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[gita-talk] Re: How to overcome the sexual thoughts (KAMA)?




Namaste devotees!

Question: How to overcome the sexual thoughts (KAMA)?


Dear Sadhakas, namaste!
Since extension is granted, here is my understanding which has helped me in the area of non-stop thoughts of any and all kind!

Can one overcome any thought, let alone sexual ones? Do we choose our thoughts as an individual or they come to us like weather comes, uninvited?

If we can choose our thoughts, why not to choose happy or no- thoughts! But we all know we cannot as an individual! This is because as long as we see the arising thoughts as our own personal thoughts, we will continue to control them and not get anywhere. Even a few lines of a song we suddenly remember we liked once, keeps on repeating on and on, all day long, and we cannot stop.

Thoughts arise out of our conditioning(likes and dislikes etc) when sense organs come in contact with their respective objects, (sound for hearing, forms for seeing etc). If we take these arising as universal - cosmic design and not personal just to haunt us, then one may see thoughts lose its power to knock us down. By welcoming all thoughts, being a Witnessing Presence, thoughts will seem like clouds in the SKY THAT WE ARE!
At this point desires expressed by such thoughts become Impersonal, Benevolent, Creative, and find magical ways to tune them to play in Grand Symphony conducted by God, the Master Conductor! Peace reins there!

Such impersonal desires arise from our true nature and goes on creating what it sees appropriate! That's how we "feel the Urge to feel the presence of Omnipotent Lord in ourselves." This is what Bimalenduji may be implying by saying " May be a newer domain of Kama."
Pratap Bhatt


No more long explanations
Covert KAMA to RAMA will do it all
Raja Gurdasani


Please start eating the diet prescribed in the Holy Gita. Sattvic ahar.

No onions, garlic, eggs, meat product, sea food. Pure Vegetarian meals which are filling and light at the same time. Then it will be easier after 120 days to replace Kama with Krshna
Hari Bol

Dear Sadhakas, Namaskar

Sexual thinking is a normal function of a normal and healthy human body.

Animals do sex only as a natural instinct during their reproductive stage. Male will mate a female who is on heat and after she conceives, no male will approach her for mating. After the reproductive stage, animals have no desire for sex, they need only food and shelter.

But humans are altogether different. sex is only for pleasure by healthy and wealthy humans, after one or two kids, reproduction is not the intention. So, sexual thinking or KAMA is always present. Brain is a switchless computer. It will be thinking about something all the time. Sexual thoughts will come and go without causing any harm to you.

... Gee Waman

just replace the thought with krishna,
but how one can do it.
by satsang, it automatically goes there.
this is my personal view.

Ashok Gupta


Namaste devotees,

My opinion would be to pick up something higher thing in life, then this
automatically goes away effortlessly. If you want to seriously leave something,
then it is a burden in your thought. Any desire, if it is appropriately
attained, it is not adharmic. When you start reflecting on Good/God/service to
people, then you will have no time to think anything. And more so, do not feel
guilty about anything. Just be normal, and be natural to yourself.

Vaidehi Subramani


Pranam Sadhakas,
Rather an interesting insertion it was - no doubt! But one that inflates my
mind is an otherwise reverse -replete. I feel Kama is the driving force for
newer creation and to maintain a linkage-to which mankind is committed to.
Unless there be any sense /perception of voidness from within how can there be
the urge to rediscover the alter -ego in human being-already there in some other
manifestations ? How one should feel the Urge to feel the presence of Omnipotent
Lord in ourselves ? It is also a kind of unique search of our inner selves that
does lead to discovering the
presence of Supreme & peerless God in ourselves ? May be a newer domain of Kama.
I 'd request you to spare a thought on that.
Pronam to e...veryone.
Bimalendu Nath

Kaama ... desire ... fear ... living ... salvation.

All acts are craves ... even the worship ... till the participation chases the
desire for existence.

All actions are mundane ... even the worship ... till the fear of mortality
drives the participation.

