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[gita-talk] Re: On Development of World Community & it's coming into Existence. YourThoughts?


I read in a beautiful "FOREWORD" written by S. Radhakrishnan in a book called
"SAINTS CALL TO MANKIND" by Swami Sharananandji Maharaj which has touched me
deeply. S. Radhakrishnan says,
"The destructive potentialities of increased scientific power and technological
skill can be neutralized only by the development of a world community. If
human life is to be bearable, such a community must come into existence. This
requires a change in human nature, a great wave of generosity. The world cannot
be better than the individuals who compose it. Changes of government or
economic systems do not help us to raise the quality of human beings."

We must get rid of our self-centerdness and develop world loyalty. We have to
turn to the disciplines of religion for effecting change in human nature, for
saving us from egotism, individual and collective of which we are the victim.

Sadhaks, how do we effect such a change in the quality of human beings? HOW?
What are your thoughts on a World Community and World Loyalty?

A Sadhaka


For developing world community, we should train the minds of people, that as our Anatomy,and Physiology are same whether we are Hindus or Moslems or Indians or Chinese, so also we breathe the same type of air or drink same type of water, we are also a world community having same Spiritual Values such as Love, Compassion, Cheerfulness, Equanimity, Forgiveness etc.Most of the scriptures teach these and such other positive values. However, to give shape to these values,an organisation becomes necessary. To remain focussed, these organisations also develope auxiliaries like going to Church,Praying, Fasting etc. Again to remmain focussed, they teach that they should not go to other organisations where Church would be replaced by Mosque or Temple with different rituals. So far it seems correct.
Only whether it is Church or Mosque, they should teach them the values of love, compassion etc. and also teach them torefrain from negative parameters like Hatred,Lust,Greed,Revenge,Jealousy,Arrogance etc. This is Universal Dharma and others are sects to facilitate its implementation. If we spread this idea, slowly it will take shape in Human Mind and make it ready to receive this idea. Much more work has to be done to implement it in practice.
Jayantilal Shah


vasudhaiva kutumbakam concept is not new it's an old concept prople
have tried also but for any such mission curbing greed for power
,money ,ego ,self interest have to be controlled in individual as well
as in group and masses also people in the name of caste creed religion
language province and country .they fight so much of blood shed and
deaths .individually every body wants peace .not only in india in so
many other countries there have been so many sages spiritual gurus
with all their sincere efforts but somehow evil wins over good .so we
have and even today seeing so many wars . let us all pray and try to
have peace on this beautiful earth manav ka manav par atyachar aur
shoshan kya kabhi bhi khatm nahi hoga .even christ,says peace be on
earth.letus be united on this
jai shri krishna

Chaman nigam

never read any thing from a person, about gita who says krishna is not a god.
my personal view. s radhakrishan is one of them.

Ashok Gupta


Dear Sadaks,
In Vasita Geetha or Yoga Vasita, said by Vasita to Sri Rama at the age of 16, is that in the next yuga there will be a speech given by Paramathuma to Arjuna. Think of that prediction. In the end of Kali yug man height will be 2 and half feet. Look at that prediction in Srimath Bagavath. The 4 yuga (Symbol of Bhrama with 4 heads) will have to complete. We can be unselfish, good, pious, that is ones own choice. The TV is predicted as FOX by Veera Bhramagaru saint 200 years ago. People are loosing their valuable life span on that TV.
""A prostitute lecturing on "Pativrataa" (being a chaste wife) then how will that appear?"" is posted. Why not it be thought over like this. The prostitute learn t valuable lesson by becoming prostitute. Her good wish that other should not fall pray to become so. A smoker addicted advises others not to smoke, so that others DO NOT get addicted. Can we say the adviser should first stop smoking then others will stop. But others not taking the smoker advise, falls pray to smoke addiction by not caring that addict advise.


Dear Ones, namaste!
All of us seekers of truth should be concerned about wiping out destructive
potentialities and make this world a beautiful place to live! It starts and ends
with each one of us!

Notice, no one can remain peaceful if one's loved ones, one's friends, one's
neighbor, or community suffers for whatever reasons! One feels pains, even if
one cannot help for some reasons!
This suggest that we are so much interconnected that we cannot survive in
isolation, not even physically! We are not "individuals" in the deeper sense.
Individual means "indivisible". However, each one of us is the "world" itself.
This is because whatever one thinks or does affects one and his immediate
family, community and world at large in some measures, however small it may be.
For example, what Mother Teresa or Gandhi as well as Hitler did is still
affecting world! Their thoughts behind their deeds are in the environment for
subsequent generations as well as thoughts of our ancestors!
So it becomes necessary for one to think and act responsibly because we are
affecting the world. If all of us individually change, not just superficially,
but in some significant way, right then and there, world around us will have
On a more fundamental level, one should bring spirituality in life. Above all,
Life should not be divided into "personal" life at home different from business
life at work places, social, political, and religious life different. What
happens then is that people cheat in business dealings and yet go to temple and
think they are religious!
We should practice spirituality rather follow dogmas! We should be taught to be
"world citizen in the core of our Being". Our communities and nationalities are
only for practical reasons of maintaining welfare and rich cultures, traditions
we are born into! Our actions should be with world vision, and not limited by
nationalities which have brought about wars only!
These changes should be accomplished through education incorporating
spirituality in curriculum of schools so our children be the agent of change!
Even if it takes many years of right education for the new generations, it is
still worth to start!
Let us not say "this is not possible, how can you change societies, nations etc"
and go about doing things selfishly!
Ego is smart, when it finds weak in some situations to defend its selfish
motives, it organizes community and nations to fight with other communities and
Let us just start living what we are learning here on this platform RIGHT NOW,
not tomorrow!
Pratap Bhatt


