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[gita-talk] Re: Who Can Follow the Gita Principles?


Shree Hari   Ram Ram

Dear Sadhaks,  We are revisiting some older postings due to Gita Jayanti week..... Please add as appropriate. 

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Hari Om

Gita is the only Scripture perhaps which does not distinguish between caste, creed, colour, country etc and is universally applicable to all JEEVAS (humans) of the earth. There is no insistence in Gita of any particular 'ism' or 'sect' ! Gita is meant for every human being. If you are a human being, Gita is for you- irrespective of how, where, what you are !

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


Shree Hari Ram Ram 

In Gita there is no mention of the word Hindu or Hindu Dharma . IF there were any topics related to any sect or race then it could be said that Gita is for "so and so" and not for all beings.   Gita is for all of mankind.   The word "Dharma" means "Duty"  that is applicable to all,  but mistakenly majority just call it "dharma". So be it, 

Vineet Sarvottam


Dear Sadaks,
It is to be expressed as Bagavath Geetha instead of short form Geetha while trying to know essence of it. Bible, Quran, Buddhism, Jainism are all for welfare of Humans at Large not for particular caste or creed. In these scripts most matters are common. Bible: Love they neighbor as they self. Quran: treat everyone alike, even to beggar do not give old things. Buddhism: Love all living as you would love yourself. Jainism: Be kind even to yourself first and more kind to others. In Bagavath Geetha all these are said with very high clarity. Now one may ask, why Bagavan Krishna wanted to wage war, killing so many? But in Bible it is not so. There also in chirstian testaments, it is said of savior punishment of Judgment day- Chirst cursing a tree to go on flames that not yielded fruits. Cursing tree that too. HE was right. Buddha also cursed a bad king and looked with disgust on Devadhata (His brother in law).Like this, one can find similarity on truth, robbery, murder etc. But in Bagavath Geetha, Bagavan actually compressed all 108 unpanashids. Just look at it like this: The people in India in those old days were mainly Hindus. These people had climatic, chemical composition of earth, environment Etc conducive to do meditation. Few among them obtained enormous celestial powers to travel in the whole universe and beyond, know the past, good and evil, past-present-future. Nowadays, one can see Sri Sathiya Sai Baba gives gold ornaments by just waving his hand. Imagine those days, the saints then were million times powerful. One thing- we can NOWHERE read in any script that the script is for certain religion. In Hinduism, one can get excellent clarity on doubts. In Bible: Show the other cheek when slapped. In Hinduism: In upanashid: The one who slaps gets the sins transferred from the person got slapped. Buddhism/Jainism says even give yourself to one who wants to murder you. There is so much clarity about why we are born poor/rich, poverty/comfort, wrong doer living quite well when compared to good man, how we have NO choice to rebirth. Here in Bible it is said: NO rebirth. Bible is talking of soul which does NOT have rebirth. So does Geetha. First everyone need to know what is inhumane and humanism. (Maanushatuvam)


Bhuvangiri Badri Kishore


Respected Sadhaks,
 Gita's Principles are for everyone in this world irrespect of  any caste. It is not restricted to any religion.  In fact, what I believe, every holy book has its own principle.  So one should try to read these if possible.

Is Gita for Humanity at large or Hindus only? Is it for any caste within Hindus?
It must depend on what is mentioned in it. I'm asking this question because I
know very little about the Gita. There are some spiritual books and practices
which are limited to a particular caste within a religion or require conversion,
therefore I am seeking clarification with this question.

Sri Ram Balu


Dear Gita scholaras,
No where in Bhagwat Gita has the word "Hindu" occured. No where have the word "Dharma" meaning RELIGION come up, though the words Karma & Dharma have been used with about 30 or so different meanings  in the Bhagwad gita . 
the advice is meant for the humanity. There were no religions, so to say, at that time when the Gita was narrated. No where has Lord said specifically,"Do this..."
He has only shown the way. He has time & again said " Use your intellect and decide. "
It is for us to follow the teachings and benefit from them.  Good luck good reading...
Ram Ram ;  Suhas Gogate



Gita is teaching us what our true identity is, what this world we live in is, and what God is experiencially.  Then It teaches us how to get there. In Gita , Lord Krishna need not be considered historical figure, even though he was. He is Pure Consciousness which we all share or rather are!  An individual thinks in ignorance that his/her  identity is body just by thinking and believing it to be true. These beliefs in turn become Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Indians, Chinees, Europeans etc etc.  Thses condition/limits us and result into suffering as we know well.

So to be happy we need to be free from false identifications regardless of our castes, religions, nationalities, and other such identities. This is Gita's teaching in summary. Therefore it is for all mankind, those of us who want to be happy, peaceful, loving human beings. Since it is not restricted to Hindus, it cannot be restricted to any castes.

One suggestion: Gita can be best understood in its true spirit by  such well versed/realized teachers as Swami Ramsukhdasji or others rather than reading only which is the next best thing.

Pratap Bhatt
Ram Ram,
THE LORD KRISHNA(NARAYAN), has propounded the teachings of  Geeta  for the well-being of mankind and mankind only. Sri Arjun is the prime audience who is a Human (NAR). The speeches of Shri Geeta were given not in a Temple or Place of Worship but at the Battle Ground of Kurukshetra (our Karma Bhoomi - place of work and action). The Time chosen for this teaching by the LORD is at the beginning of KALIYUG with the Battle of MAHABHARATA (the difficulties of this vast world) set in the back ground. So the Place ,Time and Object (Desh, Kaal, Patra) all are unrelated to any particular religion, caste or creed.

Let us also look at some verses from Shri Geeta. Ch15V7 - The LORD says - All the life (human, animals, plants and so on)  in this world are only MY Eternal Very Own Part (ansha). He does not say All Hindu or All Brahmins of India or Delhi but He says ....Jeeva Lokay Jeeva Bhutah, which means  All Life in this WORLD.

Sarva-bhoot-hitay-rata (Ch5v25 & Ch 12v4), Sarva-yonisu (ch14v4), Sarva-Dehinam (Ch14v8), sarva-bhoota-atma-bhoota-atmaa (Ch5v7), Sarva-Lok-Maheswaram(Ch5v29), Suhridam-Sarva Bhootanam (Ch5,29) and so on. The LORD, by repeatedly using the word "SARVA", has a very broad vision (vyapak) not limited to country, caste, creed or religion.

Shri Geeta is for anyone and every one who want to attain the prime objective of birth (coming into this world).

With very kind regards,
Sushil Jalan

In Chapter 4, v-1 Lord describes that this knowledge has been in
existent for long time. At that time there were no religions or
castes. This knowledge got lost with time and HE imparted this
knowledge again to humanity via Arjuna.
In Chapter 9, v-32 Lord assures members of Vashya and Shudra caste as
well as women and any one else who may think that they are not
eligible to recieve Gitaji's teachings, He says, as long as they
surrender to HIM they will attain him just like Brahmins,the Pure
ones and Rajrishis etc (Ch9, v-33).
Lord also describes who is not to be told about Gitaji. Ch 18, v 67
describes the type of person who is not an ADHIKARI of being told
about the knowledge in Gitaji.
Several verses throughout Gita describe the qualifications of a
devotee. Too many verses to enumerate. Basic message from all thsoe
verses is that if you offer all your actions and thoughts to me than
you are my true bhakta. Nowhere does HE say this knowledge is only
for Hindus. HE always uses the terms Manushyanam, Jiwanam,
Sarvabhutanam etc. Many people around the world from all different
religions and countries have approached Gitaji with Shraddha and have
benefitted from It's teachings.

Humbly submitted

Jag Aggarwal

Hello mr.Sri, This is my understanding of Gita. Gita is for anyone and everyone. It encompasses everything and so not restricted to a particular religion. WHen Lord Krishna talks to Arjuna, it says..'Bhagavan uvacha'..that is..He is talking as  SUPREME being and not just as a cowboy or Vrindavan's Krishna.
Sometimes, a person from the religion(other than hindu also) may be practising the things said/mentioned in Gita..but in Hinduism, we call in Gita with our understanding of God in the personal physical form and it is Lord Krishna here. God when we say..the SUPREME being is not limited to language,caste,religion at all.
Gita gives the idea of the nature of human mind and how to quieten it to get the bliss/happiness we humans are looking for.
It shows us the path to handle the situation with equipoised mind irrespective of what comes our way. (At one time or the other..we begin to thing why this or that is happening..) and so, sometimes we feel that things are not in our control and we tend to brood over them or getting depressed. But the person who is equipoised (or in yoga as per Gita), enjoys everything that comes his/her way. Afterall, in the ordinary sense, enjoying the present moment is what is important as past and future are out of scope with respect to present moment.
Gita gives us reminders/understanding the nature of human mind and the way human intellect works. Also, u may have heard 'renounce' work many times in Gita too..(many people if they do not understand the word 'renounce' properly, they may think...its not for youngsters but only elderly..) but what I feel is..'renounce' word can be interpreted in any different way. In Karma Yoga (chapter 3), Lord says..Renounce the fruits of actions (so that out mind is relaxed and not worried about future).
In chapter 4, twelve ways are described for renouncing..(like some renounce sense actions, some other sense organs, some others wealth, some others - by regulated breathing techniques, some others by regulating inputs etc etc..).
Have a nice wonderful day :)
Gita is for everyone. It is not for Hindus or Brahmins only. Do not worry about caste, creed, gender or any thing else. If you look at ISKCON popularly known as Hare Krishna movement you will see followers from all walks of life, different nationality, color, gender etc.
Srimad Bhagvat Gita (song of God) is for everyone.
So please start reading instead of wasting valuable time in irrelevant questions. (If you believe it is for particular caste or religion then also you are not going to loose any thing)
Gita is a manual for human beings.
If you understand and progress to surrendering to Krishna (bhakti) then you will guide rest of humanity about sweetness of Gita.
My intentions are not telling you any thing about Gita but to remove the obstacles you are facing to start reading Gita. Already you wasted time, do not waste anymore.
Hope this helps.
GOvind Madhav Das

Priya Bandhujan and Bhaginya

Saadar Pranaam
Raam Raam
I am giving the views on Gita based on my views and my foul mind's understanding of the holy scriptures. Hope you will forgive and bless and grace me for my mistakes.
Gita is not only for Hindus or any caste within Hindus,its for the entire Humanity,even thats the matter of Reading and/or Purpose.
Consider Holy Vedas, only Dvijya can read the Holy Vedas no one else,But Vedas are for the sake of entire Shrishti.
But Gita is a part of Mahabharatha which is one of the ITIHASA, (there are two ITIHASAS,one is Valmiki Ramayan and other is Mahabharatha.)
Entire humanity has got the right to read the ITIHASAS according to Holy SMRITIES.
So no matter who you are,which religion you follow you can read The Holy Gita and attain the God by adopting the way described in Gita.
Seeking forgiveness for my mistakes.
Your Das
Ram Ram

I too beleive that dear sir, that the Bhagwat-gita is for fact i believe that everybody should be allowed to approach god....