All acts are noble ... sex is no exception ... once nobility drives the

All actions are divine ... sex is no exception ... once divinity presides the

The crave behind all acts make them appear as Kaama ... desire. The resulting
dependency on the desire make the same fear ...

One should be cognizant of the invaluably significant role that desire and fear
play in one's living. Till the fellow intends to live, one has to depend on the
fear-desire-emotion cluster with no exception. Also, one ought to respect one's
intention to live as well ... afterall, one is born only to live! Therefore, I
would not recommend anyone to develop any aversion toward the desires and fears
while one still intend to live. Any such aversion while the fellow still craves
to live is hypocritical.

On the other hand, succumbing to the urges for desires and shivers of fears from
within is suicidal as one slays oneself under the sway of emotional tides that
the two galavanize in each other's association. Then one looses one's original
intention of living as well ... one remains dead under the tremor all through
one's living! The very survival instinct (desire-fear-emotion cluster) defies
the very survival as a result.

Therefore, one has to learn how to live since that was the original agenda to
take birth in the first place. To live in full, one should learn how to ride the
emotional tides rather than getting swayed away under the same. To ride the
emotional tides successfully, one should learn the nature of desire and fear at
their core enabling oneself to drive them rather than being dragged by the same.

Therefore, one should not fear their desires and covet their fears either. At
the same time, one should not loathe one's fears and adore one's desires either.

Only one who understands one's desires and fears closely can ever drive one's
desires and fears.

One who drives one's desires and fears will verily ride along one's emotions.

One who rides over one's emotional waves of existence will verily live in full.

One who lives in full alone is capable of driving the desires and fears to their
very end rather than letting them drive oneself to one's own end.

One who transcends the fear of mortality alone can be IMMORTAL in all respects.

Naga Narayana.

Shree Hari Ram Ram
These thoughts come, and they go away. They do not remain. These thoughts are
not in you. Therefore, keep your sight (drishti) on the your Self (swayam) or
God. Do not blend with that which comes
or goes. This is liberation. To blend with that which comes and goes, the
changing states and situations is nothing but bondage. Whereas, remaining apart
is liberation. So simple, so straightforward are Swamiji's messages. Simply DO
NOT ACCEPT THESE THOUGHTS IN YOU. You will see the magic.
Meera Das, Ram Ram



That is perfectly correct. The symbiotic relation between the wanter (the void)
and the want (desire) do snowball on each other ... attract their similar kind
perpetually ... only to bloat larger and larger all the time. You are very right
... they fuel each other, nurture each other and devour each other
exponentially. The ego-desire union is like that ...

Thanks for your reflections ...


Naga Narayana.


You've got to ask yourself: WHY do you want to overcome the sexual thoughts? Is
Sex bad? Evil?
What if married people entertain sexual thoughts?
One would think it is fine for some people to have sexual thoughts while it is
forbidden for some.
Ram Ram
Deosaran Bisnath


Dear Gita-member, AS,

You can overcome your "sexual thoughts" if you can
"tranform your thoughts from physical thoughts to
non-physical-thoughts (god/higher-powers/source)".
Here is how you do it: at your thinking level, say
mentally "Jai Ma, Jai Ma (Mata Vaishno Devi)" or
"Jai Hanuman, Jai Hanumna" or "Jai Krishna, Jai
Krishna". Satrting slowly, you try to go when you
can be doing it for many hours a day. You can overcome
all your physiacl thoughts in about 6-9 months.

This will not change your sexual-life.

Best of luck. Bye!

Notesh Otes

Any answer giving a suggestion is or will be false and hypocrisy. No one has
conquered Sexual instigation except the mythological character Siva. Kaama
dahana Karunaakara Limgam. In any case Kumaara Sambhavam is metaphoric AND
SYMBOLIC, not fact. Perversion is different from normal sexual instigation.
Trouble is with such perverted sexual fantacies. They are the responsibility of
the society. As a unit society has to outcaste such cravings. It is natural to
have a sexual desire. Quench it by appropriate means and take care that it does
not turn into perversion. Let it remain Dharma Aviruddha Kaama (see 7.11 of BG

Hari Om

I would not prefer to deal with this specific Question with general term
'desires'. Swamiji Ramsukhdasji Maharaj once said that for a human to renounce
attraction for opposite sex is very difficult, as compared to other desires,
because the desire for physical union (woman / Kamini) is deeply enbedded. He
stated that this desire exists very very deeply in a human.

