyam


Dear Sadhakas, Namaste!
Suppose there is a country of 100 people. Each one of adults, man and women,
decide together they will follow Dharma, make honest living, share all the
wealth they produce by proper division of labor, working as one country, care
for each other and educate children to be good citizens, make sure no one goes
hungry or remain sick. Isn't it obvious that such a country will be peaceful,
and happy country living in the spirit of Gita or scriptures?

Now suppose few of them decide somehow to act as selfish individuals, don't care
for common good of country. What should those that are good citizens do?
Teach them to be good citizens through education, make them religious respecting
different faiths, enact just and fair laws to govern bad behaviors, keep some
of them away so they cannot harm others, etc etc....Educate, educate and educate
children to be good citizens!

In the final picture, God who is supreme Intelligence and Love will prevail
through Humans only even as country seem to head toward disaster for a while!
The root of our bad behavior is in us considering ourselves "Individuals" from
which greed arises, giving rise to selfish acts resulting in communal riots,
wars between neighbors etc etc.
Out of such chaos, God in the form of one human being or more comes to uphold
Dharma, and liberate people from suffering. This is Gita's promise!
I am absolutely sure this happens as we have seen in a smaller scale all the
Namaskar............Pratap Bhatt


After gaining independence, India has been able to draft and execute Constituion
establishing independent Judiciary, fair election and separate legilative and
executive arms. Although politicians and beuaraucrats are corrupt, all are not
like that.Problems, we are facing are problems of Growth andd when they come to
Peak, there is assurancee from Lord
Paritranay Sadhunam, Vinashaya chaa Dusshkrutam, Dharma Sansthpanay Sambhavami
Yuge Yuge.Country's end result is going to be good if we follow righteous path
and leave the rest to Lord.
Jayantilal Shah


Dear Sadaks,
There is answers in the posting itself. But one thing- Naradh Rishi while in
Vaikunt requested a question, "Why people on earth loosing Bakthi".? Sriman
Narayana immediately sent HIM to earth as Puranderdoss. Ref: Vittal Baktha
Vijayam. My personal suggestion is to remain quite to things around do your
duty. End of kaliyug is near and it shall be as predicted. One understands this,
then he will get salvation. You are NOT the doer- Just remain in that thought.
For Kaliyug detals if you see in Srimath Bagavath, you will be very happy as of


yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavatu bharatah ,
abhiutthanam adharamasya tadatmanam srujamihum

Chaman nigam


There is a question from a sadhak :
so my question with my fellow group members is , is there any thing we can do ,
while sitting from our homes and offices.
Answer is : Yes. Each one has to discharge his/her duties honestly. As regards
duty [kartavya], Swameejee has clearly said, "duty is that which we must do,
which we can do, whose means of doing are available to us, and by doing which
our aim is fulfilled and perfected." "kartavya vah jise karanaa chaahiye, jise
kar sakate hain, jise karaneke saadhan upalbdh hain aur jisake karanese uddeshya
poorna hotaa ho." Discharging own duties honestly [carried out by each and every
one] will give different end results.
So be it.


Dear friends,
This is not a new Trend, if we read Ramayan and Mahabharat, the same 'Adharma'
is mentioned.
This is a cycle ..... we have to go back to 'Satya Yug'.
We again have to study, why we degenerated into 'Treta', 'Dwapar', and 'Kali'.
Our base itself has been lost to short-term goals through nonanalytical
Our philosophy from those analysis have created a lasting society ... followed
by some developing nations even today, which we are relearning from them.
The Upanishads have helped many people around the world to develop themselves
and this can help us also ..... but these have to start from the basic
How many schools have GITA and Upanishad curriculum in schools and colleges ?
A corrupt govt. ruled by/with outlaws will not like to introduce these subjects.



State of nation, soceity and existence … individual duties and responsibilities

State of existence is primarily a function of one's own deeds and the
circumstantial reactions to the same. Survival is survival. Everyone has the
right to live and ought to thrive to live well. The living is one's own
responsibility and being happy is one's own duty. The very aloofness of the
environment to one's personal sufferings and the very acute awareness of the
miseries smothering the person demonstrates how the sufferings are rooted in the
very person. The environment may pour water and menure to nurture the tree ...
but the tree is verily rooted in the individual.

Often, rather almost always, we keep lamenting on the circumstantial faults
rather than the personal faults for the miseries we suffer from. Naturally,
one's eyes are caught by the apparent symptoms vested around in the environment
rather than the inherent root-cause(s) invested within an individual. The
resulting ignorance pits the miserable fellow against all the rest and
instigates the fellow to shout how the environment is ill-treating him/her all
the time. But ... shouldn't the fellow look at what made the fellow vulnerable
to the proclaimed exploitation? The solution to the miseries lies in the
root-cause treatment - strengthen yourself to fight your survival better. Any
symptomatic treatment offered by the idealistic socialism to "correct" the
soceity for individual promotion will ALWAYS result in more exploitation - the
few individuals who pretend to promote the mass are definitely promoted! ... at
the cost of the ignorant mass!!

Therefore, my suggestion is … STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE COUNTRY AT ONCE. If you
are unhappy for any reason … it is high time to question yourself - "have I done
anything to be happy in the first place?!". No one else has the need to keep you
happy … it is always one's individual need. No one else has the duty to keep you
happy ... it is always one's individual duty. Learn to act to make yourself
happy ... learn to be happy ... then the nation is also happy ... everything
else is also happy.

Miseries emerge in one's vision ONLY WHEN one corrupts one's vision with the
same … pouring the venom of discontent from within to every faculty. Instead of
preaching how the country should function … it is worthwhile to contemplate how
to live in the first place. A person who is frim within, contented within and
proactive within can only make an attempt to lead others in the same direction.

Therefore, one's individual duty and responsibility is to learn how one can live
happy and contented. It is the strength nurtured within individually that can
ever make a soceity strong collectively.


Naga Narayana.


The facts are well written. But why and how this happens?
The answear is simple.
We call ourselves Hindus and regard Bhagavat Geeta in high esteem. But do we
practice in our life? The answear is simple , it is absolutely "NO". Therefore
this is bound to happen.
Even our religious leaders as well as social Leaders also falls under the same
catagory, except very few.

However, Mother nature is all powerful and accordingly this will also happen.

Dr. Rajeev Agnihotri

construction & destruction cycle continues
we will have to face it
many in the country are facing it
HariBol HariHariBol
Badri Taneja


Greatest anadi culture on this planet shall Gradually diminish due to kaler dosa
nidhe rAjann Sukadev warned Parixit Mhrj 5k yrs ago 2nd Canto. Yet within
kaliyuga Sri Krsna Chaitanya MahAprabhu appears along with Nitai Advaita to
rescue the ready. R u ready? Hare Krsna
Ps after 427k yrs Satya yuga again begins

Srila PrabhupAd stated: future Kaliyuga greeting either u eat me or I eat u so b
prepared, sew in extra pockets for cutleries and condiments. Indeed relish the
Notwithstanding Srila NArAyan Mhrj. predicted KalkyavatAr won't appear in this
Kaliyuga due to MahAprabhu

Hare RAma


From, S.Sridharan. Sunnyvale, USA. Dt.19th Jun 2011.
The lamentations presented in the message from Swamiji are all sadly true.
is horrifying right now and we are only around 5000 years into Kali and another
(nearly) 4lakhs years of kali remain before God manifests Himself as Kalki
Bhagwan to save earth! At this stage all that we can do is to resolve that we
will follow the path of Sathvic Dharma as much as possible and refrain from
accusing others who may not follow this path for many reasons. May God help them
to realise the Truth. S.Sridharn.

When Dharma is on the decline What is the Solution?

leaders are doing what they should, some are doing demonstrations, some are
writing blogs, devotees are praying to god.

is there any thing we can do, we the members of family sadhaka group, can do
extra , at our places , to re-establish dharma.

this is true that according to sri gita jee, it is the krishna's duty to take
care (according to shloka 7&8 of chapter 4) but still is there any thing we are
supposed to do.

another example is what krishna did when he lifted goverdhan, actually he lifted
, but all his friends also said as a moral support to him, do not worry, we all
will take some of the weight by our lathis.

how funny was that, but that shows, he lifts the goverdhan , if we only morally
support the right cause.

so my question with my fellow group member is , is there any thing we can do ,
while sitting from our homes and offices.

so what we can do ?

G Ashok


According to me, this country has been taken away from the path of Gita and
Buddha, by the very people who swore by Geeta and Buddha. Nonviolence has been
interpreted as passive suffering in the face of naked aggression and tyranny.
Our leaders and those idolized by our countrymen have imbibed in us the "beggar
spirit". We are hypnotized to believe that we get things not by working for them
but by begging and blackmail. The so called Fast Unto Death (FUD) is, in
reality, not a nonviolent way of fighting but absolute blackmail and works only
when the other man subjects to the BM. Nonviolence is not just not killing.
Nobody can live without killing. When you cook a Bhendi, realize you are
"killing" may be a hundred 'lifes'.
Nourished on such fatty and juicy diet, Indian populace is now reduced to an
action-less zombie mass. Our youth is insensitive to any moralistic attitude.
The movies and their stars are not helping the scenario any better. Our
politicians, Ok, let us not spoil our tongues uttering their deeds. Let the true
essence of Bhagavad Gita irrigate our minds and produce herbs of Good Sense. Let
us not become victims of superstitions of caste, poojas of innumerable deities.
Let us search and find the one and only one Lord in all elements around us. Let
us be active; not passive sufferers. Do not kill; but if some one raises a
LaaThee on you give him the taste of a knife. Let our actions deter others from
taking us for granted. Let our nonviolence be supplemented with the warning, we
can be more violent if provoked. Let Quotes from Gita be followed by actions of
Maha Bhaarata.
Samudrala Krishna



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spiritual path
2. The Questioner must commit to feedback at end of discussion to bring closure
and commit to daily Gita study
3. Only one question at a time.
4. Question must be brief, to the point and relevant to the group's primary aim
of deeper understanding of Gita.


1. Responses are to be supported by scriptures, words of saints and great souls,
spiritual books etc. for it to be posted. Quote Gitaji/scriptures wherever
2. Only responses that are not in conflict with Gita, Scriptures, Dharma etc.
will be posted.
3. Responses are to be BRIEF (maximum 20 lines, approx. half a page)
4. Responses must be RESPECTFUL and RELEVANT (stay with the subject being
discussed only)
5. Responses should not include links to the other sites; personal information
(Ph #, address etc) or personalize message to particular person
5. Kindly, keep in mind novices, youth, westerners, non-sectarian audience.
Limit the use to Sanskrit words and provide English word bracketed.

Ram Ram


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

[gita-talk] Re: Protecting Sacred Mother Cow (Gau Mata)


Shree Hari Ram Ram

"Ahimsa (non violence) is the attribute of the soul, and, therefore, to be
practiced by everybody in all the affairs of life. If it cannot be practiced in
all departments, it has no practical value."

- Mahatma Gandhi


I wholeheartedly support this cause, and would like to form a group wherein we can plan and take action. There are several active groups already working at national level for this cause, and we can provide support to them too.

I am presently a housewife, and have working knowledge and experience of accounts both on paper as well as softwares. I have a little knowledge of Hindu scriptures (but at present nothing related to cows). I am good at communication skills. I can do internet research. I can provide about 1 hour daily with occasional leaves, or even more hours at times if need be. Please let me know how I can be helpful.

I request all interested people to volunteer and reply here. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time or money, whatever little time or effort or money any one can contribute, it will only be a positive contribution and a great help. Even if you can provide only your know how, it would be helpful.