There is only one way for each individual to prepare oneself for the World
Community as per Gita: to practice in life the Truth of equinimity, to see
oneself in everyone and every thing in the World, to see in oneself every
thing and every one in this World, not to get perturbed/ angry/ frstrated
over how things and people behave, to accept the World as it exists and
emerges in future, to give up all desires for physical, mental or emotional
satisfaction including the desire of setting up an orderly world community.
This may seem impractical to almost all people. That is the way God has
designed human beings.. But at the same time God Himself has given the idea
of equinimity for human beings to practice. Some practice, many others do
not. When most people practice equinimity in life, the desired World
Community would be established at least for a while. But for those who
practice equinimity, the World Community is already in existence.
Basudeb Sen


To change all of mankind in to a perfect society or a good global community is
to make yourself free of sins and a good person. Besides this no other
solution will work. When Lord manifested on earth in the form of Lord Shri Ram
and Lord Shri Krishna, even they were unable to transform all of mankind, then
who else is there, or will ever be that will be able to change all of mankind?
No one! Only change yourself. Become good yourself then the world will be able
to become better.
So be it,
A Sadhak


sanpoorn vasudhaakee maanav jaatiko ek achchhe samaajamen badalanekaa
ekamaatra upaay hai - svaynko achchhaa banaanaa. isake alaavaa koee bhee upaay
kaam naheen degaa. jab bhagawaan raam, shree krishna sareekhe avataaree purush
pooree manav jaatiko badal naheen sake to ab aisaa kaun hai (yaa hogaa) jo
pooree maanav jaatiko badal sakegaa? koee naheen. keval svaynko badalo, achchhe
bano to sansaar achchhaa ban sakegaa.


Dear "A Sadhaka",
It is very simple...
Put yourself in the other being's 'shoes'...and
think from his(now,your angle)...
One does not need to READ any books on Philosophy to
do this...only one should have the will and determination to do it...
Simple ? It is not as simple as one thinks it...Try
it...and see for yourself...
With the very best wishes,
Yogesh Lajmi.


Dear Sadhak,

I appreciate your feelings which come up after reading Mr. S Radhakrishnan's

In my opinion these views just remain the views on paper till these are
implemented successfully. What I felt that there is no dearth of good
views/opinion on this earth, however, all these views lost in the midst of
selfishness of the people whose desire is only to become (1) powerful either by
hook or by crook, (2) to amass the wealth, (3) to become fame and rule over the

If you look at the history of years back, you will find that people kept on
fighting for the petty things viz. "ZAR, ZORU and ZAMEEN" and most of the
rulers had lost their kingdom just for the sake of achieving their personal
desire. The similar thing is happening in the present world.

So good ideas / opinion comes and goes but people remain unchanged because they
are so highly gripped with self-centeredness or selfishness which guide them to
follow or adopt only those ideas which either help them or their family to
uplift their living standard. They won't bother to fulfill their desire, even at
the cost, if it is harming their brother, sisters or society.

In Short, I would like to say that till the time people's agony remain, the
selfishness shall remain and people though they are aware about good or bad
things, keep on ignoring the good things just to fulfill their worldly desires

Further, I would like to elaborate that even a father is not able to get the
views changed of their children then how is it possible to change the entire
world. But father keeps on telling his children what is good or bad / right or
wrong, in the hope that time will come when they will understand his teachings
or views and mend them accordingly.

In my opinion, its better to change oneself on its own in such a way that let
other comes on their own to emulate and make effort to change them. Even then,
there is no guarantee that people will stick to the good things forever.

Its endless topic.

A Sadhak,


Before we embark on a noble mission, it is well started when one anticiaptes the
possible hurdlws and implants in the program methods and methodology to overcome
such hurdles. this is not negative thinking or pessimism but calculated realism.
Most of the suffering of humanity is high level of theorizing with no attention
paid to practical implementability of the theory. As an example, it is theorized
that lack of desires is the way to peace - internal and external. However, how
practical is being�desire less. Impossible. Like that, saying the whole
humanity is just one community the community of God' children is both
impractical and unequal to the task. .I am a fgan of Sarv epalli; He was our
neighbor when I was 6 OR 7. But a world community sans divisions of color,
religion/faith and political economic divides is just not possible. Such
divisions are due to the three Gunas of Prakriti, and weaknesses in human mind.
Religions exploit these chinks and play Havoc. Gita and Krishna did their best
to eradicate this virus of religion thru the elixir of Dharma. Unfortunately
even us Indians do not recognize it In such case how do you contribute to world
community. There is a saying in Telugu : .�

Krishna Samudrala


Shree Hari Ram Ram

Attached are few responses related to society and community -

Question: What are some solutions to improving the Society?

Answer: By improving ourselves, the society automatically improves; because an
individual is a limb of the society. If one's own life is not proper, but we
speak great things then neither we will improve, nor the society. A prostitute
lecturing on "Pativrataa" (being a chaste wife) then how will that appear?
Therefore it is not that our talks should be great, rather our life should be
great. With the desire to improve the society, one must attempt to improve
one's self. We will improve when we give up our selfishness and pride and do
things for the welfare of others.

Question: In the society there are many different kinds of customs and
practices, of them, which ones are good and which ones are not so good - how
are we do decide on that?

Answer: In those customs and practices where one gives up their selfishness and
does things for the welfare of others, that alone is good.

From "Prashnouttermanimaalaa" in Hindi pg 136 by Swami Ramsukhdasji


It is impossible that on engaging in satsang, that there is no change
whatsoever. If you do satsang, there will definitely be a change. If there is
no change, then you have not received real (asli) satsang. On receiving real
satsang (association of Truth or exalted Souls), change is inevitable (one
cannot remain without being changed).

From "Manav Maatre Kalyaan ke Liye" in Hindi pg 67-68 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.


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