Reason may be that even Prakruti needs this desire to exist at deeper level so
as to ensure continuation of shrishti chakra ( births). Every Jeeva has this
desire strongly. Strong vairagya (dispassion) may be one way to overcome such

Shankaracharya wrote a way out in 'Bhaj Govindam' . He said:

Naari stan aur naabhi desham, drishtva ma gaa mohaavesham !
Ye tan maans vasaadi vikaaram, manasi vichintay vaaram vaaram !!

Do not look lustfully at the breasts and navel region of a woman ! This body is
full of hateworthy flesh, blood, and similar impurities...think , think by your
mind again and again on these lines.

Said Lord Rama in Yoga Vashishtha:

In the string tossed bodily cage of the puppet doll of flesh , endowed with
muscles , bones and joints of a woman ( or a man) , what good is possibly there?
See if it is pleasing after separating the skin, flesh, blood, tears, eyes etc;
why are you deluded in vain?

So to my little mind, Dear Sadhaks, I see the solution in strong VAIRAGYA and
surrender to Him out loudly...Save me O Lord...Please !!!

Swamiji Ramsukhdasji Maharaj once said that after deciding firmly ('accepting')
that He would never touch a female, once He had a dream . In the dream He was in
a crowded temple doing puja, crowd including both males and females ..! He said
that in dream also He was worried ( careful) that He should not touch a female

You ought to be that careful, Divine Sadhaks, to overcome such desire.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B

This is a difficult but important question esspecially for house-holders; They
constantly live with the opposite sex and Budhha says 'Kameshu Mithychara' or
illicit sex should be avoided. Geeta says ' Dharma Viruddho Bhuteshu, Kamosmi
Bharatarshbha,means any sex which is not against religious injunction is
permissible mainly to neutralise the impulse and consequent thoughts; Mahavira
or Jain injuction is ' Swa-Dara Santosh Pardara Gaman Viramane'. So with as much
restraint as possible, if desire for sex is satisfied with one's own wife,
sexual thoughts remain within reasonable limits.Suppression is not the answer.
In Jain tradition, all householders are advised to have 'Ayambil' penance for
one week twice in the year mainly to keep sexual thoughta and action under
voluntary control. During this week, house-holder which includes mail and female
have to take only one meal during the day and that too without usual taste of
spices, salt, ghee, oil etc. Control of food also brings these thoughts under
control. Gandhiji in his Auto-Biography on Chapters of Brahmacharya has written
from his experience that control of palate is effective means of controlling sex
desire including thoughts.
During 'Ayambil' week and similarly Hindus during 'Chaturmasa' observe control
of palate as well as hunger and this practice is accompanied with congregational
hearing of Discourses either from Scriptures or from Holy masters, which reminds
me of famous verse from Bhagwad-Geeta ' Abhyasen to Kointeya, Vairagyen cha
Grihyate. This means mind which also includes sexual thoughts and consequent
action can be disciplined and then controlled by the twin agency of control on
food and contemplatting on destructive power of such thoughts.
Personally, I have always contemplated on woman as 'Divine Mother' and meditated
that I should become worthy of touching her feet and constant thinking on these
lines has now become so automatic that as soon as I see a woman - beautiful or
ugly,young or old, a reflux action automatically taakes place to touch her feet
with humility. It has worked. I have also avoided news paper supplements on
Cinema showing women in ugly pose as well as advertisements from jewellers of
similar type. All these have helped me to purify my mind and restore my health
to such an extent that even at the age of 85, I am healthy without any Medical
Problem. This or any such exercise is absolutely necessary for house-holders to
grow spiritually.
Jayantilal Shah

Thoughts come and go all the time.....