Regarding the issue - what are the possible solutions for educating the villagers not to sell their cows? They are given false promises that cows wont be killed, and hence they unknowingly sell off their cows. If we can reach out to villages and educate them about the unimaginable and intolerable pains that cows suffer, and that it is still economically beneficial to keep a cow after it dries up (unable to give milk), this problem can be overcome. Any suggestions?
Ram Ram


Do you know what is the real industrial method for removing leather from cows?

cows are first bought from poor farmers with fake promises that they will be taken good care of. They are then made to walk long distances on hot concrete roads, and when tired, they are forced to continue walking by rubbing chilli-powder into their eyes. If they are still unable to get up due to being exhausted, they are beaten mercilessly, their tails are twisted so much that they break, and torture continues until they stand up to walk.

They are carried across state borders hidden in vans (because such slaughter is illegal), and live and conscious cows are stacked badly, and remain standing in that condition while they travel.

Worst awaits at slaughterhouses. First boiling water is poured over them so that the leather swells up. Then they are beaten badly with sticks so that leather swells up further. Then, their skin is peeled off their bodies while they are fully alive and conscious, because skin from alive cow gives softer leather. :(

The cows shiver due to pain and ultimately die. We call them mother, would we allow this to happen to our own mother? Would we peel off our mother's skin and use it to decorate our bodies and homes?

Please help to stop this. If you cannot help, atleast help by not using leather. If you don't believe me, search for cow-slaughter videos on youtube, uploaded by PETA and other organizations, and see evidence for yourself.

Ram Ram

English Translation :
Dear Narendra Bhaai!
Still more efforts towards Stopping Cow Slaughter are to be done through you. Please consider this reply given in Gita-talk for it. None else other than you, Brother! [at Governmental and Administrative level] will listen to this.
Indian people have started Vriddhaashramas for sending their aged parents when they become inactive due to age and useless for rendering any service to family, on the same line for those cows who are unable to serve their owners with milk etc. instead of sending them for slaughtering, new Cow-Aashramas be established whose expenses will be met by imposing a certain percentage of Cow-Tax on immense wealth accumulating in Hindu Temples. The remains of those cows who die natural death in these Gau-Aashramas, may not be cremated to fire and the bones, hide etc might be used as they used to use after slaughtering them. Thus cows will be saved from being slaughtered and their remains won't go waste as we also make use of Dharatee Maataa for vegetation served by Her.
Thanks and Regards,

A Bill, seeking seven-year jail term for cow slaughter or even
transporting the animal for that purpose, was passed unopposed in
Gujarat Assembly, with opposition Congress extending support to it. Now that is
some news. Thank u Narendra Modi. Hare Krishna :)

WORLD at large ... FOLLOW SUIT !
Check out -

Ram Ram


Shree Hari Ram Ram

Srinivasanji and other Sadhaks, Any thoughts and ideas on how the world
community can come together on protecting Cows (Gau Mata)?

Saadhaka ji / others any thoughts on how owners of cows can be made to never
sell their cows?

Also watch the video -
uttam maheshwari COW THEORY (in Hindi)
It will inspire to work toward protecting Cows (gau Mata)

Gita Talk Moderators, Ram Ram


Jai Shree Ram Ram,

We are a small group of people in Kolkata working towards protecting cows. We
are buying cows from various slaughter houses and have build a Gowshala housing
more than 40 cows, calves and bulls. We do weekly meetings and generate ideas
which can be implemented and also publish a newsletter. All the members of this
group residing in Kolkata can email me with your brief profile, for joining the
meetings and Gowseva tasks.

We are trying to create awareness through internet using facebook, blogs
(, and publishing articles. Also there is a legal team
who are filing cases in High Court demanding the implementation of the Supreme
Court Orders dated - 16th November 1994 (AIR 1995 - Pg no. 464) and High Court
Orders dated 12th November 2010.
The brief of the court order is as below: -

It is illegal to buy - sell cows, transfer cows and slaughter cows on Bakrid
(this year Bakrid is on 7th November 2011). The police and administration is
required to stop this act, and punish them with 6 months imprisonment or Rs.
1000 fine or both. Cow Slaughter is the sole reason for communal disharmony and
preventing secularism.

Some collective thoughts to protect cows: -

- Create awareness by printing posters and putting up on the streets, where
film posters are being pasted which will attract maximum attention.
- Some publications are not taking advertisements pertaining to stopping cow
slaughter, as it being a sensitive issue and can cause riots, newspaper inserts
with the detailed information on joining the group.
- Sending emails and letters from our association to various publications,
including the URDU ones.
- Generating funds by putting up "Donation Boxes" in various public places like
vegetarian restaurants, sweet shops, milk shops, saree shops etc.
- Educating people about the law, and asking support from the
Temple pujaris and authorities,
- Sweets shops & milk dealers – (Who has direct co-relation with their
- Animal Husbandry / Welfare ministry
- All political parties especially BJP & RSS
- National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)
- Sales and promotion of various useful products produced by cows like
agarbatti (prepared by cow dung), medicines prepared by cow urine apart from
milk and milk related products like ghee etc.
Rajesh K

"Gaavo Vishvasya Maatarah" i.e. Cow is the mother of the entire world. What is
the spiritual base of this point? that I do not know; but tactically speaking I
have no doubt about this. A cow, just like it feeds it's own calf, it avails
itself of any other child, just like its own, therefore she is the mother of the
entire World. Iooked at this picture of a cow with the young child suckling her
udder, and the point that one needs to pay attention to is that the child has
taken out his sandals, and has come to the cow to drink milk. Just as when we go
to the temple we take off our sandals. The child's sentiments are that if I go
to the cow with faith and love then I will get mother's love and this everyone
accepts and believes that in this entire world, there is no one that loves as
much as a mother !



It is shocking that there are laws and enforcement to protect deer,dogs and many
wild animals but the cows are slaughtered and there is no government and public
patronage to save the innocent sacred cows.


Sadhaks please step forward and devote some time to bring about unity to create
a public opinion in favor of protecting Cows. We ask you to step up to this
divine work of God. As said by Swamiji (below) PLEASE READ. No step will be
small. If you have first hand experience / knowledge on Cow Rearing, the
challenges, opportunities, requirements, steps that can be taken, any
constraints, priorities, then please share with us! Let us know if you can
devote some time to this cause. It will be most appreciated. thank you
Gita Talk Moderators, Ram Ram


below is a translation of a report in Amar Ujala (Hindi) dated 13th
March, 2004, Dehradun .

Enact law Banning Cow Slaughter

Rishikesh: Swami Ramsukhdasji has appealed to the Mahants and Mandaleshwars to
create favourable public opinion in favour of protection of the cow. He has said
that there is a need for enactment of stringent laws in the country banning the
slaughter of cows.

Swami Ramsukhdas said that even during the Muslim and British periods, cows were
not slaughtered mercilessly. Today there is an increase in the slaughter of
cows. He has appealed to the saints of the country to unite and come forward to
prevent the atrocities on the cow. He has asserted that due to the on going cow
slaughter, there is a danger that the Indian cows, which are extremely useful,
may soon become extinct. To propagate the usefulness of the cow amongst the
general public, a nation wide campaign is required. The mere sight, touch,
shadow, sound (breath) and service of the cow results in a pleasant feeling,
goodwill and purification of the soul. Ghee, milk, curd, butter and churned milk
obtained from the cow, makes the body healthy. The cow's urine and dung is used
to make (ayurvedic) medicines and can also protect food grains, fruits and
vegetables from chemical poisoning. By protecting the cow, we can along with
material development, achieve economic, ethical, social, moral and cultural
development. Whereas, by the slaughter of cows, save and except disaster,
nothing else can be achieved. Money earned by the slaughter of cows and export
of beef leads to the corruption of the intellect.

We call upon all our members to do whatever they can to create an awareness
amongst the public at large about the importance of the cow and to create a
favourable public opinion against cow slaughter. No step will be small.

Ram Ram




Indeed cow slaughter has to be banned. I think the world community ought to and
soon would come together for this.
Shriniwas Kashalikar


Hari SharaNam,

Osho on Ramana Maharshi with Lakshmi cow:

Osho - Not many years ago, just a few years ago, there was a great Master,
Ramana Maharshi -- a Perfect Master, In his DARSHANS -- because he was a silent
man, would speak rarely and very few words -- each morning when he would sit for
the darshan for one hour and people would come to sit with him, a cow would also
come. The cow was so regular that no other disciple was so regular -- the cow
was just like Teertha! Regular.... It might rain, it might be summer, it might
be winter -- whatsoever! -- the cow might be ill, or healthy, whatsoever, but
the cow was bound to come at the exact time.

She would come and stand in the verandah and look inside through the window, her
head inside the window, and remain there for one hour, sometimes with open eyes
and sometimes with closed eyes. And sometimes tears flowing... it has become a
One day the cow was very ill and could not come -- so Ramana had to go! He had
never gone to visit any other disciple, but for that poor cow he had to go. And
all the disciples said, "What are you doing, Bhagwan?" And he said, "But I have
to go. She was so regular. And I know she wants to come -- the spirit is
willing, but the flesh is weak."

And when he went, she was just sitting in the direction of his room looking at
the window from far away. She could not get up, she was dying. And when Ramana
reached, she closed her eyes and tears started flowing. She died. That cow was
the first animal in the whole history of humanity or of consciousness that was
given a farewell as is given to an enlightened person. Ramana was present there.

Somebody asked Ramana, "Is this cow going to be born as a man?"
Ramana said, "No. She will not need to be born as a man -- she has passed beyond
that. She is not going to be born at all. She has attained enlightenment."

Yes, it is possible. What to say about man? Even animals, if they are
receptive... and cows ARE very receptive. That's why in the East they have
become sacred. It is not for no reason at all -- they ARE very receptive, open.
They can grow in consciousness. NO other animal can take this jump that the cow
can take.

It was for no other reason than this that they became an essential part of all
the ashrams in the East in the old days. They created a certain atmosphere -- of
purity, innocence.

[Source - Osho Book "The Perfect Master, Vol2"]

May all be blessed!
Niteesh Dubey

This video is being shared with you, so that you may realize that unknowingly
how we can be making a grave mistake and harming thecows. In India, people throw
polythene bags anywhere on the streets.....By seeing this video you will come to
understand everything .....

On our streets, or roads or in the dust bins, the polythene bags that are thrown
by the people, which contains or gets mixed up with scraps of food or with
grass, those are eaten by our Mother Cows, These are not digestible and they get
entangled in the cow's intestines, due to which the cows end up dying.
Throwing such polythene bags around, like this freely is a grave sin and the
person who does so, becomes the sharer of the sin cow killing. We do not quickly
act on virtuous deeds, but become contributors to the sin of killing cows due to
our carelessness. What will be the end result? We do not even think about that.
This human birth that we have received, then minimally we must not harm our
selves and not be careless like this, whereby our cows die or they undergo
severe pain and suffering.
Ram Ram


'Cow's Meat is Injurious to Health

By Dirgha Raj Prasai

Currently, Nepal is sagging under the crisis. Foreigners are fueling the party
leaders with the power of money against Nepal's sovereign norms, identity and
dignified tradition. Each and every sector of this nation is in a state of deep
trouble. In the holy land where cow is regarded as the symbol of mother god is
slaughtered openly. The cows are being slaughtered and its meat eaten to fear
the Hindus. Some months ago many cows were slaughtered in Nepalgunj and its meat
sold in the market as Sukuti (a traditional meat dish).

Some days ago, there held a symposium about the prose and cons on the impact of
cow killing for meat. Some indigenous scholar argued supporting to kill cows for
meat purpose. But I expressed my opinions that it will be a crime to kill cow
and eat its meat, and in terms of health it is not considered to be healthy. In
terms of religion, almost 90% Hindus and Buddhists and some are Christians and
some are Muslims in Nepal. Some have converted into Christianity. It is my
appeal to all who follow their respective religion not to break with the
established norms and values of its long traditions and common garden. Let us
not carry suicidal works by attacking Hindu and Buddhist aspirations.

