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[gita-talk] How to overcome the sexual thoughts (KAMA)?


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Question: How to overcome the sexual thoughts (KAMA)?


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Question: When sense-objects appear in front of us, then we do not
know why we become fickle or weak, what should we do at that time?

Swamiji: One who has learnt to art of swinging the stick (laathi)
from the very beginning, he alone can settle scores when faced with
the enemy. But when the enemy comes in front prior to acquiring the
art of twirling the stick, then you will have to take beating from
the enemy! You know these things discussed in satsang (association
with holy men), but when pleasures come in front of you, at that
time you forget, and those talks are of no use.

"Tab laagi sab hi mitre hai, jab lagi paryo ne kaam
Hem agan shudh haut hai, peetal hove syaam."

"They are all thy allies, my dear,
Till hour of trial is not nearby!
Gold is purified by fire,
Brass goes but black thereby!!"
Crisis is a touchstone of friendship. A friend in need, is a friend

One is learnt thing and the other is known (experienced, realized)
thing. That which is known, is real, innate, which never undergoes
any transmutation or change (no wavering). A learnt thing remains
limited to the intellect level only, it does not reach the Self
within. But that which is known (realized) touches the core
(Self). As long as a thing does not reach the "Self" level, that
thing does not filter down characteristically in man's behaviour as
it really should. He whose aim is Paramatma (God) realization, he
is never contented by things which are merely learnt. On not being
contented, his quest for Truth becomes further intensified. In due
course of his search, he gains the experience of the Supreme

One is "satsang" (Association with Truth with the Holy), and the
other is merely anecdote-telling, critical analysis and appreciation
of the holy books etc. At many places utterances of holy men,
interpretational criticism etc. are available in plenty. But the
association of God-Realized great Souls is a rarity. Men of
spiritual wisdom were very few even before (in Satya, Treta, Dvapar
Yug), but now they are even rarer. Nowadays even students do not
properly study the scriptures with requisite care, total concern and
right perspective. They appear for the examinations to merely get
by. When asked, they are not able to answer. Even that which they
have learnt, they are not able to say, then what to speak of this
knowledge of Truth. It remains far from their reach. It is my
sincere prayer that you understand the deeper and inner nature of
Truth, and not be satisfied with show of study.

When objects of sense enjoyment come in front of you, then all heard-
and-told talks go by the wayside. There is a story of a Pandit and
his cat. He used to tell spiritual tales every night. He had tamed
a cat to sit still besides him, while he rested a candle lamp on the
cat's head, allowing him to read and recite the sacred stories in
the lamp light. If any of the listeners complained about fickleness
and instability of their mind, he would say -"Look even this cat
sitting quietly and very still is far better than you men." The
next day in the midst of the story-telling, a person released a rat
in front of the cat. The moment the cat saw the rat, she pounced at
the pray, dropping the lamp. Similar is the mental state of human
beings. While listening to satsang, they keep the required silence
with utmost solemnness, but when objects of enjoyment appear before
their senses, they lose their control. Because within there is
attraction for money etc., therefore when money comes before them,
then it becomes difficult. It is not that the attraction for sense
enjoyments was not there before. This attraction was there from the
very beginning, but it was supressed. When gold is plated over
brass, it appears like gold. Therefore learnt things are like
polish or plated, but that which is experienced, known, is solidly
rooted within. He who has experience of the Self within, whatever
may come in front of him, he will not be swayed, moved and will not
waver. In all situations he remains the same at all times.

People consider Paramatma (God) realization to be difficult, in
reality it is not difficult; however giving up objects of sense
enjoyment and pleasures is difficult. (to be continued)

From "Be Good" in English pg 78 and "Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu" pg 675
by Swami Ramukhdasji.


The Lord has said:

"Bhogaisvaryaprasaktaanam tayaapahrtacetasaam
vyavasaayaatmikaa buddhih samaadhau na vidheeyate."

"No mind that is lured by sense-objects and engrossed in sensual enjoyments
and glory of material possessions can ever enter, O, Partha, the state of
contemplation and divine communion transcendental." *

He who is intensely attached to sense-enjoyments and acquisition of material
things, cannot even conceive or decide on moving towards God. There is no
resolve to turn towards God, and when this resolve is not strong enough, where
is the question of God-Realization ?