1. Just witness thoughts like watching a TV and see them pass by.....all types
of thoughts pass.....just be is called mindfulness.....and a very
powerful technique to attain no thought space...

2. One can replace a thought by another thought......

3. One can just tell oneself (self Hypnosis) that I do not want this
thought......and the thought may go away and may be replaced by other

The above are well tried means of purifying the go to higher levels
of consciousness....
Experiment, practice and enjoy the wishes

Sushil Jain

-Shree Hari-


In animals, sex pheromones indicate the availability of the female for
breeding. Male animals may also emit pheromones that convey information
about their species and genotype. (Ex wikipedia).
Then there is the visual stimulus, and the subtle body language.
So a young healthy person has much to deal with, it is part of nature!

There are a few tricks, I worked for four years with a young attractive
woman who was my assistant, she in my my mind was little sister, I had
the older brother mind re this person, the point I am making is you do
not have to block you thoughts of kaama, just deflect them.
So do not be a slave to your thoughts, learn to deflect.
The Sufi Saint Radh Rohan Lal, informed his disciple Mrs Tweedie that if
the sexual energy was dead then his method of liberation does not work.
Mrs Tweedie was a late middle aged widow, who had no desire for sex, but
the energy was there. (I hasten to add that this was not a come by this
Saint). The whole concept was to turn this energy from a downwards
movement to an upwards movement, through the heart chakra. I know
through a Buddhist/Toast ex colleague of mine they also recognize this,
and in my T'ai Chi lineage, this is recogized as a healing of the spirit

Om ... Shanti ...


Ram Ram

Respected Nagaji,

Thank you for the enlightening article !! "Self-vigilance is the key" I got it.

You said "Desire generates a feeling of emptiness within". I think it is the
feeling of emptiness and void within which generates desire and this desire
increases the feeling of void exponentially. What you say?



Why should one drop Kaama?

Kaama does not limit to sexual thoughts � in fact Kaama means "desire" � any
desire is Kaama � be it sexual or else. The suggestion is to drop the desire
categorically. One has to understand why desire has to be dropped in the first

The desire (Kaama) has a unique effect � it generates a feeling of emptiness
within. The fellow feels lacking something that is essential for one's very
existence. That is THE MISERY � no one can withstand a feeling of incompleteness
within. The desire triggers this sentiment with quite a precision. The fellow
infested with a desire is helpless but to seek how to fill the void that the
desire creates within. The desire (Kaama) also has a unique property. It is
quenched only with an emotional feeling of "having" its target! The void it
generates rather the void it really is has to be filled to bring in a feeling of
completeness, in other words, contentment.

On the other hand, the desirer (Kaami) has a unique limitation - he/she does not
have any storage where anything can be held within! So the fellow develops
dependency (though it pretends a kind of ownership in vain) on mind that
generates a chain of thoughts in an effort to assure the fellow of "having".
But, the mind does not have its own room either ... the thoughts drain away from
it as soon as they raise. The mind develops dependency (again wrongly expressed
as a notion of ownership trickled down from 'its owner') on the body as it can
presumably store the images of thoughts in its repository of brain. But the body
(brain) cannot hold any object ... it can only hold only images ... but the
images get distorted and worn out as the body ages! The body develops dependency
(again wrongly expressed as an act of ownership inherited from 'its prdecessor')
on the world around as if to replenish its imagery consistently.

Therefore, one fails to fill the void within in spite of the infinitude of
thoughts and actions one keeps exerting seeking out in the world around. The
world around being aloof of the void within cannot do anything ... rather it
need not do anything as well. The fellow being burnt from within is incapable of
filling the void as such. The desire succeeds to safegaurd its forte of
existence - the void within. As a result, the ignorant fellow has lost the
freedom as well being bound to the world around to extract the notion of filling
the void. The fellow feeling incomplete from within and bound from around
suffers. Therefore, one has to drop the desire from within ... to be complete
from within ... and to be free around.

