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[gita-talk] On Development of World Community & it's coming into Existence. YourThoughts?


I read in a beautiful "FOREWORD" written by S. Radhakrishnan in a book called "SAINTS CALL TO MANKIND" by Swami Sharananandji Maharaj which has touched me deeply. S. Radhakrishnan says,
"The destructive potentialities of increased scientific power and technological skill can be neutralized only by the development of a world community. If human life is to be bearable, such a community must come into existence. This requires a change in human nature, a great wave of generosity. The world cannot be better than the individuals who compose it. Changes of government or economic systems do not help us to raise the quality of human beings."

We must get rid of our self-centerdness and develop world loyalty. We have to turn to the disciplines of religion for effecting change in human nature, for saving us from egotism, individual and collective of which we are the victim.

Sadhaks, how do we effect such a change in the quality of human beings? HOW? What are your thoughts on a World Community and World Loyalty?

A Sadhaka


Shree Hari Ram Ram

Attached are few responses related to society and community -

Question: What are some solutions to improving the Society?

Answer: By improving ourselves, the society automatically improves; because an individual is a limb of the society. If one's own life is not proper, but we speak great things then neither we will improve, nor the society. A prostitute lecturing on "Pativrataa" (being a chaste wife) then how will that appear? Therefore it is not that our talks should be great, rather our life should be great. With the desire to improve the society, one must attempt to improve one's self. We will improve when we give up our selfishness and pride and do things for the welfare of others.

Question: In the society there are many different kinds of customs and practices, of them, which ones are good and which ones are not so good - how are we do decide on that?

Answer: In those customs and practices where one gives up their selfishness and does things for the welfare of others, that alone is good.

From "Prashnouttermanimaalaa" in Hindi pg 136 by Swami Ramsukhdasji


It is impossible that on engaging in satsang, that there is no change whatsoever. If you do satsang, there will definitely be a change. If there is no change, then you have not received real (asli) satsang. On receiving real satsang (association of Truth or exalted Souls), change is inevitable (one cannot remain without being changed).

From "Manav Maatre Kalyaan ke Liye" in Hindi pg 67-68 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.


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