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[gita-talk] Re: Seeking Direction regarding Reading Sadhak Sanjivani and Gita Study


Respected Sirs,

I have been reading various small summary books on Bhagavadgeeta. Now I have the
intention to start reading Swamiji's Sadhak Sanjivani - 2 volumes. Can you
please guide me from which chapter I should start reading. I don't want to loose
it. I am determined to read it completely and meaningfully (even if it takes
long time). I heard that Geeta study should start from chapter 12?
Kindly guide me in the right direction.



in my view u must start from page one letter one
Not a single word must be left
I have done it and advice u to do it.
If u have intention to know it complete
raja gurdasani


Shree Hari Ram Ram

I have been reading for some time, but what has struck me of recent is to study the Sadhak Sanjivani deeply and sincerely, to understand with deep profundity what is being revealed, and immediately put into creative practice, the knowledge gained with a view to spiritual advancement. Sadhak Sanjivani does not promote a particular philosophical view, rather it is a life giving boon, like the Sanjivani herb for all aspirants, no matter what faith, creed. religion, language or place they belong to.

Meera Das, Ram Ram


I sincerely thank the moderators for sending this useful message with links. It
is very useful. I am not a computer person and find it difficult to read it
online. Is there a way to download and print it? I know this topic had been
discussed earlier but this info from you is very useful.

Thank you,

Shree Hari Ram Ram

Thank you Padmaji, We are glad you found these useful. Little work has been
done to consolidate the past messages into a meaningful respository that is
easily downloadable. However you can cut and past these into word or notepad or
wordpad and print. a You canlso print as-is from the links. Hope to start
making progress in this direction soon !
Gita Talk Moderators, Ram Ram


Hari Om

Your sentiments, Padmaji, regarding Holy Gita are representative of what is
called in Scriptures as 'Shubheccha' (auspicious desire). My compliments. JUST
AS: Jaggery is sweet from all sides SIMILARLY: Holy Gita is beneficial from all
sides...whether you read Chapter 12 first ..or 15:6 ! Memorizing Gita verses and
doing reverse 'paath' gives you intant , amazing peace too...! So why not to
start from Chapter 1 and grasp it the way Arjuna did? Sadhak Sanjeevani is a
'prasadik' treatise...written exclusively for emancipation of Sadhaks by Param
Shraddheya Swamiji Ramsukhdasji Maharaj ! Fortunate are we , that we have access
to such a Treatise.

The best way to read Sadhak Sanjivani is to 'surrender' to Gitaji teachings. The
holy Gita is very deep. You can not take its teachings by your mind and
intellect. For intellectuals, Gita becomes a riddle. Hence you should surrender
to its teachings first. In case something is not understood, you should presume
that whatever is written is right and you should endeavour to change your
understanding (mind/intellect) accordingly. That then is the time to change your
understanding and belief...whatever is written in Sadhak Sanjivani is NOT
subject to must change...think this way !! Start from Foreword /
Index ..and endeavour not not to miss a word !!! Read regularly ..!

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


First see the fundamental question. What is impelling you to study? Connect what
you study with yourself. See what is written as 'live' and not as a theory to be
applied for getting results. Realisation is not accumulation of knowledge. It is
mutation in the brain itself. I would like to add :
'No theory, philosophy or technique can lead you to be in that state. At the
most, they can take you to the inquiry state, the journey beyond which is
exclusive. No book, no teaching can go further. These can feed your inquiry.
Once you yourself enquire into your own inner working, the function of the book
is over. You take your own path. Till that time, you are simply gratified by
books or teachers against your present state which you term as unsatisfactory.'

Y V Chawla

Shree Hari Ram Ram

Swamiji highly recommended reading Gita Madhurya before study of Gita. You may
Read and listen to Gita Madhurya (English)

and click on GITA MADHURYA

and click on GITA MADHURYA

and click on link to HINDI BOOKS and click on GITA MADHURYA

Sadhaks if you have not visited these resources it is a MUST !!!

Let us know how you liked these FREE resources.

Gita Talk Moderators, Ram Ram


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