Ram Baluji,
This is very popular opinion that Gita is for anyone and everyone and is not restricted to any religion. It feels nice, but the reality is that Gita is a text of Sanatana Dharma and useful for followers of Sanatana Dharma. The principles laid in the Gita do not belong to a Christian or Jew person. One of the founding thought of Gita is reincarnation which no Abrahimic religions believe in. Another is therory of Karma and Dharma, which are unknown to many other religions. At the most one can say that Gita is a book for Dharmic religions. You see now you can say Oh! other religions do not know that but it belongs to them too. That is a same argument made by other religions that Hindus just do not know but Jesus is the God and only through him the salvation. Now does Gita have verses which are compatible with other relgions and thus apply to followers of other religions? Sure. But then there are many things in the Bible, Quran, Torah which apply to Hindus too. Regards,

Sudhir Kalra

Jai Shri Krishna
1st of all I would like to say Jai Shri Krishna In hindu DHARMA there is no special place for any one. Any one can read any holy book. It is not limited to Pandits and Brahmins.
Arun Agarwal
Jai Shri Krishna

Dear Sir,
I am not a pundit (all-knowng) in Gita but I can say with conviction that it is meant for any and everybody. There is no restriction of any kind. I think that there is no religious text which sets a pre-condition to read it. For knowledge one only needs to be a seeker and nothing else. I have not found at any place in the text a pre-condition to a person for reading Gita. I appreciate your concern and sensitivity.
Thanks and regards,
A Seeker
Anil Anand Pathak

Sri Ram:

I don't know which reading you follow, but Gita is Universal - Eternal. It is not limited to Hindus or limited to any caste within Hindu. It is for the entire humankind....Any scriptures written in a language not commonly understable by people require translation, for example Vedas, Gita, Upnishads, smruti shruti, etc. are written in sanscrit, not a commonly understood language. 
Ashok Shukla


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[gita-talk] Re: Few Very Selected Gita Shlokas for Gita Jayanti day Compilation


Shree Hari   Ram Ram 

Dear Sadhaks,  Please add to the list or share insights on Gita Shlokas as we conclude the Gita Jayanti  week

Gita Talk Moderators,  Ram Ram



Hari Om

In Gitaji each and every sloka starting from Sloka no 1 of Chapter one is divine. But entire Chapter 15 has been stated by Lord Himself to be a 'Scripture' (shashtra) in itself. What a chapter is Chapter 15. In just 20 verses all three viz Jagat (world), Jeeva ( embodied self) and Jagdish (Paramatma) have been explained and not only that their inter-se relationships also have been explained. Just 20 verses. Only Lord Krishna could have spoken that lucidly and comprehensively in just 20 slokas. Then there are first 11 slokas of Chapter 10. Entire Chapter 12. In Chapter 12 a Bhakta's traits have been explained in independent/exclusive sets. All in just 7 verses (BG 12:13 to 19) !

What to talk of 18:66 or 2:47 ?

Alone in 700 verses of Gita the nectar of all Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads is contained.
Entire Gita gets summed up in verses like 7:19 or 18:66 ! Once I counted 'independent God Realisation methods' stated in Gita - they were more than 2 dozens ! Methods to suit every type of Jeeva, every temperament of Jeeva, every state of Jeeva. That Gita when read with commentaries of Swamiji Ramsukhdasji Maharaj - just takes you to the unimaginable heights. Just one Gita- you don't need any thing else for your liberation... Guaranteed !

It is impossible to sing glories of Gita. There is no end to its bhavas. More you read, more you marvel. It is like a mirror. As you approach Gita, so it manifests before you.

Dear Sadhaks ! By just hearing Gita ONLY ONCE , Arjuna got liberated. He never had an opportunity of listening it twice. Next time he got 'Laghu Gita' ( condensed one) only. We , by grace of God, have Gita with us . We can read/hear/study it many times. If this is not the glory of human life ... then what else can be bigger? Can God be more graceful ? Honestly... No ! Hence drown yourselves into this ocean of nectar. Do not waste precious human life time. Simply jump into the Gita Ganga ! Just do it, Divine Sadhaks !!

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


Dear soul mates,
                     Namaste.Bhagvans abhaya vachana is located in chapter9 and sloka 22.If any body is doubtful about sharanagathi hecan read this and surrender totally to the lord.Suppose we are travelling in abus as a standing passenger, if we donot hold the support belt over our head firmly,we are likely to fall.Gods support is like that only
Badri Narayana Miriyala


I would sum up Gita as below:
Belong to the God, like a son to his father.Work for the God, like a good son works for pleasure and fame of his father.Surrender every thing, good or bad, success or failure to God, like a son surrenders to his father
Jai Shri Krishna,
Ashok Misra


Dear Sadhaks,
Hare Krishna.

Each and every slokam from Bhagavad Gita is fit for compilation.
I would like to mention a few.
From the second chapter 47 slokam,' karmanye vadhikaraste' deals with our duty with no attachment to the results.
'Jatasyahi dhruvo mrutyuh' (2,27) deals essentially with life and death.
' Paritranaya sadhunam'( 4,8) deals with Lord's appearance in every yuga to save the innocent

There are two slokas I recite before my meals,
'Brahmarpanam brahma havih' (4,24) which says everything is parabrahman
The second one is, 'Aham vaisvanaro bhutva'(15,14) which says He is the one to help us digest the four kinds of foodstuff
' Anta kale ca mameva'(8,5) says if we leave this body thinking of Him, we reach Him.
In eleventh chapter, 55 th slokam says if we offer actions to him,love every one and have devotion, we will attain Him.

'Sarvadharman paritya'(18,66) deals with our total surrender with devotion.
Every slokam from Gitaji is full of nectar of devotion and worthy of compilation. All of you are doing an amazing work of spreading the divine wisdom. I enjoy the Bhagavad Gita discussions. Lord Krishna bless us all
Thank You
Hare Krishna


Pujya Sadhakas

Jay Shri Krusna

Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Jayanti is just a few days away

I know each and every word of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Jayanti conveys
a deep meaning, still I would like to complie a list of very very
selected slokas for distributing the same to interested people,
spread the message of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and arouse interest in
them for further study of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

So it is my humble request the sadhakas here to pl. help
me in making such compilation.

With warm regds
Vimal Modi

Dear Sadak,
Bagavan Said, What happened, happened very well. What happening does
happens well. And what will happen will happen well
Jai Sri Krishna
baiya sathyanarayan


Dear Vimalji Namaskara;

Your requirement is a task by itself. But I will try my hand at it.

(1/20) This is a fulcrum around which Bhagwat Gita (BG) revolves.
Every body goes through this situation as Arjuna
(2/7) Shows the greatness of the Lord, Arjuna (Arj) and depth of BG.
The Lord kept quiet till Arj. surrendered and was ready to receive
knowledge. Knowledge is taken and not given. Arj. was confused and
wanted a guru. He honestly accepted his condition. Depth of BG is
seen in the fact that any action done as per direction of the
intellect is well done.
(2/20-22) Describes the qualities of Atma.
(2/42) Contents are more important than the packing. Lord ridicules
mechanical rituals.
(2/46) An enlightened person has no use of Vedas. It like a pole
vaulter. Use the pole to reach the bar; leave it at a right time. He
can not cross the bar without the pole, He cannot cross it with the
(2/47) Karma yoga is introduced.
(2/55-58) Description of a person with stable intellect.
(3/21) How the leaders should act.
(3/21-24) Lord uses various ways. Personal appeal, fear, threat; so
that Arj may act.
(3/29)Crux of Karma Yoga
(3/35) Principle of right action.
(3/42) Principle of renunciation.
(4/6) Highest Vedantic Philosophy
(4 / 7, 8) Promise by the Lord.
(4/14) Lord functions like an actor on the stage or like petrol in a
car. No play can be without an actor, but the actor has no
involvement in it.
(4/34) Definition of an ideal student.
(5/16) Knowledge develops a person, no matter how long he was
(5 / 27, 28) How to practice meditation.
(6/5,6) Central thought of Atma Sanyam Yoga.
(6/27) Description of the State of realization.
(6/30) Assurance by the Lord.
(9/22 Central thought on which BG is supported. Lord assures
ultimate Realization by own efforts.
(10/40) No end to Lord's manifestations.
(10/42) A philosophical verse. Lord asks, "Why are you stuck with my
(11/27) Time passes fast. Death can be terrible.
(13/25) Growth is systematic. Bhogi—Yogi—Sanyasi—Dnyani.
(15/8) Concept of Re incarnation.
(18/63) Lord leaves the decision to Arj's intellect.
(18/67) Warning not to pass on this knowledge to those who are
unwilling, disinterested or not devoted.

I have made an effort to list out your requirement, but I do not
know how far I am successful.

With best wishes and Namaskar,

Suhas Gogate



FORTY VERSES of the GITA compiled by Gita Society.

(For Daily Reading and contemplation)

I offer my obeisance to Lord Krishna, the world teacher, who is the
son of Vasudeva, the remover of all ob­stacles, the supreme bliss of
His mother Devaki, and whose grace makes the dumb eloquent and the
cripple cross the mountains.