Yadaa sarve pramuchyante kaamaa ye'sya hridi shritaah |
Atha martyo'mrito bhavati atra brahma samashnute ||

When all the desires swarming the person from within are let go, one is destined
to be free as such. The Freedom established within surely flushes the void - the
hive of desires - completely establishing one to THE COMPLETENESS one truly is.

How one could drop Kaama?

But how to drop the desires � the void within seem to be so strongly protected
... the desires seem to keep pouring out from somewhere! Till the source of the
desires is shut, one cannot drop the desires. Therefore, one needs to address
the source of the desires as soon as a desire crops up. As RamaNa Maharshi says,
keep your focus on the kindle of the sandle stick that that pours out the
fragrant smoke rather than being swayed by the smoke that swirls around to fill
the room. The desires are like the fragrant smoke that cannot be traced as it
disperses away into the whole space around. Therefore, one needs to focus on the
kindle that originates the same ... the individual ... the ego. Therefore, catch
yourself whenever you entertain a desire and question why did you entertain the
desire ever? Then, you may see the uselessness of the very desire and cut the
knot you have tied with the same ... to let it go ...

Yadaa sarve prabhidyante hridayasye'ha granthayah |
Atha martyo'mrito bhavati etaavaddhyanushaasanam ||

Therefore, my dear friend, catch yourself as soon as you intend for progeny �
face yourself as you engage in the act of progeny � interrogate yourself as you
are mesmerised by your progeny � teach yourself when you are entangled in your
very progeny. You address yourself prior to your progeny (desires). Again, do
not be fool yourself to limit your progeny to any particular category � the ego
is cleverer than you ever thought ... its only intention is to copulate with the
world in one way or the other. Therefore, truthful self-vigilence is the only
fool-proof way to drop the desires.


Naga Narayana.


Dear Sadaks,
First if your age if less than 50, your body chemistry will work on your desires
created by thoughts, emotions and food. In Geetha Bagavan says, withdrawing from
Adharmic sexual/emotional thoughts is itself Tapas of Mind. Same time I have
seen a sanyasin Vasista cave near Rishikesh engaged in sex with someone wife.
Christianity says, Thou shall not cast eyes on neighbor wife. Hindu Dharma says,
seeing with lust on someone wife leads to hell where you will be given a copper
heated doll of the lady (Neighbor NOT your wife) you liked, to embrace and
suffer with burns. Reference from Bagavath. There are young people who totally
refrained from sex and emotions. It is blessings. It is because of their Body
chemistry. Three Gunas said in Geetha are based on this chemistry. Food plays a
very great role. Another way to input the mind away from sex, is think of flesh
(Goat or sheep) hanging in a meat shop. Then tell the mind that your are playing
with flesh for flesh satisfaction and how ignorant you are. Commonly seen on
road side is, a dog and bitch (Lady Dog) engaged in sex. Normally many dislike.
But then tell the mind you are doing the same in closed shelter and turn the
mind on divine lectures and sat sangh. Another message said in our Sastras- This
body is of 9 holes- Nava Dwara Puri. Escape from this you will see GOD. Sri
Krisha or Sri Rama had children. But they had perfect Gyan about householder
life. Say if one does sex with his wife on Ekadasi Day, and if the woman
conceives, the child born will be like demon. Even to have sex with wife there
are perfect rules laid down.

A thing of beauty is joy,but sensual sight is lust for most of us.A view of
beauty generates plesant feelings,but sensual sights just overwhelm our mind if
samskar disciplines are low or missing.Meditation and listening to enlightening
sermons help moderate thoughts and perversions.Vegetarians diet and proper
disciplines in life too help.



