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[gita-talk] Discussion on Gita 8/16



Bagavath Geetha 8/16. The three Lok (worlds) man should know -

"Aabrahmabhuvanaallokaah, purnaraavarthino'rjuna......" (8/16)

Aa Buvana----- is the sloka commences with.
As I understand, in this Bagavan mentions 1) Iyswarya Aarthi 2) Kaivalliya Aarthi and 3) Bagavan Aarthi. The discussion should be very simple, impartable to todays common man with scientific proofs. The discussion should make any man of today`s world to contemplate.
Kindly share ...
Jai Sri Krishna



ābrahmabhuvanāllokāḥ punarāvartino'rjuna
māmupetya tu kaunteya punarjanma na vidyate


All higher worlds from the abode of Brahmā downwards are by nature subject to rebirth; but on attaining Me, O son of Kuntī (Arjuna), there is no rebirth. 16


The rebirth happens only due to the attachment to enjoyment of pleasures and prosperity. Therefore, one who is attached to enjoyment of pleasures and prosperity, supposing is able to reach the abode of Brahma as a result of performing meritorious deeds, even then he is subject to come back to the world, the abode of pain, thus he resumes the cycle of birth and death once again.

Reaching to all higher worlds (Lokas) up to the abode of Brahmā, is the fruit of actions. As we know, every action has a beginning and an end then how can the fruit of these actions be everlasting? But attaining to God is not a fruit of any action. Therefore after attaining to God, one is not subject to return to the abode of sorrow-- the world.

From Gita Prabodhani by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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