Dhritraashtra said: O Sanjaya, assembled in the holy field of
Kurukshetra and eager to fight, what did my people and the Paandavas
do? (1.01)

Sanjaya said: Lord Krishna spoke these words to Arjuna whose
eyes were tearful and downcast, and who was overwhelmed with compas­
sion and despair. (2.01)

The Supreme Lord said: You grieve for those who are not
worthy of grief, and yet speak the words of wisdom. The wise grieve
neither for the living nor for the dead. (2.11)

Just as Spirit acquires a childhood body, a youth body, and
an old age body during this life, similarly Spirit acquires another
body after death. The wise are not deluded by this. (2.13)

Just as a person puts on new garments after discarding the
old ones, similarly Spirit acquires new bodies after casting away
the old bodies. (2.22)

Treating pleasure and pain, gain and loss, and victory and
defeat alike, en­gage yourself in your duty. By doing your duty this
way you will not incur sin. (2.38)

You have control over your respective duty only, but no
control or claim over the results. The fruits of work should not be
your motive. You should never be inactive. (2.47)

A Karma-yogi becomes free from both vice and virtue in this
life itself. Therefore, strive for Karma-yoga. Working to the best
of one's abili­ties without becoming attached to the fruits of work
is called Karma-yoga. (2.50)

The mind, when controlled by the roving senses, steals away
the intellect as a storm takes away a boat on the sea from its
destination, the spiri­tual shore. (2.67)

All works are being done by the energy and power of nature, but due
to delusion of ego people assume themselves to be the doer, and
incur Karmic bondage. (3.27)

Knowing the Spirit to be superior to the intellect, and
controlling the mind by the intellect (that is purified by Self-
knowledge), one must kill this mighty enemy, lust, O Arjuna. (3.43)

Whenever there is a decline of Dharma and the rise of
Adharma, O Arjuna, then I appear (or manifest Myself). I appear
from time to time for protecting the good, for transforming the
wicked, and for es­tablishing Dharma, the world order. (4.07-08)

The four divisions ¾based on aptitude and vocation¾of human
society were created by Me. Though I am the author of this system,
one should know that I do nothing and I am eternal. (4.13)

The one who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction,
is a wise person. Such a person is a yogi and has accomplished
everything. (4.18)

Brahma is the oblation. Brahma is the clarified butter. The
oblation is poured by Brahma into the fire that is also Brahma.
Brahma shall be real­ized by the one who considers everything as (a
manifestation or) an act of Brahma. (4.24)

Verily, there is no purifier in this world like Self-
knowledge. One who be­comes purified by Karma-yoga discovers this
knowledge within (naturally) in course of time. (4.38)

But renunciation of selfish motives (Samnyaasa) is difficult
to attain without Karma-yoga. A sage equipped with Karma-yoga
quickly attains nirvana. (5.06)

One who does all work as an offering to the Lord ¾ abandoning
attach­ment to the results ¾ is as untouched by sin (or Karmic
reaction) as a lo­tus leaf is untouched by water. (5.10)

Those who see Me in everything and see everything in Me, are
not separated from Me and I am not separated from them. (6.30)

Four types of virtuous ones worship or seek Me, O Arjuna.
They are: The distressed, the seeker of Self-knowledge, the seeker
of wealth, and the wise one who knows the Supreme. (7.16)

After many births the wise ones resort (or surrender) to Me
by realiz­ing that everything is, indeed, My manifestation. Such a
great soul is very rare. (7.19)

The ignorant ones—unable to understand My immutable,
incomparable, incomprehensible, and transcendental form (or
existence) — assume that I, the Supreme Being, am formless and take
forms. (7.24)

Remembering whatever object one leaves the body at the end of
life, one attains that object, O Arjuna, because of the constant
thought of that object (one remembers that object at the end of life
and achieves it). (8.06)

Therefore, always remember Me and do your duty. You shall
certainly attain Me if your mind and intellect are fixed on Me.

I am easily attainable, O Arjuna, by that ever steadfast yogi
who al­ways thinks of Me and whose mind does not go elsewhere. (8.14)

I personally take care of the wel­fare of those ever steadfast
devotees who always remember or worship Me with single minded
contemplation. (9.22)

Whosoever offers Me a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water with
love; I accept and eat the offering of devotion by the pure
hearted. (9.26)

Fix your mind on Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me, and bow
down to Me. Thus uniting yourself with Me, and setting Me as the
supreme goal and sole refuge, you shall certainly realize (or come
to) Me. (9.34)

I am the origin of all. Everything emanates from Me.
Understanding this, the wise ones worship Me with love and
devotion. (10.08)

The one who does all works for Me, and who depends on Me, who
is my devotee, who has no attachment, and is free from enmity
towards any being attains Me, O Arjuna. (11.55)

Fix your mind on Me, and let your intellect dwell upon Me
alone (through meditation and contemplation). Thereafter you shall
certainly attain Me. (12.08)

The one who sees the same immutable Supreme Lord (or Spirit)
dwelling equally within all perishable beings truly sees. (13.27)

The one who offers service to Me with love and unswerving
devotion transcends three modes of material Nature, and becomes fit
for nirvana. (14.26)

I am seated in the hearts of all beings. The memory,
knowledge, and the removal of doubts and wrong notions (about God by
reasoning, or in a trance) come from Me. I am verily that which is
to be known by (the study of) all the Vedas. I am, indeed, the
author of the Vedanta and the knower of the Vedas. (15.15)

Lust, anger, and greed are the three gates of hell leading to
the down­fall (or bondage) of the individual soul. Therefore, one
must (learn to) give up these three. (16.21)

Speech that is non-offensive, truthful, pleasant, beneficial,
and is used for the regular study of scriptures is called the
austerity of word. (17.15)

By devotion one truly understands what and who I am in
essence. Having known Me in essence, one immediately merges into
Me. (18.55)

The Supreme Lord abides in the heart of all beings, O Arjuna,
causing all beings to act (or work out their Karma) by His power of
Maya as if they are (puppets of Karma) mounted on a machine. (18.61)

Setting aside all noble deeds, just surrender completely to
My will (with firm faith and loving contemplation). I shall
liberate you from all sins (or the bonds of Karma). Do not grieve.

The one who shall propagate (or help the propagation in any
way) this Supreme Secret philosophy of the Bhagavad-Gita amongst My
devotees, shall be performing the highest devotional service to Me,
he or she shall be very dear to Me, and shall certainly come to Me.

Sanjaya said: Wherever there will be both Krishna, the Lord
of yoga (in the form of the scriptures), and Arjuna with the weapons
of duty and protection, there will be everlasting prosperity,
victory, happiness, and morality. This is my conviction. (18.78)

May the Lord bless us all with

Goodness, Prosperity, and Peace.

International Gita Society®

(Also Known as the American Gita Society)
Message sent by: light candles instead of cursing darkness.....


Dear Sadhakas,Pranams

Discussion about Bhagwat Gita are very educative no doubt. But I am
hearing about "Rajya Yoga" for the first time. Would some sadhakas
throw more light on the same. Also please quote other references for

Namaskar ;

Suhas Gogate


Jai Shri Krishna!
I would like to send some shlokas but my problem is that I do not
have English Roman, so could you please let me know where can I get
them for entire Gita. thanks.

Satya Kalra

Shree Hari

|| Ram Ram ||

Dear Vimalji

Agree with you that all shalokas in Gitaji are special but different
acharyas have preferred certain ones, it is subjective. Here is a
short list of six shalokas for each of the (4) yogas as inspired by
Swamiji Maharaj:

Karma Yoga: 2-38, 2-47, 2-48, 3-19, 3-34, 4-18

Bhakti Yoga: 2-07, 7-16, 7-19, 9-22, 10-41, 18-66

Jnana Yoga: 2-16, 4-34, 4-36, 4-37, 4-39, 13-27

Rajya Yoga: 6-25, 6-12, 6-13, 6-21, 8-12, 8-13

Madan Kaura

Ram Ram 


Few more reflections:

. Adi Shankracarya considers 11-55 as the essence of Gita.

. Swami Vivekananda said, in 2-3, the whole message of Gita lies
imbedded in this shaloka

. Sri Ramakrihna said - All that which can be learned from the Gita
can be as well accomplished by repeating "Gita", "Gita" - Gita-gi-ta-
gita, ten times; it virtually comes to be "Ta-gi", Ta-gi" - a
modification of "Tyagi", Tyagi", which means one who has given up
the world from the mind not just outwardly.

. From Mahatama Gandhi -

Gita is a dictionary for my conduct, when doubts haunt me, when
disappointments stare me in the face and when I see not any ray of
light on te horizon, I turn to Bhagavad Gita and a verse is there to
comfort me and I immediately begin nto smile in the midest of
overwheming srrow. My life has been full of external tragedies and
if they had not left any visible and indelible effect on me I owe it
to the teachings of Bhagavad Gita.

. From an unknown source:

"Blessed is the person who studies the Gita daily"

"Twice blessed is he who lives in the spirit of the Gita"

" Thrice blessed is who has realized the knowledge of the Gita"

Humble pranam,
Madan Kaura


Gita sloka 4-24.
" Brahmarpanam Brahma havirbrahmagnow Brahmana hutam'
Brahmaiva thena ganthavyam Brahmakarma samadhina"

shree hari
ram ram

Gita "Api chetsuduraachaaro, bhajate maam ananya bhaak
Saadhureva sa mantavyah samyagvyavasitohi saha" (Gita 9:30)

Simply speaking, even if the worst of sinners becomes Mine, he
should be considered a saint, because he is determined to turn
towards Me, says Bhagwaan.

Bhagwaan has promised us in the Gita that even the worst of worst
sinner, when he turns to God, will very quickly become a righteous
person, and he will attain eternal peace (Gita 9:30-31).

Swamiji says in Bhagwaan's law, there is immense compassion. In his
system of justice, the vilest of sinners can attain salvation, and
on the other hand, His devotees never fall - "Name bhakta
pranashyati" (Gita 9:31). In this there is Bhagwaan's immense
justice and compassion.

Meera Das
Ram Ram


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[gita-talk] Re: Bhagavad Gita - Daily - II CHAPTER 3-36 II


Gita 3-36

arjuna uvaca
atha kena prayukto 'yam, apam carati purushah
anicchann api varsneya, balad iva niyojitah

Arjuna said:
"But, why is a man impelled to commit sin, as if driven by force, even against his will, O Varsneya (Krishna)?