Even after reading and hearing anything, when "sensuous desires" comes infront
of you, then it drags you down. If this is the dilemma, then a simple, easy
solution is - make your enemy your friend. In other words, whenever "sensual
desire" are troubling you, and when the sensuos object is also present and
available, then take that sensuous one and begin to sing and chant the glories
of the Lord. It is not possible that you will not succeed in this. Speaking
from experience. So be it. Most humbly,

sab kuchh padhate aur sunate huye bhee jab saamane kaam aataa hai to vah neeche
ghaseet hee letaa hai. yadi yah samasyaa hai to sabase saral upaay hai :
shatruko hee mitra banaa lenaa. arthaat, jab bhee kaam sataaye aur kaaminee bhee
upalabdh ho to kaamineeko saath lekar keertan karane lagen. aisaa ho naheen
sakataa ki safalataa naheen mile. anubhoot hai.
First, why one wants to overcome sexual instinct?
Just see, be aware of the arising of sexual instinct or any other instinct
without any idea that it is good or bad. Something happens at the core. It is
not a practice.
Y V Chawla



Dear Sadhak_insight,
You have now now forayed into one of the most
controversial issues facing the Human Kind, Philosophers and "Godmen", "Sanyasis
& Sanyasins",
since centuries...
And opened up a new and interesting debate...

Sex is among the Primordial,powerful and natural
that have been endowed to the Human by God or Universal Intelligence...the need
for this is very simply, to ensure the procreation and sustenance of the Human
It has been the experience of the vast majority
of humans,that over the centuries,Man has utterly failed to conquer or gain
mastery/control over the instinct for sex...(a very small number of
exceptions,notwithstanding), let alone controlling it...however
philosophers/scientists have discovered ways to channelise this powerful source
and put it to the use of the common good...and produce different using a technique called "the sublimation of the sexual energy"...
The Hindus have been pastmasters at this...and
have mastered the technique of arousing the Kundalini,usually signalled by the
occurence of "urdava retas",and similar visible physical signs...The figurines
of Nataraja Half male/half female dancing in ecstacy clearly depicts his
urdhava-retas(semi-erection) status...
The Hindus do not hold the symbol of Linga &
Yoni in reverence for will not be out of place to mention here that
the Linga is depicted in an erect position,and,not in a flaccid position...WHAT
There is a lot to Hinduism,which,at the risk of
repitition (is a way of Life(Dharma),and not a religion)...which our ancients
hid from the laymen,for reasons best known to them alone...and did more harm
than good...
Celibacy,held in high esteem for long,has begun
to lose it's high pedastal,as the number of celibates who secretly break all
rules and instances where in a kind of vengeance, revel in the worst kind of
sexual orgies...
Repression & Suppression of the sex energy has
been found by Man is almost impossible...The Hindus too were aware of this and
"invented" Tantra,and Tantric rites,and many ioff-shoot philosophies, to achieve
To my mind the fault plainly lies with our
"Philosophers" and the Learned among us... for deliberately hiding the above
facts with detailed explanations to our fellow beings from avery young age
Treating Sex Education as taboo is a major
cause to arouse the curiosity of the younger generation to learn the wrong
things or learn things wrongly
from people whoo themselves know next to nothing about the Science of Sex..
The Hindus had under Vyatsayana published a
treatise on sex the famous " KAMA SUTRA"...but latterday "learned Hindus?",did
little to popularise it and bring it up to a more scientific level,making the
study of SEX Taboo...!
Well,to be brief,it is in my opinion
a WASTE OF VALUABLE TIME AND ENERGY to even think of overcoming SEXUAL
It will be better,in my humble
opinion to channelise these thoughts into socially more productive activities...
Wishing you the very best,
Yogesh Lajmi.

Shree Hari Ram Ram

Attached are a few related postings from Sadhaka Daily message.
Gita Talk Moderators, Ram Ram


Question: When sense-objects appear in front of us, then we do not
know why we become fickle or weak, what should we do at that time?

Swamiji: One who has learnt to art of swinging the stick (laathi)
from the very beginning, he alone can settle scores when faced with
the enemy. But when the enemy comes in front prior to acquiring the
art of twirling the stick, then you will have to take beating from
the enemy! You know these things discussed in satsang (association
with holy men), but when pleasures come in front of you, at that
time you forget, and those talks are of no use.