Cow is holy and venerable animal for Hindus and Buddhists. Hindu and Buddhist
scriptures view cow in form of a mother in all over the world especially-Nepal
and India. Since the Vedic period cow's body has been accepted as the spirits of
various Gods and Goddess. In many Vedic books has mentioned–'Gao Biswasya
Matera' or Cow is the mother in the world for human being. It is a belief that
people who look upon cow with devotion and worship attain blessings and
enlightenment. Such conclusions were given precedence in Shrimadbhagawat
Mahapurnana (Hindu's greatest religious book) since long period Gopalas started
worshipping cow.

'The cult of Pashupati is an ancient one. The Gopals, who were cow herders and
the first ruling dynasty of Nepal, are credited with popularizing Pashupati. One
of the cow stopped giving milk. Finding this odd, the cow's owner followed it
one day. The cow went to the present site of Pashupati temple on the banks of
the Bagmati River and started giving milk. The cow herder and his friends dug up
the earth to see what was there. Suddenly a terrible flame came from the hole
and killed every one who stood close by. This was reported to a hermit named
'Ne'. He covered the flame with sand and clay and worshipped it as
Jyotirlinga'.-(Mukundaraj Aryal).

In Krishna's characterization his affection towards cow has also been presented.
Krishna has gained victory over King Indra Maharaj when they had confronted each
other during the worship of Govardan Parbat (Hill). In Ramayan- (a great Hindu
epic) King Dilip serves cow in order to bring happiness and peace in his
country, and wishing encouragement and intellect for his children. There is a
story relating to how the cow had wanted to test Dilip's devotion. The cow is
said to have turned into a lion and attacked another cow. Then the King
intervened and pleaded with the lion- 'Eat me not the cow.' The cow seeing the
King's devotion is filled with joy, and decided to show him her real form of
Goddess. Cow has been declared Nepal's national animal for it has the supreme
qualities of animals.' The cow was venerated as the mother goddess in the early
Mediterranean civilizations. The cow became important in India, first in the
Vedic period, but only as a symbol of wealth. In the Mahabharat, Bhishma-a great
religious personality and warrior, also observes that the cow acts as a
surrogate mother by providing milk to human beings for the whole life. So the
cow is regarded as the mother of the world.

I want to bring out the topic of Kamdhenu (mysterious God gifted)-'Cow'.
Parshuram Rishi's father Jamdagni Rishi had the Kamdhenu cow. A King named
Sahastraarjun had been hunting all day (time past) then in the evening time he
went to the Rishi's cottage as a guest, and he received sumptuous and enough
food. He wondered at how such a poor Rishi could provide so much food. The King
inquired and found out that it was due to Kamdhenu cow's blessings. The King
forcibly took away the cow against the Rishi's consent which was later reclaimed
by Rishi's son Parashuram, whom having broken off his meditative trance fought
against the King for the cow. This is mentioned in many Hindus scriptures. It is
mentioned in the scripture of Himwatkhanda-Nepal that milk used to flow
perpetually from the cow onto the Jyotirlinga in Pashupatinath.

Many cows are bred in Nepal's Gaushala and Mrigasthali. Yogi Narharinath a great
Hindu scholar was a great devotee of cow. Up to 2002, the Yogi had a calf to
guard in his cottage. The calf never left his site when the Yogi fell ill. After
the death of the Yogi the calf cried effusively. This incident is known to this
author in capacity of an eye witness. Later the calf used to visit the spot
where the Yogi took Samadhi (burial meditation) once a day and encircle it. It
is believed that the cow is conscious and has adequate power.

Hindus worship cow as Goddess Laxmi. Every year cow is worshipped during the
Hindu festival of Tihar. The day of worship is known as Gai Tihare Aunsi-almost
25/26 Oct. Cow is worshipped in every household. Cow's urine and gung is needed
during any auspicious occasion. It is Hindu tradition to slather the floor with
cow's dung to make it pure. The cow's dung can also kill germs; so its use is
good for health as well. The house that breeds a cow has a different décor. The
excreta of other animals as buffalo, horse, rhino produces germs while the cow's
excreta kills them. All animals do not have the same nature. Cow's excreta can
also be used as a replacement of fuel. The cow's milk, curd, ghee, urine, dung
are the five elixir-like products which are known collectively as
Panchaamrit-(five nectar)

A cow's milk is highly nutritious that its advantages are hard to explain. Those
who keep cows benefit economically in numerous ways by selling its milk and
running a dairy. Milk cleanses our body and keeps it healthy as well as
increases our intellectual power. There is no need to explain the advantages of
the products of a cow. It is written in the Artha Veda that cows' extinction
from earth would result in Sun's increase in temperature that would ultimately
destroy the planet. This shows that the earth and cow have a significant
relation. This Vedic expression can be understood in a simple meaning that the
relation between the two is conditional and dependent. Those who drink and use
cow's milk, proved brilliant and intellectual. And the buffalo's milk user has
been proved dull and blunt.

The cow's urine (Gauut) and dung can turn soil fertile and help crops to grow.
The grasses that sprout from the soil, straw, stalk, and other grains can be
used as fodder for cow which retains the traditional balance.

We need to open the discussion, which is highly necessary, if we should consume
cow's meat or not. During the Vedic period the Risihis' had observed a ritual
sacrifice of the cow which brought all curses of diseases as leprosy, Dusadhya,
Rajyayachma and Ohjayachma different kinds of diseases that led the Rishis to
their death. So the ritual was not observed. To consume the cow's meat can be
compared to consuming slow poison. The killing of cow and its sacrifice was
banned. To eat cow's meat is in reality like consuming poison. Those who are
used to eating beef have low immunity resistance, and they easily fall prey to
the diseases, which ultimately claim their lives; so all sectors ought to be
alert to this danger. In Saudi Arab to take a picture of Lord Shiva is banned,
it is prohibited. In similar manner if beef is allowed to enter the holy land of
Nepal for the consumption by tourists the government ought to impose strict
regulation against it. It is the subject of the sensitivity of this land. In the
name of secularism no one has the right to kill the aspirations of the majority
in the interest of the minority of the country.

However, it is said that the cow from the Himwatkhanda region and that from
western countries some differ considerably. There are logics that claim the
consumption of cow meat in western nation is less dangerous than what it would
be in this region. The environment and the geographical environment create such
difference between the east and western regions. British grass cannot be used
for religious rites of Hindus. If the grass sprouting in any other places than
Himwatkhanda cannot be used for Hindu rituals then there must be some difference
in terms of cow too--as some logics have pointed out. In western nation it is
said that consuming cow meat does not bring diseases, but drinking urine brings
great illness. But in Himwatkhanda it is the reverse. Drinking cow urine cures
diseases where as other animals urine can be fatal. The cow's meat eaters are
the sufferers of leprosy and death in decay.

Once there were news that people in Britain went mad and became ill after
consuming cow's meat. They had even stopped consuming cow's meat. Then, the
British Govt. banded cow's meat. In many beef eating countries banded the beef
from Britain. After that, some Britain's media reported that, so many British
left eating cows' meat. If a person suffering from arthritis consumes sheep's
meat, and if a person with pressure consumes the meat of a castrated goat then
they suffer from unnecessary thoughts. If a person eats beef that person suffers
from bad breath. There must have been an ulcer inside the stomach. To eat goat's
meat for the blood- pressure patients and to eat the sheep's meat for the
rheumatism patients will harmful. So, the beef is also becoming the causes of
the obesity and increases cholesterol level which is very dangerous for heart.
Sometimes it also spread diseases like e-coli and b-coli.

In Himwatkhanda consumption of cow's meat is taken as a curse. To eat cow's meat
is not advantageous for people in this region. There are evidences showing that
people are unable to digest the meat and that it saps the immunity power of
diseases in human body. One of the examples is that the Tamang people have been
eating the meat of dead cow. An experience shows that majority of Tamang people
who consumed meat of a dead cow have suffered from leprosy. This is not written
with any malicious intention directed against any particular group. Anyone can
judge it within the periphery of investigation. No one should deny truth and
fact. Some advocates of indigenous rights are threatening to launch rebellion
because they were not allowed to eat cow's meat. Many believe that this is not a
rebellious voice for right, but a business. Under the direction of Christians,
these people say that the cow was made the national animal of the nation in
Brahmin's interest. But, it is not truth.

The Buddhist and Hindu scriptures explicitly calls consumption of cow meat as a
form of crime. In Nepal, many cows are being killed, which is spreading terror
among the Hindus on the direction of Christian missionaries. Those seeking the
right to eat beef are also demanding the right to become ill. In our context,
since the Vedic period our tradition in worshipping cow. How has cow's
significance been increasing? A cow's urine and dung can be used as precaution
against diseases. But, the fertilizer of horses, elephants, buffalos create
diseases. Then, why shouldn't we accept this empirical fact?

New experiments are drawing facts supporting the claim that cow's meat does more
harm than benefit to health. Comparatively immunity power among people eating
beef is found to be less harmful than those who do not eat it. Westerners eat
beef. Hindu and Buddhist people do not eat cow's meat and consider eating it as
sin. If the Westerners who eat cow's meat suffer from leprosy, small pox,
measles they will not have the immunity to resist and eventually there is high
risk of fatal death. However, if the diseases are seen in Hindus, Buddhists and
people of this region who don't eat cow's meat, simple treatment will cure them.
This shows that those who do not consume beef have immunity power to resist.

So, cow's significance is huge. We must not forget that eating the cow's meat is
bad for health. The Hindu and Buddhist people worship cow as mother on the basis
of experiments and facts. So, to save the natural asset of human being, all
Nepali patriots, Nepali Army and security organs and civil society members
should be more alert in saving from killing the cows. We will continue to
worship cow. In view of such importance of cow, Nepal observes cow as its
national animal. Thus, we must all acknowledge truths and facts and serve the
cow as a mother.


As bad as Cow slaughter is, it is worse to not take proper care of them, and
they are obstructing the roads, and making a nuisance of everything around them.
That should also be addressed. Perhaps these cows should be taken for proper
grazing, etc....that way they will not eat plastic or garbage or choke on the
plastic, or have the plastic cause stomach obstruction.

Durgesh Mankikar,MD

From Indian Government documents, the following alarming facts on the subject of
'Animal Slaughter' are presented here:
. In India, every minute on the average 28 cows are slaughtered
. In 1981, (30809) tons of meat was exported
. These days (10112) tons of cow meat is exported every year
. 18 automated slaughter houses are being operated for full 24 hours
. The number of slaughter houses has reached at a staggering number of (36050)
. Indian Government is planning to open (27) new Cow slaughter houses
. According to Milk and Animal department of Agricultural Ministry (Ref.
3-34/95-FIN), under the eighth 5-Year Plan, at 11 places in different cities,
automated slaughter houses with new modern facilities are planned to be opened,
according to Central Sector Plan, the City Municipalities, Bigger Municipalities
and other autonomous agencies will be funded for this purpose.
. According to 1994 Foreign Trade Bulletin, using these slaughter houses, Meat
worth Rs. 230 Crore is being exported.
. By the end of the century, aim is to export meat worth Rs. 1000 crore every
. Once the new slaughter houses are operational, the plan is to export 35 Lac
ton of meat every year . Government is operating slaughter houses under the
'Agriculture Ministry'.
Even though the name "Animal Protection' is given to this activity but in
reality it is not animal protection but animal slaughter.
. From India, the meat is not only exported, but also is imported.
. On 16th December 1999, Mr. S. Imsan, minister of the Commerce Department of US
Government sent a letter along with list of 1429 items to A. M. Khanna Minister
of Trade in Indian Government, according to this, Indian Government is bound to
purchase these items. In this list, items nos. (1-39) and (71-581) are related
to meat of dead animals kept in refrigerators. In this spiced, fried and roasted
meat of cows, hens, goats, ducks, rabbits, pigs etc. and other preparation of
meat are also included.
. All items exported from India are subject to a thorough inspection but Indian
Government uses money as the only criteria.
In India's battle for independence in 1857, caps for bullets were made from skin
of Cows and Pigs, today the same thing have started again.
. According to constitution adopted by India on January 26, 1950, there is a
special clause #48, which says that Government has the responsibility to see
that the Cows, Calves and other animals which provide milk and used for farming
will not be killed.
. Constitution should be followed to the letter, if trade is done to import
meat, it is the responsibility of Government and every citizen of making sure to
reject the rotten and spoiled imported meats.
. Out of greed for money, if the Government does not follow the Constitution for
import and export and regarding slaughter of animals, the caring citizens must
raise their voice against it.