From "Gita Prabodhani" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Chapter 3, Verse 36 is as follows;

Arjuna = Arjuna
Uvaacha = said
Atha = now
Kena = by which
PrayuktaH = impelled
Ayam = this
Paapam = sin
Charati = does
PooruShaH = man
Anichchhan = not wishing
Api = even
VaarShNeya = O Krishna! (One, who is born in VruShNi clan)
Balaat = by force
Iva = as it were
NiyojitaH = constrained

English translation:-

Arjuna said, "O Krishna! As if dragged on by what entity does a man commit sin, unwillingly though, constrained as if it were by some unknown force? "


This verse is the first clear indication that Arjuna has become introspective and conscious of the fact that there are certain unknown internal forces, distinct from the external environmental stimuli, which are acting on him from within and are responsible for obstructing the natural play of his own higher impulses of divine nature.

While still being puzzled, Arjuna asks Lord Krishna, "Why a man is forced to do things even against his own free will? What is that unknown force, which propels a man to commit sins? What is the exact nature of this Satan-in-our-bosom, which systematically loots away the original Divine tendencies that are naturally born at the time of our birth? By what inspiration does a man commit sin, not himself desiring it but as though unwillingly coerced?"

Please refer verse 11 in chapter 7 in Shreemad Bhagawad Geeta, wherein Lord Krishna declares, "O Arjuna! I am the strength of the strong, devoid of desire and passion. In beings, I am the desire, which is not contrary to laws laid down in the scriptures."

Per my knowledge and understanding, Shreemad Bhagawad Geeta is the only scripture, wherein Lord Krishna explicitly asserts, "Aham KaamaH Asmi" i.e. I am that desire, which is inclusive of sexual urge. But he qualifies that, such a desire is always in conformity with the guidelines, rules and laws laid down in the scriptures for the well being of a family, well being of a society and in fact for the welfare of the entire mankind.

`Kaama' is the desire for what is absent and `Raaga' is the affection for what one has already obtained. Desire per say is not evil. In the absence of the requisite eligibility criteria, the desire for the things that one does not have is termed as `Kaama'. An unworthy man gives tacit consent to `Kaama' i.e. the inner cravings for sensual pleasures and material acquisitions; invariably he ends up in performing sins.

Every Saadhaka is bound to have a desire for the union with the Divine. Such a desire is essentially natural and commendable, but one has to rise above the mediocre human tendencies and strive to become a worthy candidate to be one with the Self, as the ultimate goal of every human being.

If our desires and activities derive from `Chetana' i.e. from the fraction of the Supreme Spirit residing in our hearts; then they become the pure overflowing of the `Ishwara Ichchhaa' i.e. the Divine will and that inspires us to be engaged in our individual, respective bounden duties.

In fact Duryodhana had justified to Lord Krishna, "There is a God residing in my heart. Whatever, that God wants me to do, I dutifully perform." In reality he was referring to the `Kaama-Deva' i.e. the Demon with excessive and obsessive inner cravings, which recognises no bounds. `KaamaaH' i.e. such uncontrollable cravings disregarding inner conscience, are always compared with the fire, as they destroy everything that comes in contact with them.

Whenever, you act against your own inner conscience, your mind is bound to be agitated and mired in deep turmoil. You feel really sorry for having acted in the first place, contrary to your inner conscience. As a consequence, you feel hurt and you suffer from deep senses of regret and remorse. Any action, which generates such an adverse reaction within you, is termed as a sin. It is a simple logic that, if it does not appeal to your own inner conscience, then how it can have a universal appeal! If you are interested in your welfare, then unless you are able to perceive the welfare of others surrounding you as well, you certainly will not initiate actions in the first place, that might be termed as sins later on.

In summary, every human being is capable of the basic, fundamental understanding of `What is right and what is wrong!' but when it is translated into concrete action, one invariably is tempted to do the wrong things. In the present parlance, `We always do the right things, but only after exhausting all other options'. This paradox between our ideology and our actions can be overcome only by the regular study of scriptures like Shreemad Bhagawad Geeta and gradual reduction in our desires that are contrary to the scriptures.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Shrikant Joshi


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[gita-talk] Re: Gita Jayanti Wishes from Sadhaks


Shree Hari  Ram Ram 

As we conclude the Gita Jayanti week, sadhaks please share this divine gift from the Lord Himself, by enrolling your near and dear ones in the daily Sadhaka message at: .  Or better yet,  send us their email ids.     

Also,  Please listen to the Gita recited in Swami Ramsukhdasji's voice at:  (towards end of the page.. marked 1-18 for each of the chapters).   

You may also listen to Vishnusahasranaam in Swamiji's voice sent to us by Shri BANWARI LAL SHARMA which is posted at:

Those who have lectures (pravachans) of Swamiji that have good voice quality, that are prior to 1991 may send these to (   for the benefit of all sadhaks.  


Simply select a DATE RANGE from drop down menu and download.  Then select a specific DATE to listen to.     

Gita Talk Moderators,  Ram Ram 


Shree Hari 

Ram Ram
On this holy day of Gita Jayanti,  I solemnly resolve, to remain ever fully engaged in spreading the message of the Gita.
Vineet Sarvottam
Jai Bhagavad Gita! Jai Sri Krisna!
veena hassan
All are requested to celebrate Gita Jayanti. For complete peace please read the whole of Bhgavada Gita.
Otherwise read and recite Chapter XII or chapter XV of Gita.
Always recite one to three slokas for happy happenings in the whole day
I always read Chapter XV of Gita
There are many advantages of reciting Gita.and its Mahatmaya with meaning
Remember Vir Arjoon
Recite lord Krishna's songs or bhajan every day

Truly yours
S S Bhatt
Gita Jayanti Greetings to all from Geeta Study Groups in Wellingborough & Ilford.
Let the knowledge continue to inspire & enlighten us all.
Drs Aruna & BalMukund Bhala.


Dear Sadhakas, Namaskar,

Geeta Jayanti Badhai to all Sadhakas. May the Philosophy of Geeta enlighten the lives of all Sadhakas..

...Gee Waman


thanks regards, D.P. Kothari


Wish all my soulmates a happy geetha jayanthi. Let Geethama take us all into her lap at the time of our troubles and turmoils to console us with her courageous talk
   thank you  
Badri Narayana Miriyala


Dear Sadhakas
Hare Krishna

We wish You all a very happy Gita Jayanti Day.

Prasad.A.Iragavarapu, M.D


All respected and beloved Atman

Ram Ram and Saprem Harismaran!

Vishesh Pranam and Ram Ram on the special occasion of Shri Gita-Jayanti

Madhusudan Bajoria


........... remembering the Beloved on Gita Jayanthi ...................


Kruishna, Kruishna .....

Silently does nari sing your song

 Kruishna Kruishna Kruishna

In Silence does nari sing of Kruishna

 Kruishna , the Truth of Being

 Kruishna , The Love of Being

 Kruishna, the Bliss of Being

 Kruishna , the Beauty of Being

 Kruishna, the Light of Lights

Kruishna, in whose embrace,

Darkness becomes the womb of Light

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars

That shine and sing the Glory of the Self

The Self, who is Kruishna

The Light of Lights !

Krishna Krishna

 Silently nari sings your song

 Thou art  Truth

 Thou  the Light

 Thou, verily , the Love

 That You bring into nariĆ¢€™s Life

 To lead him into Your embrace

Nari sings and sings
while you Krishna play and play
your flute you play , my Beloved ...........

ah ! ................. nari madly dances to your flute .... 

........... and sings

 Kruishna, Kruishna .....

Silently does nari sing your song

 Kruishna Kruishna Kruishna


 Govinda,   My beloved Govinda !

 This moment Now     ....    Love. Blossoms in my heart

 As ...  Fragrance  of Love,

 Silence     One-ness     Being .

 Dancing merrily away

 As love and loving

 In myriads of flavours !

Ah, the joy of Being   ah, the mad flavor of  Love divine

Ah, the ecstasy that itself is the agony of nari's  yearning for the Beloved  

Dancing its dance   ....   Of  love and loving

 In myriads of flavours !

His Gift, His Joy, His sharnagati

Kruishna, Kruishna, Kruishna

The Lord of Love ..............ah !


narinder  bhandari


Shri Hari Ram Ram


 Remember aim of life is God realisation


& Regards

Pawan Kumar Singhal

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Shree Hari
Ram Ram

Revisiting... especially due to Gita Jayanti week.   

THERE IS NO GIFT GREATER THAN THE GIFT OF THIS DIVINE KNOWLEDGE -  BHAGAVADGITA says Bhagwaan.  PLEASE READ GITA 18/68.    "He who, offering the highest love to Me, shares the profound gospel of the Gita among My devotees, shall come to Me alone.  There is No doubt about it.  (Gita 18/68) .  "Among men there is none who does Me a more loving service than he;  nor shall anyone be dearer to Me in the entire globe than he."  (Gita 18/69)  