"Tab laagi sab hi mitre hai, jab lagi paryo ne kaam
Hem agan shudh haut hai, peetal hove syaam."

"They are all thy allies, my dear,
Till hour of trial is not nearby!
Gold is purified by fire,
Brass goes but black thereby!!"
Crisis is a touchstone of friendship. A friend in need, is a friend

One is learnt thing and the other is known (experienced, realized)
thing. That which is known, is real, innate, which never undergoes
any transmutation or change (no wavering). A learnt thing remains
limited to the intellect level only, it does not reach the Self
within. But that which is known (realized) touches the core
(Self). As long as a thing does not reach the "Self" level, that
thing does not filter down characteristically in man's behaviour as
it really should. He whose aim is Paramatma (God) realization, he
is never contented by things which are merely learnt. On not being
contented, his quest for Truth becomes further intensified. In due
course of his search, he gains the experience of the Supreme

One is "satsang" (Association with Truth with the Holy), and the
other is merely anecdote-telling, critical analysis and appreciation
of the holy books etc. At many places utterances of holy men,
interpretational criticism etc. are available in plenty. But the
association of God-Realized great Souls is a rarity. Men of
spiritual wisdom were very few even before (in Satya, Treta, Dvapar
Yug), but now they are even rarer. Nowadays even students do not
properly study the scriptures with requisite care, total concern and
right perspective. They appear for the examinations to merely get
by. When asked, they are not able to answer. Even that which they
have learnt, they are not able to say, then what to speak of this
knowledge of Truth. It remains far from their reach. It is my
sincere prayer that you understand the deeper and inner nature of
Truth, and not be satisfied with show of study.

When objects of sense enjoyment come in front of you, then all heard-
and-told talks go by the wayside. There is a story of a Pandit and
his cat. He used to tell spiritual tales every night. He had tamed
a cat to sit still besides him, while he rested a candle lamp on the
cat's head, allowing him to read and recite the sacred stories in
the lamp light. If any of the listeners complained about fickleness
and instability of their mind, he would say -"Look even this cat
sitting quietly and very still is far better than you men." The
next day in the midst of the story-telling, a person released a rat
in front of the cat. The moment the cat saw the rat, she pounced at
the pray, dropping the lamp. Similar is the mental state of human
beings. While listening to satsang, they keep the required silence
with utmost solemnness, but when objects of enjoyment appear before
their senses, they lose their control. Because within there is
attraction for money etc., therefore when money comes before them,
then it becomes difficult. It is not that the attraction for sense
enjoyments was not there before. This attraction was there from the
very beginning, but it was supressed. When gold is plated over
brass, it appears like gold. Therefore learnt things are like
polish or plated, but that which is experienced, known, is solidly
rooted within. He who has experience of the Self within, whatever
may come in front of him, he will not be swayed, moved and will not
waver. In all situations he remains the same at all times.

People consider Paramatma (God) realization to be difficult, in
reality it is not difficult; however giving up objects of sense
enjoyment and pleasures is difficult. (to be continued)

From "Be Good" in English pg 78 and "Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu" pg 675
by Swami Ramukhdasji.


The Lord has said:

"Bhogaisvaryaprasaktaanam tayaapahrtacetasaam
vyavasaayaatmikaa buddhih samaadhau na vidheeyate."

"No mind that is lured by sense-objects and engrossed in sensual enjoyments
and glory of material possessions can ever enter, O, Partha, the state of
contemplation and divine communion transcendental." *

He who is intensely attached to sense-enjoyments and acquisition of material
things, cannot even conceive or decide on moving towards God. There is no
resolve to turn towards God, and when this resolve is not strong enough, where
is the question of God-Realization ?

When one rises above the transitory attractions of sense-objects (the unreal),
then God-Realization is not at all difficult. Where is the difficulty in
realizing what already is, that which is self-evident, ever present, real,
imperishable and eternal? That which already "IS".