Support "Anti Slaughter House" movement: A missed call to 0522-3095743

Are you an Animal Lover ? or
Do you say Cow as your "GauMata" ? or
Are you a Vegetarian ?

then, Support "Anti Slaughter House" movement just by giving a missed call to
toll free number 0522-3095743 (international : 011 91-522-3095743) and help us
to save the life of more than 150,000 animals proposed to be slaughtered daily
in upcoming 8 slaughterhouses in U.P. including Thousands of motherly cows.
The call gets cut automatically after one ring. After giving a call to this no.
You will receive a thanks message. Forward this to as many to make India `Free
of Slaughter Houses.'

Please do it once, call the number…. no charges..


Hari Om

What an ingratitude a human resorts to when he/she eats the flesh of cow ! What
kind of enmity a human can possibly have with Mother Cow? What harm she has ever
done to a human? Cow nurtures humanity as abundantly and completely as one's own
mother does,... is eating the very flesh of that cow not an act of sheer
ingratitude? I am not talking yet of cruelty. Can there be a bigger
ingratitude...a greater shameless ingratitude ? She gives you milk, butter, fuel
...and you return what? Is that humanity?

We are absolutely not worth being referred as 'human' , if we directly or
indirectly aid /abet viz eat the flesh of cow ! Rightly, therefore, in
Scriptures of Sanatana Dharma, cow slaughtering is clubbed under 'maha-paaps'
(the greatest possible sins) !

Cow gives the maximum to humanity. We can never repay her debt, just as we can
not repay the debt of our own mother.Drinking milk of cow is as good as drinking
milk of mother..and eating flesh of her is as bad as brutally raping your own
mother ! Why not? How not? That is why , I say : Shame on you , O Cow flesh
eaters...shame ! You should be more shameful than raping your own mother,
because mother's affection is limited to you but cow's contribution to humanity
is unlimited. Every thing from cow ...even her dung and urine, is useful to
humanity. Ever saw the pains she gets in return from humans...? ..see the video
clippings of how she gets tortured and slaughtered. For what fault of her? Very
powerful..are you? And you are dreaming that good will happen to you, while
indulging into such ghastly acts ? Forget any welfare...O Caracass
eaters...don't live in the fool's paradise. How long will you be able to do
this? THINK !

There are 3 characters. Cow, God and You, the cow flesh eater. this
ghastly indulgence. It does not make any ultimate harm to the cow, for she has
become purer by eradication of sins. She is on an upward journey..from
animalhood to humanity. She does not lose ultimately. But what about you? THINK

As regards Paramatma : He knows that the soul of cow is immortal... And so is
yours. Where can you run away in this eternal game? He can't withdraw liberties
granted to you for a fixed period. He is watching you mis-utilising those
liberties in human birth, patiently. He is not a fool like you and you can not
be more cruel than Him. You simply can not be. He excels you in every sphere, in
every indulgence including in cruelty too. His Laws are immaculate. 100 times
more ferocity and violence will be returned most certainly. He loves to turn the
tables ! THINK !

Then remains you... the caracass eater ! What will happen to you? Ever thought ?
Will Law of Karma spare you? Cow is on upward journey ...but what about you?
What right you have got to kill fellow creatures and eat them? Which religion
permits that? None, in fact ! If you like flesh, He will make you a wild
animal..keep eating that ! Then..? Did you get human birth to get that fate?

THINK ! Quit right now..forever !!

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B






Dear Sadhakas, Namaste!
As I understand, there is absolutely no need to eat meat, drink alcohol, and
smoke tobacco!!!
Religious Life requires us to be free from these unnecessary luxuries at once!
All life and Nature is Divinity requiring us to be sensible in our relationship
to them.
The idea to kill any animal just for fun of eating is horrifying, isn't it?

Cows are the most sacred of all, sustaining life like a mother does!
One look at Cow grazing in a distant field or tied to an anchor while being
milked, will bring immediate calm even to an angry man. Even to imagine such a
scene is pristine!
Cows know only to give more than we can ever give them. The least we can do is
to save them.
Saving Cows is same as saving mankind.

To me, God is the Essential Unity of Mankind and Nature functioning as ONE
System in Harmony.
When we eat animals, abuse our resources by not renewing them after required
consumption, assert our individuality, expand our nationalism beyond borders, we
go in disharmony and bring catastrophes to ourselves only.
May God bless us all to realize this Truth.
Namaskar............Pratap Bhatt


Kaliyuga Kali resides in 5 places
Avoid those 5 u avoid Kaliyuga.

Well I am a veggie and believe that cows should not be slaughtered. UP has
banned cow slaughter but there are places where cows are slaughtered daily. Beef
is openly sold in 5-star hotels. So are we a Hindu nation? It is doubtful.
Hari Shanker Deo



Please watch this YouTube video, a historical perspective on Banning Cow
Slaughter Houses by Rajiv Dixit an amazing orator who was becoming
internationally known figure. Ramdev Baba also used to invite him to speak at
his events. Mysteriously he died of unknown causes, in early 40s fairly
recently, a total surprise to all who were influenced by his messages. No
investigation was done.

Ek sant ka INDRA GANDHI ko shraap (by Shri Rajiv Dixit ji) !

Thank you !


Shree Hari Ram Ram

Every time we talk about Protection of Cows, the group becomes silent ! Just
like the rest of India. Not many people care, including the Gita Lovers. How
strange is this all ! Wonder what everyone's understanding of "SARVA BHOOTE
HITEH RATAAH in Gita really is?"

Every time we visit the temple we mechanically recite -

May all be happy ! May no one experience any pain and suffering! yet cannot get
any one interested to do something about protecting cows!
So Ironical ! Please give some serious thought !
A Devotee
Ram Ram

Shree Hari

|| Ram Ram ||

Dear Sadhaks

Many of us may be already aware of the two important things which happen to be
very close to Swamiji Maharaj's heart-- (1) Promoting the study of Gitaji, (2)
Seva / Protection of cows.

The best service to our beloved saint is to follow up his ideas. Attached thread
of messages show very alarming facts on the crucial issue of slaughter of cows.
The Indian Government authorities are totally insensitive to it and are even
increasing the slaughter houses by thousands.

Today is an important day to make a commitment for protection of cows. We have
to come up with a concrete plan of action to fight against the unrighteous and
inhumane act of the Government.

We are fortunate to have some of the brilliant minds on this Gita-talk forum,
Together, we can come up with our practical ideas to combat this issue, pls.
contribute with your suggestions as to what can be done in India and outside
India. Just few starters:

. Raising awareness at all levels of Society in the communities we reside in.

. Bring the awareness of importance issue to Hindu Temples in USA, Canada and
Europe and come-up with steps which can be taken

. E-mail to Chief Ministers of all Indian States, Prime Minister and President
of India

. Publicize the facts about this crucial issue in villages and cities in India
through TV and major newspapers.

. Have an organized nationwide protest against the cow slaughter in major cities

. Kindly respond with your ideas so that we can jointly make a plan of action
for the protection of cows.

I am sure many of us do care and would like to do something for the cause but we
are not sure as to how can we help at individual level?

Kindly do respond with your practical suggestions so that we can come up a
practical ways to combat this critical issue.

Madan Kaura

Ram Ram





i can only say , out of these two things, the second, seva / protection of cows,
i can help a little.

i , by my ngo , surubhi dairy research centre, we give free consultancy to open
a dairy, where, you can not only do service of cows in a bit way, but also
generate the very useful , milk for the country, and it is profitable also.

you can ask me for free advice, individually or collectively, if it is approved
by the moderator of this group.

ashok gupta

Shree hari Ram Ram

Thank you Madanji, Sadhnaji and sadhak ji and others, YES ! to reiterate, both
Gitaji and Mother Cows are near and dear to Swamiji's heart. He has expressed
deep pain and called out incessantly for the protection of the cows, begging
people to not ever sell their cows.

Sadhaks, as Madanji has brought out, kindly share the steps we can take towards
protecting the Country's precious wealth and resource.

Gita Talk Moderators, Ram Ram


Dear Sadhika Saritaji,
real, practical question-what we can do ? I suggest the following steps-
1. Become strict vegetarian.
2. Read the product ingredients carefully. Avoid buying any product that has
animal fat, gelatin or any such ingredient that is obtained after killing the
3. Avoid giving business to non-veg restaurants and shops. Don't buy leather
garments, leather bags and leather furniture.
4. Serve beans, tofu and other vegetarian protein rich food to kids so they are
not lured to eat beef etc for body building
5. Watch Ramayan, Krishna and Mahabharat with kids on daily basis. This will
give us and our kids an ideal to follow.
6. Pray for all creation

We need to develop Love and compassion for our own self, for others and for
God's eradicate all kinds of cruelty.......

with Love,

Hari Om

When in 1898, George Bernard Shaw, was told by doctors that he would die unless
he ate some meat, he said:

" My situation is a solemn one. Life is offered to me on condition of eating
BEEFSTEAKS . But death is better than cannibalism. My will contains directions
for my funeral, which will be followed not by mourning coaches, but by oxen,
sheep, flocks of poultry, and a small travelling acquarium of live fish, all
wearing white scarfs in honor of the man who PERISHED RATHER THAN eat his fellow

Said Al Ghazali , 12th Century MUSLIM theologian: " Eating the meat of cow
causes disease , its milk is health and its clarified butter is medicine.
Compassion eating leads to compassion living"

Shame ...Shame on you, O Non Vegetarians have options in eating, and you
chose to eat animals. You have option of eating milk, butter...but you have
chosen to eat the very cow itself. For what the human birth is given to you? To
become animals again? Shame.. Shame on you all .

Remember: there is one Law which governs the Universe...Law of Karma ! The
central theme of that Law of Karma is ONE across all religions.. Deal with
others as thou wouldst thyself be dealt by !

Said Matthew: c.75 - "All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,
do even so to them: for this is the Law and the prophets" !

Said Mahabharata : " This is the sum of all true righteousness: Deal with others
as thou wouldst thyself be dealt by "

Said Hillel ha-Babli : "Whatsoever thou wouldst that men should not do to thee,
do not do to them. THIS IS THE WHOLE LAW, the rest is only explanation'"

Eat flesh , O Humans, ONLY if you like to be killed , cut into pieces, wrapped
in papers, and sold to some one so they can cook and eat your dead flesh. There
is no way to get remission from operation of Law of Karma. That day is not far.

Said Saint Kabir:

" You violently slaughter innocent animals ..And claim it to be in
keeping...With the canons of your creed. But when God places before you..The
record of your cruel deeds, What will your fate be? "

What will your fate be, O Non Vegetarians? THINK !! Will you become human again
? How can you? In the morning, in the noon, in the evening what do you do? You
eat animals. How can you become human again? If you become human, how will you
be slaughtered in the morning, in the noon and in the evening , day after day,
month after month ..? Will you not reap what you are sowing? Don't live in a
fool's paradise. Quit...right now ! Hey..ever noticed from where the egg comes
out? From which organ of hen? Is that the place from where your meal should come
out ? Is that what is liked by you ...very delicious, is it ? Hey...are you
aware that everything in this universe is edible ..? So you have choice .! Look
at the options..and look what have you selected..O Human !