Gita Talk Moderators,  Ram Ram  



To me Bhagavadgita is synonymous with the rest of all the scriptures in the world that educate us toward self-relief and Self-Realization. The "change" that The Gita has showered on me is to decelerate my constant crave to seek the "changes" in life ... to depend on the changes less and less and to experience the changes as they pass by as would The Changeless, The Witness of all. The most inspiring verse from the Gita that is showering its grace on me abundantly is its first verse that is the Gateway for everything else:
Dharmakshetre kurukshetre samavetaa yuyutsavaah |
Maamakaah paaNDavaashchaiva kimakurvata sanjaya ||
Thank God, The Darma chose to arise amidst the Kuru-s that infest me from God knows when. The upraisal of the Darma is the ray of hope to uproot the Kuru-s eventually. Hope of uprooting the Kuru-s gives the hope to seek The KrishNa. Only the termination of the Maamakaah is the way to terminate the Kurus within. Only by nurturing the PaaNDavaah, the Dharma-s within I could ever think of eradicating the Maamakaah, the Kuru-s. Thank God, the gateway to seek Him is opened by His Grace. The Maamakaa-s are still infesting me feeding upon the desires and fears that I harbor trying their best to keep me blind toward the PaaNDavaa-s. O Maadhava! Please remove the opaqueness of my vision to release it to its natural transparency to seek You. O Muraare! Let Your Wisdom flood in to wash away all my ignorance that has coccooned me in itself; to eradicate my inertia to break open this self-delusive coccoon for once; and to liberate me from my self-created bondage in the coccoon with all polarities such as ignorance and inertia, desire and fear, etc.O KrishNa! Absorb me into You that I truly AM. 
Bhagavan! Break the gates of my forte of identities … flood the Bhagavadgita IN ... dissolve away all my desires and fears in the flood ... let the flood quench its appetite devouring all the tendencies that are infesting the nookes and corners of my existence ... let the tubulence of the flood too get dissolved in the ocean of bliss that is Your Abode ... let me be one with that abode of Yours ... let me be one with You in Your Abode ... in the flood of the changes amongst Your Own Images all around. Let me be ... Your Abode that You Are ... 
In submission to The Lord of all … 
Naga Narayana
To me Bhagavadgita is synonymous with the rest of all the scriptures in the world that educate us toward self-relief and Self-Realization. The "change" that The Gita has showered on me is to decelerate my constant crave to seek the "changes" in life ... to depend on the changes less and less and to experience the changes as they pass by as would The Changeless, The Witness of all. The most inspiring verse from the Gita that is showering its grace on me abundantly is its first verse that is the Gateway for everything else:
Dharmakshetre kurukshetre samavetaa yuyutsavaah |
Maamakaah paaNDavaashchaiva kimakurvata sanjaya ||
Thank God, The Darma chose to arise amidst the Kuru-s that infest me from God knows when. The upraisal of the Darma is the ray of hope to uproot the Kuru-s eventually. Hope of uprooting the Kuru-s gives the hope to seek The KrishNa. Only the termination of the Maamakaah is the way to terminate the Kurus within. Only by nurturing the PaaNDavaah, the Dharma-s within I could ever think of eradicating the Maamakaah, the Kuru-s. Thank God, the gateway to seek Him is opened by His Grace. The Maamakaa-s are still infesting me feeding upon the desires and fears that I harbor trying their best to keep me blind toward the PaaNDavaa-s. O Maadhava! Please remove the opaqueness of my vision to release it to its natural transparency to seek You. O Muraare! Let Your Wisdom flood in to wash away all my ignorance that has coccooned me in itself; to eradicate my inertia to break open this self-delusive coccoon for once; and to liberate me from my self-created bondage in the coccoon with all polarities such as ignorance and inertia, desire and fear, etc.O KrishNa! Absorb me into You that I truly AM. 
Bhagavan! Break the gates of my forte of identities … flood the Bhagavadgita IN ... dissolve away all my desires and fears in the flood ... let the flood quench its appetite devouring all the tendencies that are infesting the nookes and corners of my existence ... let the tubulence of the flood too get dissolved in the ocean of bliss that is Your Abode ... let me be one with that abode of Yours ... let me be one with You in Your Abode ... in the flood of the changes amongst Your Own Images all around. Let me be ... Your Abode that You Are ... 
In submission to The Lord of all … 
Naga Narayana


Dear Ram Ram
My prostrations to you I am proud that you are propagating Gita's messages amongst all Sadhaks.I am one of them
I chose the last verse of Bhagvat Gita  which inspires us all ( Chapter 18th Sloka 78 )
Whereever there is Lord Krishna,the Lord Of Yoga and wherever there is Vir Arjun ( soul ) there abides prosperity ,victory,glory and rightfulness.This is my firm convictions
I believe in my scripture Gita which is the shortcut of all Hindu scriptures as narated in Sloka ( Chapter One sloka 4 )
My favourate slaka is Bhagtvat Gita Chapter I verse 5 )
Vadudevam Sutam Davam,  kansacharunya mardam /
Devakiparmanandam krishnam vande jagatgurum //

Atleast recite this one sloka every day.This is used as mantra too
All verses of Bhagvat Gita are like mantras and we can not make any more distinctions
My one friend iAS was reading the whole of Gita every day.I used to read Gita Chapter XV .In case I can not read then I recite three Slokas Chapter I verse 5 and slokas iv slokas 7 and 8
For benefits of reciting Bhagvat Gita please read Gita Mahatmaya given in the beginning of Gita.
This will please the moderator
Truly your devotee
Shankerprasad S Bhatt M.Com
It is only the recitation of Bhagavt Gita will surely inspires you to find a way of life that other Saints and leader like mahatma Gandhi who did not start his morning work without reciting some slokas from Bhagvata Gita.Please read my other notes on Gita.This is the time of Gita Jayanti.  Believe in what lord Krishna told to vir Arjun ( soul ) Whosoever surrednders to Lord Krishna He or She gets everything in life Whosoever comes to me ( Lord Krishna ) comes to Me ( Salvation.Read the last verse of Bhagvat Gita and start reading Bhagvat Gita which is the sum and substance of all Hindu scriptures
Truly yours
Shankerprasad S Bhatt M.Com

Dear Sadhakas, Namaste!
What a profound is the message of Vyasji! "You realize the changelessness of you"! That is THE Change!
On that note, I would say The way Gita changed my life is that I realize no such thing as "my" life, it is just LIFE!
Changes seem to appear in THAT Changelessness!
Namaskar....Pratap Bhatt


Dear Sadhak
Raag/attachment-Gita 3(34) towards worldly pleasure is main obstacle towards God realisation.
First make mind of your aim of your life that is God realisation & be crazy.
Do action without attachment-Gita 2(47-48)
What you brought to loose?
Thanks & Regards
Pawan Kumar Singhal

No body can change your lot. Not even your efforts. Not even changing the pattern of your thinking.

This negating every thing to change yourself puts you face to face with yourself. This negating forces you to see every fact or challenge as it is.

You come to your operating system. Or you are the operating system.

There is no separate you and the operating system.
Realisation is not a dead (done) thing.
Truth is an understanding beyond the question-answer pattern. It is actual understanding. The relief offered by satisfactory answer is not there.

Y V Chawla

AATHREYA – SRI KRISHNA BHAGAVAD GEETHA  - dr bala krishna murthy


Year 2009  November 28 th day

Sixth day of week that is Saturday

Bhagavad Geetha Jayanthi  Day

Sacred Song Of Krishna ,  Divinity

Geetha Annivaersay Birth Day

After New Moon , Eleventh Day

During the Lunar Month of  Mrugsir

5150 Years Ago on This Day

Lord Krishna showed us The Way

Told Arjuna his responsibility

That everyone should do their duty

With commitment and sincerity

Essence of All Cosmic Activity

Going on and on for Eternity

When Shakthi Motivated Shiva To Yogic Action

As Even Shiva sans Energy is Only Inertia

Thus Viraat Purush Initiated Brahma into Creation

Finally It Is Divine Krishna giving us all A Reason

To Discharge our Responsibilities within our dominion

Subject to our capacity and  without any expectation

We all know that every  good noble action

will result in an equally good noble  reaction .

Hence let us all share the burden ,

and do our bit without any trepidation nor hesitation

Om Thath Sath  - So Be It – Amen –

As It Is Written  So Shall It Be Done

aathreya- r.bala krishna murthy


Dear Geetaji devotees,
When Smt. Thavidammal was casually looking after painting of " Droupathi 's removal of saree   by Thuchadanana" by an artist ( using chemical paint ) in the compound wall of the temple - there was an internal  call from Krishna -" An artist was making Droupathi's picture with abnoxious smell (of chemical paint ) ; you are wasting your time by looking into this drawing as Droupathi herself is 'maya' ( as she was more affectionate with Arjuna ) -please go and attend your animal keeping work as one  calf is suffering / struggling with abstruction of materials in the mouth . She rushed immediately  to the cattle shed and exactly found true that what Lord was  telling. She relived the obstruction and fed the calf with a banana.  Per my understanding,  Lord always favour duty first rather than induldgence with so called Bhakthi or at the cost of duty.  
With kind regards,
Shree Hari  Ram Ram 
Vivekanandan ji... are duty separate from Bhakti as such?  When you belong to God, and everything you do (including worship, devotion, rememberance, adoration i.e. Bhakti,  then where is the question of Bhakthi at the cost of duty???? 
Ram Ram 

Have complete devotion and faith in the Mantra. Repose your complete faith in
the deity being worshipped.

Keep a peaceful mind.

While chanting of Mantras never let your mind be distracted.( concentrate

Put your complete will power in the chanting of Mantra.

Never be afraid while the chanting of Mantra.

Never change your place before your Mantrik meditation is complete.

Perform Mantrik meditation as laid down in our scriptures.

From the beginning to the end of the meditational chanting of Mantra do not
change incense(Dhoop) , lamp(Deepak) , asana, beads(Mala) and clothes.
Thanks !  
Hindu Devotional
Its time temples should be told to read a sloka or chapter of Gita when they meet rather ,praying jai Jgdish or jai laxmi mata .
 A letter should be drafted  by group and mailed or circulated and each week or daiy Geeta message  for today.

Arish K. Sahani

Dear Sandeep Gupta,
                If you real have faith in Lord Krishna's teachings in Gita your consciousness will go higher and higher and then will surely guide you to reach the stage of final meeting with Almighty God.You must have deep faith in your scriptures Recite  every day
Har rama rama rama hare hare
Hare krishna krishna krishna Hare hare
Always understand its meaning.Read Gita Mahatmaya
Read all my views in this Gita Group emails
Truly yours
Shankerprasad S Bhatt



Dear  fellow sadhakas,
Hare Krishna.
This is in response to the question of Gitaji, having an influence on my life.

This material world is full of stress and misery. The reason is people get attached to the results or fruits of their action. If we do our actions in the name of the Lord, without caring for the results, then our lives will be peaceful. This is well described in the following sloka,

"Karmany evadhikaraste,
Ma phaleshu kadacana,
Ma karma phala hetur bhur,
Ma te sango stv akarmani. "
( Gitaji 2,47)

Which means,
'You have a right to perform your duty but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Do not consider yourself the cause of the results of your actions. Do not be attached to not doing your duty. '

Selfless work gives us peace of mind in this life and also advances us spiritually.

Thank You
Hare Krishna.



