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[gita-talk] Re: The Bhagavad Gita - Daily Message - 6-36


Shree Hari
|| Ram Ram ||


asamyataatmana yogo, dushpraapa iti me matih
vashyatmana tu yatata, shakyo 'vaptum upaayatah


Yoga is difficult to achieve by one whose mind is not completely subdued, but it can easily by achieved by him, who has controlled his mind and who strives ceaselessly; such is My conviction. 36


Arjuna thought, restlessness of mind as the barrier to attaining perfection in Dhyanayoga. But in fact the restlessness of mind is not so much of an obstacle as the lack of control of mind. The faithful wife does not concentrate her mind, but she keeps the mind under control.

With the ability to concentrate the mind (due to attachment in mind and intellect), one attains certain occult powers, with coming of these powers, relationship with the world (Jadata or inert) remains.

The second point, to concentrate the mind, practice is necessary which is not possible without the help of the world (Jadata).

The third point, with the concentration, the mind develops dispassion for some time and then falls out of it. This happens only due to the relationship with the world.

The conclusion is that on achieving concentration the relationship with the world is not abandoned but when the attachment is gone for good then the relationship with the world is broken. Therefore, in Lord's view, the concentration of mind is not important but one should be free of attachment.

For controlling the mind, i.e. purifying the mind, there are two techniques--

Not have likes and dislikes (Raaga and Dwesha) with anything and seeing God in all. As long as a person continues to have likes and dislikes, till then he cannot see God in all. As long as an aspirant does not see God in all, till then mind cannot be completely controlled. The reason is that as long as aspirant believes existence of another entity besides God, till then the mind cannot be mastered.

From "Gita Prabodhani" in hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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