So how is one to redeem one's self from the lure of the unreal, the transitory

Observe the Discipline of Karma Yoga - The Yoga of Action. The Lord has
spoken in the Gita about this Yoga in a special way and praised it's glory -
"Karmayogo visisyate" (Gita 5:2). The clarity with which Karma Yoga is
propounded and explained in the Gita is nowhere else in other scriptural texts.

The purport of Karma Yoga is : to make others happy and expect nothing in
lieu thereof. Impart happiness to all - parents, wife, children, siblings, in
office, friends, neighbors and everyone that you meet. If you follow this
declaration, the lure of the unreal, temporary will give way.

"LET ALL BE HAPPY" - Such an emotion is of extreme value, it is not an
ordinary thing. If you wish not to be lured and fickle when sense-objects come
before you, then adhere in action to this predominant thought - How to make
others happy? How can others be relieved from sorrow and pain? Wherever
possible, utilize the resources you have to serve others, as these resources
will not always remain with you, and therefore it is better that they are
utilized. This sort of expression (bhava) of keen desire and love of serving
others, will make it easy to become free from sense enjoyments.

However, if your intention (bhava) is - How can my happiness be safe? How
can comfort / relief come to me? How can I receive praise? How can my beliefs
be held strong? If such expressions dominate your thinking, you cannot be
saved from the lure of the temporary.

As we become more focused on making others happy, the desire for one's own
sense enjoyments, will slowly dwindle away of it's own accord, and God
Realization will be self-evident.

From: "Be Good" by Swami Ramsukhdasji


BENEFITS OF A FIRM RESOLVE � Not Succumbing to Sense Enjoyments

Question: Until objects of enjoyment do not appear before us, our mind
remains firm, that we shall not succumb to them. However we become weak when
enjoyments confront us! What should we do?

Swamiji: It is a very good question. The intention to avoid succumbing to
sense-enjoyments (Bhoga) is certainly a rare quality, indeed! It is a
treasured aspiration. It is true human spirit (manusyataa), to turn down the
ties of the world and awaken our relation with God, which in reality is the only
solid relation.

Till objects do not come in front of us, our mind remains firm that we will
not be entangled in the enjoyments (bhogas). Even having the intention and
resolution itself, is a matter of great milestone. It is truly an immense
quality to not desire sense enjoyments. It is definitely not an ordinary thing.
If there be even a little inclination to give up the world and turn towards God,
its fruit will not be fleeting, rather it will be everlasting.

"Svalpamapyasaya dharma traayate mahato bhayaat." (Gita 2:40).
Even ten fold gains in wealth or "the kingdom of the Three Worlds" is like a
tiny spec in comparison to this firm resolve.

When objects appear before us, we become weak and are easily enticed, so why
such is our state? It is because we think of our frailty and easily succumb,
out of accumulated bad habits. Having heard in "Satsang" (through good company)
and read books, we think of improving, but soon thereafter forget, give up and
fall back into our old ways. This habit of reverting to our old ways weakens
us. If you have developed good habits such as giving up a bad thing once and
for all, or holding fast to a thing that you truly believe and accept, then
certainly you would not have been in this miserable plight! Pardon me, do not
take it wrong; but this is dilemma indeed! We do not remain stable on the ideas
we initially think about. There is not so much vice in the objects or in their
acquisitions, as it is in our evil habits. Till there is no firm resolution or
determination in you, you will not progress in any field in your life. A very
big loss is taking place by spoiling your habits.
You will be blessed if you cultivate the habit of remaining firm on � "God is
mine". Under whatever condition or circumstance, only God is mine. The world
can never be mine, and will not be mine even now or forever.

Do not kill the intention which you once harbored in your resolve. Slaying an
idea again and again brings about birth and death. Therefore remain firm in
your resolve and let the objects of enjoyment come before your sight, but you
will not be tempted, nor will you be shaken from your resolve. You will not sip
your own spit. By remaining firm on an idea, a force will be generated within,
a power will descend. Then you will not suffer from such a plight. People may
call you a coward, abuse or condemn you, but remain firm and unaffected.

From "Be Good" by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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