Hari Om

It so changes your life that the very change thereupon ceases to occur. It makes you realise the changelessness of you.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


Dear sadhaks,
                   Namaste.During my college days I took sanskrit as second language and first two chapters of geeta were prescribed for paper one.I was very much interested to read and recollect certain verses like dehinosmin ...tatha dehantara prapti ( Gita 2/13) worked on me like mantra when I lost my mother at the age of 18.I can not forget the qualities of stitha prajna described by bhagvan from  Gita 2/55 to 2/72.
Badri Narayana Miriyala


You may lose anger, fear, desire, attachment and ego. That is great. You are on
right lines. By losing all these, you are not going to be a living dead, you
will become a living freedom free from the shackels and bondage of this material
and desire-driven egoistic world. You will gain liberation. Your body and mind
will become free of all burdens and you will soon get instructions from God
within you on what you need to do. Do not worry. Give up this worry that you
have. You will lose nothing. You can only gain liberation and untained peace,
happiness and love. You will get what you need without even trying for it.
Basudeb Sen


By reading the Gita you are realising the true value of material things. It is good that you are losing interest in worldly objects. Your reactions have mellowed. You are on the right path but your question shows that you have not reached the end of the journey. It is only the beginning. The only purpose of our existence is to unite with the Self. Till that happens you have to carry on. You have a long way to go to attain Moksha or liberation from the endless cycles of birth and death.
Hari Shanker Deo


Dear members,
I have been trying to practice the Gita principles and reading it regularly as well, over past few months.
It has to a considerable extent mellowed down my reaction to an undesired event / occurrence, which earlier used to be emotionally intense reaction like ecstatic or angry.
However, i am finding i am also losing interest in worldly objects and events. For example passions for wordly objects like car, watches, electronic gadgets has practically died down. I am scared that i lose interest in life itself, and then probably will become a living dead - with all natural reactions, interests subjugated.
This is happening since i am doing regular reading and practice of Gita. It appears that this is doing me more harm than good.  The idea of ephemeral world and its attributes, makes one lose interest in doing anything worthwhile from human perspective.
It may be a subjective case of mine, but i would like to know experience of others.
Sundeep Gupta
Dear Sadaks,
Sundeep Gupta you are gifted to read Bagavath Geetha. Many have book in shelf and do not read even after reminding by friends. Your previous good deeds making you so. The mind is like this:- If you look at world, you like all objects. But you look at God, by way of Geetha, Sat Sangh, Bajans Etc naturally you loose interest in objects. But if one balances mind and intellect on God, he does not care if you wear costly cloths or just a piece of Cloth. Read Geetha and understand what exactly IT says. Example: Ramaganatha Gosami disciple of Sant Samartha Ramadoss. He was walking in jungle, when Marathi Shivaji came across. Shivaji knew that he was Sant disciple. Immediately Shivaji ordered, good cloths, simhasan, a tent and food and posted 5 Jawans to take care.The message went to Sant, that his disciple was enjoying comforts where as Sant was with NO comforts. Sant went to Gosami and said, "Gosami why all this abandon and go elsewhere". Gosami just abandoned, threw all cloths and went away. Again Shivaji met and same was ordered. Gosami back in comforts. Sant Ramdoss explains, that Gosami though seemed by other that he is in comforts, Gosami is not having any attachment to anything. Gosami was just watching his body been used by Shivaji, said Samartha Ramadoos. Jada Bharath was dressed well, insense applied, garlanded before beheaded. Bharath was same before trying beheading with all that and when Maa Kali appeared and beheaded tribes setting free Bharat. NOT a small difference to any attachment. Simple example: When a mad man given comforts of Jewels, dress Etc remains the same when they are taken away from him. All comes and goes. Due to imbalance, we feel happy when something comes and feel sad when it goes. Sri Krishna in Geetha said:- What you brought to loose-------. You all sadaks know the rest. But we forget.
Yes, attachment to any particular will no longer be there as now one is linked to every thing.
One sees the ecstasy of being alive.
Y V Chawla
Shree Hari   Ram Ram 
Until you do not reveal that principle (siddhaant) of the Gita that you are practicing (abhyaas),  due to which your interest (ruchi) in life  is seemingly dead (mrtpraayah)  ,  nothing will be worth saying or hearing.   What is the fault of Gita in this?    Fault is in your own doing.   Because before doing you are attached (aasakt) to it's fruit (phal).   The first indispensability(aavashyaktaah) of the Gita is to be free of desire for fruit.   So be it,  Vineet Sarvottam
Dear Mr Sandeep Gupta,
Bhagavad Gita aims at combining divinity, spirituality and social missiion. Its greatest message is in Verse 2-3 "" Arise from this paltry faint heartedness, O scorcher of your enemies" If by reading Bhagavaad Gita more harm is being done to you, it is because you are accepting Formal equivalence and NOT Dynamic Equivalence of the teachings of Bhagavd Gita. Lokmanya Tilak. Gokhale, Gandhi ji and many others accepted the Dynamic Equivalence of Bhagavd Gita and finally succeeded in attaining Independence. Thus all later verses should make you arise and not depressed.
The idea of ephemeral world MAYA- Cosmic Delusion is that do not live only in the material world which is an illusion of comfort in this vast turbulent sea of matter, the Real world is within you so combine both. Thus message is very clear if a person lives only in the material world of senses, his/her Human Nature is vastly diffreent i.e. ungrateful, fickle, deceitful, cowardly and avercious. If a person combines both- Inner Real world and outer world of vast turbuleent sea of matter, the Human Nature changes to love, harmony, others welfare, healthy community life and selfless activity for the larger Community. 
Bhagavd Gita no where says lose interest in wordly objects. Acquire worldly objects by developing positive Human Nature. Always keep verse 2-3 in mind and interpret later verses of Bhagavad Gita to ensure thatse make you arise to your selfless duty towards society.
with regards,
Prem Sabhlok

Divine One!
The Lord is everything and being. Be compassionately detached. See the
essence. Be good and do good. "Detachment" doesn't mean running away from
the world, rather one has to change the way of looking at the world. Lord
Krishna never advised Arjuna to run away. He told Arjuna to fight always
thinking about Him, surrendering all the actions and fruits to Him and see
Him in every thing and being.

Thank you!