When one rises above the transitory attractions of sense-objects (the unreal),
then God-Realization is not at all difficult. Where is the difficulty in
realizing what already is, that which is self-evident, ever present, real,
imperishable and eternal? That which already "IS".

So how is one to redeem one's self from the lure of the unreal, the transitory

Observe the Discipline of Karma Yoga - The Yoga of Action. The Lord has
spoken in the Gita about this Yoga in a special way and praised it's glory -
"Karmayogo visisyate" (Gita 5:2). The clarity with which Karma Yoga is
propounded and explained in the Gita is nowhere else in other scriptural texts.

The purport of Karma Yoga is : to make others happy and expect nothing in
lieu thereof. Impart happiness to all - parents, wife, children, siblings, in
office, friends, neighbors and everyone that you meet. If you follow this
declaration, the lure of the unreal, temporary will give way.

"LET ALL BE HAPPY" - Such an emotion is of extreme value, it is not an
ordinary thing. If you wish not to be lured and fickle when sense-objects come
before you, then adhere in action to this predominant thought - How to make
others happy? How can others be relieved from sorrow and pain? Wherever
possible, utilize the resources you have to serve others, as these resources
will not always remain with you, and therefore it is better that they are
utilized. This sort of expression (bhava) of keen desire and love of serving
others, will make it easy to become free from sense enjoyments.

However, if your intention (bhava) is - How can my happiness be safe? How
can comfort / relief come to me? How can I receive praise? How can my beliefs
be held strong? If such expressions dominate your thinking, you cannot be
saved from the lure of the temporary.

As we become more focused on making others happy, the desire for one's own
sense enjoyments, will slowly dwindle away of it's own accord, and God
Realization will be self-evident.

From: "Be Good" by Swami Ramsukhdasji


BENEFITS OF A FIRM RESOLVE – Not Succumbing to Sense Enjoyments

Question: Until objects of enjoyment do not appear before us, our mind
remains firm, that we shall not succumb to them. However we become weak when
enjoyments confront us! What should we do?

Swamiji: It is a very good question. The intention to avoid succumbing to
sense-enjoyments (Bhoga) is certainly a rare quality, indeed! It is a
treasured aspiration. It is true human spirit (manusyataa), to turn down the
ties of the world and awaken our relation with God, which in reality is the only
solid relation.

Till objects do not come in front of us, our mind remains firm that we will
not be entangled in the enjoyments (bhogas). Even having the intention and
resolution itself, is a matter of great milestone. It is truly an immense
quality to not desire sense enjoyments. It is definitely not an ordinary thing.
If there be even a little inclination to give up the world and turn towards God,
its fruit will not be fleeting, rather it will be everlasting.

"Svalpamapyasaya dharma traayate mahato bhayaat." (Gita 2:40).
Even ten fold gains in wealth or "the kingdom of the Three Worlds" is like a
tiny spec in comparison to this firm resolve.

When objects appear before us, we become weak and are easily enticed, so why
such is our state? It is because we think of our frailty and easily succumb,
out of accumulated bad habits. Having heard in "Satsang" (through good company)
and read books, we think of improving, but soon thereafter forget, give up and
fall back into our old ways. This habit of reverting to our old ways weakens
us. If you have developed good habits such as giving up a bad thing once and
for all, or holding fast to a thing that you truly believe and accept, then
certainly you would not have been in this miserable plight! Pardon me, do not
take it wrong; but this is dilemma indeed! We do not remain stable on the ideas
we initially think about. There is not so much vice in the objects or in their
acquisitions, as it is in our evil habits. Till there is no firm resolution or
determination in you, you will not progress in any field in your life. A very
big loss is taking place by spoiling your habits.
You will be blessed if you cultivate the habit of remaining firm on – "God is
mine". Under whatever condition or circumstance, only God is mine. The world
can never be mine, and will not be mine even now or forever.

Do not kill the intention which you once harbored in your resolve. Slaying an
idea again and again brings about birth and death. Therefore remain firm in
your resolve and let the objects of enjoyment come before your sight, but you
will not be tempted, nor will you be shaken from your resolve. You will not sip
your own spit. By remaining firm on an idea, a force will be generated within,
a power will descend. Then you will not suffer from such a plight. People may
call you a coward, abuse or condemn you, but remain firm and unaffected.

From "Be Good" by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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