Said Nizami Ganjavee ( a 12th Century Sufi Poet):

" And remember: When you hunt and kill, your punishment will depend on where you
have struck your blade- high or low ! You are not a vulture, to stoop on
carcasses, and do not , like a crow , dip your feet in others' blood. Even if
hunger has reduced to a mere skeleton- bloodless like a picture image- you will,
at least, be spared the punishments of a carcass eater"

Said Clement of Alexandria (2nd Century Christian theologian) :

" It is far better to be happy than to have our bodies act as graveyard of

Eating meat is denial of all ideals...all religions...all righteousness ..! Can
we pray to Paramatma for mercy if we ourselves have no mercy? How can we speak
of right and justice if we ourselves kill innocent animal and shed its blood?
Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures.

Alas ! What a wickedness to swallow flesh into our own flesh, to fatten our
greedy bodies by cramming in other bodies, to have one living creature fed by
the death of another !

O Non Vegetarians ! Quit...quit, right now ! Fall at the feet of Paramatma
..cry..say O God ..I am sorry ! What have I been doing ? Oh..shame on me ..!
Please forgive me , O Lord, for I too have been instrumental in destroying
beautiful lives to satiate my tongue. O God..forgive me ..!!!

Indeed, As water which flows through a rock is more uncorrupted than that which
runs through marshes, because it does not bring with it much mud; thus, also,
the SOUL which administers its own affairs in a body that is dry, and is not
moistened by the juices of FOREIGN FLESH , is in a more excellent condition, and
is more prompt for intellectual energy.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


By doing a little bit at a time, how much great work can be accomplished.
When we ourselves (whether others choose to do or not) commit not to eat cow's
meat and to wear / use anything made of cow hide etc. then surely there will be
decrease in killing of cows. To curtail all right now is not possible, because
until the entire fruit has not rotted, it does not break of easily from the
tree. so be it,


kahaa hai -

kan-kan karake kitanaa hee badaa kaam ho jaataa hai.
jab ham svayam [ doosare chaahe karen yaa naheen karen] na to gomaans khaayenge,
aur naa hee gocharmakee vastuyen prayog karenge to kuchh to go-hatyaamen kamee
hogee. sabako rok lenaa abhee sambhav naheen hogaa, kyonki jab tak pooraa fal
sad naheen jaataa, usakaa pedase tootanaa naheen hotaa.

My friend Naresh Kadyan in india is aerious animal rights activist and head of
OIpa for Animals. He,would be good to contact for the cows. if interested let
me know
sincerely Sophia
Shree Hari Ram Ram


Killing of Cows
It is a very sad thing that in our Country there is killing of cows going on in
a very large scale. In the last 10-12 years, the killing in Calcutta and in
Kerala, is happening on a very large scale. The minister of Kerala had said that
in the last twelve months in our state more than 14 lakh cows have been
slaughtered. He said, that we do not kill the cows from our own State; we are
slaughtering those cows that are brought here from others States ! In Mumbai,
Devanaar slaughter house, bulls are slaughtered. According to the law, only old
bulls can be killed, but in Mumbai, even youthful, young bulls are slaughtered -
we have visited that place. There is unrighteouness that is definitely going on
in this act, but along with act that unrighteousness that is going on in the
entire country.

Both food and clothing come from farming. Where farming is done using bulls and
cows, it is OK, but where machinery is used, many scholars have said that the
resources such as petroleum, gas, diesel etc. will be exhausted in approximately
two to three decades. At that time this automation will be of limited use. Right
now, coming under the sway of this machinery, you are neglecting the bulls and
cows. You are destroying them, but when this equipment will no longer be useful
and there are no more cows and bulls, then what will be the condition !

How will farming be done ? Without farming, how will you get food and clothing ?
Without food and clothing, how will life be sustained ? In Rajasthan in many
places, the bulls are used for drawing water from wells. When these bulls are
destroyed, how will you get water? It is a very great dilemma, but brothers we
are not paying attention towards such things. How much thoughtless activity
(anarth) is taking place, we are simply not aware of such things.

When we tell the younger and older children, to study, but they do not have the
same level of interest and engagement in studying, that they have in playing and
having fun. In the same way, you too are engaged in playing, not in deep study.

It is a grave mistake that right now you are not instrospecting on your future.
In the future the mistakes will be so paramount, that it will become very
difficult to put your hands around it. We have seen in the Deonar slaugher house
in Mumbai, where flocks and flocks of cattle are there at a distance, and few
men are revolting and striking against these hideous acts to not allow the bulls
to be slaughtered. The police catch the men and drive them off to other
locations. The bulls are then taken inside and slaughtered. Now people are not
standing up for the rights of these animals. Like those who are in deep slumber,
they too are sleeping. When a young girl becomes a widow, the mother worries,
because the mother sees to her future that is unknown to the young girl. Similar
misfortune is happening in our country today. It is a grave mistake. But for
earning money and for accumulation of things, and due to greed, men have become
blind and are intensely engaged in killing cows. They have no idea what they
will do with all that money ? But leaving that money behind they will die
someday, that you, I and every one else knows. What difference does it make
whether we leave 10-20 lakhs or 1 - 2 crores of rupees behind or even more
behind. When the eyes are permanently shut, there is nothing there. But today,
our attention does not go to that, we are not alert as to what the condition of
the country will be ? Even the government is not thinking about this. All we are
thinking is that simply anyhow we must get money. The greed for money has made
man so blind - there is no end in sight !

In my understanding, just as the dependency on God can lead a man to his
salvation, similarly, dependency on wealth, can lead a man to hell and trapped
in the birth and death cycles of 8.4 million different wombs. It is not the
money itself, but the dependence on money, reliance on money, greed for money,
attachment to money, fondness of money which are all the root causes of one's
downfall. There is no other mistake, no other fault, no other flaw, no other
sin, no other sorrow, no other type of envy or jealousy, no other remorse or
suffering, that is not resulting from the greed for money. All the sorrow that
exists, all is resulting from greed for money only. If one sacrifices this greed
and utilizes this money for good causes then this wealth of yours will be a
success. Your life will be a success and this world will also be relieved of its
problems. One day, all this wealth will leave you, but that will not benefit you
in your salvation. If salvation is through parting at time of death, then all
who were dying would have attained salvation, because their wealth, their
estates, their family, their power, etc. all would separate from them. But with
that, he does not get released from bondage. Freedom comes from renouncing from
within. Greed is within and the money is on the outside. The money is not
at fault. The greed for money, the love and fondness for money, the intense
longing for wanting more and more money - these tendencies are the cause of the
most senseless and improper acts.Therefore divine souls ! If you become cautious
and alert then it will be a very good thing. Within thirty years we would have
grown up and become somewhat old but what thoughts and concerns have you had for
the upcoming generations ? What will be their state of affairs ? It is
definitely something to think about. But man simply does not take a long term
view in these things ! For how long will this Government position (elected
chair) that you are holding last ? On the other hand, there is no attention at
all to thoughtless acts that will weigh heavy on you later on. But who to
explain this to? Who to share this with ?

Therefore brother, become alert ! Come to your senses and think for yourself
that what will be the state of affairs of the Country ? A lot of wealth (cows
and other cattle) has already been destroyed. If now you save it, then some can
still be saved.

Simply for the greed of money you are trading in leather, meat, cows, bulls
etc., as these can generate more income and wealth for you. Separating meat,
bones, blood, tongue, intestines, horns, nails, liver, heart, skin, etc so that
you can get more money. As the cow nears the slaughter house, it's price
increases ten folds. This killing of cows is taking place, simply for the greed
of money.

There are three gates to hell that have been described - desire, anger, and
greed. Of these, the greatest gate to hell is enjoyment of pleasures and greed
for accumulation of wealth. Therefore it is my sincere prayer that simply
awaken! What can you do ? Do not utilize leather, and one more thing, every
family member must daily keep aside a handful of food item for the protection of
the cows and donate it to a gaushala (shed that cares for and protects cows)
etc. This point has been expressed by me, contrary to my nature. If you put this
point to use, then it will be very good, and if you don't then the choice is
yours.There are many such points, you all can contemplate more on them.

Ram Ram


· || Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

31st March 2010, Tuesday, Vaishaka Krishna Pratipada, Budhvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

The cow is the Mother of this world. The mother that gives birth to a child
feeds milk for the initial years, but the Cow feeds us milk for the rest of our
lives. Even at time of death, curd (yoghurt) made of Cow's milk is given. She is
the mother, and grand-mother, and great grand-mother from both sides of the
family. She gives milk to all. She is the mother of this entire world. She is
the protector. At one place some thieves broke into the farm house, a cow in the
farm chased them away. Just as mother protects, likewise she protects, she
fosters, she loves, she caresses. By remembering "Gau Mata" (Mother Cow), the
inner-being (antahkaran) is purified. By petting, stroking a cow, many incurable
diseases are cured. If you think it proper, do it and see for yourself. By
protecting the cows, we are naturally protected. Nowadays, people have stopped
wanting to know about the greatness of cows. By the grace of Cows, both this
life and beyond is improved. By Mother Cow's grace, the impossible become
Cows have immense strength. If they are made happy, if they are made pleased,
then she provides all kinds of happiness and protection. If one sincerely and
honestly takes care of a cow, then for its upkeep and maintenance, there will be
no shortage of any resources. With your heart, try it and see for yourself. You
keep one-two cows in your backyard, than very easily they will be taken care
off. Nowadays, people's sentiments have really diminished regarding cows.
Mother Cows bestows all four "Dharma, Artha, Kaama, Moksha. The medicines made
from Cow urine, has significant benefits.
He who destroys cows, they will be destroyed. This incident happened during the
reign of the Britishers. The hindus and muslims were fighting, when some very
strong muslim men were returning after wrangling. They caught hold of a cow,
thinking they would kill and cook it. They asked one of the men to hold on to
the cow, while they went to get supplies for the feast. The man felt sympathy
and released the cow. The five men were later caught and ordered to be hung.
All died, except the one who had saved the cow. The cow came and stood under the
rope where he was hanging from and by the support of her horns, the man was
saved. This is a real incident.

Real incidents were shared in the "Kalyan Prakashit." There was a Brahmin from
Hissar who was going to Bikaner. He fell seriously ill on his way in Churu. He
wrote a letter to his brother, to come for his aid, as he was in a very bad
state. At night he dreamt of a Cow, who said to him that you saved my life, I
will do the same to you. He had saved a cow caught in the quick sand. On waking
up, the gentleman was completely cured.

Gather up all the greens, vegetable peels/remains, wheat / other flour etc. from
your kitchen and serve these to the cows, then there will not be a need to incur
additional expenses and the cows will be taken care off. The cows eat with great
delight Green grass, long stringy vegetables (guvaar). How will the cows be
pleased, how can she be made, these sentiments must remain within each of us.
Things can be limited, but sentiments can be unlimited. By this service you will
attain salvation. Do not sell your cows, or else it is likely they will end up
in the slaughter house. It is difficult to take care of thousands of cows in one
place, but if all householders keep one cow each, then easily the cows will be

It is a grave sin to inject a cow for milk. Such milk should not even be
consumed. Previously there were 36 crore animals, now in a count there were only
10 crore animals remaining. Do not use plastics. Plastics bags with food thrown
in streets are often swallowed by street cows and many unknowingly eat the
plastic and die. 12-13 kgs of plastic was found inside the dead cows.
Therefore use paper bags and cloth bags. If the cows die from pain and
suffering, all these manufacturers of plastic bags and everyone down the chain
who is involved will have to share in the sin. Nowadays there is great
misfortune for cows and hindus. Do not do family planning. Let the children be
born, it is a sin to do family planning. Even in the western countries there is
opposition to abortion. Whatever way cows and hindus are protected one must try,
or else it will be a great loss. The void caused by family planning and not
allowing human beings to be born, can never be filled.

From summary of discourse in hindi on October 28, 1998 at 8:30 a.m. by Swami
Ram Ram


Shree Hari

Ram Ram

Priya sadhak, prasana ke liye dhanyavad!