humble regards
Manoj Panda
Your observation is for real. This is exactly what happens during start ups. This shows that you are indeed sincere in reading Gitaji. May I now suggest that you not only read but also contemplate (and contemplate deep) on the subject. Please carefully read verse 47 in Chapter 2. Also relate this to verse 7 in chapter 8. Our Lord has ordered that we have to do our duty most efficiently but should not get attached to that activity in terms of results. Additionally, at all times we should remember HIM.
I distinctly remember one case which had disturbed me and on which I was lucky to have sought clarity from Swamiji Maharaj. In the interest of business we had to thin down the man power. This lead to a lot of misery to the families of the staff who were eased out. And this pained me a lot. So I asked Maharaj ji as to what I should do. He told me in no unclear terms that I should work like a muneem. The business actually belongs to god. He has given me the opportunity to look after the same to the best of my capability and ensure that the business runs profitably. It is only then will I be appreciated by HIM. The mistake we make is that we start thinking that the business in ours, but at the same time start applying the half understood (or rather misunderstood) interpretation of Gitaji. This is where there is a desperate need for guidance from GURU.
I recollect another experience from another sadhak. He explained that he has started feeling that he is not the body. But when ever he would have this feeling, his inner voice would say if you are not the body, please put it on a railway track. He then asked his Guruji as to what he should do. The answer he got was that if he is not the body who has given him the right to put it on the railway track. Will he put any body else's body on the track.
I sincerely hope that these thoughts will give you some lead.
A. H. Dalmia
Shree Hari
Ram Ram
Pirya Sadhak, achhe prasana ke liye dhanyavad!
Congratulations for practicing Gita prionciples in life.
Based on Swamiji Maharaj's teachings, humbly submit the following comments: 
For the sincere seekers while studying Gitaji coming up of vairagya is very natural. Vairagya by nature is dry, generally, it is without prema and may seem a bit harsh even though not intended to be as such. But for the seekers of Jnana path, it is a must to have vairagya from the worldly things and the worldly relationships.
Vairagya is bothersome only when we leave the relationships out of the feeling of davesha but instead when we develop the vairagya with the understanding that all the visible universe is constantly changing and the events, things & situations are only of temporary nature. As we observe our own experience, the separation with the world is a must, whether it leaves us or we leave it. Developing vairagya in this fashion is much easier to deal with.    
For common folks like us, Swamiji Maharaj recommends the path of Bhakti, it is relatively easier since the requirement of vairagya is not a prerequisite. Loving relationship with God is the only requirement. A bhakta believes that everything and everyone belongs to God only and devotee serves the world as God's one grand family (Vasudev Kutumbkam) with a loving attitude. With this mind set, everything is changed, the devotee dedicates all actions to God. This also provides a natural outlet to express our true inherent nature to love all. No new actions need to be done, whatever we normally do, now are done with a loving attitude as an adoration to the Almighty. 
In Gitaji, different paths have been prescribed for the single goal of achieving union with the Supreme. One has to find out which of four Yogas (Jnana, Karma, Bhakti or Rajya) is most suitable for one to start with. In the end, of course there is no difference, all paths help the seekers to achieve the same goal. The choice of which Yoga to pursue first is based on our inherent tendencies, for example, for a person with devotional tendencies, choice of pursuing Jnana yoga may not prove to be natural.
This subject is covered extensively in Gitaji, few references are:
Gita (4-24) -"Brahma arpanam brahma havir, brahmagnau brahmana hutam
                  brahamai eva tena gantavyam, brahmakrmasamadhina"
    Meaning - The act of offering in sacrifice is Brahma, the oblation is Brahma,
                  the sacrificer himself is Brahma, the sacrificial fire as well is
                  Brahma; Brahma verily he attains who realizes the presence of
                  Brahma in action.
Gita (9-27) -"Yat karishi yad asnasi, yay juhosi dadasi yat
                  yat tapasyasi Kaunteya, tat kurusva madarpapnam"
    Meaning - O son of Kunti whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you
                  offer as oblation to the sacred fire, whatever you bestow as a
                  gift; whatever you do by way of penance, offer all to me.  
Gita (18-46) "Yatah pravrttir bhatanam, yena sarvam idam tatam
                   svakarmana tam abhyarcya, siddhim vindati manavah"
     Meaning - He from Whom all beings emanate and by Whom all this
                   pervaded, by worshipping Him through performance of his own
                   duty, man attains perfection.
NOTE: The detailed explanation on this subject is contained in 
         "Yoga Vasishta" when Sri Rama develops a vairagya from the world.
Ram Ram
Humble pranam
A sadhak 
Madan Kaura
Dear Sundeep,
It's an initial phase. Don't be scared. Others around you, who are not following the Gita, will also make you worried about such a possibility. I would say that you should ignore them and not discuss much with them.
Be with the phase. It will give some meaningful insights. There will be some initial 'harm', or rather 'loss', till you become detached-without-being-worried. Then you will reach the next plane where whatever you do will be with greater purpose and meaning, or, at least, greater clarity.
It may even take more than a year.
The worry about losing a zest for life is natural but incorrect. And, anyway, all your old friends are there to pull you back in a pre-Gita mode of life whenever you want it :-)
Ram Ram
Vinay Somani
Dear Sundeep,
Love and Love alone....
You are Sun-deep. Why are you, then, worried about the light and the heat?
Let me try to explain in my own humble way. Fire burns, sugar tastes and sweet, hurt pains, etc. etc. Like wise, Srimad Bhagavad Gita (SBG) teaches those qualities, by inculcating and imbibing which we get back to our original nature of a human being. Undoubtedly, these qualities are our original traits, but we forgot, having allowed ourselves to be allured by this glittering world. These qualities are, Vairaya, Tyaga, Unconditional Love, Complete Surrender, Nishkama Karma, etc., to quote and SBG is the repository of teachings to acquire them in this life itself. You, having started the journey, got scared like Arjuna. My dear Sundeep, drive deep in Sun ( i.e., in your Sadhana) and I am sure, all these will not trouble you anymore.
Love and Love alone....
P. Gopi Krishna
Dear Sadhaka, Namaste You may want to re-read answer given by Bharathiji, it is very appropriate. If you are feeling fully satisfied and peaceful within yourself so you need not depend on objects of the world to fulfil yourself, then it is the best thing that can happen to anyone. If you are afraid of losing interest in objects, then the message of Gita has probably not sunk in as yet. Dettachment is objectivity, love and as a result, the right perspective toward objects! It is Freedom!
Pratap Bhatt
The speaker (teacher) ,the listener (disciple) and the context has changed completely.Geeta is all about the war between the two different mindsets,one leading to happiness,joy and peace in life and other mindset leading to unhappiness ,chaos and sorrow in life.The true understanding of Geeta prepares a man to engage continuosly in this internal war.One has to perform the materialistc duties and remain alert of the mindset.
A K Jain 
Dear colleagues, I have scanned through your writings and the most important point on losing interest on worldly matters and material things. Before realisation all these mundane things were our ultimate What was originally meant for selfish end takes a plunge and it dies. The person who had been toiling to earn them now realises he is only a trustee of the wealth he has been blessed by the Lord and it has to be put to the upliftment of the down trodden. Hence the very same person works harder to acquire more of wealth so that it is put to use of less fortunate. The attitude changes, The interest and work remains. The purpose and meaning of wealth changes. The selfish man dies and the spiritual man rises from the ashes like the mystical Phoenix.bird. As per Sri Ramakrishna, the most spiritually evolved person is the one who is dead even when living. This means all the base qualities go to the grave and spiritual values take birth. Is there anything better ? Regards, Sridharan
Dear Devine,
Sukh ( happiness, bliss) is eternal demand of soul and  is eternal nature of living beings. Whatever we do is for this sukh only. Till now, you were considering material (wordly) happiness as only happiness , passion. For enjoying that you need trinity :  1st you have desire (kamna) , then do some work for achiving it (karma) and then fortunate enough to realize the desire (prarabdh). Then only you get that - so called "happiness" which have 3 shortcomings: that happiness will not remain forever, either enjoyer or enjoyed will cease to exist and that temporary happiness will take you away from your real happiness - self bliss (by giving wrong sanskar)......
So, be assured that you are on right path.. The real bliss (self bliss, atma-sukh) can only be experienced once these desires for outer wordly sukh will cease. That anand, atma sukh will be vilakshan , that bliss will be exclusive in nature , it will be ever increasing , peaceful , constant bliss.....
You must be  already experiencing it and that drives you to continue to take shelter of Shreemad Bhagwat GITAji. You can continue on this path and in my personal opinion, try to listen to satsang from a Saint about GITAji , who has realized the knowledge of GITAji. Sadhak Sanjeeni by Swami RamSukhdasji can definitely help you .......  
Shree Hari sharanam .......
-Anil Maini
Hello all, this is my humble opinion. Regarding the experience of Geeta, many people think that if we get into spirituality..we may lose interest in life etc etc..but my opinion is, once u start reading and practising Geeta, you will become more aware of everythinga nd u will start enjoying the life to the fullest since you will not worry much about the fruits of ur actions (in a way, you do not expect anything but instead take everything in your stride.).
But again, some of the verses in geeta or any other veda or upanishad, we need to understand the subtle meanings properly otherwise, if we interpret the meaning other than what it is, then it will cause different feeling in oneself.
For example: people think that leaving all the life and renouncing the family and everything is renounciation. but if u observe closely the verses of Geeta, its mental renounciation that it mentions about and not at the physical level. Once way, its ok that u lost interest in car etc etc and now that means u know that the actual happiness does not lie in there. but again, its ok to enjoy each and everything too but at the mental level, youa re seeing the object/objects as they really are.
Also, please do not stress or force  yourself that you need to become spiritual etc etc..just do it as the love towards God or towards human beings or towards Spirituality and then, you will not worry much about what will happen if u lose interest in life etc etc. because you love to do whatever you are doing (either spirituality or anything..) so, why do u worry about anything what will happen in future at all. Have a nice evening.

My view is very diff from most people. This is how I believe the Geeta state freedom from obsession about the result should be: You will enjoy driving your car more (not less) as you have no stress, tension, worry, etc. However when you do not have a car, you will be detached enough that you will not get frustrated, angry, or sad. You may be uncomfortable without the AC when you go by taxi, but you will not be complaining or be pissed off. Instead you may notice something else that will give you joy (maybe you will have a conversation with the taxi driver, maybe you will instead call your friend on your cell and forget the heat...)

I know that most people will not share this view. People shun material things, but material things are also made by God! Why is that Gita-followers think they should admire a flower and have in your house, but not admire beautiful Italian marble? Everything is made by God.




It is simply great that you hav esarted losing interest in things which keep
you attached to worldly pleasures, which are ephemeral. Many have been
trying for years, but not able to leave the atachment. You are on the right
path and keep practicing without worrying for the results . As you progress
further with your pursuits for achieving Higher Values of Life, everything
will become clear. Vaidyanathan


Over the last year, I went through the same thing - I had a loss of zest for life, because I felt that there was no point to anything. That life was all predetermined, that we had little control and that we should exercise faith constantly and battle what ever is given to us. I also felt that I couldn't relate to people, not that I was above them, but rather that I didn't know what to say to anyone. All of this is a passing phase. You have to get through it to get past it and know there is an amazing beauty through the process and past the process. First, your cognizant you are going through it and next put your faith in god and know that you will move forward on to the next state that is meant for you. But, as often as you can do Namsmaran, the rest will fall into place. This whole process acted as a natural filter for me for what was core and essential to my life and what wasn't. Where I should NOT spend my time on a daily basis (not worrying) and where I should concentrate my efforts (helping others, gratitude, prayer). But again, go through it, know you are being led by the divine one himself, have full faith and make observations mentally or written down (whatever works). You will come to see so much in SO little time.


Is interest in worldly possessions is being subdued forcibly or naturally weakening
because of understanding the non necessity of them for life?
Does worldly pleasures and acquisitions lead to life or lead one away from life?
Is not the mind that is indulged in possession and accumulation of wealth so self centered that it is totally insensitive to everything, from the environment, to fellow beings, to the existence it self?
Is not such self-centered isolation, death itself?
Unfortunately in our commercial culture, life is measured by the money one has earned, but those who have seen the real nature of life, who have experienced the life as it is, know the beauty and joy of it, and know that there is nothing in the world, the possession of which is in any way necessary for the endless joy. The acquiring mind can never understand the beauty of natural and spontaneous renunciation which fills the life with the infinite joy and peace. Forced renunciation can be very dangerous, instead understanding the reasons why one is renouncing and understanding the mind obsessed with possessiveness and acquisition is very helpful. It comes with satsanga.
Forced renunciation in order to achieve some hypothetical end, whether it is God or Moksha or liberation is not renunciation at all, but a bargain.

It is also to be seen whether the ephermality of life has been seen or it is just a concept? If it has been observed, all the colours of it, all the pain and joy of it, then it is no longer idea, it will be reality and there will not be any question, there is no choice at all. However, if it is just an idea, unexamined and accepted from scriptures without understanding as it is, then it is still an idea, and subsequent problems.
Yogesh Katare



OK i have not started reading the Gita yet but i notice that since i started pranayam (breathing) and trying to do yoga and reading sadhaka e-mails, I noticed the same thing and i think that it is a good thing and a bad thing ..because i noticed that when I'm around my friends that i really don't want to talk about what they talk about ( sports ,tv ,,, shows and girls ) It is like all this stuff is crazy ....our mind is always chasing afer something, ..... so I'll just say you started it now it is time that you finish it and don't be scared to fall out of the sky .....DeChef  >>>>>>>Parker>>>>>>


nice pl note gita is for duty,activity and promote svadharma and get it into devotion that your period of life would be used for action without attachment to it much.

From: Prabhakar C L


Jai SHri Krishna Its really nice to know that your reactions like anger have mellowed down, by practicing the teachings of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita. Please understand that following these teachings can NEVER harm you. It will for sure help you to achieve the ultimate goal of human life. ANd prorably quite quickly in your case. About your confusion and losing int. in various objects, pl. try to analyse your self how this has happened. Answer is there itself. May be you have misinterpreted some thing.



