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Question: How to overcome the sexual thoughts (KAMA)?



Q: How to overcome the sexual thoughts (KAMA)?

A: To start with Sexual thoughts is not Kaam – it is Kaam Vikaar. As soon as thoughts come – the mind, intellect and ego (aparaa prakriti) comes into play which is a Vikaar i.e. impurity. – and Kaam is Sex which involves the above along with all the senses also. Sex is not forbidden by the scriptures. The purpose of sex as given in the scriptures is only to help us eradicate the sanskaaras of it within us and for progeny. Before proceeding further we must be clear in this concept.

In my humble understanding the very first step to try and remove Kaam Vikaar is to accept and understand that Kaam Vikaar is a hindrance to the attainment of our ultimate goal. To attain the ultimate goal i.e. the experience of the Love of Our Beloved this has to be eradicated by its roots.

Bhaiji Sri Hanuman Prasadji Poddar has said "Kaam Vikaar rehte Sva Sukh ki iccha bani rehti hai and sva such ki iccha rehte gopi bhaav ki praapti nahi hoti". This means – till even a subtle sexual thought exists the desire for experiencing the pleasure of the Self remains - and till the time the desire for experiencing the pleasure of the Self remains – the Self cannot attain the `GopiBhaav' which is the Experience of the Beloved.

From the above it transpires that to want to remove Kaam Vikaar from its roots we must completely renounce the desire to experience the pleasure of the Self. This I feel will not give rise to sexual thoughts at all and there will not remain any requirement to overcome them. As swamiji says do not kill the thief kill the mother of the thief. Do not try and overcome the sexual desires, remove the very cause due to which they arise.

Another point that needs mention is that there is a difference between Kaam (Sex) and Prem (Love). Love is with the Beloved and Sex is in the world. So what needs to be done is to transform Sex into Love. This transformation cannot be done by experiencing pleasure from the action or thought. It can be done if our only objective in the action is to give pleasure to our partner. If we take even an iota of pleasure from the action or thought, we are certain to get bound. Because, the pleasure that we experience is sensual pleasure only and to attain what we desire i.e removal of all sexual thoughts we have to renounce not only sensual pleasures – but also the pleasure of the Self which is innumerable times more that sensual pleasures and is beyond our comprehension.

If thoughts come automatically and we have no control over them then they should hurt us. Our Self should burn (Aatmaglaani) by their appearance and in that fire the desires that are within us will get be reduced to ashes (Bhasma Saat). With this heart burn we should cry in front of our Beloved pleading our incompetence and beseeching Him to help us.

Bhaiji says that the attainment of `GopiBhaav' is the attainment of a (separate) subtle body which is exactly like the gross body that we have attained. The Self then resides in the subtle body and the Beloved or the Energy of the Beloved resides in the Gross Body and shows the world His Divine Play through the Gross Body.

This is a situation which can be attained by each and every being. This True Love was the only purpose for which Creation has been created by our Beloved. But due to our `desire' to experience the pleasure of our Self (actually our Beloved) we are bound in the world. The desire to experience your Self is His Maaya – our ignorance.


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KAMA is Krishnas Maya...even LORD SHIVA who burnt kamadev was beaten by KAMA when he saw Krishna in MOHINIS form...what to speak of we humans...but for saranagaths LORD KRISHNAS lotus feet protects and guides ALWAYS


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