Swamiji Maharaj has explained "Why cow is so sacred" very beatifully
in Sadhaka Sanjivani (Ref: Gita 18-44, page 1947 in English). Some of
the points from the commentary are:

1. In the materialistic world of today, a cow is very useful. Her
milk, ghee and cow-dung add to the wealth of a nation. India being
primarily an agricultural country, bullocks are used to plough the
land. The land can also be ploughed by male-buffaloes or camels.
Buffaloes cannot work so efficiently as bullocks because the bullocks
have more sattvic strength, they can work for a longer time in the
sun compared to buffaloes. Camels cost lot more than the bullocks.

2. The grains produced by cow-dung and urine of the cows as manure
are considered pure. Dung and urine of cows make the land more
fertile as compared to chemical fertilizers as has been learnt by
conducting experiments. Chemical fertilizers destroy the fertility of
land in a few years and make it barren. Cow-dung is being exported to
foreign countries so that the lost fertility of the land may be

3. Cows of India are gentle and sattvic in nature. Their sattvic milk
sharpens the intellect and makes the nature of the person mild.
Foreign cows give more milk but they are angry by nature, their milk
makes one cruel. A she-buffalo gives more milk than a cow but her
milk is of rajasic nature. Those who drink cow's milk are more active
than those who drink a she-buffalo's milk. Once an experiment was
conducted on military horses, it was found that horses fed on cow-
milk could cross a river while the horses fed on buffalo-milk could
not do though the later seemed stronger. The milk of she-camel being
of tamasic nature is not useful and it is not used to curd and butter.

4. Cow occupies an important place in performing all religious rites. Her milk,
ghee and dung are used in performing rites and ceremonies at birth, tonsure and
sacred thread. Cow-dung purifies the places too where these rites are performed.
Cow's milk is used in preparing sweet dishes which are offered to Brahmans, in
honor of manes. When a cow is offered to a Brahman it is considered as a punya
or high merit. Also cow's ghee is used in religious sacrifices which are
performed to satisfy desires.

5. The cow is a sacred animal, even the air which touches her body
becomes pure. Her dung and urine, check epidemics such as plague and
cholera. Houses plastered with cow-dung are not so much affected by
bombs as the cemented houses. Cow-dung eliminates poison. In
Varanasi, there was a case of a saint saving a man who was supposed
to be dead by a snake-bite, just by smearing the body with cow-dung
two times. Urine of cow is very useful in heart diseases. A little
quantity of urine of a she-calf, as a dose everyday cures stomach
diseases. A saint suffering from asthma had a lot of relief by
drinking a little urine of the she-calf. These days several medicines
are prepared from cow-dung and urine of cows. Cooking gas is made
from cow-dung also.

6. Service to the cow without expectation of any reward leads to
purification of heart and enables eventually one to achieve
salvation. Lord Krishana is known as Gopala because He staged a human
play as a cowherd with bare feet. In ancient times in India sages
reared cows so that they could have nourishment from the cow's milk
& ghee to sharpen their intellect. Because of the sharp intellects,
they could create such great and rare classic literature. Cow's milk
and butter provided them with longevity, great emperors went to these
sages for expert advice on complex matters related to their kingdoms.

7. In Indian historical records, innumerable names are mentioned who
sacrifices their lives for the protection of cows. But today, it is
sad plight that thousands of cows are slaughtered daily, out of greed only. If
this state of affairs continues, cows will totally
disappear. Then of course cow-dung will not be available. Without cow-
dung land will go barren and there will not be production of corn,
wheat and cotton. People will be deprived of the bare necessities of
life, such as food & clothing and they will have a miserable life.
Slaughter of cows is the main cause of increasing number of natural
disasters such as famine, droughts, volcanoes etc.

Ram Ram

Humble regards,
Madan kaura

Dear Sadhak,
not only that, becoming vegetarian helps in eliminating world poverty and global
Some surprising facts:
Every year we feed our livestock enough food to feed 250,000,000 people while in
the world 30,000,000 people die of starvation
20 vegetarians can live off the land required by one meat eater
Every 3 seconds a child dies of starvation somewhere in the world
If Americans reduced their meat consumption by 10% it would free 12,000,000 tons
of grain - enough to feed 60,000,000 people
If all Americans became vegetarian, it would free enough grain to feed
600,000,000 people Intensification in animal farming has displaced 1,000,000's
of people from their traditional lands - eg. indigenous people in south &
central america, native americans in north america & crofters in Great Britain -
this is continuing today People displaced from their lands into cities succumb
to dietary deficiency, diseases, parasites & opportunistic diseases
-In third world countries 1 in 10 babies die before their first birthday
-The UK imports about 46,000,000 worth of grain from third world countries to
feed our livestock
-Due to overgrazing 850,000,000 people live on land threatened by
desertification & over 230,000,000 already live on land so severely desertified
that they are unable to sustain their existence & face imminent starvation
-1,000,000,000 people in the west gorging on meat & dairy leave 1,000,000,000 to
waste away & 3,500,000,000 teeter on the brinksome facts--

please forward scientific facts to the govt, it will be more effective


Practically daily our meals contain some milk products - butter, yoghurt,
cheese, milk, sweet dishes etc. We see many of these emails, and feel deeply
saddened, but it is unclear what we are supposed to do in support of Cow
Protection. There needs to be some coordinated efforts to tackle the laws and
government and corruption in the law enforcement to address this issue. Is
anyone aware of any co-ordinated well planned efforts to tackle this problem?
Please let us know including simple steps of what is required of us.
Sarita S


¡°Scrap the Slaughter House Policy¡±

Dear All,

With the U. P. Government is giving licenses to new abattoirs in the state,
there¡¯s simply no way that we can ignore the cries of the Lakhs of innocent
animals who fall victim to this barbaric cruelty and mass butchering. All the
proposed ultra modern slaughter houses will have capacity to butcher
10,000-20,000 animals per day and the meat will be exported out of India. Enough
is enough.

You all are aware that U.P. Govt has issued licenses to 8 new Slaughter Houses.
These slaughter houses are against the humanity and means of destroying animal
wealth of the state. In protest, Jain Monk Munishri Maitriprabh Sagarji has
started his fast unto death from 26th April 2011 at Baraut, Distt. Baagpat,
Uttar Pradesh. Locals from the surrounding area and various organisations have
given their support to the Honorable saint but nothing fruitful has been
achieved till date. Local administration there has imposed section 144 in the
city and disrupting the non violence agitation for no good reason and adopting
tactics to discourage the public.

We all know that the slaughter house licenses have been given for the benefit of
few companies. Neither the Uttar Pradesh nor the country will benefit in any way
by opening of such cruel and barbaric slaughter houses. See our article on
benefits from animal wealth:

We¡¯re standing up against the mandate of Government of U. P. State by any means
necessary in support of Jain Monk Munishri Maitriprabh Sagarji, and we need your
help to stop these horrible projects of animal slaughter for good.

Here are 5 ways that you can take action and spread the word to all your friends
and family:

1. Start Group Prayers ( 1-2 hours Paath of Namokar Mantra/ Gayatri
Mantra/Hanuman Chalisa/ Ramayan/Bhaktamar Stotra/ Gurwani Kirtan etc) in your
nearest Temple/Gurudwara or Community Hall for the success of campaign against
slaughter houses and better health of Muni Shri Maitri Prabh Sagarji.

2. Spread the word about ¡°Scrap the Slaughter House Policy¡± and help expose
Government¡¯s shameful secret through emails, sms, blogs, websites etc. You can
also send us your Support Letter (Samarthan Patra) on the letterhead of your
group/organisation/society or community on our email:; this
will be of immense help.

3. Do you have 10 minutes to save animals? Share this film on animal killings:
economic loss to India, which reveals the true facts about the massacre and the
loss of taxpayer money each year.

4. No religion in this world supports killing of animals. Watch ABKHVS¡¯s
vegetarian quotes video and then share it on Facebook and anywhere else!

5. Have you seen what happens to cows in India? Watch this shocking video that
will open your eyes to India¡¯s cruel cow slaughter.


Please help us keep the pressure on Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Central
Government ¨C write emails/fax/post cards to UP Govt. officials / start
Signature Campaign in your locality/area to and tell them to scrap the Slaughter
House Policy.

Following are the target email ids:
1.Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh:
2.PR Department: CM office, Uttar Pradesh:
3.Directorate of Environment, Uttar Pradesh:
Standard format for post card letter/fax/email:


Ms. Mayawati, Chief Minister, U.P.

Respected Madam,

Your Government has issued licenses for establishment of new slaughter houses in
the state of Uttar Pradesh. I believe that the complete facts have not been
given to you on the issue else you would have not given your approval.
Therefore, I would like to put some concern before you:

No economic benefits can be derived by killing of innocent animals by the people
or the Govt except the Company, which is involved. I would rather say that your
Government can earn 5-10 times more benefits by the conservation of these
creatures of the God in comparison to export of their meat (kindly analyze the
data release by Central Statistical Organisation, GOI, 2009) . Cattle are the
life line of villagers, they give milk, dung for fuel, manure for farming, and
transportation for villagers, conservation of environment etc. They are useful
in many other ways.

Moreover, slaughterhouses are big threat to the environment. The whole world has
accepted this fact and moving towards greener path and adopting vegetarian die
to control Global warming. Many nations have started closing of slaughter
houses; India is the land of Mahavira, Gautam Buddha, Ram-Krishna, who taught us
the lesson of Ahimsa. Jain Munishri Maitriprabh Sagarji is on his Fast unto
death at Baraut, Baagpat since last 11 days in protest of licenses to new
slaughter houses, you should be aware. I am aware that you have great respect
towards sadhus and Indian culture of Ahimsa/jeevdaya.

We request you to look into the matter and ask the concerned department to
reconsider their decision and withdraw it. Please cancel the new licenses of
slaughter houses with immediate effect. I am sure that your stand to promote
Ahimsa/Jeevdaya will bring you greater support and honour from the Aam Aadmi.



You can start sending Post cards/ fax to: 1. Ku. Mayawati, Chief
Minister, U. P. Office of the Chief Minister, Lucknow, U. P. Office:
0522-2236181, 2239296, 2215501 Residence: 2236838, 2236985
Fax to CM-0522-2235733, Governor- 0522-2225995

Permanent address: C- 57, INDRAPURI, NEW DELHI ¨C 110 012 Phone no.
011-23356363, 23356565 2. Director, Department of Information & Public
Relations, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Suchna Bhawan, Park Road Lucknow ¨C
226001 3. Shri Pradeep Kumar Jain ¡°Aditya¡± Union Minister of State,
Rural Development Permanent Address: 52, Gusain Pura, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
Tels. (0510) 2440030 Cell no. 09871103294 Present Address: 78, Lodhi Estates,
New Delhi -110 003 Tels. (011) 23388879 (O), 24644994 (R) Fax. (011) 24644996
(R) 23388827 (O)
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To oppose the decision by Congress and Mayawati of UP government with regards to
the opening 8 new slaughter houses.
It is our sincere prayer that please support us, our phone
number is 09999645170, 09873553307, 09711315927

Hari SharaNam,

My dear brothers & sisters,

My requests to you all, Please do support to protect the Mother Cow representing
Mother Earth and its happiness in the form of DHARMA.
Humanity should not be measured in "How Humans alone can live with
materialistic comforts." but but it should be measured in "How Humans can live
happily with the happiness of all the beings."

Thanks a lot!
May God bless you!
Niteesh Dubey


shree hari ram ram

Please see this video of the ill treatment of loving animals in our country. We
each can take personal responsibility in our shopping decisions and in our
eating habits. Let us pray for the protection of the weak and helpless !!! Let
us live by Dharma!