Beautiful discussion, because these are real experiences.
I too went through the same phase. In fact I was worried what is becoming of me. I used to complain that there is too much focus on vairagya in our scriptures.
But over time, I have become more effective and enthusiastic and able to enjoy the moment a little better, because the mind is not preoccupied with thoughts and worries. I think doing meditation (or asan,pranayam + meditation) in parallel is usefull because sometimes these give you experiences of peace which now motivate you to work for these higher experiences.
Also, if I feel I had too much of dose, I do go out and be a little "worldly" for sometime and that is OK too.
Wish you all the best.



Namaskar all,

In the Bhagavad Gita the essence (nectar) of the Vedical knowledge is written down in condensed verses (Sanskrit sutras). Many intelligent and famous persons judged this sophisticated book of the Hindu civilization on planet earth (solar system) as an excellent and brilliant product of the human mind.

Many years ago while I was suffering (sick, mental pains, loneliness, depressions, suicidal ...) and during a dark period when everybody had already forgotten me, a sannyasi visited my lonely and dirty home and brought the Bhagavad Gita for me. I did not know anything about Hinduism during that time. Nowadays, at this finite moment, I can say truly that the GITA is my holy savior and my Golden Cow, which gave me the nectar of Eternal Knowledge and youthness. My whole mind has been regenerated by the GITA, which gave me new life and happiness. That's why I decided to challenge all intelligent (humanoid) lifeforms on earth with this international contest on the Bhagavad Gita. For me, as a mortal and limited lifeform, this historical work of the Hindus on earth contains only truth and I am not able to prove that even a single sutra is not true.

My statement is:

The whole Bhagavad Gita is true (boolean value=1)......... 

(msg.  shortened due to length) 

Dewanand of the Netherlands


Shree Hari
Ram Ram

Shri Gitaji has been in existence of at least last 5,000 years, but
this life transformed simply from the meaning of Gita Shloka 18:66,
as explained by Shraddhey Swami Ramsukhdasji, in very simple
language. The difficulty was that how to surrender to (to take
refuge in) Bhagavaanji ? Swamiji simply gave this mantra "Brother,
there is nothing to do in surrendering. That which you understand
to be yours, simply do not consider it to be yours, then you have
taken refuge in Bhagavaan, because everything is already
Bhagavaan's. We in the midst somewhere, out of misunderstanding,
consider and hold on to it as ours, is a mistake that needs to be
corrected / wiped out. This itself is surrendering to Bhagavaan.
Isn't it correct? When there is distress, then simply by listening
to this, everything will become all right. There is nothing before
or after it, in the understanding of Gitaji. Swamiji had said -
"When you target one, all stand achieved." Thus it has been
attained. Just as it happened and took place, exactly the same has
been shared.

Ram Ram

Shri Gitaji toh pichale paanch hajjaar varshonse hai, kintu yeh
jeevan badal gayaa maatre Gita Shloka 18:66 ke arth Shraddhey Swami
Ramsukhdasji ki saral bhaashaa mein samajhne se. Katheenaayi thi ki
Bhagavaanji ko samarpan kaise kare ? Swamiji ne bas itnaa mantra
diyaa "Bhaiyye, samarpan kuch karanaa nahin hai. Bas jisse apnaa
samjhate ho, usse apanaa mat samjho, toh ho gaye Bhagavaanji ko
samarpeet, kyaunki sab hai hi Bhagavaan kaa hi. Hum beechmein usse
jo samajh baithe us galtee ko mitaanaa hai. Yahin Bhagavaan ko
samarpan karanaa hai. Theek hai na?" Jab kuch vikal hotaa hai, toh
isseeko sun lete hi sab theek ho jaataa hai. Iske naa aage ne
peeche, Shri Gitajeeka samajhnaa hua. Swamiji ne kahaa, "Ek saadhe,
sab sadhe" so sadh liyaa. Jo jaisaa hua, waisaa hi bataa diyaa.

Ram Ram
Dear Friends

Three years back somebody offered me Yatharth Gita by Adgadanandji.I
completed first reading of Gita in 4 days and since then have
read/listened to many times ,alone and in group.

I left job in January and work as consultant/advisor to persons
spiritualy inclined and willing to spread the teachings of Gita.

The most important slokas of Gitaji which had impact on me are
13/22, 5/14, 4/7&8, 5/14, 16/21 and 18/61,62 & 73.

It is important to spread Dharma to fellow being to penetrate the
veil of illusion (maya).

The only objective of writing this mail is to assure friends that
reading Gita continuously has immense benefit, beyond words.


Dear Sadhaks
I was given Gitaji (ISKON) having never heard of it before, I was 26
years old. I knew it was good so I put it on my bookself for 7 years
unopened when my children came along. I decided to read it to them
and I have since not put it down. I read 1 shloka in sanskrit a day.
It has changed me, now I tell my teenage children to read it, they
but they don't listen. Educated by in the west I now consider my
self a recovering Hindu and have concluded any person of Hindu
descent who speaks mainly in English and claims no belief in Bhagwan
are "infected" and need help just like me

Jayesh A Patel
Jai Shree Krishna
Ram Ram


It's really nice to hear of someone saying that we are all
descendants of the Almighty. If only everyone in the world will
believe this, there will be no racism/ casteism / religious
intolerance, fighting / killing between different religions/faiths

But, I guess, those who realise this feeeling/fact will always be
the ones who are open to ideas, and not the radicals, with fixed
notions about 'A' God, with minimum broad-mindedness.

"Kalidas Vaidyanathan"

I am an engineer and management specialist for livilihood. In Nov
1999 at Hyderabad in the hotel, I found a book Yatharth Gita written
by Swami Adgadnand ji on the side table of my bed. On that day, I
felt my body becoming very light and vibrating and calm. This was
first experience. My grand father (nana ji) was a sanskrit scholor
and he studied Bhagwat Gita written by Gandhi, and knew Gandhi
personally. In my family, it was considered highest duty towards all
died family members if children grow up and study Bhagwat as well
as RamChart Manas. He did not force me to study it, and said that at
proper time, you will catch fire of the Bhagwat Gita. He thought me
that Bhagwat Gita is the fire and humans are wood, and it is not
choice of the wood, but that of the fire.

I was compulsive practitioner of mathematics as all managers do, and
that limited me in undertanding non mathematical or selfless
behaviour. I was then thinking that I earn somehow and if I study
Bhagwat Gita, I may be less clever and go begging. But Bhagwat Gita
turned out to be a book of management. Mathematics is for
accountants and not leaders. It said that one should worship Him by
work, and do it best way; not like what other pundits recommend.
Krishna 's teaching is phlosophy of life and beyond, On the side of
world, it then turned out that business improved without effort and
relatonship with others improved. More I concentrated on work and
purity of its quality, more calm, it was and more energy in my life.

First sloka was from Chapter 13
Updrishta numanta ..................
Which I have referered in Gita Talk countless time.
Now I study the real world with the thoery of Bhagwat Gita. I work
effortlessly, and defenselessly, and yet have all prosperity, and
relationship and love from all.

But in the end, I always remember myself, who was a cruel and hard
task master and busy in planning. And I want every one of us,
especally managers to learn Bhagwat Gita or more correctly said that
Bhagwat Gita should read/burn them in Her fire. I now want every one
to know the Bhagwat Gita just as it occured to me. I cannot see
people who are ignorant of the concept of the Bhagwat Gita, but feel
handicap in helping all of them.

Best regards
(Krishna Gopal)
Dear Sadaks,
Like Komal there are numerous people experiencing this. People who
does not happen to experiencre this will not believe.
For me: I want to buy some thing I do not get. Little later I
realize better I did not buy it. I was been disturbed by my brother
to leave the house where we were all staying together. I told My
wife that GOD is taking care just ignore my brothers words, and
never even think of it. I got a palacial house, left my job and did
business - money flowed, children got married and settled. I was
thinking that I should retire from activity at 50 - that happened.
Some one talking to me about Badrinath - tears came, next month
itself a pilgrimage took place of Badrinath, Mathura, Kasi, Puri etc
where in each temple Dharshan was special, though I knew No one but
GOD, saints blessed me. I thought I should sit in solitude and shed
tears on GOD - a house on hill top amidst nature came. Whole family
sticks to Ekadasi Vratham, kindness, pooja and listening scripts and
puranas from my library. Just a month back my family and me were to
go to Guruvayur (South Dwaraka) krishna temple, few hours before the
trip my daughter developed severe back pain, doctor said tumour on
spine - HB 8.2 count low, 3 times tested the result was same - risk
of life. I alone traveled to Sri Krishna temple, even though
doctors abused me. On returning, daughter's - HB was 10.9, tumor
reduced, minor operation done, my daughter recovered shortly.
I know my family is maya and Sri Krishna is Sat. I simply keep HIM
alone in my heart. I know that my family members are perishable .
But Bagavan has been with me through out my many lifetimes (jalmas).


Jai Shree Krishna, I just wanted to share my experience with all the
members of this group. I am a student of Biotechnology and for me it
was a totally a new subject in the 1st yr {of my college}. I read
GITAJI daily with my FATHER and MOTHER and also used to during my
examinations. During that period of my life, I slowly came to know
how to talk to GOD that is how to listen and reply to your inner
voice just because of GITAJI. I had my Biotech practical exam and
that day I was a bit nervous. I thought that GOD please give me
those experiments to perform which I know best, I was getting
nervous. I was handed my question paper and I got two of the
experiments which I had never done, I just knew the theory. I was
about to get more nervous then suddenly a voice came from inside of
me "WHY DO U WORRY WHEN I'M WITH YOU". I thought what was this and
then this sentence was repeated again and in addition "I'm with you
dont worry I'll help you in perform this experiment" I just couldn't
believe that there really was GOD helping me because it was my 1st
experience rather I should say the 1st time that I learned to
recognize GOD's voice. I don't care whether any one believes or not
but during the whole experiment i.e 5 hrs I was guided by someone
and that is GOD, literally as if somebody is standing beside me
helping me at every step. I was even complemented by my teachers
for performing the experiment well. I just want to say that GITAJI
is not just a book its a living experience, a realization. Its the
life and essentiality for the Soul. It takes us closer to the
recognition that "yes" we are the descendants of the ALMIGHTY. This
was my experience any comments are welcome.


Komal Gurdasani


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Ram Ram
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