Ram Ram


This is a petition to prevent slaughter of 15000 cows per day in DEONAR
SLAUGHTER HOUSE. Please sign it to participate in opposing this demoniac
attempt to modernize cow slaughterhouse.

the link is

Do visit to prevent slaughter of 15000 cows per day in Mumbai...

Website for your information on the petition -

Shocking Decision

- B.M.C. want to make it ultramodern
- Per day 14,000 cows will get killed
- 50 lakhs to be killed in just 1 year
- 125 crore estimate expenses
- 6 crore consultancy fees
- 75% of meat will get exported
- Use of 50 lacs liter water daily for slaughter of animals

Effects On Us

- Water Shortages in Mumbai
- Hike in Milk Prices upto Rs.50 / Litre
- Free Spreading of Diseases amongst us
- Creation of Unemployment resulting suicide death of farmers in Maharashtra
- Unwanted parts of animals mixed in other vegetarian food products.
- Drainage system failed due to heavy waste material of animals.
- Cows-Buffaloes can be seen only in Books.

sent in by P. Subramani
sent by Giriraj Daga


There is a parallel protest going on on the ban of beef food at karnataka,
please food lovers join in
Divya Rajagopal
Dear Sadhaks,

Cow has to be fed first roti in every hindu house. It is said doing so
destroys sins, gives wealth, fortune fame etc. Jaina texts say giving cow first
roti gives 100 types of sukh to the person. 33 crore devidevatas have place in

One cow of indian breed can only do miracles which 1000 jerseys cant
experience). Couples not having child if they feed cow empty stomach in morning
for one year and ask for child can get one. its because of cow killing that
women dont bear child.

Killing a cow brahmin caste and snake is the henioust sin in world according to
shastras. you must have seen westerners having red eruptions on skin its because
of beef. red meat causes various diseases as compared to normal meat (which also
causes diseases) just see how many medicines non-vegs take.

cows meat lasts for 11 days so it is prefered for killing and is secretly mixed
by butchers, hotels etc for money madness parlysis, defunct bones is because of
sin of cow killing.

ravans only dosha was that despite begin pustalya rishis vansaj is he killed
cows and saints. thats why lord Ram killed him(Vipra, dhenu, sant hit lej dev

Krishanji siddi is not possible without cow. He was a cowheard. Gowardhan and
gavalas are respected in indian caste system because they were the clan in which
Krishanji took avtar. On gopatami and gopdwadshi gavalas(cowheards) are given
honoured with malas, tilak, maoney, clothes.

In diwali cow dung is worshipped for laxmi. agnihotra, panchgavya is incomplete
without cow milk, curd, cow urine dung. cow urine fresh if sprinkled within 30
min destroys ghosts in house . cow urine cures many diseases

In our history Mahraj dilip of Raguvansha offered his body to a lion to save a
cow. are we so despicable that we treat cow as a animal . remember cow ganga are
mothers mother.

Muslim countries meat eating is allowed not because of qurbani or nabis orders
that cow goat can be used as food. but because of a simple logic that arabs
didnt have food, crops it was desert so it was must in past to eat meat. So
qurbani was just a food culture.You can get mangos, basmati in UAE, Arab , USA,
UK as transport is easy now so avoid cow and any meat. krishna the supreme yogi
has said in bhagavat gita that tamasic food is meat, wine , drugs etc.

Its sorry that modern education is destroying our faith. tomorow if one tells to
kill your mother will you kill her. no.isnt it.

feeding saving cows gives beauty, wealth, fame, good looking husband wife good
sanakari children.

(courtesy "Astha TV: Please see "Gau Katha" by "Gopal Maniji" for these
knowledge and faith) their is a gau hatya ghat at haridwar to get mukta of cow
killing even in last birth)

Manas dhenu by shri gopal maniji is a lighthouse for cow rearing and protection.
Gita press also has a Gau seva Ank. For cow. with ancient treatments and wisdom
cowdung is more powerful in making soil fertile as compared to urea.

dont import jersey or mix breed with jersey save our indian breed cow if you
want to let world swril(arth, ddharma. kama. moksha). only indian cow can do
wonders as a brahmin only can dleiver havya kavya to god not a forienger or
other caste person. so protect nasal(breed of brahmins and cow and save the

Jai gau mata, har har gange, jai kashiviswanath ki, Jai brindavan,


shree hari ram ram

Please see this video of the ill treatment of loving animals in our country. We
each can take personal responsibility in our shopping decisions and in our
eating habits. Let us pray for the protection of the weak and helpless !!! Let
us live by Dharma!

Ram Ram


This is a petition to prevent slaughter of 15000 cows per day in DEONAR
SLAUGHTER HOUSE. Please sign it to participate in opposing this demoniac attempt
to modernize cow slaughterhouse.

the link is

Do visit to prevent slaughter of 15000 cows per day in Mumbai...

Website for your information on the petition -

Shocking Decision

- B.M.C. want to make it ultramodern
- Per day 14,000 cows will get killed
- 50 lakhs to be killed in just 1 year
- 125 crore estimate expenses
- 6 crore consultancy fees
- 75% of meat will get exported
- Use of 50 lacs liter water daily for slaughter of animals

Effects On Us

- Water Shortages in Mumbai
- Hike in Milk Prices upto Rs.50 / Litre
- Free Spreading of Diseases amongst us
- Creation of Unemployment resulting suicide death of farmers in Maharashtra
- Unwanted parts of animals mixed in other vegetarian food products.
- Drainage system failed due to heavy waste material of animals.
- Cows-Buffaloes can be seen only in Books.

sent in by P. Subramani
sent by Giriraj Daga


Lord Krishna in Gita Chapter 3 Verses 12,13, 14 says;

Fostered by sacrifice, the gods will surely bestow on you unasked, all the
desired enjoyments." He who enjoys the gifts bestowed by them, without giving
them in return, is undoubtedly a thief. (Gita 3/12)

The virtuous who partake of what is left over after sacrifice are absolved of
all sins. Those sinful ones who cook for the sake of nourishing their body alone
eat only sin. (Gita 3/13)

All beings are evolved from food; production of food is dependent on rain; rain
ensues from sacrifice, and sacrifice is rooted in prescribed actions. (Gita

In your home, keep sufficient quantity of cow dung and cow's clarified
butter(ghee). Fire is the mouth of the Lord. Give to the Lord with Love a morsel
and then you eat the remaining. This is the essence of the Gita which you can
imbibe in your lives.
In this description, think a little about the gains and losses. Encourage all to
offer sacrifice to the fire first before eating.

Spread this message to as many as possible and share with others.

Satya Grah


Amazing facts about Goumata

The Indian rural cow is considered the most holy and worshipped by many in
India. But not many of us know what makes the Indian cow so special and why it
ranks above the foreign Jersey cow. This article is written with the aim of
shedding light on the very same and as a tribute to our very own "Gou Mata".

An old Marathi proverb says, Khān tashi māti ” meaning the soil
resembles the source. India being the most sāttvik (‘satva’ component
predominant ) country in the world, properties of its soil appear in all living
beings residing there, making the Indian cow more sattvik than the foreign cow.
Still, Indians seem to prefer Jersey cows due to their ignorance and greed for
more milk. Hence, the ratio of Indian cows is fast decreasing. Let us explore a
few differences between the Indian and jersey cows that will show us the true
importance of the rural cow.

What makes the Indian rural cow so special?

At the physical level, we find the rural cow has a smooth and firm skin,
straight horns and a tender and kind gaze. On the other hand, the jersey cow has
skin that is rough, horns that are bent, and a stern gaze much like of a

Even the way in which they graze differs. The rural cow never demands food and
eats the grass laid out for it in a quiet and dignified manner. On the contrary,
the jersey cow is seen greedily grazing all the time, making impatient sounds as
the time of grazing nears and tossing the grass around untidily as it eats.

At the behavioral level, the rural cow is seen to be cleaner and more
disciplined than the jersey cow. The rural cow never urinates or excretes in the
place that it stays, and never steps on its own dung whereas the jersey cow
urinates and excretes in the very same place it stays, many a time stepping on
it's own dung.

The Indian rural cow is fast to learn and once beaten never repeats an incorrect
act, but the jersey cow repeats the same act multiple times inspite of being

The rural cow has a loving nature and attacks only if provoked whereas the
jersey cow, lacking in love and compassion, can attack anyone at any time.
Another astonishing fact is that the number of troubling insects sitting on
rural cows is much lesser than those sitting on jersey cows!

The rural cow produces milk only when coaxed by it's calf and produces about two
litres per day, whereas the jersey cow can produce milk at any time, ranging
from between seven to twenty litres per day. The milk of the rural cow is sweet,
thick and has a nice flavour but the jersey cow produces milk that is thin and
has a strong odour.

The curd of the rural cow too, has a sweet smell, and a texture that is even and
solid. The raja frequencies in the curd lend strength to the person consuming
it, aiding the mission he or she will be undertaking. The ghee, clarified butter
obtained also has a high sattva component, a nice aroma and a bright colour. On
the other hand the jersey cow produces curd that has a strong odour and a liquid
consistency. It has tama predominant frequencies along with raja-tama
frequencies that could create obstacles in the mission undertaken by the person
consuming it. Also, the ghee obtained has a low amount of sattva component, an
unpleasant odour and a dull colour.

At the time of pregnancy, the rural cow knows exactly when to discontinue
producing milk, whereas the jersey cow does not discontinue it's milk for a
period of eight months after pregnancy. Even the dung of the rural cow provides
us with several benefits. The dung can be smoothly laid on the floor preventing
dust from being attracted to the floor. Â But the dung of the jersey cow is
rough in nature and doesn't form a smooth covering over the floor, causing dust
particles to be attracted to the floor.

Last but not the least, we come to the gomutra (cows urine), that has many
medicinal properties and great aesthetic value. As compared to the jersey cow,
the gomutra of the rural cow has an odour that is not as strong, and a taste
that is much sweeter, lingering in the mouth for a long time. Also the gomutra
produced by the rural cow has a duration period of three to four days, with not
too much solidification taking place. On the other hand the gomutra of the
jersey cow shows a white, thin layer of concretion in a single day.

It is astounding that the difference in sattvikta of the Indian and Jersey cow
is apparent in every small detail,ranging from their appearance right down to
their quality of milk. This once again reaffirms the importance of the sattvik
Indian cow.

The time has now come to restore her old glory and honour. Let us all strive to
be instrumental in this cause, by giving a high stand to the Indian rural cow in
our life and educating others before it is too late.
cHECK OUT - hindu jagrati website.

Dharma Karma


It is sad that in a Hindu majority country cows are being slaughtered.
Earlier because we were conquered by Muslims and Christians, who ate
beef, cow slaughter was allowed. But now if the majority wants it cow
slaughter should be stopped because in a democracy, the majority
opinion should be respected. First of all in states where BJP rules,
cow slaughter should be stopped. Then we should move on to other
Hari Shanker Deo


Shree Hari Ram Ram

In a recent Srimad Bhagwat Katha in Michigan, Pujya Bhaishri (Shri Rameshbhai
Oza) said the following about Cows (Gou Mata)

Protection of Cows is essential. Cow "Gou Mata" is the mother of the world.
Killing of cows is a great sin. Cows are the wealth of India. See to it that
cows are not slaughtered. Daily, first "roti" is given to cows in villages in
India. Indian Cow milk, ghee, yoghurt is very special and good for the
intellect. It has many purifying, health bestowing and medicinal properties.
Knowledge / Education, Cow and Environment, these three must be protected.

Madhvi Doshi

We are making a commercial film on this very grave concern, the effort is to
create an awareness amongst our people about what ever is being cooked, by the
bureaucrats sitting oversees and its effect on every thing under the sun for
this land of saints "Bharat".

Minds who wish to associate with us with what ever ability, please come forward.

Jai Gau Gange mata ki
Sanjay S. Devkar

'Onions, cow dung reduce radiation impact'
[Ancient Indian technologies. It took 5000-years for modern science to know this

ALLAHABAD: The threat of nulcear radiation in Japan has raised widespread
concerns across the world. India too, which has many nuclear plants, needs to be
worried, specially for its population living near the nuke plants.

TOI spoke to associate professor in physics department, KN Uttam, about the
nuclear radiation and ways to prevent it. He said some traditional Indian
practices can help in minimising the effects of Gamma rays, the most harmful
rays emitted in nuclear radiation.

"Traditional methods like keeping onions in pockets and applying a layer of Cow
Dung on the outside walls of houses absorb the harmful gamma rays," Uttam said.
"Cow dung, in fact, can absorb all the three rays -- alpha, beta and gamma.
Among these, alpha rays cannot penetrate the layers of cloths whereas beta falls
after hitting the same but the Gamma rays penetrate the body tissue and is the
most harmful," he added. If the outer walls of houses are coated with thick
layers of cow dung, it will absorb the gamma rays and in turn people would be
safe, said Uttam who has worked in the ministry of science and technology and

Similarly, research has shown that onions too absorb the Gamma rays.
Besides,Indian practices based on herbal methods, including applying gram flour
(besan) and mustard oil on the human skin, too minimise the effects of
radiation, Uttam said.

"The leafy vegetables like spinach, basil, fenugreek leaves (methi ka saag),
mustard leaves (sarson ka saag) etc., too have radiation but it's negligible and
hence not harmful," he said.

These leafs have Sodium 23 and 24 along with Potassium which is infact essential
for body growth. These isotopes has a short life as Potassium 42 half life time
is 12 hours (after which the quantity of the same comes to half) whereas that of
Sodium 22 is 2.5 years. Similarly, there are different Beta emitters like Sodium
22 and 24 Potassium 45, Iron 59 but are non-hazardous. There are many naturally
occurring isotopes which are non-hazardous as they do not cross the natural
limit, said Uttam.

Thanks & Regards,

Sudhir Srinivasan

Cow is holy because the Vedas and the vedic literaure says so.

Krishna says: krushi gauraksha vaaNijyam vaishya karama svabhaavajam.

It is dharma to keep cows, especially for the merchantile people,
for the benefit of the society.

The Vedic people need to give higher prices for the cow milk and
milk products in order to encourage farmers to keep cows and make
the business attractive for them. Thus by engaging in cow seva we
can continue to make milk and milk products available.
jai sri krishna!
(Suresh Vyas)


do take pledge that irrespective or your nationality, religion save cows dont
kill them. In India a dead cow in not given to butcher it is buried.

pass this message to 10 persons any if you want to save 1,00,000 cows,

In India Gokaran(in bhagvat katha) and Gorakhnath were born from cow.

We have a great religion which decipers God to such extent that nothing no
prophecy can stand to its complexity of rvelations. all religions are copy cut
paste. go for real dont buy pirated. So buy gods word.

with thanks pledge to watch gau katha on astha tv.

With regards

K. krishnaachandra pande


Shree Hari Ram Ram

Sadhaks please pray....for the welfare of all beings.
Swamiji has often said that prayers can work wonders.

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niraamayaa.
Sarve Bhadraani Pashyantu, Maa kascchid Dukh bhaagyebhevet"

May all become happy, may all be free from disease;
May there be nothing but auspiciousness in everyone's lives;
May no one undergo any pain or suffering.

Om Shanti ! Shanti ! Shanti ! May there be Peace ! Peace ! Peace!
Meera Das
Ram Ram

Dear sadaks,
365 days in a year was Cow sacred day by Saint Vasista. Cow has
innumerable benefits that the whole world has. As said by a Sadak,
from cow dung and to it`s breathing and breath out has medical
values. Would you believe if you stay with cow on long term basis (Say
more than 40 days) you get occult powers. Recent Bala Yogi of
Visakapattinam- who is in Jeeva Samadhi was cowherd boy who developed
Gyana. A saint was crossing a village and happen to meet a cowherd
boy. The boy asked what was the saint searching after. The saint at
that movement was saying Narashima Sloka- So the saint described
Bagavan Narashima to the boy. The boy said just wait here I will get
him. The saint waited at foot hill. A cowherd boy (Name I dont
remember now) in the hills of central India could tie up Bagavan
Narashima and show it to the saint. Saint in dismay could not believe
it. Bagavan said to saint, that this boy used to call out Swamy
Narashima from top of a cliff and if HE does not come he would jump
off. So I (Bagavan) said, no other option, I had to come to this boy.
The saint realized that one has to go to the level of sacrificing his
life to get Bagavan easily. This sacrificing nature came to the boy
because he was years together with Cow. Do you know that Saint Tukaram
was chased off his village and when he spent his days amidst cows he
got Gyana and saw Bagavan? Do you know a paralytic person can get
cured very fast if he remains amidst cow? I had doubt about the cow
tears when Sri Krishna left Brindavan. But by HIS grace I had the
opportunity to see cow tears when it was sold by a person who was
associated with it for 4 years. Do you know that cow has more Gyana
than humans? In south India a great saint known to many called
Thirumoolar- lived on hills near Salem- amidst cow for years and he
gained Gyana to extent he saw Bagavan Shiva and wrote Thirumoolar
Thirumanthiram 3000 slokas and lived 3000 years. From his slokas the
cure for cancer is there from cow dung preparation. This has come in
Indian Express few years ago. Gyaneswar made a Buffalo to speak Vedas
at Kasi Butt Ashram- Most of you aware. But are you aware that
Gyaneswar used to ask the buffalo for it`s consent on completing each
chapter of Gyaneswari (Geetha Translation) if it was right or wrong?
Do you know that Buffalo samadhi is near Gyaneaswar Jeeva Samadhi near
Pune? Namadev brought dead cow to life. So many examples are there.
The best of all is Parikshid Raja saw a cow with 3 legs cut off and
standing on one leg. Imagine cutting of legs 5000 years ago when
Dharma was NOT so bad. There is an important message in this. Sadaks
who knows it please throw some light on it. In Srikrishnaleelamurtham
script- it says drinking single cow milk for 48 days cures so many
diseases. But Sadaks understand that Sri Krishna is watching all this-
HE knows the best. Utilize your time in HIM. No attachment to anything
in this world- 33 crores of demi gods are taking care off.
B.Sathyanarayan- Chennai

Fw: The gruesome plight of Tamilnadu's cattle (and India)

Ps forward this widely. How our cows are sent to Kerala to satisfy the dinner
palates of those that gorge on beef. Ps remember that Hindus and their beliefs
no longer matter in Kerala... over there... a real heart wrenching tragedy, And
this unconscionable crime of cow-slaughter is going on and on...

The gruesome plight of Tamilnadu's cattle (and India)
In India the cow is everything: agriculture, ecology, religion everything is
rolled into one single package, namely Gomata.

Of course the current Indian state has some patchy laws which are usually not
implemented to protect the Cow in order to save Sanatana Dharmam or SUSTAINABLE
LIVING IN INDIA which is not possible without the local indigenous breeds.

This is what that happens in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu:

Due to the continual colonial minded state's clandestine encouragement..

We shared our milk with you as babies.......we pulled your carts..... we
fertilized your fields with our precious manure.........we took care of
ourselves and you two ........even now we can......if we are let to live say
these too strangled cows after a 200 km death bout to Kerala and the
international beef market..

A Go Bhaktar showing the red chilly powder rubbed into the cattle's eyes to keep
them from fainting

50 heads in two small lorries! Inhuman bloodthirstiness

The state of India reflected in this cow's eyes! Shame on this slavish Indian

One of the thousand wounds on the cows
A strangled and estranged 3 days old calf
which was fastened and used as a footrest by the lorries' cleaners.
In Gergekandi near TN - Karnataka border.....thousands of illegally smuggled
cattle from Karnataka brought by these merry middlemen on their way to
slaughterhouses in Kerala through shandies...

EVEN IN OTHER COUNTRIES, cattle are let free , fattened and eventually

Here they should fend for themselves, get over worked and then slaughtered to be
exported in cans.



How gangs operate:
1. Police officers of all levels take bribes from such owners of vehicles like
some taxation and share a part of it with politicians up to the highest levels.
2. Such vehicles are specially built by bribing the RTOs.
3. Local officers collect their bribes as tolls in their zones.
4. The cattle are changed hands to gangs like the 6000, 9000 gangs across the
border with Kerala who are operated by 'international buyers' God knows who.
(most probably from the gulf).
5. They are cruelly exploited, worked and slaughtered

It is better to be hated for what U are than be loved for what U are not.

Sarvam Sri-Krishnaarpanam

Cow slaughtering is supposed to be regulated. However, it is doubtful, if there
is proper monitoring of the activity and enforcement of law, especially since
the activity is localized and scattered.

(S.D. Joardar)

Unfortunately cow's bones are being used in sugar production for removing the
black colour of the sugar cane juice so that white crystals are formed.

Everyone needs slippers and shoes which the cow's leather can give the best of
branded shoes.

Medicine vitamin tablets are made from the liver of the cow and so is lactin and
gelatine which people eat in puddings and some ice creams. Medicinal capsule
have to be made from the gelatine made from cow's bones.

POOR COW. Nobody is serious of protecting it. So also the girl child. Both go
hand in hand if any serious move is made to protecting them. Otherwise those who
don't care it would have been better that they were never born!!!

Their life is mud.

Gita keep talking.


I really appreciate this email. I myself am a vegetarian and if there is any way
I can help let me know. I am actually planning to make a website/write a book on
why to convert to a vegetarian. Thank you for the great information.

Komal Sharma

Practice Responsible Consumerism

Beauty without Cruelty


What is wrong from one point of view, that may be right from other point of
Knowing something as galat (that shouldn't happen) and actually eradicating it
(the galat) are two different things. People who don't save the milk givers (not
only cows but also buffaloes and goats, sheep etc.) from being massacred for
meat and leather etc., how come they offer sweets (like peda, barafee, khurchan,
kalakand, doodh-malaee, maakhan-mishree etc. prepared from milk) and sweets
prepared in ghee (prepared from milk again) to God as bhog??? How come they use
leather in shoes, clothes, belts, jackets, purses etc.? Saying and doing must
conform to thinking otherwise all will go waste as it had been in the past. Need
is to be really concerned with ones own doings (instead of laying down Doe's and
Don'ts for all others (the society except ones Ownself).
So be it.

The cows and other animals which feed the humans by their milk deserve to be
looked after very much like ur dearest ones. Mothers feed children for some
years but the cows feed the human health for whole of their lives.They are thus
sacred mother cows.


There is a parallel protest going on on the ban of beef food at karnataka,
please food lovers join in
Divya Rajagopal

I do not think Cows should be slaughtered.
But have we all thought about should tomatoes, cucumbers or other vegetables be
cut ?

Anything made by Nature has life, not just cows.
Cows in India are all over, disturbing traffic and making a mess.
While preaching non-killing of cows, we should address the public nuisance
created in the name of our own religion.

Also, please do not cut any vegetables. Thay have feelings too ...........!!
What wre we all going to eat ?
I do not think Gods live on food made on earth, and we should all begin to live
on Love and Fresh Air.


Durgesh Mankikar,MD


Dubey ji Namaskar,
Bhagwan Shiv or Bhagwan Krishn ke ashirwaad aap sabhoper hai, aap ka punya hai
ki "Gau mata" ko bachne ka sankalp aapne liya hai, jagat ke sare Vedic samaj aap
sabhopar bohot abhri hai, shrishti-mata ka bhi sath aapko hoga, agrasar rahen.

Hamare taraf se jo koshish chal rahi hai, aap ne uske upar kuch nahi kaha, aasha
hai ki aap mera bheja huva email padh ke apni pratikriya dege or sath hi sath
aap ke sath jitne bhi sage sambandhi is "Vishva ko bachane" ka pavitra karya me
lage hai unka bhi batana.

Jai Gau Ganga mata ki
Sanjay S. Devkar

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